JAPW Spring Massacre 3/25/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All-Pro Wrestling presents Spring Massacre
Date: 3/25/2006
From: Aberdeen, NJ

Plazma is interviewed to start the event. Plazma notes that he loses a lot of matches but does some cool moves. Perhaps tonight he’ll get his first win tonight.

Grim Reefer is interviewed next. Reefer thinks he should be wrestling Teddy Hart tonight but that’s not happening. Reefer is going to show everyone the deal and insults the commentator before departing.

Opening Contest: Plazma vs. Jav-Air vs. Corvis Fear vs. Grim Reefer: Plazma and Air start the match trading wrist locks. Plazma nearly wins with a backslide. They trade head scissors and that leads to a standoff after they both miss dropkicks. Fear avoids a kick by Reefer and they counter each other a few times. Fear sends Reefer to the floor and Air gets backdropped to the floor. Fear takes both men out with a suicide dive. Plazma also dives over the top to take everyone out. Reefer kicks Air on the apron to block a suicide dive. Reefer suplexs Air over the top to the floor. Reefer takes everyone out with a springboard Swanton to the floor. Reefer works over Fear with chops in the ring followed by right hand. Fear stops Reefer with an Eat Defeat. Plazma works over Fear with strikes in the corner. Plazma hits a German suplex on Fear, but Air comes off the top to head scissors Plazma to the floor. Reefer low blows Air followed by a lariat for a two count. Plazma takes Reefer over with a snap suplex and heads to the middle rope. Reefer stops Plazma to deliver a running Burning Hammer into the corner and spikes Plazma with a piledriver for a near fall.

Fear drives Reefer down to the mat gut first for a near fall. Air hammers away on Fear in the corner. Air hits a slingshot Codebreaker from the aopron and hits a corkscrew 450 on Fear. Plazma plants Air with a Death Valley Driver before going to the top rope. Plazma is met by Reefer with a top rope bulldog and has a Crossface locked in. Fear misses a springboard moonsault to break the hold and Plazma is forced to submit. (***. The finish was actually pretty good. I’m not sure why they started the match off with tag rules when the match broke down so quickly into the style that it needed to be. They did enough here to keep the crowd invested and they didn’t do too many high flying spots or anything. I enjoyed the action and the idea of a Reefer/Hart match is intriguing to me.)

Jonny D and the JAPW Heavyweight Champion Rhino come out to cut a promo. Rhino says is Monty Brown was here, he’d beat the shit out of him. Brown had emergency knee surgery and isn’t here. So, Rhino is defending against a mystery opponent. Here comes Raven! This is Raven’s first appearance in nearly three years for JAPW.

Second Contest: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Rhino vs. Raven: Rhino punches Raven to the floor early on and it doesn’t take long for them to brawl on the floor. Rhino tosses Raven over the railing into the crowd. Raven sends Rhino into a wall as they battled in the crowd. Raven sends Rhino into the guard railing back first. Raven drop toe holds Rhino face first onto a chair. Raven boots Rhino out of the chair as they continue to brawl in the crowd. They return to the ring where Rhino low blows Raven. Rhino beats on Raven in the corner as the crowd tries to get behind Raven. Rhino is given baking sheet by Jonny D, but Raven grabs Rhino’s groin for a moment before being punches to the mat. Rhino nearly wins following a snap suplex. Rhino misses a GORE in the corner and Raven connects with a discs clothesline. Raven continues with a clothesline and a knee lift. Raven bulldogs Rhino out of the corner with a bulldog. Jonny gets in the ring but Raven goes for the Evenflow. Rhino comes off the ropes to GORE Raven, who also hit the DDT on Jonny. Rhino covers Raven and wins the match. (*. Well, that was a disappointing match. I’m glad they put this on early in the show because if I had seen this in the main event, I would have been quite annoyed. The match lacked intensity and the dominate Rhino seemingly getting a fluke win over Raven seems like an odd decision to go with.)

Backstage, JAPW Heavyweight Champion Rhino cuts a promo saying that he’s going to be champion for a longtime.

Third Contest: Alicia vs. Alexa Thatcher: I’m going to give this a long story short. Considering they are two rather inexperienced women wrestlers and Alicia seemingly always goes over in these matches, I figured to save some time. Alicia ends up winning following the Michinoku Driver. I will say, Thatcher looked solid in the ring so she naturally loses.

