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WCW Saturday Night 4/10/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Kitchener, Ontario

1.) Rick Steiner defeated Fit Finlay
2.) Ernest Miller defeated Norman Smiley
3.) Meng & Jerry Flynn defeated The Barbarian & Hugh Morrus in a falls count anywhere match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Finlay cheap shots Steiner from behind and sends Steiner into the corner but runs into a big boot. Steiner drops Finlay with a leaping clothesline. Steiner rams Finlay head first into the corner but Finlay comes back with an uppercut and short arm clothesline for a two count. Finlay keeps Steiner on the canvas with a headlock. Finlay drops a knee and goes back to a sleeper hold. Finlay tosses Steiner to the floor and rams Steiner shoulder first into the ring post. Steiner fights back sending Finlay into the guard railing chest first. Steiner yanks Finlay off the ropes and drops Fit to the canvas. Finlay sends Steiner into the corner but misses a spear and hits the ring post. Steiner pummels Finlay with right hands on the floor and drops Fit across the railing. Steiner plants Fit with a DDT back in the ring and delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Steiner heads to the top rope and hits a leaping bulldog to win the match. (*1/4. A rather boring rematch from their more enjoyable match last week. At least there was a clean finish, right?)

2.) Miller slaps Smiley as he was doing the Big Wiggle. Miller ducks a clothesline but doesn’t avoid several strikes. Miller counters a scoop slam attempt and rams Smiley into the corner. Smiley scoop slams Miller and Miller bails to the floor to regroup. Miller gets out of a wrist lock with a right hand and controls Smiley with a hammerlock briefly. Smiley tosses Miller across the ring and Miller complains in the corner. Miller kicks Smiley into the ropes and chokes Norman to maintain control. Miller counters a sunset flip with a right hand to stop Smiley’s momentum. Smiley stops Miller with a jaw breaker but gets met with a sidekick. Miller tosses Smiley to the floor and Sonny Ono kicks Smiley. Smiley sends Miller into Ono and nearly wins with a rollup. Smiley grabs Ono on the apron and decks him with a right hand. Miller nails Smiley with a leaping kick and wins the match. (*1/2. Smiley was mega over with the crowd and that naturally led to him jobbing to Miller. It wasn’t bad, but is a forgettable match.)

3.) La Cuaracha is actually Disco Inferno under a mask and has Juventud Guerrera as his manager. Konnan and Inferno trade strikes until Inferno takes Konnan over with a swinging neck breaker. Inferno delivers a flurry of strikes and stomps in the corner. Inferno runs into a double boot in the corner. Konnan decks Inferno with a rolling clothesline. Konnan plants Inferno with a stunner and takes the mask off. There isn’t actually a referee for the match to begin with. Inferno covers his face with his shirt and walks off with Guerrera. These two wrestle tomorrow night at Spring Stampede.

4.) All four men are brawling on the floor to start the main event. Flynn and Morrus are going at it as Barbarian and Meng trade blows as well. Flynn hits both men with kicks on the floor. Morrus sends Meng into the guard railing back first. Morrus tries a head butt, but that doesn’t work very well for him. Meng stomps Morrus on the groin and knocks Barbarian down as well delivering a kick to the groin to help out Flynn. Barbarian sends Flynn into the guard railing back first. Morrus splashes Meng in the corner and Barbarian crotches Flynn over the railing. Morrus drives Meng down with a suplex in the ring. Barbarian gets a chair and whacks Flynn over the back with it. Flynn spin kicks Barbarian while Morrus is choking Meng. Flynn helps Meng out with a kick on Morrus and kicks him in the corner. Barbarian is working over Meng in the corner. Flynn holds Barbarian to allow Meng to deliver strikes. Barbarian and Flynn trade a few shots. Morrus tosses Meng to the floor and Flynn gets backdropped into a power bomb by Barbarian for a near fall. Morrus spits at Meng and all four men begin to brawl again both in and out of the ring. Barbarian sends Flynn into the ring steps shoulder first. Meng dropkicks Morrus as Jimmy Hart gets in the ring and jumps on Meng’s back. Morrus knocks Meng down with a standing dropkick. Meng gets his hands on Hart while on the floor. Meng decks Hart and kicks Barbarian from behind. Flynn gets a cover on Barbarian after he went into the steps and gets a three count. (*1/2. It’s just a brawl that doesn’t have any kind of direction. However, it was a quick watch since it allowed them to do whatever and there wasn’t a dull moment, for the most part. It would have been better if these guys were interesting.)

Final Thoughts:
A decent one hour show to give some last minute hype for Spring Stampede. They only promoted the Konnan/Inferno match for the event to go along with constant reminders of what’s on the pay per view. The action this week was kind of disappointing.

Thanks for reading.

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