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SMW TV 8/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/19/1995

All matches on the show were from the Superbowl of Wrestling, which will be reviewed later.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The majority of the show is showing matches/clips from Superbowl of Wrestling. I’m going to be reviewing the whole show on its own, so this will be anything promo related.

2.) Jim Cornette and the new SMW Tag Team Champions, the Heavenly Bodies, cut a promo. They only have one title because Morton has the other one. Cornette says that the THUGS will not get revenge on his men. The Bodies are back to start a new reign of terror. Things will only get worse for the THUGS. Cornette is going to get the belt back from Morton or have a new set made of the Bodies.

3.) THUGS cut a promo with Smothers saying things have been nuts lately. Smothers tells the Bodies will get a fight if that is what they want. White Boy says they aren’t going to give up. White Boy is going to rip the Bodies eyes out and shove them down their throat. White Boy is selling the ether from the match by coughing a few times. White Boy promises the Bodies will go down.

4.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels cuts a promo saying he always delivers and credits Buddy Landell for being a guy who can go. Michaels suggests leaving Cornette at home. Michaels gives Cornette an assist for the help. Michaels will give Landell a rematch at any point.

5.) Jim Cornette and Buddy Landell are interviewed with Cornette downplaying tension. Cornette knows that Landell has realized his mistakes and will do better. Landell doesn’t agree and says that Cornette screwed up. Landell considers Cornette a major disaster. Landell has to beat Armstrong and then beat Michaels. Landell doesn’t want anymore favors from Cornette.

Final Thoughts:
It sure seems like Superbowl of Wrestling was a huge show and a major success. That show will be reviewed soon enough.

Thanks for reading.

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