Backstage, Archadia cuts a promo talking about his losing streak and needing to get back on track. Tonight, he’s facing EC Negro and it’s a great opportunity to get back on track. Negro will know what the fans already know and that’s Archadia rising to the top in 2006. Archadia has dealt with interference from others and he’s not afraid of what he’s gotta do in order to win.

Fourth Contest: EC Negro vs. Archadia: Early on, they counter a few holds and have a standoff. Negro walks over Archadia’s back but is taken down and nearly pinned. Archadia kicks Negro from the apron and hits a springboard missile dropkick to send Negro to the floor. Archadia takes Negro out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Archadia kicks Bandido on the floor, but Negro tosses Archadia into the ropes with a powerbomb. Negro sends Archadia into the guard railing as well. Negro knee strikes Archadia followed by a cannonball splash for a two count. Negro drops Archadia with a short arm clothesline. Negro hits a crossbody block for a two count. Archadia fires back with right hands, but Negro keeps Archadia on the mat for a moment. Negro spikes Archadia with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Negro tries to get a submission on the mat, but Archadia refuses to give up. Negro slams Archadia to the mat for another near fall. Negro goes to the top rope, but Archadia leaps to the top rope and hits a superplex.

Archadia hammers away on Negro followed by a dropkick and another kick. Archadia springboards off of Negro’s back to deliver a legdrop for a two count. Archadia heads to the top rope hitting a senton splash to Negro’s back for a near fall. Archadia dropkicks Bandido Jr. on the floor and Negro hits the cobra clutch slam. Negro leaps off the top to hit a leg drop for the win. After the match, Danny Demanto whacked Negro with a chair. (**. An acceptable match to have on the undercard. I’m not sure why they are so determined to make Negro into a bigger deal in JAPW.)

Prior to the next match, Kazarian asks Charlie Haas if we’re going to get the motivated Haas or the WWE version Haas. Kazarian also tells Haas he’s tired of seeing Haas write his deceased brothers name on his tape. Frankie essentially tells Haas to get over it as Russ is gone and to stop crying about it. Kazarian spat on the wrist tape.

Fifth Contest: Frankie Kazarian vs. Charlie Haas: Haas goes after Kazarian and chases Frankie outside the ring. Kazarian delivers several strikes and drives Haas face first onto a steel chair. Kazarian pummels Haas on the mat with right hands. Haas fights back with right hands and a backdrop as Kazarian comes off the ropes. Haas continues to pummel Kazarian with right hands. Haas sends Kazarian through the ropes to the floor. Haas beats on Kazarian and delivers a back suplex over the guard railing. Haas delivers a chair shot over Kazarian’s back. Haas continues to work over Kazarian with strikes on the floor before returning to the ring. Haas sends Kazarian into the corner back first to keep control of the contest. Kazarian avoids Haas in the corner to hit a reverse X-Factor. Kazarian nails Haas with a standing dropkick for a two count. Kazarian keeps Haas on the mat with a full nelson, but can’t get a submission. Kazarian counters a rollup and locks in a sleeper hold, but Haas refuses to give in.

Kazarian drops Haas with a jumping kick to the chest. Kazarian continues to beat on Haas with strikes in the corner. Kazarian tries for a springboard, but Haas hits a suplex, They begin to trade right hands with Haas getting the better of the exchange. Haas dropkicks Kazarian coming off the ropes and delivers a spear in the corner. Haas comes off the ropes to deliver a big boot for a two count. Haas comes off the ropes with a forearm strike and slams Kazarian for a two count. Kazarian nails Haas with a kick to the face for a two count. Haas plants Kazarian with an Angle Slam for a near fall. Haas tries for the Haas of Pain, but Kazarian rolls through. Kazarian hits a reverse piledriver for a near fall. Haas hits a handspring moonsault for the win. (**. Considering the promo work before the match started, I was thinking this would be more of a brawl. Instead, it was just a match and the finish felt really weird since the move Haas used didn’t seem like a natural move for him to use. I would have executed this match differently.)

