All In 9/1/2018

Written by: Bob Colling

All In
Date: 9/1/2018
From: Chicago, IL

Opening Contest: SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. ROH Tag Team Champions Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) in a non-title match: Jay and Kazarian kickoff the match. Jay decks Sky off the apron and Kazarian gets double teamed. Kazarian is met with a double clothesline after coming off the ropes. Mark legally enters the match but Kazarian avoids splashes in the corner and Sky hits a head scissors and double stomp to send Jay to the floor. Kazarian dropkicks Mark in the corner. Kazarian takes Mark down with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Sky comes off the top and axe handles Mark followed by a right hand. Sky decks Jay off the apron and hammers away on Mark before dumping Mark to the floor. Jay clotheslines Sky from behind to help his brother. Mark delivers a slingshot double stomp to keep Sky on the mat. Jay uppercuts Sky against the ropes to keep the advantage. Mark gets a two count on Sky after a vertical suplex. Sky continues to be chopped by Mark, but fights out of the corner with strikes. Jay enters and works over Sky with stomps in the corner.

Jay sends Sky into the ropes and hits a dropkick before tagging in Mark. Sky head scissors Jay and kicks Mark away. Kazarian gets the tag and cleans house hitting a DDT on Jay. Kazarian hits a northern lights suplex on Jay and almost pinned Mark at the same time. Kazarian leg drops Jay over the middle rope and Sky tosses Mark over the top to the floor onto Jay. Kazarian hits a hurricanrana on the floor to take out Mark. Sky takes the Briscoe’s out with a somersault dive to the floor! Sky hits Jay with a slingshot cutter. Kazarian does the same to Mark and they have stereo dragon sleepers on. Briscoe’s are able to break free with an eye rake. Kazarian and Jay trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Mark nails Kazarian from the apron and Jay knocks Kazarian to the floor where Mark hit a blockbuster off the apron. Jay continues with a neckbreaker for a two count. Kazarian is clotheslined in the corner and the Briscoe’s hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for a two count.

Sky sends Jay into the guard railing and takes Mark off the top with a hurricanrana. Sky assists Kazarian on a tornado DDT on Mark. Kazarian hits a backstabber on Mark for a two count after Sky lifted Mark into the air. Jay boots Sky from behind and spikes Kazarian with a Jay Driller. Mark leaps off the top to hit an elbow drop, but Sky makes the save on the cover. Sky is sent to the floor as Kazarian is on Jay’s shoulders. Kazarian counters a Doomsday by slamming Mark in midair and pins Mark as Sky dropkicked Jay into the corner! (***1/4. I thought that was a really good tag match as there was some solid combo moves throughout. I was left quite impressed with Scorpio Sky, who is probably underrated compared to most of the guys on the roster. A good choice to start off the event.)

Backstage, Kenny Omega cuts a promo on Pentagon, who he will be wrestling for the first time ever. Omega is ready for the challenge and wants to make it a match for the ages.

Second Contest: Over The Budget Battle Royal: Well, everyone involved starts off at the beginning. Bully Ray powerbomvs a masked wrestler through a table on the floor and sends Chuck Taylor into the railing. Trent takes Ray out with a suicide dive. Jordyn Grace does the same to Trent, but Ethan Page big boots Grace! Cabana takes the group out with a springboard moonsault! Tommy Dreamer and Billy Gunn fake out dives to the floor and jump off the apron to continue the brawling. Moose boots Gunn in the ring and beats on everyone with right hands. Moose gets decked by seemingly everyone. Moose is caught on a springboard crossbody and placed on the apron. Marko Stunt dropkicks Moose off the apron to the floor, for what I think is the first elimination. Punishment Martinez kicks Stunt to the floor. Ethan Page prevents Best Friends from hugging by superkicking Taylor. Taylor and Trent try to suplex Page to the floor, but fail to do so. Austin Gunn suplexs Trent into the ring. Brian Cage suplexs Dreamer from the apron into the ring. Brandon Cutler kicks Cage followed by a leaping forearm. Stunt gets planted by Cutler with a swinging slam. Cutler pump kicks Cage and begs off before hitting a springboard moonsault. Bully Ray chops Stunt on the apron a few times before being eliminated. Stunt has been eliminated, as well. Page almost tossed Trent out of the ring.

