3PW No Limits 7/7/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling presents No Limits
Date: 7/7/2004
From: Philadelphia, PA

Tod Gordon and Talia come out to promote a wet t-shirt contest and they also note that Gorgeous George chickened out from appearing on the show. They then just walk backstage.

Opening Contest: Monsta Mack vs. CJ O’Doyle: O’Doyle delivers a few right hands followed by a swinging neckbreaker. O’Doyle continues with a hurricanrana, but Mack stops O’Doyle with a clothesline. Mack boots a seated O’Doyle to keep control of the match. O’Doyle fights back with a couple of running forearms. Mack avoids a springboard crossbody attempt. Mack drives O’Doyle down with a backbreaker and tries for a submission, which isn’t successful. O’Doyle staggers Mack with a jawbreaker, but Mack comes back hitting a reverse jawbreaker followed by a running lariat to nearly win the match. Mack heads to the top rope and hits a frog splash but pulls O’Doyle up at the count of two. Mack stomps on O’Doyle in the corner and climbs to the opposite corner. Mack tries to do the Van Terminator, but crotches himself on the top. O’Doyle heads to the top rope, but Low Ki shoves O’Doyle off to make the save. Mack leaves the ring. Ki puts the dragon clutch on O’Doyle, who quickly submits. This match has been thrown out. (*1/2. The action wasn’t too bad, but there wasn’t really enough here to be entertained by. Mack slipping off the ropes is something he’s done previously, so that spot didn’t crack me up or anything. O’Doyle continues to improve and it was disappointing to see Low Ki come out and essentially ruin the match.)

Low Ki cuts a promo saying that he didn’t come to 3PW to see this nonsense. The fans share their displeasure towards Ki. Ki came here for a fight and challenges Jerry Lynn to come out right now.

Second Contest: Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn: Lynn doesn’t have his wrist tape on yet, but he’s coming down to the ring to fight Ki anyway. Ki goes after Lynn before the bell rings. Ki chokes Lynn with his own t-shirt. Ki works over Lynn on the floor with several chops and strikes. Lynn fights back with strikes of his own and sends Ki chest first into the railing. Ki sends Lynn into the railing back first, but Lynn drops Ki chest first over the railing again. Lynn rams Ki face first onto a steel chair. Ki rolls Lynn back into the ring and misses a kick on the apron. Lynn leg drops Ki over the middle rope for a one count. Ki leapfrogs Lynn and holds his knee suggesting he’s injured his leg. Ki is communicating with the referee, but trips the referee and nails Lynn with a springboard kick. Ki gouges Lynn and chokes Lynn over the middle rope. Lynn tries for a sunset flip, but Ki counters and comes off the ropes to hit an elbow drop for a two count. Ki delivers several stiff kicks, but Lynn battles back with a dropkick.

Ki shoulder rams Lynn from the apron and locks in a dragon clutch in the ropes, but has to let go of the hold. Ki keeps Lynn on the mat with a head scissors. Lynn reaches the ropes to break the hold. Ki controls Lynn on the mat with a sleeper hold. Lynn elbows his way free from Ki. Ki messes up a handspring strike, and gets crotched on the middle rope. Lynn plants Ki with a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. Ki destroys Lyn with several more stiff kicks. Lynn battles back with clotheslines and counters a slam with a reverse DDT for a two count. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver, but Ki counters with a triangle choke! Ki switches to the dragon clutch, but Lynn nearly steals a win with a rollup. Ki nails Lynn with a springboard kick and a handspring kick in the corner. Ki tries for the Ki Krusher, but they begin to trade inside cradles. Ki had his hand on the ropes, but the referee kicked Ki’s hand off and Lynn wins the match. (**3/4. The finish was lackluster and probably shows that Ki didn’t want to lose cleanly in this situation. The action was solid throughout and held my interest. They didn’t go overly long, less than ten minutes, but this match has left me wanting to see them in a longer format.)

Rob Eckos cuts a promo saying tonight we’re going to get pure wrestling Matt Striker. Instead, we get Matt Striker portraying The Sandman and doing so rather well.

