SMW TV 8/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/12/1995

1.) Brad Armstrong defeated Al Snow
2.) Brad Armstrong defeated Unabomb
3.) Buddy Landell defeated Brad Armstrong

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jim Cornette opens the show with Les Thatcher and Chip Kessler doing a salute stance. Cornette is confident that Brad Armstrong will not be making it to Fire on the Mountain as his militia will be taking him out tonight.

2.) Armstrong arm drags Snow to start the match. Snow stops Armstrong with a forearm but Armstrong hits a dropkick followed by an arm drag. Snow clotheslines Armstrong to gain the advantage. Snow continues to work over Armstrong with strikes. Snow dropkicks Armstrong on the lower back a few times on the mat. Snow slams Armstrong and goes to the top rope. Snow misses a springboard moonsault from the middle rope. Armstrong hits a side Russian leg sweep for the win.

3.) Unabomb enters the match and beats on Snow with several strikes to keep Armstrong on the mat. Unabomb big boots Armstrong to the mat. Unabomb delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Unabomb slams Armstrong and connects with a leg drop after using the bottom rope for extra leverage for a two count. Unabomb slams Armstrong but misses an elbow drop. Unabomb drops Armstrong a few times with right hands. Armstrong hammers away on Unabomb with right hands. Armstrong dropkicks Unabomb and sends Unabomb into Landell on the apron before hitting a side Russian leg sweep for the win.

4.) Buddy Landell enters with a tennis racket and whacks Armstrong from behind to earn the cheap win. (*1/2. I’m rating all three matches together as it was a gauntlet match. I can deal with the cheap finish since Armstrong seems to be the next face champion for the company. I’m quite interested in seeing Armstrong against Snow in a longer form match. I think they could have some really fun matches.)

5.) Les Thatcher interviews Brad Armstrong and Bob Armstrong following the gauntlet match. Brad says that Fire on the Mountain is what this is all about and he’s going to do whatever he has to do in order to take Landell out. Bob says that Brad never breaks a promise and Bob’s looking forward to getting his hands on Cornette at Fire on the Mountain. Bob is going to make Cornette bleed and Cornett’es blood will fall like wine.

6.) Jim Cornette cuts a pre-tape promo with Tommy Rich and Punisher. Cornette says that Boo Bradley isn’t going to make the tag match because he’s wrestling with a blindfold against Rich. Rich says that Bradley doesn’t have enough brains to blow his nose.

7.) Jim Cornette is interviewed by Les Thatcher with Al Snow and Unabomb. Cornette is the special referee for the loser leaves town match. Cornette promises that Snow and Unabomb will not lose the match. Cornette is going to make sure they are the tag champions. Snow says that tonight hasn’t been his night. Snow says the fans can’t feel the pain in his heart. Snow hopes that Bob Armstrong dies for costing him the tag titles. Snow says THUGS will pay for what they’ve done. Snow promises to get the tag titles back.

8.) A feature on Ron Wright is shown. Wright runs a shop in Tennessee nowadays. Wright talks about Kingsport and his family. Wright cuts a promo saying it will be the final time he appears in the arena and hopes to see everyone. Wright says if he could wrestle one more time it would be against the late Whitey Caldwell. Wright mentions that Dirty White Boy reminds himself of himself. Wright wouldn’t change anything he’s done throughout his career.

9.) Chip Kessler cuts into the show to talk about Superbowl of Wrestling and how this show was taped prior to the event. Kessler mentions that Shawn Michaels defeated Buddy Landell due to Jim Cornette screwing up. The biggest news is that Ricky Morton has left SMW and the Rock n’ Roll Express have split up.

10.) Footage of a match between PG-13 and the Rock N’ Roll Express is shown. The Express clean house after Gibson got tagged in. The Headbangers entered the ring to attack the Express and they are wearing pink dresses. They are trying to put a dress on Morton. Al Snow and Unabomb enter the ring and beatdown Morton. Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy enter the ring and make the save for the Rock N’ Roll Express. Smothers and Morton brawl in the ring. White Boy and Gibson shove each other after trying to breakup the fight.

11.) We see footage from the Superbowl of Wrestling where the THUGS were suppose to wrestle the Rock N’ Roll Express. Robert Gibson comes down to the ring in regular clothing with Bob Armstrong. Bob Armstrong has an important message for the fans. Armstrong says that Morton’s girlfriend got in a fight with Smother’s girlfriend and charges have been filed. Morton has taken Smothers tag championship and they will be suing SMW. Armstrong announces that Morton’s contract has been terminated.

Robert Gibson says that this whole situation has gone too far. Gibson wanted to bury the hatchet with Morton against the THUGS. However, Morton told Gibson to shove their team up his ass. Smothers says that this is a mess and shakes Gibson’s hand and White Boy shakes Gibson’s hand, too. Cornette comes running out and gets on the microphone. Cornette notes this brings a problem without a tag title match. Cornette suggests they defend the titles against his militia. White Boy says they will wrestle anybody in the militia. Cornette brings out the returning Heavenly Bodies!

12.) They proceed to show the tag title match, but I’ll be reviewing that later for Fire on the Mountain.

13.) Jim Cornette says that he’s proud of his militia because they won a bunch of major matches. Cornette dismisses the idea that he used illegal ether on Dirty White Boy. Instead, Cornette says that White Boy is a drunk and passed out. Cornette is disappointed that Buddy Landell made a bunch of mistakes and lost to Shawn Michales. Landell enters the scene and says it is Cornette’s fault. Landell knows he’ll win the title at Fire on the Mountain because Cornette will not be in his corner. Cornette leaves the scene trying to smooth things over.

Final Thoughts:
A decent show this week, though the timing of airing some stuff seemed a bit weird. The first half, Landell is a heel beating Armstrong. Then, at the end, Landell is turning on Cornette because Cornette made a mistake in a match with Michales, that will be aired next week. Regardless, the big events seem to have some really interesting and good matches on them. Reminder, they will be reviewed on their own and not part of the TV reviews.

Thanks for reading.

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