Page punches Trent and Taylor on the apron but it met with a knee by Rocky Romero. Romero saves both of them. Page slams Romero to the mat. Trent plants Page with a tornado DDT and Jacobs is nailed with a lawn dart cutter by Best Friends, who also finally hug. However, Punishment Martinez sends Best Friends to the floor. Romero head scissors Martinez. Romero clotheslines Billy Gunn and Austin Gunn in the corner. Romero is clotheslining everyone. Cage nails Romero with a discus clothesline and tosses Romero to the floor. Cheeseburger gets caught by Cage and drops Cage with a chop. Cheeseburger is cleaning house with chops. Cage sends Cheeseburger to the floor with an F5. Punishment Martinez and Cage trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Cage takes Martinez over with a head scissors. Martinez does the same to Cage. Cage superkicks Martinez but Martinez hits a spin kick. Martinez tries for a chokeslam, but Hurricane Helms chokeslams Martinez and Brian Cage!

Hurricane tries to chokeslam Ethan Page, but Page counters. Page rams Dreamer face first onto the top turnbuckle. Page and Helms trade strikes on the apron before delivering a big boot to send Helms to the floor. Cabana knocks Page off with a flying asshole splash. Dreamer has brought several weapons into the ring and beats on everyone with trash can shots. Martinez tries for a chokeslam, but Dreamer bites free and staggers Martinez with an elbow strike followed by a Death Valley Driver. Bully Ray hits Dreamer with a trash can and sends Ray over the top to the floor. Marko Stunt steps up to Bully with chops in the middle of the ring, which have no impact. Bully tries to powerbomb Stunt, but Billy saves Stunt and Austin clotheslines Bully. Jacobs is met with a hip toss neckbreaker by Austin Gunn. Jacobs grabs Austin by the groin and Martinez delivers a clothesline.

Jacobs nails Austin with a fist drop but Billy prevents the pedigree. Billy is kissed by Jacobs and tosses Jacobs to the floor. Martinez nails Billy with a spin kick. Austin Gunn clotheslines Martinez over the top to the floor. Bully Ray sends Austin to the floor and Billy hits the Fame-asser on Ray! Cage and Billy trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Cage press slams Billy over the top to the floor. Stunt hits an incredible tilt a whirl lung blower, but Ray tosses Stunt to the floor! Cage and Jordyn Grace square off in the middle of the ring. Grace squats with Cage on her shoulders, but Cage counters with a buckle bomb. Grace has Cage and hits a powerbomb. Grace clotheslines Cage over the top to the floor! Ray confronts Grace, who doesn’t back down. Ray fakes a chop and eye rakes Grace. Ray places Grace on the top turnbuckle, but Grace shoves Ray off. Grace leaps off the top to hit a diving headbutt to Ray’s groin as Cabana held his legs. Ray sends Grace over the top to the floor as we’re down to Ray and Cabana.

Ray misses a senton splash off the middle rope. Cabana uses a chair on Ray a few times. Ray is able to counter being sent over the top and tosses Cabana to the floor. The masked wrestler returns to the ring and unmasks to reveal that it’s actually Flip Gordon! Gordon tosses Ray over the top to the floor! Gordon will wrestle ROH World Champion Jay Lethal on All In! (***. That was a really fun and crazy battle royal. They did so much stuff on the floor and the action made it feel like it wasn’t actually a battle royal. If I had to watch a battle royal from the 1980s or 1990s after watching this one I’d likely be bored to death. I might have put Jordyn Grace over here, but considering the storyline of Flip not being booked, that made the most storyline sense.)

The first two matches were part of Zero Hour, which was aired free on WGN. The remaining of this review is the actual All In event. I just wasn’t going to make two different posts about the show.

Third Contest: MJF vs. Matt Cross: MJF shoulder blocks Cross early on and taunts the fans. Cross poses in the ring after MJF holds onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick attempt. MJF wants to shake hands and then cheap shots Cross. MJF dumps Cross to the floor, but Cross kicks MJF from the apron. Cross head scissors MJF to send MJF to the floor. Cross hits a handspring corkscrew dive over the top to the floor. Cross goes to the top, but MJF rolls across the ring to avoid any move. MJF puts the referee in the way and sends Cross shoulder first into the ring post. MJF splashes Cross on the left arm and continues to taunt the fans. MJF yanks Cross down to the mat by his arm. MJF hits a nice powerbomb for a two count. MJF sits Cross on the top rope and delivers a right hand. Cross fights back with forearm strikes and hits a middle rope hurricanrana! Cross clotheslines MJF a few times followed by a handspring back elbow and a springboard crossbody for a two count. MJF double stomps Cross on the left arm followed by a package shoulder breaker for a near fall.

