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ECW Hardcore TV 5/14/1996

Written by: Heels Inc

TV 1996-05-14 (matches taped Matter of Respect 1996-05-11 from The ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA)

World: Raven
TV: Shane Douglas
Tag Team: The Eliminators

These matches were from the Matter of Respect show so much of this review will be a copy and paste from my review of that show.

El Puerto Ricano vs. Damien 666 ref John Finnegan
Match is joined in progress with the men fighting by a table outside the ring. Joey tells us this match has been like a tribute to Sabu. Sabu shows up and puts both men through a table. About 1 minute of the match was shown.

Opening video

Joey Styles welcomes us to todays show and promotes the tape for Matter of Respect. The main event for todays show is “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. TV Champion 2 Cold Scorpio.

Lance Wright with Hype Central. Coming up on May 18th it’s the ECW All Star Game. For the first time ever Tag Team Champions The Eliminators vs. the Gangstas in the match we have all been waiting for, 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Taz, Sabu takes on Mikey Whipwreck and The Bruise Brothers have their first match in over a month against the Pitbulls. Look for that in a future edition of “Oh My God”

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. TV Champion 2 Cold Scorpio, ref John Finnegan
Shane Douglas wrestling for a belt he claims he doesn’t even want. The ref brings the title over to Shane to show it to him and Shane grabs it and throws it out of the ring. Scorpio gets a “WWF” shirt from the crowd and taunts Shane with it. The two men lock up and Scorpio takes the back of Shane. Douglas throws him off and the same thing happens again. Scorpio gets Shane to the mat and ties up the leg of Douglas. Shane gets to the ropes to break the hold. They each sweep the leg and get a 2 count. Scorpio with an arm bar brings Shane to his knees. Douglas reverses but Scorpio cartwheels out of it and is back in control of the arm. Douglas now rolls through and has a top wristlock. Scorpio back flips out of it and hits an arm drag. Shane reverses a hip toss and hits one of his own. Scorpio bails to the floor. Back in and Scorpio back to the arm. Douglas shows his power and pulls Scorpio into a clothesline. Scorpio bridges out of a pin and goes for a back slide. Shane blocks it but Scorpio backflips out of hit. Douglas goes for the belly to belly but its blocked, double arm suplex by Shane and Scorpio goes outside again and throws a chair into the ring. Shane sits down on it and throws it at Scorpio as he gets in the ring. Douglas stomping the champ. Irish whip reversed by Scorpio and he kicks Shane in the stomach. Shane leaning against the ropes back drops Scorpio to the floor as he charges. Baseball slide followed by a plancha by Shane. Shane picks up Scorpio for a suplex and bounces him off the ropes and just throws him onto the guardrail. A very nasty looking move. Dougals gets back in the ring and tells the ref to count out Scorpio. Scorpio pulls Shane out of the ring and sends him into the guardrail and follows its up with a splash. Scorpio charges and Shane sends him flying into the crowd. Shane follows and they fight through the crowd. Scorpio gets a crutch and chair giving him the upper hand back at ringside. Douglas fights back and hits a power bomb on the concrete floor which gets a soft “Oh my god” from Joey and an “E-C-W” chant from the crowd. Scorpio gets in before the count out and Shane goes back to work. Scorpio kicks Shane low and uses a chair. Shane rolls to the apron Scorpio gives him a Pele kick that sends Shane to the floor. Moonsault off the apron to the floor. Scorpio sets Shane on a table and goes back into the ring. Scorpio charges but Shane disappears and ends up behind Scorpio and attacks. Scorpio with a roll up gets 2 and he hits a superkick as they get up. Scorpio goes up top but Douglas drop kicks his feet. Shane jumps off the chair and drop kicks Scorpio off the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring Shane hits a hanging vertical suplex but Scorpio is able to kick out. Shane goes up top but misses a knee drop. Scorpio ducks a clothesline and hits another superkick. Scorpio hits a beautiful moonsault but he gets off before getting the three count. Back up top he hits a perfect 450 but doesn’t go for the cover. Twisting leg drop but again no cover. Scorpio getting cocky now but Shane is getting up. Shane leaps over Scorpio and hits a belly to back for 2. Fishermen suplex for 2. Shane throws Scorpio to the ropes and goes for the belly to belly but it’s blocked. Scorpio hits a urinagi slam. Scorpio puts Shane up top and goes for a frankensteiner but Shane blocks it and hits a superbomb. Corner whip and Shane charges but gets hit with a superkick. Scorpio goes up top but gets down and then goes back up. Shane cuts him off and hits a super belly to belly. Shane gets the pin at 26.14, announced as 26.31 to end Scoprio’s 4th TV title reign at 127 days.

We get a replay of some of the action that took place. Shane gets the mic and says that he has wrestled all the greats and worked for a great promoter in Paul Heyman and that he has wrestled in the greatest building in the world. He shakes Scorpios hand and tells him that he is the greatest wrestler in the world. Shane asks Scorpio to put the belt on him as a sign of respect. They shake hands again but Scorpio hits Shane with the belt and hits him with a pile driver. Scorpio lays a chair over Shane’s face and hits a top rope leg drop.

May 17th Saturn vs. New Jack, Kronus vs. Mustafa, Tommy Dreamer and Brian Lee in a falls count anywhere match, 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Jericho. Catch that next time here at “OH My God”.

A “3 Way Dance” TV Title match has been added to the May 18th card. Champion Douglas will take on Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. Shane Douglas made deals with both Dreamer and Sandman months ago that whomever one a singles title first would give the other the first title match. Missy Hyatt tells us that Sandman once won the World Title in a three way against Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin. Sandman is looking forward to a fight.

We go to Joey and he explains tells us about the deal that Shane made with Dreamer and Sandman.

Joey is with “Lionheart” Chris Jericho who coming up this Friday will be facing 2 Cold Scorpio. Jericho respects Scorpio and is going into the match as the underdog with nothing to lose. Jericho will no be upset if he doesn’t win but he’s going to look for any mistake he can take advantage of to the win.

Sandman drinks a beer for Ray “The Crippler” Stevens who passed away on May 3rd.

“Misurlou” time! Tag Team Champions the Eliminators tell us the belts are theirs and not the Gangstas, Bill Alfonso blows his whistle, DW Dudley cries about being in his wheel chair and says he can’t even stand up, Buh Buh drops something and DW gets out of his chair and picks it up, Beulah tells Tommy Dreamer she loves him Dreamer says he should be mad at her for cheating and Kimona Wanalaya shows up to make out with him before he can go any further, Shane Douglas is a man of his word and gives Sandman and Dreamer their title shot, Taz tells us that his matches with Scorpio will not be entertaining but a shoot, Shane says he’s going after Scorpio next, DJ Ran is in the hood he introduces the Gangstas New Jack tells the Eliminators their still standing and this Saturday they are going to “tear that ass up” he wants the Eliminators to clean the spray paint off the belts so they are nice and clean for them when they win them.

My thoughts on the show
Well when you have a 30-minute match on a 44-minute show there’s not much else you can air. They hyped the two up coming house shows hard and as usual they did it well. The match was real good but if you have seen Matter of Respect you can skip this show.

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