3PW Not Enough Time 5/15/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling presents Not Enough Time
Date: 5/15/2004
From: Philadelphia, PA

From what I’ve read, this show had 200 people in attendance and there are a lot of empty seats on the hard camera side.

3PW Heavyweight Champion Joey Matthews makes his way out to start the show and is greeted off with cheers. Matthews says champions will not be decided by politics. He talks about not winning a gameshow to be a wrestler. It looks like this promo is putting himself over as a professional wrestler and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep wrestling in Philadelphia.

Opening Contest: Rob Eckos vs. N8 Mattson: Early on, Mattson takes Eckos down with a few arm drags to get the early advantage. Mattson continues with a standing dropkick for a two count. Eckos drops Mattson throat first over the top rope. Eckos keeps control sending Mattson back first into the corner. Mattson comes off the middle rope to hit a crossbody, but Eckos delivers a kick to the chest for a near fall. Mattson plants Eckos with a sit out spinebuster. Mattson drives Eckos down to the mat gut first for another two count. Mattson comes off the top rope but is met with a superkick in midair. Mattson nearly wins with a sit-out neckbreaker. Eckos battles with Mattson on the middle rope trading elbow strikes. Eckos slips on the middle rope and hits a sloppy looking side Russian leg sweep for the win. (*1/2. A quick match and they kept a decent pace to the match. It wasn’t very exciting and Mattson isn’t someone that I find all that enjoyable in the ring. The messed up finish didn’t help matters either.)

Second Contest: Mike Kruel vs. Ruckus vs. Damian Adams: Kruel works over both men with right hands to start the match. Kruel and Ruckus trade some mat wrestling holds for a few moments. Adams pulls Ruckus to the floor and sends Ruckus back first into the guard railing. Kruel arm drags and dropkicks Adams to a corner. Adams tosses Kruel with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Adams drives Kruel down to the mat with a back suplex. Adams pummels Ruckus with right hands on the mat. Adams sends Kruel over the top to the floor and Ruckus nails Adams with a handspring heel kick. Ruckus continues with a handspring elbow, but Adams dumps Ruckus to the floor. Adams punches Kruel on the apron and tries for a suplex, but Kruel counters and tries for a German suplex. Ruckus gets on Adams back and Kruel hits a German suplex tossing Ruckus before doing the same to Adams for a two count. Kruel splashes Adams in the corner and hits a bulldog while also clotheslining Ruckus. Kruel comes off the top to elbow drop Adams. Kruel goes for a cover, but Ruckus hit a corkscrew senton on Kruel and pins Adams. (**1/2. A really short match that probably would have been really, really good had it gotten more time to develop a story and pace. I think these three guys are some of the better local guys 3PW has for in-ring. Kruel comes across like he could be a top level act in the company. Ruckus is fun when he’s not sloppy and Adams is consistent. They delivered a solid match despite the lack of time and the finish was solid, too.)

Tod Gordon and Jasmine St. Claire are hosting the Sugar Shack. April Hunter and Slyck Wagner Brown are with them. Gordon calls out Amish Roadkill to partake in an interview. Roadkill has recently turned on Blue Meanie and has had a change in attitude. Gordon calls Roadkill a joke now and wants to know what happened to the warrior that existed in ECW. Gordon offers Roadkill the managerial services of Jasmine St. Claire. Gordon asks for fifty chickens, and Roadkill agrees. However, that pisses off Gordon and St. Claire slaps Roadkill several times. It would appear that the point of this was to make Roadkill a serious heel.

Third Contest: Jack Victory & Rockin’ Rebel vs. Don E. Allen & Ron Zombie: Well, this is going to be a comedy match. Zombie has Victory on the mat and both Rebel and Allen step over Rebel. Victory atomic drops Rebel leading to Zombie hitting a clothesline on Rebel. Rebel and Victory aren’t getting along but they makeup on the floor. Zombie gets the hot tag after Allen was worked over for a few moments, which consisted of just punches, really. Rebel slams Allen and hits a leg drop of the ropes. Allen isn’t the legal guy as Zombie breaks the cover attempt. Rebel low blows Victory on accident. Zombie gets dumped to the floor. Victory falls forward after the low blow and pins Allen, who again is NOT the legal man. (DUD. Rebel and Victory are kind of funny, but that was just an awful wrestling match.)

