WCW Main Event 4/5/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Anderson, SC

1.) Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham & Ricky Steamboat defeated WCW United States Champion Rick Rude, WCW Television Champion Steve Austin & WCW Tag Team Champion Arn Anderson by disqualification
2.) WCW Light Heavyweight Champion Brian Pillman defeated Bob Cook
3.) WCW US Tag Team Champions Greg Valentine & Terrance Taylor defeated Todd Champion & Firecracker Chip
4.) Ron Simmons defeated Cactus Jack by count-out
5.) JT Southern defeated Joey Maggs
6.) Rick Steiner defeated WCW Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Main Event this week is a special two hour episode. It’s two hours to celebrate twenty years on television.

2.) Windham and Anderson kick off the six man tag match to start the show. Anderson rams his shoulder into Windham’s midsection a few times and tries a big boot but is caught. Windham atomic drops Anderson and puts Arn on the top turnbuckle but Austin enters to attack Barry, but fails. Windham drops Anderson after a right hand and Arn got punched by the other two opponents before bailing to the floor to regroup. Austin gets tagged in but Dustin enters as well and controls Austin after a kick to the back. Rhodes runs over Austin with a shoulder block but a boot to the midsection stops Dustin quickly. Rhodes drives his knee into the left arm and lower back of Austin. Austin fights back with a short arm clothesline but misses an elbow drop. Dustin attempts a monkey flip but is pushed away. Dustin still manages to clothesline Austin in midair for a two count. Steamboat gets tagged in and drops Austin with an elbow strike. Austin tags out to Rude, and the fans are wanting them to lock up. Rude works over Steamboat with forearm strikes and a knee lift. Steamboat chops Rude a few times knocking Rude over the top to the floor where Dangerously is asking for a disqualification.

Ricky controls the arm of Rude with a wrist lock keeping Rude on the canvas. Steamboat yanks on the arm for a few moments before tagging in Windham who comes off the top across the arm of Rude. Windham continues to focus on the arm but is backed into the wrong corner and still fights off three guys with strikes. Anderson knee lifts Windham on the back from the apron and Austin hits a suplex. Austin sends Windham into the knee of Anderson and Arn takes the tag. Windham has a backslide on Anderson but only manages a two count. Austin drops Windham with a back elbow for a two count. Rude enters and backdrops Windham before playing to the crowd and Steamboat. Rude decks Windham with a right hand but Windham fights back with strikes. Windham and Rude collide heads and they both drop where Rude is nearly pinned. Anderson gets the tag and is trapped in an abdominal stretch. Dangerously distracts the referee to allow Austin to hit an axe handle off the top onto Windham. Anderson comes off the middle rope and Windham got his boot up.

Rude gets a tag as does Steamboat, who drops Rude with several strikes. Steamboat is pumped up and scoop slams Rude. Steamboat hits a top rope axe handle and heads tot eh top again this time hitting a cross body. However, Austin enters with a steel chair and whacks Steamboat across the back. That leads to a massive brawl. Steamboat has the chair and jabbed Rude in the midsection and stood tall with his teammates. (***. A solid six man tag match with another lame DQ finish, but at least they went with a chair shot for a more violent ending to the match. This was what you’d expect, and I’m perfectly fine with it.)

3.) Footage from Worldwide this weekend is shown where Ricky Steamboat slapped Madusa, and then felt horrible about it. Rick Rude appeared and whacked Steamboat with a steel chair before ramming Ricky’s face into the concrete on the floor.

4.) It’s also reported that the Great Muta has been in talks with WCW about a return to the company. Footage from the second NJPW/WCW Super Show featuring Muta is shown. Footage meaning his entrance for the event.

5.) Cactus goes on the attack as soon as Simmons rolled into the ring. Cactus sends Simmons into the apron face first but Simmons tosses Cactus shoulder first into the ring post. They return to the ring where Cactus jabs Simmons and boots Simmons in the corner followed by a clothesline for a two count. Simmons drives Cactus down with a face buster and pummels Cactus with right hands. Simmons misses a shoulder block in the corner and crashes to the canvas. Cactus delivers a leg drop but Simmons kicks out at two. Cactus jumps onto Simmons while across the middle rope. Simmons fights back with right hands and attempts a dropkick but Cactus holds onto the ropes and Ron crashes to the canvas. Simmons plants Cactus with a spine buster. Cactus dumps Simmons to the floor to avoid a pin or a followup. Cactus misses an elbow drop off the apron hitting the floor elbow first. Cactus drops Simmons throat first across the top rope and Simmons goes to the floor again. Cactus runs towards Simmons but is caught with a snap power slam on the floor. Simmons misses a clothesline on the apron but falls into the ring and wins the match by count-out. After the match, Mr. Hughes comes into the ring and attacks Simmons with Cactus to end the segment. (*1/2. This was just a brawl and the action wasn’t all that great.)

6.) This was the in-ring debut of JT Southern. Southern’s finishing move is a spinning front suplex. Tony Schiavone conducted an interview Southern. Southern doesn’t like Van Hammer because he doesn’t play his guitar. Southern says that Hammer isn’t a singer and he isn’t a wrestler. Southern believes he is unique because he can do both.

7.) Jim Ross conducted an interview with Vader and Harley Race. Race says that there isn’t a man in the wrestling business that can compare to Vader. Vader says he fears no man and he fears no pain. He hurt Sting the first time for free and the next time Sting will have to pay a lot. A contract for a WCW World Championship match has been signed to take place between Sting and Vader.

8.) Footage from Worldwide where the Steiner Brothers were called out by Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson, which led to the Steiner Brothers coming out and taking out Eaton and Anderson with a brawl in the ring.

9.) Rick hip tosses Eaton out of the corner and goes to grab the WCW Tag Team Championship but Madusa prevents him from grabbing it. Rick takes Eaton over with a hip toss and Eaton bails to the floor. Madusa enters the ring to confront Rick but she goes back to the outside. Eaton decks Steiner with a right hand to gain control of the match. Rick clotheslines Eaton over the top to the floor. Rick leaps off the apron to clothesline Eaton on the floor and chases Madusa around ringside briefly. Madusa is taunting Rick with the WCW Tag Team Championship while Steiner controlled Eaton’s arm. The distraction allows Eaton to get a few shots in on Steiner. Steiner drives Eaton down with a back breaker for a two count. Steiner atomic drops Eaton but misses a cross body and goes over the top to the floor. On the floor, Madusa hits Steiner over the back with the tag championship. Eaton drops Steiner with a back elbow for a two count. Eaton scoop slams Steiner and heads to the top rope to hit a knee drop which gets a near fall. Eaton punches Steiner to the floor and Eaton follows where Steiner is sent into the ring post. Steiner hammers away on Eaton but is tripped by Madusa on the floor. Eaton takes advantage hitting a modified pedigree but only gets a near fall. Eaton continues his offense with a swinging neck breaker for another near fall. Eaton goes to the top rope but is caught and Steiner hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for the win. (**1/2. A decent match and I enjoyed most of what Steiner was doing when he was on the offensive. They worked rather well together and put on an enjoyable bout.)

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the special two hour edition of Main Event as we got three feature matches, two of which delivered quality results. I’m liking how Vader is being presented and is already a serious threat to Sting for the WCW World Championship. WCW is on a nice role with the action and story continuation.

Thanks for reading.

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