Backstage, JAPW Tag Team Champions the SAT are interviewed regarding their tag title match with the Outcast Killaz. They believe they are the best tag teams going today. They follow in the foots of champions and that’s what they are. Jose is speaking in Spanish, so I couldn’t tell you what he’s saying. Joel tells us to expect the unexpected.

Sixth Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The SAT vs. The Outcast Killaz: Killaz attack before the bell with Santiago going after Joel on the floor. Joel sends Santiago into the guard railing while Tortuga works over Jose. Joel hits a missile dropkick on Tortuga and the champs hit a double bulldog coming off the ropes. Jose gets a two count with a northern lights suplex. Santiago enters and stomps away on Jose to get the advantage after saving Tortuga from a rollup. Santiago hits an overhead suplex on Jose for a near fall. Jose is kept in the corner as Tortuga delivers a running cannonball splash. Jose comes off the middle rope with a head scissors followed by a kick to Santiago for a one count. Joel tags in and works over Santiago with a snap suplex for a near fall. Santiago and Tortuga hit a wheelbarrow/German suplex combo with Jose going into the referee in the corner. Tortuga is taunting the referee, who seems to be having a rough match. Tortuga has a surfboard on Jose, but isn’t able to get a submission. Jose runs into a clothesline from Santiago.

Tortuga chops away on Jose in the corner but misses a back splash. Jose kicks Tortuga in the corner and comes off the top with a flying crossbody. Tortuga hits a spinning facebuster on Jose, but the referee is distracted again. Santiago takes Jose over with a t-bone suplex and he’s pumped up. Santiago runs into a boot in the corner and Jose hits a middle rope tornado DDT. Tortuga and Joel enter the match and trade right hands. Joel head scissors Tortuga and chops Santiago. Joel arm drags Santiago off the top rope and clotheslines Tortuga. Joel takes Tortuga over with a series of snap suplexs. Jose leaps off the top to splash Tortuga for a two count. Santiago is sent face first into the ring post by Joel on the floor. Tortuga spikes Jose with a tombstone, but Joel breaks up the cover. Joel drops Tortuga with a spinning heel kick and Santiago hits two double leg slams. Santiago can’t get Joel on his shoulders and is backdropped. SAT have Tortuga on the top rope and hit the Spanish Fly! That’s good enough for the three count. (**1/2. The referee had a few bad moments here that hurt the flow of the match in a few instances. Killaz are a solid team and they did well in this match. SAT didn’t get a lot of time to shine, but they hit their impressive finisher, and that’s what the fans seemed to care about the most.) After the match, Santiago attacks the SAT and the La Familia stable comes running out to attack the champions. SAT is left laying after a few minutes of being beaten down. It looks like the Killaz have stolen the tag titles.

Seventh Contest: JAPW Light Heavyweight Champion Teddy Hart vs. Azireal: Azireal attacks Hart as soon as the bell sounds. Hart and Azireal trade strikes on the mat. Hart uppercuts Azireal to the mat. Hart dropkicks Azireal and arm drags Azireal to the mat a few times. Hart backdrops Azireal sending the challenger to the floor. Hart completely messes up a moonsault because his foot got caught on the ropes. So, Hart redoes the spot and completely misses the moonsault because Azireal moved out of the way. Hart suplexs Azireal onto the apron back first. Hart hits a split legged moonsault to the floor onto Azireal, who was laying on the ground. Azireal drives Hart to the mat with a back suplex and taunts the crowd. Azireal slams Hart followed by an elbow drop. Azireal dropkicks a seated Hart on the mat and continues to taunt the fans. Azireal takes Hart over with a snap suplex and hits a slingshot senton splash. Azireal continues to beat on Hart in the corner with strikes. Hart moonsaults off the top and rolls Azireal up for a near fall. Hart counters a wheelbarrow with a victory roll for a two count. Azireal clotheslines Hart.

