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SMW TV 8/5/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/5/1995

1.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Jason Arndt & Matt Hardy
2.) The Punisher defeated Jeff Hardy
3.) Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich defeated Boo Bradley & Bobby Blaze

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) As expected, Snow and Unabomb have no issue destroying the enhancement team of Hardy and Arndt. Snow wins the match following a clothesline/German suplex combo with Unabomb.

2.) Les Thatcher interviews Jim Cornette with Snow and Umabomb. Cornette says that Snow and Unabomb will be in a no rules loser leaves town match for the tag titles. Cornette is going to be the special referee in a match against the THUGS. Snow is upset about having the word “former champion” next to his name. Snow is quite frustrated with having to say that phrase. Snow doesn’t care if it is Smothers or Dirty White Boy, they are going to experience a nightmare. Snow is going to get the tag titles back and doesn’t care what he’s gotta do.

3.) A video package looking at the USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 is shown.

4.) PG-13 is interviewed and say that THUGS aren’t champions because they were handed the belts because Morton and Gibson didn’t show up. They are going to be getting a shot at a USWA show and they promise to win the titles and pawn them.

5.) Punisher easily wins his match with a top rope leg drop.

6.) Bob Armstrong was interviewed regarding Fire on the Mountain and how Brad Armstrong has the odds against him. He’s confident that Brad will still win. Armstrong is going to make Cornette bleed a lot in their first blood match. Armstrong is going to get every drop of blood out of Cornette. Armstrong promises a blood transfusion.

7.) Jim Cornette is with Buddy Landell and The Punisher for an interview by Les Thatcher. Cornette puts over Punisher and size being unstoppable. Cornette says that Brad Armstrong is going to have to run the gauntlet to get a chance at Landell. There’s a six man battle royal for Punisher. Cornette says that Brad Armstrong will not know who his opponents are until the show. Landell chimes in and says that Armstrong shouldn’t count his eggs before they are hatched. Landell says that Armstrong is going to have a tough time surviving the mystery opponent. Cornette doesn’t think Armstrong will be able to do anything when he meets Landell.

8.) Les Thatcher and Chip Kessler promote Ron Wright’s retirement at Fire on the Mountain and there’s a video highlighting Ron’s career.

9.) Dirty White Boy says there only one man he wants to wrestle at Fire on the Mountain and we’ll find out at the event.

10.) A video promoting a feud between THUGS and Rock N’ Roll Express for the tag titles are shown.

11.) Headbangers say they are going to have a dream match with the Rock N’ Roll Express where if the Express lose than they will have to wear dresses.

12.) Rock N’ Roll Express says that the Headbangers have no chance to beat them, like a snowball surviving in hell. Express have a dream match with Al Snow and Unabomb. Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy come over and tell the Express they think they can beat Snow and Unabomb. They think they can beat the Express, too. White Boy tells Morton that the Express will not like the result of the loser leaves town match.

13.) Tommy Rich has a dream match taking on Mongolian Stomper and is going to beat his brains out with a blindfold on.

14.) Boo Bradley will be teaming with Mongolian Stomper to take on Tommy Rich and Punisher in a falls count anywhere match.

15.) Jim Cornette says that he has a surprise for Bob Armstrong in their first blood match.

16.) Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich sand Punisher cut a pre-tape promo regarding the falls count anywhere tag match with Mongolian Stomper and Boo Bradley. Rich is apparently wrestling Bradley in the blindfold match instead? Rich says his mother told him a lie about dreams never coming true, but they obviously do. Rich says that Bradley will not see the match considering he’s blind.

17.) Bradley and Rich start the main event tag match. Bradley shoulder blocks Rich and Rich rolls to the corner to regroup. Rich yanks Boo down by his hair and the fans let the referee know about it. Bradley takes Rich down to the mat with a handful of hair. Blaze and Bradley double team Gordy in the corner for a moment. Blaze keeps arm control on Gordy after taking Terry down to the mat. Blaze shoulder blocks Gordy but Blaze gets worked over by Rich and Gordy in the corner. Gordy chokes Blaze over the middle rope. Rich chokes Blaze over the bottom rope before hitting a back suplex. Blaze comes off the ropes and is met with a double back elbow strike. Gordy clotheslines Blaze in the corner a few times. Rich enters and rams Blaze face first into the corner. Blaze fights back with a few stomps, but the referee is distracted by Bradley gets tagged in. Bradley gets escorted back to the apron. Rich backdrops Blaze into Gordy, who hits a powerbomb for the win. (*1/4. That was a mostly uninspiring match that felt slow and plodding.) After the match, Brad Armstrong comes out and cleans house on the heels. Punisher doesn’t sell a few strikes, but a low blow sends Punisher to the floor.

18.) Les Thatcher interviews Brad Armstrong, who is tired of Jim Cornette. Armstrong knows that Cornette has five or six guys on his family alone. Armstrong thinks that he can defeat every man in Cornette’s group. Armstrong will wrestle every man in a gauntlet match. Armstrong is going to beat the Militia next week in a gauntlet match.

19.) Rock N’ Roll Express will be in tag action against PG-13, as well.

Final Thoughts:
A lot of focus on the angles this week to promote Fire on the Mountain, and I found myself interested in the programming. There’s no doubt that the feuds are a little repetitive, but aside from the Cornette/Armstrong situation, I’m kind of interested in the show.

Thanks for reading.

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