Fourth Contest: Gary Wolfe vs. CJ O’Doyle: Neither man can get a clear advantage and they get a standoff. O’Doyle dropkicks Wolfe into a corner and hammers away. Wolfe gets yanked down by his hair and CJ gets a two count. Wolfe knee lifts O’Doyle against the ropes a few times and clotheslines O’Doyle over the top to the floor. Wolfe baseball slides O’Doyle into the guard railing back first before smashing CJ with a chair shot. O’Doyle nearly pins Wolfe with a rollup but Wolfe decks CJ with a clothesline. O’Doyle avoids Wolfe in the corner and leaps off the top only to miss a crossbody and is hold his right knee in pain. Wolfe controls CJ with a spinning toe hold on the mat. CJ counters with an inside cradle and wins the match! Well, it turns out that CJ was faking a knee injury! After the match, Wolfe decks the referee and attacks O’Doyle from behind. Wolfe takes CJ over with a snap suplex. Wolfe sends O’Doyle into the ring post. Wolfe grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up on the floor. Wolfe puts O’Doyle through the table with a DDT. Wolfe sets up another table on the floor and puts O’Doyle through the table with a powerbomb. (*1/4. So, the match isn’t all that great. The finish was nicely done as I’m glad they did a fake injury and CJ prevailing by doing so. The aftermath was done really well and for sure has caught my interest in seeing these guys fight in a stipulation match.)

Fifth Contest: Amish Roadkill vs. Blue Meanie: The announcers are trying to make this come across like a big showdown between two former friends. Meanie runs into the ring and they quickly trade blows. Meanie drops Roadkill with a leaping elbow strike followed by a splash in the corner. Meanie comes off the ropes with a bulldog. Jasmine St. Claire slaps Roadkill from the floor and Roadkill no sells a few strikes. Roadkill comes off the ropes to hit a spear and pummels Meanie with right hands. Roadkill has a steel chair and whacks Meanie over the head. Roadkill plants Meanie with a TKO through two chairs! Roadkill covers and easily pins Meanie. (*1/2. This was exactly what it needed to be. They told a good story of how St. Claire can motivate Roadkill into being a monster heel. I enjoyed that aspect of it.)

Sixth Contest: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Joey Matthews vs. Jerry Lynn: They start off trading a few holds with neither man getting a clear advantage. Lynn knocks Matthews to the floor with a few shoulder blocks. Lynn keeps control with a headlock on the mat for a few moments. Matthews gets out of the hold several times and rolls to the floor to regroup. Matthews works over Lynn with strikes in the corner, but Lynn atomic drops the champ followed by a clothesline. Lynn takes Matthews out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Lynn avoids being sent into the railing and drops Matthews over the railing. Lynn clotheslines Matthews into the crowd and Lynn dives over the railing to take Matthews out. Matthews avoids a baseball slide and whacks Lynn with a chair. Matthews comes off the top with a flying clothesline for a two count on Lynn. Matthews delivers a knee drop and chokes Lynn on the mat. Matthews yanks Lynn to the mat by his hair and delivers a quick fist drop for a two count. Lynn tries for a tornado DDT, but Matthews counters with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Matthews tries to use the championship, but the referee stops him. Lynn had a rollup and nearly won, but the referee was out of position. Matthews decks Lynn with a clothesline for a two count. Lynn plants Matthews with a TKO!

Lynn continues with a few clotheslines and a swinging neckbreaker. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver, but settles for a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Lynn climbs to the top rope, but Matthews backs into the referee sending him into the ropes and crotches Lynn on the top rope. Matthews hammers away on Lynn with right hands. Matthews goes for a hurricanrana but Lynn held onto the ropes. Lynn spikes Matthews with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Matthews sends Lynn into the referee to knock the ref down. Matthews tries for a piledriver, but Lynn plants Matthews with the Kryptonite Crunch. Lynn spikes Matthews with the cradle piledriver, but there’s no referee. Lynn checks on the referee and Matthews rolls to the floor and leaves through the crowd with the championship. Matthews runs out of the building! The referee gets up and counts Matthews out as the fans tell Lynn where Matthews went. (**3/4. Matthews plays the classic old school heel really well and the match effectively allows them to wrestle again. It gives the rematch a story and I’m looking forward to that. The action here was solid throughout, as expected.)

Jerry Lynn wants a rematch next month and wants it to be a no disqualification match with falls counting anywhere in the building. The fans like that idea.

Seventh Contest: Matt Striker & Talia vs. April Hunter & Slyck Wagner Brown: Striker believes he’s Macho Man Randy Savage. Brown and Striker start the match with Striker chopping Brown and keeping control after an arm drag. Striker puts the claw on Brown, but Brown no sells it and puts Striker’s own hold on himself. Brown plants Striker with a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Brown locks in a surfboard but Striker isn’t giving in. Hunter gets tagged in but Striker knocks Brown down and then tags in Talia. Brown tags himself in and Talia is cornered, but she gets away and tags in Striker. Striker forearms Brown and delivers a scoop slam. Striker runs the ropes and gets winded after several times. Brown gets up to hit a leg lariat for a two count. Brown keeps control with a vertical suplex for a two count. Hunter tags in and keeps Striker on the mat to allow Brown to hit a standing moonsault. Hunter misses a middle rope corkscrew senton splash.