Hart puts a head scissors on Azireal but isn’t going to get a submission. Azireal gets control with a headlock on the mat. Azireal dropkicks a seated Hart and delivers a few more strikes. Hart breaks free from a headlock, but is sent to the apron with a backdrop. Azireal is dropped throat first over the top rope by Hart. Hart misses a springboard moonsault off the top and rolls to the floor. Hart nails Azireal with a water bottle on the floor. Azireal chops Hart against the railing and drops Hart throat first over the railing. Azireal taunts the crowd but Hart counters a piledriver with a reverse piledriver. Hart heads to the top rope and goes for the shooting star press, but Azireal got his knees up. Azireal plants Hart face first to the mat. Azireal goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp for a two count. Azireal signals for the brainbuster and takes his time going for it. Hart breaks free with a knee strike and hits the Captain Crunch DDT for a two count. Teddy goes to the top rope and hits the Open Heart Surgery for the clean victory. (***. A solid match, but it felt like Azireal wasn’t presented as being nearly at the same level as Hart. Thus, it just felt like an extended showcase for Hart. They did a lot of mat wrestling, which really slowed the match down a great deal. Teddy is insane and I can’t help but watch what he does in the ring every single time.)

Backstage, Azireal can’t believe the fans are booing him and he wants a rematch. Azireal knows that the fans really like him deep down inside.

Eighth Contest: Jay Lethal vs. AJ Styles: The crowd is fired up for this one. They focus on some mat wrestling with both men getting the advantage, but neither keeps the advantage for a long time. Styles leg sweeps Lethal and keeps control on the mat for a few moments. Styles kicks Lethal to the mat but gets dropped to the mat by a strike. Lethal arm drags Styles to the mat and keeps control. Styles hits a standing dropkick to send Lethal rolling to the floor. Styles takes Lethal out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Styles slams Lethal followed by a knee drop for a two count. Styles forearms Lethal in the corner and kicks Lethal to the apron. Lethal counters a neckbreaker, but Styles still hits a swinging neckbreaker. Styles comes off the ropes with another swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Styles drives Lethal down to the mat with a vertical suplex for a two count. Lethal avoids a kip up hurricanrana and plants Styles with a spinebuster for a near fall. Lethal continues his offense with a backbreaker for a two count. Lethal hits a back suplex for another near fall. Lethal knocks Styles to the floor.

Lethal comes off the ropes and takes Styles out with a suicide dive! Lethal has a cobra clutch on Styles while also having Styles over his knee. Styles breaks free with a jawbreaker. Lethal monkey flips Styles followed by a seated dropkick for a two count. Lethal runs into a boot by Styles in the corner. Styles knocks Lethal to the mat with a leaping kick to the head. Styles forearms Lethal to the mat and delivers a few strikes. Styles hits a springboard forearm smash for a near fall. Styles delivers a gut buster and gets a two count. Styles signals for the Styles Clash, but Lethal grabs the leg. Lethal breaks free and superkicks Styles for a two count. Styles has Lethal on his shoulders hitting a spinning sit pit powerbomb for a two count. Styles puts Lethal on the top turnbuckle, but gets knocked off. Lethal leaps off to hit a diving headbutt for a two count. Styles hits a Pele Kick, but Lethal tosses Styles with a dragon suplex for a near fall. Lethal counters a Styles Clash with a hurricanrana, but Styles rolls through and hits the Styles Clash to win the match! (***1/2. The crowd ate all of this up and I thought they delivered an enjoyable contest. Lethal looked like he could go with someone at the level of Styles, and while a victory would have been great, this match should elevate Lethal in fans eyes. Lethal is a go-to guy for JAPW and he excelled here against Styles.)

Jonny D is in the ring with Alicia and they are going to cut a promo. The interviewer wants to know why Rhino is attacking women. Rhino recently attacked Mercedes Martinez. Jonny says he sent Rhino home early after defeating Raven. Jonny notes that Rhino’s contract is always open for title defenses. Jonny also downplays Mercedes’ surprise, which was Abyss. Jonny claims that he’s not afraid of Abyss. Naturally, Abyss makes his way out wearing sweatpants to confront Jonny. Abyss drops Jonny with the Shock Treatment. Alicia is begging off in the corner. Abyss grabs Alicia by the throat but lets go. Abyss proceeds to hit the Black Hole Slam and plays to the crowd.

Backstage, Homicide and Low Ki are interviewed regarding the main event. Homicide says that Sabu is going to be done with tonight. Homicide considers Dutt to be a bitch. Homicide talks stealing the show and salutes B-Boy. Homicide says they have everything under control. Ki chimes in and says from coast to coast they have everything under control. By the way, both men were standing on something to appear taller. That cracked me up quite a bit.

