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SMW TV 5/13/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell defeated Steve Armstrong to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Gangstas open the show standing with Les Thatcher for an interview. They know that Jim Cornette isn’t going to quit and they aren’t going to go anywhere. Jack says that Cornette is dumber than he thought he was. Jack doesn’t mind taking a whopping, but he isn’t going to take one on May 19th. They are sure that Terry Funk will turn on Bob Armstrong and Cornette will refund everyones money.

2.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy cut a promo about having a street fight with the Gangstas on May 20th in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are ready for a fight with New Jack and Mustafa. They will also be fighting PG-13 on May 19th. They put over PG-13 as being a great tag team but they aren’t the THUGS. They will be ready to take the tag titles.

3.) Jim Cornette is interviewed again this week on Confrontation. He has finally found a way to get even against the Gangstas. He found his way with the use of money. He reminds everyone that he will refund the fans should his team not beat the Gangstas. Armstrong shares some pre-tape comments saying that he trusts Cornette that he wouldn’t want to pay back $50,000. Armstrong says he’ll do his part and hopes Funk does the same because the Gangstas are going to be history. Cornette always gets even with people who cross him and that’s exactly what’s going to happen to the Gangstas. He always has a trick up his sleeve and score to settle.

4.) We see a video highlighting the feud between Al Snow and Ricky Morton. There’s footage of a recent cage match that took place on May 6th. Snow came off the top rope looking for a frog splash but Morton got his knees up. Snow ducks a clothesline and botches a savant kick. Morton blocked a piledriver but the referee was knocked down during that exchange. The canvas is starting to rise quite a bit as Morton spikes Snow with a piledriver! Someone is tearing through the canvas and the Unabomb appears to attack Morton. Apparently, there was a fake Unabomb on the outside! Unabomb plants Morton with a power bomb. Robert Gibson is handcuffed at ringside and can’t help Morton. Several wrestlers try to come out and get in the cage but they get knocked off the cage.

5.) Ricky Morton is outside with a neck brace saying that Al Snow always has Unabomb by his side. Snow gives an idea of just how high the scaffold will be as they look over an edge of a building. Morton has a watermelon and drops it off the side to show Snow what it is like when you fall 20ft onto your head. As expected, the melon explodes. Morton will see Snow in Knoxville this Saturday night.

6.) Al Snow is in the building just moments before the scaffold match with Ricky Morton. Snow didn’t know how badly Morton wanted him. Snow admits he is afraid of heights and doesn’t want to go up there. Snow has a plan to win the match. Snow says he will not waste a moment in knocking Morton off the scaffold. Snow says they are putting their life on the line and he will do whatever it takes to put an end to Morton. He won’t have any problem with dropping Morton 20ft.

7.) Killer Kyle cuts a promo on Boo Bradley and calls him an idiot for wanting to fight him. Everyone in Knoxville is going to feel bad for Bradley.

8.) The main event is a figure four leg lock challenge where the only way to win is by performing the figure four. Armstrong decks Landell at the start of the match and Buddy quickly backs off. Armstrong takes Landell down looking for a Boston Crab it looked like, but Buddy reaches the ropes. Buddy continues to reach the ropes every time Armstrong gets some momentum. Armstrong gets the figure four on Buddy, but Buddy quickly reaches the ropes. Armstrong gets the figure four on Buddy a second time but Landell gets the ropes again. Buddy eye rakes Armstrong and works over Steve with a few more right hands and stomps. Buddy kicks Steve away and the referee gets knocked down. Steve puts the figure four on Buddy, but Landell gets powder out of his tights and tosses into Steve’s face. Buddy takes advantage and locks in the figure four managing to get a pin fall. (*. This went how I figured it would go. Landell is great with promos and getting heat, but his matches lack entertainment value.)

9.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell cuts a promo to close the program. Landell says that Steve Armstrong tossed powder into his eyes when he wanted to wrestle a clean match. Landell wants Steve to drink some courage and come at him again on May 19th.

Final Thoughts:
This didn’t get me all that excited for Volunteer Slam or anything. The stories make sense and I think there has been plenty of promotion for the angles. The show this week just felt like a filler week and didn’t really add anything to the big show hype.

Thanks for reading.

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