WCW Saturday Night 10/1/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Pretty Wonderful defeated Barry Houston & Joey Maggs
2.) Alex Wright defeated Kenny Kendall
3.) Harlem Heat defeated Larry Santo & Bucky Siegler
4.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Rip Rogers
5.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Tony Vincent
6.) Vader defeated Tommy Stephens
7.) Steve Austin defeated Mark Starr
8.) Honkytonk Man defeated Frankie Lancaster
9.) WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Lord Steven Regal by disqualification to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage from Main Event last week where Ric Flair brutally attacked the left knee of Dave Sullivan on Main Event. WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan ran out to make the save clotheslining Flair in the corner and tore his t-shirt off. Hogan lifted Flair up by his neck. A masked man came out but Brother Brutus made the save knocking him off the top to prevent a sneak attack.

2.) Pretty Wonderful is interviewed following their victory. They are no longer the WCW Tag Team Champions having lost the titles to Stars and Stripes last week. Paul Orndorff tells all the 8-5 workers calling them lazy and bums who want something for nothing. Orndorff says they want another match at Halloween Havoc. He wants to show the world that Bagwell and Patriot cheated and it was a fluke. Paul Roma wants what is rightfully theirs which is the tag titles. They aren’t going to sleep until they get the titles back.

3.) Kevin Sullivan and Dave Sullivan are interviewed by Mea Gene. Dave says the magic slippers really do work that he got from Hogan. Kevin says that Dave isn’t in Flair’s league and calls Flair the real champion. Dave is proud to be a Hulkamaniac. Kevin demands Dave to take off the slippers. Kevin threatens to do what he use to do, but Dave says don’t do that.

4.) Harley Race and Vader are interviewed following their victory. Vader will be wrestling Guardian Angel at Halloween Havoc. Race says that Angel better hope that every angel is in his corner. Race believes that Vader is unstoppable and they don’t care who wins between Hogan and Flair. Vader chimes in and says he slapped Angel and took everything away from Angel. They are going to settle it all at Havoc.

5.) Ric Flair and Sherri Martel make their way out to be interviewed by Mean Gene. Flair says that Hogan has put his career on the line this month at Halloween Havoc. Flair had Dave Sullivan under control last week and was teaching him a lesson. Here comes Dave Sullivan to confront Flair. Dave get shoved by Sherri for saying that he could have beaten Flair. Flair says he is going to count to five and for Dave to disappear. Flair promises to break his leg if he doesn’t leave. Hogan comes out with theme music and when Flair turns around, Hogan is staring at him. Hogan says that Dave isn’t going to be pushed around by anyone anymore. Hogan wants Flair to put his career on the line at Havoc if Flair meets Dave a week from tomorrow night. It would be a tag team match next Sunday night, but only if Flair puts his career on the line. Flair agrees to the stipulation. So, Flair must hate Dave Sullivan so much to risk his career in a match with Hogan. Flair can choose any partner for the match, by the way.

6.) Steve Austin is interviewed following his victory. Austin wants to know what it takes to get Jim Duggan in the ring. Does he have to run down his family or cut up his 2×4? He is going to take manners into his own hands because that’s what he is going to have to do. Austin thinks that Duggan doesn’t want to fight Austin because Ricky Steamboat and Nick Bockwinkel won’t be there to harass him. Austin promises that Duggan is going to pay.

7.) Honkytonk Man is interviewed following his victory. Honky needs his music to play and he needs a championship. He’ll be wrestling Johnny B. Badd for the WCW Television Championship at Halloween Havoc. Honky promises some guitar playing and notes that several notable names will be there. He is the greatest of all time and he’s going to shake, rattle and roll Badd. The TV Championship will belong to him and he will have it.

8.) Regal avoids Duggan at the start by bailing to the floor to stall for a few moments. Duggan taunts Regal by letting a “Hoooo” out before a lockup and Regal flips out. Regal uppercuts Duggan but runs into a few clotheslines and bail to the floor. Duggan stomps on Regal’s fingers. Duggan atomic drops Regal and mocks Regal before delivering several left jabs a big right hand causing Regal to roll to the outside to regroup. Duggan gets out of a full nelson and Regal is getting frustrated. Duggan puts a full nelson on Regal and Regal isn’t able to break the hold. Regal manages to get out of the hold and takes Duggan down but gets decked when he turns around after a cartwheel. Duggan knee lifts Regal against the ropes but a kick from Regal stops him. Regal controls Duggan with an uppercut and chokes the champ over the middle rope. Sir William gets a cheap shot in while the referee was out of position and Regal continues to work over Duggan. Duggan elbows his way out of a headlock but an elbow from Regal stops him. Regal misses a standing somersault leg drop. Duggan fights back with right hands and pummels Regal in the corner with more right hands. Duggan rams Regal into Sir William on the apron! Duggan power slams Regal and signals for the end. Steve Austin slides into the ring and attacks Duggan causing the disqualification. Duggan gets beaten down by both men. Johnny B. Badd runs into the ring and makes the save. (*1/2. I was getting a little worried that Regal wasn’t going to get much offense in. Regal should have made this more competitive since Duggan was presented rather strong throughout the match. Regal is a pro and he sold well for Duggan.)

9.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, Dave Sullivan, Brother Brutus and Jimmy Hart come out for an interview to close the program. Hogan says that they have everything going in their favor. Hogan credits Dave for getting Flair to put his career on the line. Dave has the lucky slippers and thinks they can win next week. Hogan asks if Dave can feel the power and Dave says he can. Hogan is going to give Flair a little dose of what he’ll be getting at Havoc.

Final Thoughts:
I’m failing to see how or why Ric Flair would possibly want to put his career on the line for a tag match on a weekend WCW show with Dave Sullivan. It just blows my mind. The involvement with Dave Sullivan is just ridiculous and isn’t needed for the Hogan/Flair feud whatsoever. Not much going on this week, and I’m a little worried that the TV is going to start suffering.

Thanks for reading.

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