Main Event: Homicide & Low Ki vs. Sabu & Sonjay Dutt: Dutt slides into the ring by himself and is double teamed. Dutt sends Homicide to the floor and Ki collides with Homicide on the apron. Dutt sends Ki to the floor and takes Homicide out with a somersault dive. Dutt does the same dive onto Ki. Dutt gets in the ring and plays to the crowd. Ki cuts Dutt off in the ring and Homicide returns as well. Dutt is met with a double shoulder block. Homicide decks Dutt with a leaping forearm shot. Ki elbow drops Dutt for a two count. Sabu has still not come out to team with Dutt. Homicide tosses Dutt with an exploder suplex. Homicide gets a two count with a double under hook suplex. Ki nails Dutt with a stiff kick to the face. Dutt chops Ki a few times, but Ki drops Dutt with a chop of his own. Ki keeps Dutt on the mat with a body scissors and Homicide delivers a strike. Dutt is met with a double running boot strike in the corner. Homicide chokes Dutt in a tree of woe and Ki delivers a running dropkick in the corner. Homicide puts a half Boston Crab on Dutt, but doesn’t get a submission. Ki tags into the match and chops Dutt in the corner. Dutt boots Ki in the corner and hits a head scissors. Homicide boots Dutt to keep Sonjay on the mat. Homicide drives Dutt down to the mat with a vertical suplex for a two count.

Ki nails Dutt with a knee strike to the face. Dutt sends Ki to the apron and kicks Homicide to the floor. Ki stops Dutt with a double stomp. Homicide attempts the Cop Killa, but now Sabu decides to come out. Dutt had wrestled seven minutes on his own. Sabu nails Ki with a steel chair and goes after Homicide trading strikes. Homicide knee lifts Sabu to the mat. Sabu baseball slides Homicide face first onto a chair. Sabu leaps off a chair to splash Homicide in the corner. Ki cuts off Sabu with a clothesline to prevent a dive to the floor. Sabu clotheslines Ki and hits a triple jump leg drop for a two count. Homicide bulldogs Sabu for a near fall. Homicide wedges a chair in the corner. Dutt hits a springboard dropkick to send both Ki and Homicide to the floor. Dutt fights Ki on the middle rope while Sabu focuses on Homicide. Homicide has Dutt on the middle rope and tries for a cutter while Ki chokes Sabu in the corner. Dutt shoves Homicide off the middle rope. Dutt plants Homicide with a sunset flip powerbomb.

Ki dropkicks Dutt into the corner and chokes Sabu some mroe on the floor. Homicide whacks Dutt with his boot for a near fall. Homicide tries for the Cop Killa, but Dutt counters with a standing Slice Bread for a two count. Ki hits Dutt from behind on the apron. Dutt backdrops Ki over the top to the floor. Sabu puts the camel clutch on Homicide, but doesn’t get a submission. Sabu smashes Homicide with a steel chair. Sabu tries for a triple jump, but crotches himself! Homicide puts a camel clutch on Sabu until Dutt breaks that up. Dutt sends Homicide into the ring post shoulder first. Ki scoop slams Sabu and puts a chair on top of Sabu. Ki heads to the top rope but misses a double stomp. Sabu smashes Ki with a chair shot while Homicide and Dutt brawl on the floor. Sabu hits the triple jump moonsault onto Ki for a near fall. Abyss comes out again and plants Sabu with the Black Hole Slam. Homicide covers Sabu and wins the match. (**. Well, Sabu didn’t do a whole lot this time around in JAPW. Dutt wrestled the first seven minutes on his own and that was just a bad decision. The action was decent enough and actually when Sabu got in there, the match went worse. Abyss getting involved was a questionable decision, as well. I’m sure Sabu had no interest in doing a clean job for Ki and Homicide. However, for Abyss to come out and cost Sabu the match after literally being shown as a face in a feud with Rhino left me confused. The finish just came across like a lazy booking decision to get a pin finish.) After the match, it appeared that Homicide gave Abyss some money.

Backstage, Sonjay Dutt cuts a promo saying that Sabu was a little late and the Strong Style Thugs took advantage of that. Dutt promises they will get revenge.

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this a good JAPW show. Styles/Lethal was a fun bout and several undercard matches delivered some quality enjoyment.

Thanks for reading.

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