PWG Schadenfreude 10/14/2007

Written by: TJ Hawke

October 14, 2007
Van Nuys, CA

Commentators: Excalibur & Disco Machine

Ronin vs. Bino Gambino
The disc would not play this match. It didn’t seem like a match worth going through the hassle of getting a new disc for.

Davey Richards vs. Scott Lost (w/ Jade Chung)
Neither of these men were well-liked at BOLA 2007. Davey got some momentum and connected with a series of kicks and a STO. Lost managed to cut him off by slamming him on the apron and hitting a 619 variation from the floor. Lost was briefly in control, but Davey came back quickly enough and hit a tope con hello. They started going back and forth (obviously). Davey got a kimura, but Lost escaped. Davey hit a sunset flip bomb, a Penalty Kick, and then got the kimura. Jade got on the apron. Davey unlaced his pants and started dancing with her. She managed to hit him with an Ace Crusher though. Lost hit an Ace Crusher and the Big Fat Kill. Lost then got the sharpshooter. Davey tapped.

This was pretty good given the environment (non-existent) and the finish (awful and unnecessary). I don’t have much else to say about. It was worked in a very indie way (not a bad thing), but the crowd and booking put a low ceiling on how good it could be. That’s what happens when there’s not a tremendous amount of creativity in wrestling. You’re dependent on the crowd and the booking of the finish not getting in the way.
Match Rating: ***

Scorpio Sky & The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. Nemesis & Los Luchas (Zokre & Phoenix Star)
The match started with a lot of back and forth action with some fancy flips and whatnot. Eventually, Zokre was cut off and then worked over. Los Luchas double teamed Matt, and then Matt got worked over. Matt was eventually able to tag out to Nick, and Slick Nick made a comeback. Cue all the movez, divez, and spotz. It was quite fun. Matt actually hit his slingshot apron DDT. Eventually, Phoenix Star ate Sky’s Blackout DDT and a 450 from Nick: 1…2…3!

Now, that is what I am talking about! These are exactly the kind of matches that I have (and will always) wanted from PWG: fast-paced action that does not overstay its welcome. Great job by all six men.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Chris Hero (w/ Candice LeRae) vs. The Human Tornado
These guys did an angle at BOLA 2007 that made me really uncomfortable. Tornado cut a promo beforehand about how Hero taking his woman was like Hero taking his money. Well, at least he’s a heel. Tornado then attacked Hero during the intermission, and they started brawling in the crowd.

Eventually, a match broke out. They brawled on the floor for a while. Hero powerbombed him into a wall. Hero was in control as they made their way back into the ring. Tornado eventually cut him off and then worked Hero over. Tornado got distracted by Candice at ringside. He went for the pimp slap, but he accidentally hit the ringpost. That allowed Hero to get back in the match. Tornado avoided Hero’s Welcome and got a nearfall on a swinging DDT. Hero came back with a rolling elbow for a nearfall. Tornado was then able to send Hero to the floor. Tornado went to use a chair, but the ref took it away. That confusion allowed Tornado to get a low blow and roll-up with feet on the ropes: 1…2…3

Hero cut a promo in the ring and in the back that made it clear that THIS FEUD MUST CONTINUE!

That was a pretty solid brawl between Hero and Tornado with an expectedly poor finish. I at least appreciated that this was not the main event. I’ve watched so many main events recently with shitty finishes that I think I may truly appreciate when these finishes only happen in the midcard.
Match Rating: ***

El Generico vs. Jack Evans
Holy shit!

They took their time to get going. Generico hit a relatively early slingshot plancha. Generico was in control for a while until Jack hit a springboard blockbuster. They started going back and forth after that. Jack got a lot of momentum and hit some very impressive movez. They started going back and forth some more. They did a lot of cool stuff. I need a Jack Evans American comeback. Jack Evans hit a fucking moonsault DDT: 1…2…NO! Evans then dragged Generico to a corner and hit a 630: 1…2…3!

This was pretty much exactly what you would expect from these two. They started off a little slow and then gradually did crazier and crazier stuff. It was easily the match of the night.
Match Rating: ***3/4

Bryan Danielson© vs. Roderick Strong [PWG Championship]
These obviously had a lot of matches over the years. Dragon got control of the match early on and then worked Roddy over for a while. Roddy started to fire back, but Dragon cut him and quickly regained full control. Dragon eventually went for a triangle choke, but Roddy reversed it into a Rampage Powerbomb. Dragon came back with a running uppercut off the apron. Roddy came back and got a nearfall with an urinagi backbreaker. Dragon came back with Cattle Mutilation and the MMA ELBOWS. Roddy escaped and went for a gutbuster, but Dragon reversed it into Cattle Mutilation. Roddy survived and got a nearfall with a Sick Kick. They went back and forth a little bit more. Dragon then hit a running gamengiri, stomps to the head, and then a triangle choke. Roddy taps out!

This match took a little while to get going, and it never really jumped up to the “next level” that you would expect from these two in a main event. While I enjoyed this match, a few of the matches under it were more satisfying. This felt long for the sake of long.
Match Rating: ***1/4

Final Thoughts:
This is a pretty fun show that is very consistent up and down the card. It may have even been better since I could not watch the opener! Every match was *** or more, and some of them are worth watching if you have never seen them before.

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