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SMW TV 5/6/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Warrensville, NC

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bobby Blaze defeated Mike Mason
2.) Boo Bradley defeated Larry Santo
3.) Robert Gibson defeated The Wolfman
4.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy fought The Gangstas to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bobby Blaze cuts a promo about his match with Dan Severn on May 20th. Blaze isn’t scared and has upset people before in this business to win championships. He won’t give up.

2.) We get a video package promoting the feud between Al Snow and Ricky Morton. The issue also involves Andrea, who is dating Ricky Morton. Andrea recently got involved in a match that Snow was battling in.

3.) Ricky Morton called into the show to communicate with Al Snow and Sandy Scott, who are in the arena. It’s announced that Ricky Morton will wrestle Al Snow in a scaffold match on May 19th. Snow isn’t happy with it. Morton never expected that it would be a scaffold match, but he’ll take it since he has experience in the match. Snow thinks Sandy Scott is trying to kill him and he has a fear of heights. Sandy tells Snow that he is going to do it. Snow promises that Morton won’t even make it to the 19th.

4.) Boo Bradley is interviewed following his victory. He has a New Jersey dog collar match coming up. He’ll be fighting Killer Kyle in the dog collar match. Bradley notes that Kyle is the only man to make him bleed. Apparently, the match will have the dog collar in a box in a corner but all corners will have a box. So, this isn’t a traditional dog collar match. Bradley is going to make Kyle pay.

5.) Jim Cornette is interviewed with Les Thathcer on Confrontation this week. Cornette has put together some unique teams to take on the Gangstas recently. Terry Funk and Bob Armstrong will be teaming up to take on the Gangstas. We hear from both men to promote the match with New Jack and Mustafa. If Armstrong loses the match, Funk promises Cornette that he will take out Armstrong. Armstrong shares his thoughts and says he doesn’t trust Funk. The match will be a Texas Death Match, which Funk has never lost. Cornette wants to see someone get even with The Gangstas. He put up $50,000 of his own money to make sure that Funk doesn’t screw over Armstrong. The money would go back to the fans if the arena sells out. Cornette is confident that the Gangstas will lay flat in the Coliseum.

6.) Al Snow and Unabomb attack Robert Gibson during his match and they tossed the referee out of the ring. They attempted a spike piledriver, but a couple of jobbers came out to make the save but they are taken care of as well. Unabomb hit a power bomb and Snow hit a piledriver on the jobbers.

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Buddy Landell continues his quest to find a new car for Bobby Blaze. The car salesman Wayne shows Buddy a couple of decent cars, but doesn’t find them suitable for Blaze. Landell looks up and sees a beaten down wrecked car that would be perfect for Blaze. Landell is the champion and he’s coming right after Blaze.

8.) Steve Armstrong cuts a promo on Buddy Landell and he says it is his time now to go after Buddy Landell. Landell makes his way out to confront Armstrong and says he can put the figure four leg lock on anyone and take Armstrong out just like that. Armstrong wants a title shot next week. Landell says he can beat an Armstrong any day of the week and he’ll break Steve’s leg next week.

9.) USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 cut a promo saying that they are bringing USWA soul to Knoxville. They are putting over the SMW fans saying they aren’t like real fans in the USWA. Tracy Smothers might find out why they have hubcaps with them.

10.) Smothers and Mustafa kick off the main event with Mustafa working over Smothers with strikes in the corner. Smothers avoids Mustafa in the corner managing to hit a cross body and a dropkick knocking the big man to the floor. New Jack enters the ring to try his luck against Smothers. Gangstas pummel Smothers in the corner with strikes but Smothers gets out and White Boy runs over them with a double clothesline. Smothers dumps Jack to the floor and the fans are heavily behind Smothers and White Boy. D’Lo Brown pulls down the top rope and Smothers crashes to the floor. Jack continues to work over Smothers with strikes in the ring followed by a strike to the throat. Mustafa enters and works over Smothers with a knee drop and a big boot to maintain control of Smothers. Mustafa plants Smothers with a power slam and plays to the crowd. Mustafa leaps off the middle rope hitting a twisting big splash. Mustafa attempts the splash a second time but Smothers gets out of the way. White Boy gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Gangstas. White Boy power slams New Jack and all four men are in the ring brawling. D’Lo Brown has a steel chair and gets on the apron but New Jack gets sent into the chair head first allowing White Boy to pin Jack for the win. After the match, the Gangstas attack White Boy and Smothers hitting White Boy with a steel chair several times. New Jack grabs his chain and chokes out White Boy, too. That’s how the show comes to an end. (**. A decent brawl of a match between these two teams. An actual finish to the match is nice and seems like the Gangstas could be on their way out of the company as they have been losing quite often it seems like.)

Final Thoughts:
A fine episode of TV for SMW as it promoted all the major angles pretty well leading into the big events, which is two weeks away. Al Snow continues to do great work in his heel role. I don’t have much interest in the Landell/Steve Armstrong TV match next week. Seems like Buddy doesn’t have any real challengers to his championship.

Thanks for reading.

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