Cross slaps MJF and they trade strikes in the ring. MJF eye pokes Cross and taunts the crowd by flipping them off. Cross nails MJF with a pump kick and a double stomp. MJF kicks out on a cover and puts an arm bar on Cross, but isn’t able to get a submission. Cross goes to the apron, but MJF drops Cross arm first over the top rope. MJF continues with a piledriver over the middle rope for a two count. MJF misses a moonsault and Cross hits a cutter. Cross goes to the top and hits a shooting star press for the win. (**1/2. MJF displayed his ability to get over as a heel in one match. In a generation when wrestlers get over with insane spots, MJF gets over with his charisma and ability to interact with the crowd. This was a decent match and a good start to the show since most of the matches are going to be insane.)

Backstage, Sean Mooney interviews NWA World Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis says there is a reason why he’s being interviewed by one of the greatest people, because he’s the NWA World Champion. Aldis says this is about taking the first step to being immortal. Aldis has to prepare for his date with destiny.

Fourth Contest: Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels: Daniels spits his gum at Amell early on and ducks a clothesline before taking Amell down to the mat. They begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. Amell takes Daniels down and walks over Daniels back. Daniels work over Amell in the corner briefly. Amell dropkicks Daniels followed by a kick to the head. Amell clotheslines Daniels over the top to the floor. Amell sends Daniels into the guard railing. Amell decides to go under the ring and grabs a table. Amell sets the table up on the floor and slams Daniels face first onto the table. Amell tries to toss Daniels through the table, but fails to do so. Daniels tosses Amell with a back suplex and delivers a kick to the face. Daniels delivers a strike to the midsection several times. Daniels sends Amell chest first into the corner and hits a gut buster for a two count. Amell fights out of a waist lock but is met with a shoulder ram. Daniels hits an Arabian moonsault, but refuses to go for the cover. Daniels tries to suplex Amell off the apron through the table, but Amell counters with a hip toss. Amell clotheslines Daniels and tries for Cross Rhodes, but Daniels counters. Amell nails Daniels with a knee strike followed by a sloppy Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Amell hits a Coast to Coast dropkick in the corner, but Daniels kicks out at two. Daniels hits the BME, but Amell kicks out at two. They battle on the top turnbuckle until Daniels falls to the apron and then obviously lays himself on the table. Luckily, Daniels moves as Amell leaps off the top and crashes through the table. Jerry Lynn rolls Daniels into the ring and tosses Amell into the ring, too. Daniels confronts Lynn, who takes his referee shirt off and is ready for a fight. Amell nearly pins Daniels with a rollup. Amell flips off Daniels and wants more from Daniels. Daniels tries for a Angel Wings, but Amell counters with a backdrop pin attempt for a two count. Daniels plants Amell with a backbreaker and the BME for the win. (*1/2. I’m not sure this really needed to go so long. Anytime you have a non-wrestler wrestle a long match, you’re kind of showing the business for what it is. Amell did well in this match, but I would have built that kind of performance over several months. To my knowledge, Amell had zero experience and performed a lengthy match with one of the best. I would have cut some time off of this and keep the same outcome.)

Fifth Contest: Chelsea Green vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Britt Baker vs. Madison Rayne: All four women will be wrestling at the same time. Tessa decks Rayne with a right hand to send Rayne to the floor. Green scares Tessa to the floor where Rayne beats on Tessa. Tessa sends Rayne into the railing. Green and Baker trade rollups in the ring. Green decks Tessa off the apron to the floor. Baker and Green trade arm drags. Baker arm drags Green to the corner, but Green walks the ropes and arm drags Baker after leaping off the top. Tessa spears Green and clotheslines Green to the floor. Tessa dropkicks Baker and delivers a forearm strike. Baker boots Tessa in the corner but gets kicked by Tessa. Tessa hits the Magnum on Baker in the corner. Rayne nearly pins Tessa with a rollup. Rayne head scissors Tessa but is met with a forearm shot by Tessa. Tessa press slams Rayne over the top onto Baker and Green. Green pump kicks Baker after they pulled Tessa to the floor. Green hits a suicide dive to the floor onto Tessa and Baker. Tessa knocks Green off the apron with a forearm shot. Tessa dives over the top to take Green and Baker out again.

