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SMW TV 6/24/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Sevierville, TN

1.) The Avenger defeated SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell in a non-title match
2.) Terry Gordy defeated Lee Thomas
3.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy defeated Killer Kyle & D’Lo Brown

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong and the Avenger are interviewed. Armstrong says that maybe he’s smarter than he looks. The match is signed and will be delivered in just a few minutes. Bob thinks a surprise is coming Cornette’s way.

2.) The Avenger comes down to the ring and he’s substantially bigger than last week and earlier in the show. His boots have BA on them, so that should give a hint as to who it is. Avenger takes his mask off and it is Brad Armstrong! Armstrong backdrops Landell and drops Buddy with a forearm strike. Brad goes for the cover but Buddy gets his boot on the bottom rope. Armstrong focuses his offense on the left knee of Buddy. Brad comes off the ropes with an elbow drop but Buddy kicks out at two. Buddy knee lifts Armstrong and gets control with a few strikes. Buddy slams Armstrong and puts the figure four on Brad. Brad isn’t going to give in and Cornette assists Buddy with some extra leverage. The referee sees it and the move is released. Armstrong nearly wins with a rollup to counter a figure four attempt. Buddy works over Brad with several chops and blows in the corner. Armstrong comes back with right hands. Armstrong counters a sunset flip with a right hand. Armstrong knee lifts Buddy for a two count. Buddy boot scrapes Armstrong and rubs his eyes over the top rope. Landell works over Armstrong with strikes in the corner. Buddy takes Armstrong down to the canvas with an arm submission. Armstrong gets out of the hold and pummels Buddy with a series of strikes. Armstrong puts a sleeper hold on Buddy! Cornette gets on the apron but gets decked of by Brad. Buddy misses a tennis racket shot and Armstrong hits a side Russian leg sweep to get the clean victory. After the match, Armstrong knocks Cornette to the floor and dropkicks Buddy to the floor. (*1/2. It was a rather dull match, but a big victory for Armstrong. I can get behind Brad getting a big push in SMW since Cornette really wanted him from the beginning of the promotions existence. I think they might be able to deliver a better match that isn’t based on angle advancement. Plus, Brad could have some good matches with other heels. The crowd didn’t seem to care about Brad, to be honest.)

3.) Les Thatcher gets into the ring and interviews Brad Armstrong. Armstrong is doing pretty well that he’s finally in SMW. Brad is here to avenge everything that has happened to the Armstrong family. He’s no longer going to be held back by certain things. Brad says every time he gets in the ring it’s a challenge and against Buddy it’s always a battle. Armstrong believes he’s the man now that he pinned Buddy. Armstrong believes he’ll get a title shot quicker now following that victory.

4.) Footage of Randy Hales attacking Mark Curtis and then running is shown. Mark Curtis provides some thoughts about the whole situation. Curtis doesn’t like Hales saying he gets under his skin. Curtis can only take so much and wants a match with Randy Hales at Summer Blast in Knoxville. Curtis promises to send Hales back to USWA with his tail tuck between his legs.

5.) Randy Hales is interviewed in the arena and says he beat Mark’s brains out last week. Now, he has to wrestle him on July 15th which he finds to be a joke. Hales says that Curtis is stupid to want and get in the ring with him. Hales claims to have been a bodybuilder. He’s going to beat Curtis and make it known that USWA is the best wrestling. He might come back and takeover SMW bringing real wrestling talent in.

6.) Rock N’ Roll Express are in the ring to talk about Thunder Dome cage match with Al Snow and Unabomb. Morton has the tape recorder that belongs to Al Snow. Morton says that it has answers to solve a bunch of their problems. Bob Armstrong comes to the ring and says that they have to give the recorder by to Snow since Morton admitted to stealing the recorder. Snow gets the recorder back after bringing it to the courts. Snow says that they won’t be getting the title shot. Armstrong says that the Express will get a title shot on the 15th. Snow is going to appeal this decision. Morton says that if they get a title shot and they lose then they will leave town in Knoxville. Snow agrees to put the titles on the line if the Express put their careers on the line. There’s a deal on the match. Snow is confident they will win the match.

