WCW Saturday Night 10/31/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 10/31/1992
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Vinnie Vegas defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell
2.) Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce defeated Rex Cooper & David Lynch
3.) Brian Pillman defeated James Clontz
4.) Johnny Gunn defeated Fred Avery
5.) Cactus Jack defeated Robbie Walker
6.) Nikita Koloff defeated JR King
7.) Erik Watts defeated Bobby Eaton
8.) Shane Douglas fought Brian Pillman to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vegas taunts Bagwell’s broken nose before the match begins. Vegas shoves Bagwell into the corner and misses a strike. Bagwell uses his speed to punch Vegas in the midsection. Vegas tries to back elbow Bagwell, but Bagwell avoids them. Vegas settles for ramming Bagwell back first into the corner. Bagwell stops Vegas with a jawbreaker followed by strikes in the corner. Vegas shoves Bagwell off the middle rope. Vegas slams Bagwell and comes off the middle rope to deliver an over hand strike. Bagwell avoids a forearm drop, which looked awkward by Vegas. Vegas keeps control with a scoop slam and heads to the top rope. Bagwell avoids Vegas and delivers a running chop block. Bagwell works over the left knee with elbow drops. Bagwell is able to take Vegas down to the mat and works over the left leg. Vegas avoids a scoop slam by Bagwell. Bagwell blocks a kick and leg sweeps Vegas to the mat. Bagwell locks in the figure four leg lock.

Bagwell keeps the hold on for several moments until Vegas eye rakes his way free. Vegas gets to his feet and hammers away on Bagwell’s broken nose. Vegas plants Bagwell with a gut wrench slam for a two count. Vegas continues to pummel Bagwell with strikes to the face for a near fall. Vegas scoop slams Bagwell before hitting an elbow drop for a two count. Vegas keeps a chin lock on Bagwell, but doesn’t get a submission. Bagwell fights back with strikes to the body. Bagwell hits a twisting elbow strike and a leaping shoulder block. Bagwell hits a dropkick before coming off the top with a shoulder block, but Vegas kicks out at two. Bagwell goes to the top rope and is caught by Vegas and dropped over the top turnbuckle. Vegas covers and wins the match. (*1/4. Vegas is really green and had several awkward moments in the match. The action was quite basic and lacked energy. At least the finish made sense for the angle of the broken nose that Bagwell had.)

2.) Jim Ross is with Teddy Long to talk about the King of Cable tournament, which starts next week. Johnny B. Badd comes out to be part of the segment. Badd says he’s outrageous and contagious. Badd says that kids should stay in school. Badd is returning November 1st. Scotty Flamingo enters the scene and says he’s the prettiest man in WCW. Badd disagrees and says he’s the prettiest man in WCW. Flamingo strongly believes he’s the prettiest man in WCW. Flamingo says that Badd might get the kiss that don’t miss. Flamingo snaps his fangers and says “word” before leaving. That was…. weird.

3.) Shane Douglas came out during Brian Pillman’s squash match. Douglas says that he wants to settle his issues with Pillman right now. Officials stop Douglas, and Douglas heads backstage. Pillman attacks Douglas on the floor from behind and Douglas decks Pillman on the floor.

4.) Bill Watts shares some pre-tape comments praising Halloween Havoc and what happened during the weekend. Watts loved hearing the fans who had grown annoyed by the cartoon nature of wrestling that has been presented lately. Watts says that they were caught off guard when Rick Rude was able to get someone to wrestle his WCW United States Championship match. Watts discusses the main event and the liability that Roberts vs. Sting had. Watts is officially banning the reptile from WCW.

5.) Jim Ross introduces the King of Cable video to explain what the tournament is all about. The tournament is to celebrate 20 years on TBS. Here are the first round matches, which had eight men randomly drawn.
Sting vs. Brian Pillman
WCW/NWA Tag Team Champion Barry Windham vs. WCW United States Champion Rick Rude
Jake Roberts vs. Dustin Rhodes
Big Van Vader vs. Tony Atlas
They included pre-tape comments by the men involved, which are incredibly basic and not well thought out. The tournament begins next week on Saturday Night.

6.) There’s a special video promoting Erik Watts and his new career as a professional wrestler. Watts discusses leadership, competition, intimidation, and career. Watts is determined to be number one in professional wrestling.

