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ECW Hardcore TV 6/21/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) ECW Tag Team Champions The Eliminators defeated Dudley Boys to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) For whatever reason they decided to show the Taz/Sabu and Taz/Douglas matches a second time on this program as well. There’s no need to cover that again even if it was done really well.

2.) The tag team title match shown on the show as also part of Wrestlepalooza and has been reviewed already. So, just check out the Wrestlepalooza review for the lowdown on that match.

3.) ECW Television Champion Taz cuts a promo to start the promo listing several ECW wrestlers, Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon. He doesn’t care about any of them and he’s going to tell the truth about Wrestlepalooza 1997 later on tonight.

4.) Tommy Dreamer is getting stitches following his match with Raven but still has time to cut a promo. Beulah is by Dreamer and is upset. Dreamer says it was a highlight of his career to pin Raven. Now, he has something to die for and live for. That is the piece of Jerry Lawler, Rob Van Dam and Sabu’s ass. Tommy Dreamer recently went to USWA to get his hands on Lawler, but didn’t. Joey Styles notes that the USWA roster did nothing to stop Dreamer.

5.) Rick Rude really rips on Jerry Lawler and his tendency of Jerry Lawler dating younger women. We hear from Jerry Lawler who is ready to shoot. Lawler wants everyone to know what the score actually is. Lawler says that Paul Heyman is the man trying to sellout. All he has to do is give the word to McMahon and Heyman will get a job out of it. Lawler thinks that Heyman can’t stand being a nobody while the WWF reaches billions of people. Lawler came to ECW to see what it was all about. Lawler calls the fans degenerates and homeless people coming off the streets. Lawler considers it an embarrassment to see Terry Funk limp his way to the ring. Lawler will take on Tommy Dreamer or Sandman whenever they want. Lawler calls Sandman a drug addict who should be canning people at the Betty Ford clinic.

6.) ECW Television Champion Taz is back with another promo. Taz wants to understand that he made Shane Douglas tap out in under three minutes. He predicted it and he did it because Douglas put his back against the wall. Taz wanted to tap him out. Taz says that ECW is all about competition and violence. Taz doesn’t think it’s a big deal that Jerry Lawler wrestles. Taz doesn’t think that Lawler has been with women old enough to have kids. Taz wants to know why they would stop Rob Van Dam from jumping to the WWF. Taz doesn’t think it is cool to feud with the WWF and suggests they just let RVD go to the WWF. Taz says the only thing he likes about Paul Heyman is that he allows him to express himself. He isn’t a fan of Vince McMahon since he didn’t want him five years ago. McMahon can’t have him or ECW as long as he’s the ECW Television Champion. Taz assures us they he isn’t a company man and stands for himself and the belt. Taz says if McMahon has a man to beat him then he’ll put the belt around their waist.

7.) The Eliminators retained the ECW Tag Team Championships despite Perry Saturn having a torn ACL and Kronus working most the tag match by himself.

Final Thoughts:
Plenty of focus on Jerry Lawler coming into ECW and feuding with Tommy Dreamer. There wasn’t anything major going on here and felt like a recap of what we saw last week for the most part.

Thanks for reading.

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