Rayne goes to the top and takes all three women out with a crossbody. Baker hits a sling blade on all three women for a two count. Rayne hits a cutter on Baker, but can’t get a three count. Tessa rams Green into the corner face first. Tessa hits a delayed vertical suplex on Rayne. Tessa misses a spear in the corner hitting the ring post. Green calls out to her boyfriend, Zach Ryder, by doing a running face wash in the corner. Tessa plants Baker face first to the mat with a modified flatliner. Rayne plants Tessa with a DDT. Green hits a missile dropkick on Tessa. Rayne sits Baker on the top turnbuckle and hits a cutter off the top rope. Rayne nearly pins Baker. Green nails Rayne with a kick and hits the Un-Prettier. Baker superkicks Green and Tessa hit Magnum. Baker nails Tessa and nearly pins Green. Baker plants Green with a TKO, but Tessa nearly pins Baker. Tessa elbows Baker to the mat. Rayne nearly pins Tessa with a crucifix bomb. All four women are struggling to their feet. Baker forearms Rayne followed by a neckbreaker. Green hits the Un-Prettier on Baker for a two count. Green hits the Canadian Destroyer on Tessa for a two count. Tessa hits a hammerlock DDT on Green and wins the match. (***. It’s a good match that got plenty of time, but they could cut some of that time off. This broke down to each girl hitting big move, pin, kick-out and repeating that format for several minutes. That format probably made it the most entertaining match possible.)

Sixth Contest: NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Cody: The crowd is heavily behind Cody, as expected. They shake hands before the contest begins. Early on, they focus on some basic wrist holds and counters. They trade chops in the corner for a few moments. Cody nails Aldis with a standing dropkick and a suicide dive to the floor! On the floor, they trade strikes until Aldis hits a snap suplex on the floor. Aldis drives Cody back first into the ring post. Aldis works over Cody in the corner with strikes and sends the challenger back first into the corner. Aldis nearly wins with a fisherman suplex. Aldis again sends Cody back first into the turnbuckles. They collide heads, but Aldis gets a few strikes. Cody drops down and uppercuts Aldis before a double clothesline. Cody superkicks Aldis and looks for the Cross Rhodes, but Aldis counters. They come off the ropes and collide with double crossbody attempts. Aldis rolls to the floor to regroup. Cody tries for a springboard crossbody to the floor, but Aldis nails Cody with an elbow strike in midair. Earl Hebner is holding up an X to signify an injury to Cody.

DDP comes running out to check on Cody. Daivari comes out and shoves DDP. Daivari gets in the ring to shove the referee. DDP plants Daivari with a diamond cutter. Cody has been busted open, though just moments ago Cody wasn’t bleeding. Aldis beats on a bloodied Cody in the middle of the ring. Cody fights back with a forearm and a snap powerslam for a two count. Cody boots Aldis in the corner and comes off the top, but misses a moonsault. Aldis lays Cody over the top turnbuckle and delivers a knee strike. Aldis hits a middle rope fallaway slam rather easily. Aldis comes off the top rope to hit a big splash for a two count. Cody avoids a Cloverleaf with right hands before locking in a figure four leg lock! Aldis is able to rollover, but Cody rolls over again and they both reach the ropes to break the hold. Aldis misses a kick from the apron and is driven face first down onto the apron. Aldis recovers to plant Cody with a running powerslam onto the floor. Cody can’t hit a double leg slam out of the corner due to his back.

