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SMW TV 8/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 8/26/1995

All matches on the show were from Fire on the Mountain, which will be reviewed later.

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Chip Kessler notes that Brad Armstrong won the USWA Heavyweight Championship and the SMW Heavyweight Championship in the same week, which is a first.

2.) Brad Armstrong had to defend the USWA Heavyweight Championship against Billy Jack Haynes in a rematch in Memphis. Haynes was able to regain the championship following a chokeslam. The match lasted less than seven minutes. Kessler says that the referee was knocked out and Mark Curtis tried to make the count, but was prevented. Haynes win is rather controversial.

3.) Bob Armstrong has prepared a statement regarding the Haynes/Armstrong match. Bob says they have an open door policy. Bob says that everyone in USWA have come in and disrupt the company. SMW wrestlers are heckled by USWA fans and treated unfairly. If Randy Hales or any USWA wrestler come to SMW they will be watched closely.

4.) Footage of Buddy Landell cutting a promo on Jim Cornette for costing him the WWF Intercontinental Championship. This is from Fire on the Mountain where Landell took himself out of a battle royal. Landell says if he beats Armstrong tonight he’s the man and it’s vice versa. Armstrong decided to eliminate himself from the battle royal and the heels had to continue the match.

5.) Jim Cornette says that somebody is returning to SMW to prevent Brad Armstrong from winning the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Cornette brings out Brian Lee to take on Armstrong at Fire on the Mountain. Lee has been wrestling in the USWA. Footage of Brad Armstrong wrestling Brian Lee and then Buddy Landell is shown.

6.) Landell didn’t want to use the tennis racket and after the match Jim Cornette entered the ring to confront Landell. Buddy and Cornette are arguing in the middle of the ring. Buddy chases Cornette to the floor.

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong says he made good on his promise to be the champion. Armstrong says the championship is going to be staying with him.

8.) Cornette was knocked out in the loser leaves town tag match and Mark Curtis forced Cornette to count a fall on Unabomb. Thus, Unabomb is gone from SMW.

9.) THUGS cut a promo saying they beat Al Snow and Unabomb and now Unabomb is gone from the company. They turn their attention to the Heavenly Bodies saying they aren’t going to be strutting for long. Dirty White Boy wants to pull Cornette’s eyes out and shove them down his throat. He wants to shave Prichard’s hair and pop Del Ray’s legs. White Boy promises that somebody is going to get hurt. White Boy taught Smothers how to get mean and nasty. White Boy promises the Heavenly Bodies are going down whether they like it or not.

10.) Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and Punisher close the program. Cornette says that he’s had the wrong personnel in the form of Buddy Landell. Buddy has been demoted in the militia. Everyone is coming after Brad Armstrong to get the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Tommy Rich is the top guy in the militia now. Rich promises to win the title from Brad Armstrong. Buddy Landell enters the scene and Cornette says that SMW is refusing to give Landell any more title shots. Buddy wants the title shots to left for him and threatens Cornette to not screw with him again.

Final Thoughts:
Looks like they are doing a slow turn for Buddy Landell. I’m not sure if I can buy into Tommy Rich as the next top heel. After two strong supercard events, it seems like SMW needs to rebuild and find new top guys to build around.

Thanks for reading.

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