7.) This is promoted as being Johnny Gunn’s debut, but Gunn debuted last week on television and he was on the Halloween Havoc pay per view. Gunn won the match following a Thez Press.

8.) At Halloween Havoc Bill Watts had an announcement regarding the Halloween Havoc pay per view and the WCW United States Championship. There were lawyers and judges involved. There was a pending injunction and that allowed Vader to defend the WCW United States Championship on behalf of Rude against Nikita Koloff. All the stipulation applied. Vader defeated Koloff, but there was a confrontation between Dangerously and Madusa. Dangerously fired Madusa and called her stupid. Dangerously also shoved Madusa and that led to Madusa kicking Dangerously and was held back by officials.

9.) The brief feud between Cactus Jack and Robbie Walker ended after a roughly eight minute match. Jack was able to finish Walker off with a double arm DDT.

10.) WCW Up Close this week is with WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champion, Dustin Rhodes. Tony Schiavone wants to know about the situation with Barry Windham, Dustin’s tag partner. Rhodes does think that the issue has been blown a little bit out of proportion. Rhodes doesn’t think it’s a big deal and it’s similar to a family having issues. Dustin says they have long list of challengers to deal with. Rhodes believes they will remain tag team champions. Schiavone wants to know what Dustin’s goals are, and hints at singles gold. Rhodes thinks his main goal right now is around Rick Rude’s waist, which is the WCW United States Championship. Rhodes plans on winning the championship soon. Dustin just wants to be accepted by the fans like his father, Dusty, had been too. Dustin was born the same day that his grandfather passed away. He knows his grandfather is looking down on him and he’s doing the best he can everyday.

11.) Jake Roberts shared a pre-tape promo talking about being upset with the reptile being banned. However, Roberts notes that he’s the real snake. The DDT is what really made Roberts. There is nobody that gets up from the DDT. Roberts says when you play with snakes you’re going to get bitten. Roberts asks Sting what would happen if Roberts were to DDT Sting on the concrete floor. Roberts says that Sting has ears, but he can not see. Roberts can make Sting feel as bad as he wants to, whenever he wants to. Roberts promises to use the DDT and abuse Sting, which he’ll enjoy.

12.) Jim Ross conducted an interview with Michael Hayes and Bobby Eaton. Hayes says that things happened that shouldn’t have happened. Hayes says that Paul E. Dangerously was embarrassed by someone that couldn’t take Erik Watts out. Hayes is confident that Bobby Eaton can get it done tonight. Dangerously comes out and says that Hayes is the only man to deliver for him. Dangerously asks if he can join Hayes at ringside, which is accepted. Dangerously says that Watts is in a position called “check mate”.

13.) Late in the match, Eaton chop blocked Watts left knee and Dangerously taunted Watts on the mat. Watts elbows Eaton to the mat and delivers a knee lift. Watts backdrops Eaton and plays to the crowd while hobbling on one leg. Watts pummels Eaton with right hands after a monkey flip. Eaton stops Watts with a swinging neckbreaker. Eaton heads to the top rope, but misses the Alabama Jam. Watts goes for a submission, but Hayes enters and gets decked. Watts clotheslines Eaton over the top to the floor. Watts pins Hayes following a fireman’s carry slam. (*. Well, the whole match was mostly boring and I’ve never liked finishes where a guy not involved in the match is pinned. How the referee doesn’t realize it is incredible.)

14.) Jim Ross chats with Bill Watts and Shane Douglas. Watts again thanks everyone for being at Halloween Havoc. Watts declares he has never done anything for his kids other than give them an opportunity. Douglas is considered a star of tomorrow. Watts is going to try and get a match between Douglas and Pillman for next week. Pillman comes out to confront Douglas because he doesn’t want to wait another week. Watts tells them to get in the ring.

15.) Pillman works on Douglas in the corner as Ross tells us there’s not much time left in the show. Douglas backdrops Pillman and hits a Thez Press followed by right hands on the mat. Pillman sends Douglas into the corner chest first. Pillman chops Douglas, but Douglas drives Pillman face first down onto the mat. Douglas dropkicks Pillman over the top to the floor to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
A rather weak show coming out of the PPV. Sure, they highlighted what they needed to, but none of the featured matches delivered anything of excitement. I am interested in the tournament as there could be some good matches in there. Hopefully Simmons can get a stronger feud than The Barbarian moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

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