Talia gets tagged in and clotheslines Hunter a few times. Talia scoop slams Hunter for a two count. Hunter takes Talia over with several snap suplexs and a fisherman suplex for a two count. Talia boots Hunter in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a blockbuster for a two count. Striker jabs Brown to save Talia and plays to the crowd. Hunter gets jabbed several times. Striker goes under the ring and grabs tow lucha masks giving the other one to Talia. Striker and Talia hit stereo head scissors. Talia takes Hunter and Brown over with a headlock and head scissors. Striker and Talia put a camel clutch/abdominal stretch on their opponents. Brown gets arm dragged by Striker while the girls brawl on the floor. Striker crotches Brown on the middle turnbuckle and hammers away on Brown as the crowd counts in Spanish. Striker misses a top rope elbow drop. Brown superkicks Striker and Hunter hits a spinebuster to pin Striker! (*1/4. I’m glad that Brown and Hunter were able to win. Had they lost, I would have been confused with the direction of the duo. They seem to be two people that 3PW would like to build to and losing here would be baffling.) After the match, Striker gets his hands on Tod Gordon, but Talia turns on him by hitting Striker with a chair and a cooking sheet over the head. Talia says she’d rather be with a man and she willingly puts the dog collar around her neck. Gordon is thrilled to have his sex slave back. Striker acts like he’s La Parka using the chair to attack the lucha masks. Rob Eckos comes out and is trying to talk sense to Striker.

Main Event: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles: Fans are crapping on TNA, but then cheering for ROH at a 3PW show. Early on, they focus on some mat wrestling and they have a standoff. The start is mostly slow with both men working the mat and a headlock. Daniels avoids a dropkick by hanging onto the ropes, but Styles dropkicks Daniels on a second attempt. Styles continues with a backbreaker for a two count. Styles comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop. Daniels avoids a crossbody with a gut buster. Daniels drives Styles down with another gut buster. Daniels focuses his offense on Styles midsection with a knee lift. Styles drops Daniels with a Pele kick. Styles backdrops Daniels and keeps control of the match until Daniels counters a hip toss with an abdominal stretch. Styles hip tosses his way out of the hold. Daniels drops Styles gut first over the top rope. Daniels sends Styles to the floor with a step-up kick. Styles rolls to the apron and then lands right on the back of his head on the floor. Daniels takes Styles out with a moonsault.

Daniels keeps control on the mat with an abdominal stretch. Daniels drops Styles over the top rope gut first. Daniels hits a sit out front slam for a two count. Styles forearms Daniels several times but Daniels hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Daniels drops Styles chest first over the railing. Daniels drops Styles throat first over a steel chair. Styles forearms Daniels several times. Styles hits a swinging backbreaker. Styles chops Daniels a few times followed by a spin kick and a spinning head scissors. Styles takes Daniels to the floor with a standing hurricanrana. Styles takes Daniels out with a somersault dive to the floor and a guy in the front row got a good part of the move, too. Styles plants Daniels with a springboard reverse DDT for a near fall. Styles plants Daniels with a delayed vertical suplex turned into a neckbreaker. Daniels plants Styles with a swinging sit out slam for a near fall. It is announced that five minutes remain in the match.

Styles avoids the BME, but Daniels lands on his feet. Styles hits a German suplex and drives Daniels down to the mat face first for a two count. Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Daniels lands on his feet and rolls through. Daniels counters a springboard reverse DDT with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Daniels plants Styles with a Samoan Drop. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Styles kicks out at two. Styles kicks Daniels to the mat. They begin to trade several forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. They both get a flurry of strikes in. Daniels nearly wins with a backslide and Styles almost wins with a rollup. There’s one minute remaining in the match. They trade a few rollups as there is only thirty-seconds remain in the match. Styles drops Daniels with a right a knee drop as the bell sounds.

The fans want five more minutes. They oblige and there will be five more minutes of action. Daniels starts off with a few jabs and a clothesline. Daniels drives Styles down with a back suplex for a near fall. Styles drops Daniels with a discus clothesline for a two count. Styles clotheslines Daniels in the corner and hits a brainbuster for a near fall. Daniels tries for a backslide, but settles for the Angels Wings for a near fall. Daniels stops Styles with an STO. Three’s one minute remaining in the match. Daniels gets shoved off the middle rope and Styles hits a middle rope head scissors. Styles plants Daniels with the Styles Clash, but Daniels kicks out at two. The time runs out and the match ends in another draw. (***1/4. They started off really slow and plodding. It ended up being a good match, but not a classic that you’d maybe think they’d be able to do. The closing ten minutes and the overtime were done really well. A good way to close the show.)

They chat on the microphone for a bit and they agree to a match where there will be no time limit and there will need to be a winner.

Final Thoughts:
The triple threat match, Lynn/Matthews and Styles/Daniels were all entertaining matches. Aside from the tag match involving Rebel and those guys, the matches weren’t bad overall. I’d consider this a productive show and maintained my interest throughout for the most part. I’ll give it a mild thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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