Cody tries for the double leg slam again and this time does a few spins before bitting the double leg slam for a two count. Cody misses the Disaster Kick and Aldis hits a powerbomb for a two count. Aldis locks in the Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Cody refuses to give in and reaches the ropes to break the hold. Aldis spikes Cody with a piledriver. Aldis heads to the top rope, but is taking his time doing so. Brandi Rhodes gets in the ring to check on Cody. Aldis doesn’t care and stands on the rope. Brandi covers Cody, and Aldis hits an elbow drop on Brandi! Aldis looks like he didn’t mean to hit her with the move. Cody kicks out at two on the cover. Cody hits the Disaster Kick and Cross Rhodes for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Cody tries for a Vertebreaker, but Aldis counters by rolling through. Aldis tries for a sunset flip, but Cody sits down and wins the match! (***1/2. That was a fun match, but the finish was kind of flat. The flow of the match went along nicely and for a 20-minute match, it didn’t feel like it dragged along at all. I was left wanting to see these guys wrestle again. I’m happy for the NWA World Championship getting a rebirth in 2018. It’s a great moment for Cody and his family. I probably would have cut out the DDP/Daivari part, though.)

Seventh Contest: Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela in a street fight: Page nails Janela with a big boot followed by a forearm and stomps. Page dumps Janela to the floor through the middle rope. Page hits a suicide dive to the floor. Janela comes back with a suicide dive and Page hits the guard railing. Page kicks Janela off the apron and climbs to the top rope hitting a moonsault! Page grabs a steel chair but Janela delivers a few strikes. Page nails Janela with a discus forearm and tosses Janela onto the chair with a fallaway slam for a two count. Page grabs a Cracker Barrel, but Janela sends Page into it shoulder first. Janela springboards off the a chair and the barrel to take Page out with a somersault into the crowd. Janela tries to roll the barrel into Page, but Page avoids it. Janela knocks Page into the crowd, but Page hits a slingshot lariat on the floor. Page has grabbed a table and sets it up on the floor. Janela stops Page on the middle rope and hits a running Death Valley Driver into the corner for a near fall. Janela grabs a ladder from under the ring. Joey also lays the ladder over the barrel and apron.

Janela lays Page onto the ladder and goes to the top, but Page stops Janela. Page has Janela in a Torture Rack on the apron and proceeds to hit a Burning Hammer onto the ladder off the apron! Page has a garbage bag, but Penelope Ford gets in the ring and chokes Page. Ford slaps Page and avoids a few clotheslines before hitting a cutter! Ford leaps off the top to take Page out with a crossbody on the floor. Joey comes off the top to put Page through the table with an elbow drop! Janela brings Page towards the entrance way and onto the ramp. Janela gets a running start to simply clothesline Page on the ramp. Janela sets up two tables on the entrance way. Page superkicks Janela on the ramp and tosses Janela off the stage, but Janela only goes through one of the tables. It looks like Page didn’t toss Janela far enough. Page brings Janela back to the ring and hits the Buckshot Lariat. Page spikes Janela with the Rite Of Passage, but Ford breaks up the cover. Ford has the garbage bag, but there’s two bags. Page dumps the bag and its his cursed boots. Page superkicks Ford! Janela superkicks Page and nearly wins the match.

Joey sets a ladder up in the ring along with another table. Page gets knocked off the ladder and grabs a phone from the other garbage bag. Page hits Janela with the phone a few times. Page hits the Rite Of Passage off the ladder through the table to win the match! (****. That was a great match full of crazy spots. Adam Page is going to be a main event player. Janela took some great bumps. Penelope Ford was incredible here too. She could be a great asset to any company.)

Here comes the Penis Druids segment that is just ridiculous. Adam Page is shocked to see Joey Ryan, the man he “killed” on BTE. Page confronts Ryan saying he’s not real. Ryan gets Page to touch his penis and does the penis flip again. Ryan puts his lollipop into Adam’s mouth followed by a superkick. Page is carried out by the penis druids.

Backstage, ROH World Champion Jay Lethal is hyping himself up for the title match when someone gives him Macho Man sunglasses and it looks like Lethal is transforming.

Eighth Contest: ROH World Champion Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon: They shake hands like the Mega Powers before starting the match. Lethal goes to the floor and grabs Brandi acting like she’s Elizabeth telling her to not move from his corner. Brandi tries to walkaway, but Lethal brings her back. Lethal knee lifts Gordon, but Gordon arm drags Lethal followed by a chop. Gordon gets a one count with a crossbody and another arm drag. Gordon gets clotheslined over the top to the floor after pulling himself back into the ring. Lethal goes to the top rope as Brandi checks on Gordon. Lethal chases Brandi into the ring and Brandi tells Lethal she’s not Elizabeth. Lethal puts Brandi on his shoulder for the memorable moment. Brandi chops Lethal, which appears to switch Lethal back to normal. Lethal chops Gordon in the corner. Lethal misses a seated dropkick and Gordon hits a standing moonsault after a running kick. Gordon kips up several times on the mat and plays to the crowd. Lethal gets dumped to the floor and Gordon hits a suicide dive, twice. Gordon takes Lethal out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor.