7.) Steve Armstrong cuts a promo on The Punisher. He had Buddy right where he wanted him until the Punisher got involved. He can’t wait to get his shot at the Punisher. He’s going to take out the Punisher out in the ring at Summer Blast.

8.) Jim Cornette says that Brad Armstrong is a thief for stealing his tennis racket. Cornette notes he’s building an army and it is going to outlast everyone. He has found another man to join his group and he’s a former NWA World Champion. That man is Tommy Rich! We hear from Tommy Rich who says they better get a better army to combat them. Cornette says that Buddy is going to teach Brad Armstrong a lesson at Summer Blast. Buddy is going to knock Brad’s teeth out and cause him to not eat solid food ever again.

9.) This is the in-ring debut for Terry Gordy in SMW. Gordy wins the match following a power bomb. After the match, Steve Armstrong and Boo Bradley came out and took out Gordy and Punisher.

10.) Bob Armstrong is interviewed regarding the Super Bowl of Wrestling. First, Armstrong talks about Boo Bradley and he’s going to wrestle Terry Gordy next week. Armstrong announces that the WWF Intercontinental Championship will be defended in Knoxville. Whoever is the SMW Heavyweight Champion will battle the WWF IC Champion on August 4th!

11.) The Headbangers cut a promo backstage and they don’t even know their names, apparently. They say they are the 90s while the Thugs and PG-13 are old news.

12.) White Boy and Killer Kyle kick off the tag team main event. White Boy controls the arm of Kyle and tags in Smothers to chop Kyle to the canvas. Kyle stumbles to the corner and regroups with Brown tagging him in. Brown has a headlock on Smothers but Smothers hip tosses Brown followed by a dropkick and another arm drag. White Boy tags in and elbow strikes Brown to the midsection followed by an axe handle. Smothers controls the arm of D’Lo but is backed into the corner. Brown delivers a knee lift and strikes for a brief control. Smothers arm drags Brown out of the corner. Smothers nearly pins Brown with a rollup. Brown hammers away on Smothers and tags in Kyle. Kyle is taken down to the canvas and White Boy tags back in to control Kyle. White Boy sends Kyle shoulder first into the corner. Smothers goes to the top rope and hits a double axe handle across Kyle’s arm. Kyle hits a side slam with Brown hitting an elbow drop. Brown nails Smothers with a spinning heel kick and heads to the top rope. Brown hits a flying clothesline for a two count. Kyle tags back in and hammers away on Smothers with a few strikes. Kyle slams Smothers and Brown comes off the top to miss a frog splash! White Boy gets the hot tag and cleans house on both Brown and Kyle. Smothers is sent to the floor by Brown. Brown goes to the top rope and goes to hit White Boy but accidentally clotheslines Kyle and is pinned by White Boy. (*1/2. Kyle and Brown got some decent offense but it was pretty clear it was just a match to get the THUGS some momentum.) After the match, Brown and Kyle have some words.

13.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy are interviewed to close the program. They put over both the Headbangers and PG-13 for being great young teams. They want the titles from Al Snow and Unabomb. They are nastier than they ever been and they want the tag titles if the Rock N’ Roll Express can’t get it done.

14.) I should note at this point that the Gangstas have left SMW for ECW. They no showed four events for SMW and were replaced by the Headbangers. The Gangstas group wasn’t mentioned in regard to D’Lo and Killer Kyle so that faction has been dropped. It’s unfortunate since the group was a top act for a year in SMW. However, they would go on to have a successful run in ECW.

Final Thoughts:
I feel like the Express angle with the recorder was a bait and switch tactic. When you don’t deliver an angle it annoys me. Brad Armstrong and Terry Gordy provide some much needed star power and provide fresh match ups down the road. The program continues to be decent, but there isn’t one angle that is heavily interesting like there normally is.

Thanks for reading.

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