Gordon climbs to the top hitting a twisting frog splash for a two count. They counter back suplex attempts a few times. Gordon counters with a rollup for a near fall. Lethal nearly wins with a backslide. Lethal pump kicks Gordon followed by a spin kick. Gordon stops Lethal with a standing moonsault. Lethal stands on the apron while trading strikes with Gordon. Lethal sends Gordon face first into the top turnbuckle. Gordon springboard kicks Lethal off the top turnbuckle. Gordon comes off the top, but misses a 450 splash. Lethal plants Gordon with the Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection, but Gordon counters with a rollup for a two count. Gordon knee strikes Lethal and hits the Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Lethal catches Gordon on a springboard to hit a rolling Torture Rack. Lanny Poffo gets on the apron and wants Lethal to do the elbow drop. Poffo slaps Lethal to spark the Macho Man.

Lethal scoop slams Gordon before going to the top rope. Lethal hits the elbow drop, but he’s not done. Lethal hits the elbow drop a second time. Gordon is laid out in the middle of the ring. Lethal hits a third elbow drop, but Gordon kicks out and begins to Hulk Up. Gordon hammers away on Lethal followed by a big boot. Gordon avoids a clothesline and nails Lethal with a Pele Kick. Gordon hits a springboard Slingblade before going to the top rope. Gordon settles for a Samoan Pop and a running shooting star press. Gordon hits a middle rope moonsault for a two count. Gordon sits Lethal on the top turnbuckle looking for a hurricanrana, but Lethal briefly blocks it. Gordon kicks Lethal before trying a springboard, but Lethal hits a cutter! Lethal connects with the Lethal Injection to win the match. (**3/4. It’s a solid undercard match and for a filler match to kind of cool down the crowd following the previous matches, it was effective. I mean, usually cool down matches are boring, but this still had some level of entertainment. Lethal playing comedy was a highlight for that because more over the top moves were just going to drain the crowd more. Gordon felt like an afterthought compared to everything else going on here.) After the match, Bully Ray runs down and attacks both Gordon and Lethal with a clothesline. Ray uses his chain to beat on Gordon. Lanny Poffo gets in the ring and confronts Ray. Ray low blows Poffo to end that threat. Ray slides a table into the ring. Colt Cabana comes running down and spears Ray to the mat! Ray if lifted up by Lethal and Gordon so that Cabana can powerbomb Ray through the table.

Ninth Contest: IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega vs. Penta El Zero M: This has a big match feel attached to it. Omega slaps Pentagon and is met with a kick to the gut. Pentagon kicks Omega on a back roll attempt. Pentagon kicks Omega on the floor before returning to the ring. Pentagon works over Omega in the corner with forearms followed by a lung blower out of the corner. Omega bails to the floor to regroup. Pentagon fakes a dive and taunts Omega in the middle of the ring. Omega sends Pentagon to the floor following a hurricanrana. Pentagon hits a sling blade to send Omega to the floor. Pentagon dives over the top to take Omega out on the floor. Pentagon chops Omega against the railing and continues to kick Omega. They trade chops outside the ring until Pentagon sends Omega into the railing. Pentagon hits a snap powerslam on the floor. Pentagon keeps control with chops against the ropes. Omega fights back with chops of his own against the ropes. Pentagon kicks Omega on the leg to regain the advantage. Pentagon clotheslines Omega in the corner and plays to the crowd.

Omega hits a rolling fireman’s carry, but Pentagon blocks a moonsault with his knees. Omega comes off the ropes to hit a tornado DDT causing Pentagon to bail to the floor. Omega takes Pentagon out with a springboard crossbody to the floor! Omega hits a missile dropkick and drops Pentagon over his knee for a two count. Pentagon superkicks Omega, but Omega counters a German with a discus forearm and a snap dragon suplex! Omega tries for the One Winged Angel, but Pentagon counters with a lung blower for a two count. Pentagon misses a double stomp and Omega hits a clothesline followed by a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Omega nails Pentagon with a running knee in the corner. Omega tries for a superplex, but Pentagon holds on to block the move. Pentagon kicks Omega over the middle rope and connects with a double stomp for a two count!

Pentagon tries for a Package Piledriver, but Omega counters and delivers another knee strike. Pentagon taunts Omega and gets another knee to the face. Pentagon taunts Omega again. Omega powerbombs Pentagon followed by a third knee strike for a two count. Omega tries for the One Winged Angel, but Pentagon gets out and tries for a Package Piledriver. Pentagon hits a pumphandle sit out slam for a near fall! Pentagon has Omega on the apron and is met with several chops. Omega boots Pentagon a few times, but Pentagon taunts Omega. Pentagon stops Omega with a kick and hits the Package Piledriver on the apron! Pentagon goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp for a two count. Omega spikes Pentagon with a spinning Package Piledriver for a two count. Omega hits a fourth V-Trigger (knee strike) and tries for the One Winged Angel, but Pentagon breaks free and gets control of Omega’s arm. Pentagon leans back and snaps Omega’s arm. Pentagon hits the Package Piledriver for a two count! Pentagon tries for a superkick, but settles for a kick to the chest. Omega nails Pentagon with another knee strike. Omega nearly wins with a reverse hurricanrana. Omega with another knee strike and finally hits the One Winged Angel for the win. (****1/2. Well, that was just a great professional wrestling match. They didn’t slow down at all and the closing sequence was truly some of the best wrestling I’ve seen. Omega is the best wrestler going and I don’t think that’s even up for debate at this point.)

After the match, the lights go out. Pentagon has gotten up, but it’s not Pentagon. “Pentagon” is hammering away on Omega and the fans for sure know that it’s not Pentagon. “Pentagon” hits a running Codebreaker. Pentagon unmasks and it’s Chris Jericho! Jericho hits another running Codebreaker. Jericho grabs a microphone and says he’ll see Omega on the Jericho Cruise.

Tenth Contest: Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll: Okada cleanly breaks away from Scurll against the ropes. Scurll fakes a strike against the ropes and flexes for the crowd. They focus on countering each other on the mat for the early moments of the match. Okada shoulder blocks Scurll and poses for the crowd. Scurll tries for a suplex, but Okada blocks it. Scurll sends Okada face first into the corner and delivers a few chops. Okada works over Scurll in the corner but misses a splash. Okada continues with a suplex after countering Scurll’s attempted suplex. Scurll uppercuts Okada to the floor and kicks Okada from the apron. Scurll hits a suicide dive to take Okada out. Scurll works over Okada with chops around ringside. Scurll rolls Okada into the ring and stomps on Okada’s left elbow. Okada flapjacks Scurll to the mat and continues with a neckbreaker. Okada uppercuts Scurll on the floor a few times to keep control of the match. Okada plants Scurll with a DDT on the outside! Scurll tries to fight back with chops, but Okada isn’t affected. Okada drops Scurll with a forearm shot after asking for a chop. Okada keeps Scurll on the mat with a straightjacket sleeper.

Scurll counters with a lung blower after a few moments. Scurll uppercuts Okada but runs into a big boot. Scurll kicks Okada on the knee and starts to the get the crowd behind him. Scurll kicks Okada in the corner followed by a tornado DDT for a two count. Okada comes off the ropes with an elbow strike and a leaping back elbow in the corner. Okada spikes Scurll with a DDT for a two count. Scurll nearly wins with a rollup but is met with a boot. Scurll uppercuts Okada, but Okada comes back with a boot. Scurll runs into an uppercut after a forearm. Scurll hits a brainbsuter! Scurll tries for a piledriver, but Okada blocks it. Scurll hypes himself up, but Okada drops Scurll over his knee for a two count. Scurll uppercuts Okada on the top turnbuckle. Okada forearms Scurll on the middle rope several times, but Scurll doesn’t drop down. Scurll hits a superplex! Scurll counters a leg whip for a cover, but they both counter rollups several times. Scurll plants Okada with a powerbomb for a two count!

Okada sits Scurll on the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Scurll into the corner. Okada heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick for a two count. Okada tries for a gut wrench, but Scurll blocks the move. Scurll plants Okada with a tornado DDT. Okada spikes Scurll with a tombstone piledriver. Scurll grabs Okada’s hand after taunting Marty with 205. Scurll snaps Okada’s fingers. Okada dropkicks Scurll coming off the ropes. Okada misses the Rainmaker and Scurll locks in the chicken wing! Okada is able to break free from the hold. Okada stands up and falls backwards to stop Scurll’s offense. However, Scurll goes right back to the chicken wing! Okada rolls out and nearly wins with a rollup. Scurll sends Okada into the referee and grabs his umbrella. Okada avoids the umbrella, but Scurll opens it to avoid the Rainmaker. Scurll whacks Okada with the umbrella and hits the Rainmaker to nearly win the match!

Scurll goes for the chicken wing, but Okada quickly counters to hit the Rainmaker. However, both men are laid out. Okada drops Scurll with several forearm strikes. Scurll spits at Okada and slaps Okada. Okada drills Scurll with two Rainmakers to win the match. (****. There was a good portion to storytelling in this match, that completed the angle very well. Scurll performed well to show that he deserves a chance as a heavyweight. I don’t think it needed to be nearly a half hour long, nor was it supposed to according to reports. It didn’t have a lot of big spots, but it was entertaining based mostly on their ability to tell a story in the ring.)

Main Event: The Golden Elite (Kota Ibushi, & Young Bucks) vs. Bandido, Rey Fenix & Rey Mysterio: Bandido and Matt start the match by trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Bandido elbows Matt in the corner managing to hit a twisting crossbody. Bandido head scissors Matt to the floor and hits a twisting dive to the floor. Nick tags in and the Bucks hip toss and dropkick a seated Bandido. Fenix hits a crossbody on both Bucks and a head scissors on Matt. Fenix arm drags Nick but is met with a kick by Nick. Fenix plants Nick with a cutter. Matt tags in Ibushi after avoiding a suplex. Mysterio tags into the match, as well. Mysterio head scissors Ibushi and tries for a springboard, but Ibushi catches Rey. Ibushi with a kick to the gut but misses a standing moonsault leading to a standoff. Mysterio snapmares Ibushi but is met with a kick to the chest after coming off the ropes. Matt enters and sends Mysterio to the corner where Rey hits a tornado DDT. Fenix tags in and kicks Matt in the midsection. Matt hits a reverse Code Red dropping Fenix chest first to the mat. Ibushi enters and strikes Bandido several times. Bandido misses a standing moonsault and is kicked by Ibushi. Ibushi nearly wins with a knee strike.

Fenix comes off the top but lands on his feet. Ibushi Pele kicks both Fenix and Bandido. Nick tags in and kicks both Bandido and Fenix. Nick hits a bulldog/clothesline combo. Nick dives to the floor and so does Ibushi! Mysterio hits a springboard head scissors to send Matt to the floor. Mysterio hits a springboard moonsault to the floor! Fenix takes everyone out with a twisting springboard dive! Bandido hits a corkscrew dive onto everyone on the floor! Nick and Bandido are brawling on the aisle as Matt runs off the ramp to hit a somersault dive! Matt legally tags in and hits a buckle bomb/kick combo on Bandido. Ibushi hits a German suplex on Bandido after Matt lifted Bandido into the air for a two count. Bandido hits a triple hurricanrana after avoiding a triple superkick. Mysterio takes out the Bucks upon entry. Mysterio tries for the 619, but Matt catches Mysterio. Fenix walks the ropes to kick Ibushi. Bandido takes Nick to the floor with a hurricanrana. Mysterio hits the 619 on Matt. Fenix hits a Destroyer and Bandido hit a reverse hurricanrnaa. They dive to the floor while Mysterio hit a top rope splash for a near fall on Matt!

Matt shoves Mysterio and Fenix off the middle rope. Bandido has Matt on the top rope hitting a top rope fallaway slam, but Nick breaks the cover up. Nick superkicks Bandido on a handstand. Mysterio and Fenix are superkicked off the apron. Bandido gets the More Bang For Your Buck, but Fenix breaks the cover up. Bucks hits the Meltzer driver and they pin Bandido! (****1/2. Okay, so these guys had their match drastically cut due to time restraints and they put on one hell of a six man tag match to close the show. This was exactly what it should have been and I can only imagine what this match could have been with the originally planned time.)

Final Thoughts:
Just watch the show.

Thanks for reading.

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