Third Contest: Jack Victory & Rockin’ Rebel vs. Matt Striker & Rob Eckos: Rebel and Eckos start off the tag match. Eckos gets the early advantage with a clothesline as Rebel came out of the corner. Striker tags himself into the match and begins to smoke a cigarette. Striker blows smoke into Rebel’s face, which causes Victory to tag in. Victory grabs the cigarette to smoke. Striker and Victory drink a beer while also countering wrist locks. Striker rolls a blunt in the ring. Victory tosses his cigarette away and takes a hit from the blunt. Rebel does the same. Eckos enters and decides to put it out and gets beaten up by Rebel and Victory. The referee has found the blunt and puts it in his pocket. Rebel plants Eckos with a side slam and tags in Victory. Eckos takes Rebel out with a middle rope crossbody. Rebel misses a kick and Eckos holds Rebel’s legs. Striker transforms into the Dudley Boys and comes off the top to hit a headbutt. Striker calls for a table and grabs a side table. Victory and Rebel mess up a 3D onto the side table, but Eckos breaks up the cover. Rebel beats on Eckos with right hands. Striker whacks Rebel and Victory with the kendo stick. Striker takes Rebel down with a side Russian leg sweep. Striker accidentally whacks Eckos with the kendo stick. Striker gets distracted by a beer and Rebel pins Eckos. (**. From a comedy standpoint, it’s enjoyable. Striker does a great job with impressions and both Rebel and Victory do a fine job here with comedy. So, simply serving as an undercard comedy match, I’ll let it slide as a positive.) After the match, Eckos lets it known that he’s giving Striker one more chance and if Striker messes up it will be the end of their friendship.

Tod Gordon comes back out for the wet t-shirt segment. A fan named Mike enters the ring to be part of the segment. April Hunter, Jasmine St. Claire, and Talia. St. Claire is jealous that Gordon dumped water on Talia and that a fan would be dumping water on her. St. Claire is really upset that she’s not seen Gordon in six weeks and hasn’t gotten any diamonds lately. She wants to know when she got demoted to mistress and Talia went from slave to girlfriend. That leads to a cat fight between St. Claire and Talia. Mike Kruel and Gary Wolfe come out with Wolfe hitting a Death Valley Driver on Talia. For the record, the fan did nothing for the wet t-shirt contest.

3PW Heavyweight Champion Joey Matthews comes out prior to the next match. Matthews considers himself the greatest unsigned talent in professional wrestling today. Matthews declares he’ll give a title match to the winner of the next match.

Fourth Contest: Damian Adams vs. Ruckus: Adams attacks Ruckus before the bell rings and stomps away on Ruckus in the corner. Ruckus ducks a clothesline to hit a handspring spinning kick followed by a cartwheel kick in the corner and a somersault kick for a two count. Ruckus misses a 450 splash attempt but landed on his feet. Adams tosses Ruckus with an overhead suplex. Adams plants Ruckus with a back suplex for a two count. Adams keeps Ruckus on the mat with a knee to the upper back. Ruckus blocks a kick, but Adams uses his free leg to knock Ruckus to the mat. Adams chokes Ruckus over the middle rope and taunts the referee. Ruckus hits a swinging neckbreaker and both men are down on the mat. Ruckus backdrops Adams followed by a dropkick for a two count. Ruckus drops Adams with a Sling Blade for a near fall. Adams plants Ruckus with a double leg slam out of the corner for a near fall. Adams grabs a steel chair, but the referee prevent Adams from using it. Adams misses a brass knuckles shot and Ruckus hits a moonsault kick. Ruckus knocks Adams down with the brass knuckles. Ruckus hits a Spiral Tap and wins the match. (**1/4. I’m not surprised that Ruckus went over here. Ruckus is an entertaining performer when he’s on. He’s much like Sabu in that he’s either really enjoyable or it’s a complete train wreck. If Ruckus ends up wrestling Matthews, that will be the biggest match for his career in 3PW. It will be a test to see if Ruckus can deliver in a main event.)

Fifth Contest: Gary Wolfe & Mike Kruel vs. Amish Roadkill & Blue Meanie: Roadkill and Meanie storm the ring to brawl with Wolfe and Kruel. Roadkill sends Wolfe into the guard railing. Meanie is brawling with Kruel on the other side. Kruel works over Meanie with forearms against the ropes. Meanie atomic drops Kruel and comes off the ropes with a bulldog for a two count. Kruel is double teamed with a double headbutt for a near fall. Roadkill catches Kruel on a crossbody and hits a slam. Roadkill comes off the middle rope with an elbow drop for a two count. Meanie is tripped by St. Claire and kicked by Wolfe. Kruel almost wins following a neckbreaker. Wolfe keeps control with a clothesline in the corner to drop Meanie to the mat. Roadkill is arguing with the referee while Meanie is knocked down to the mat again. Kruel splashes Meanie in the corner and continues with right hands. Meanie fights back with strikes, but an eye rake stops him. Wolfe enters and low blows Meanie followed by a short arm clothesline. Kruel comes off the top to hit an elbow drop for a near fall on Meanie.

Kruel keeps Meanie on the mat with a body scissors. Meanie plants Kruel with a DDT. Roadkill gets the hot tag and cleans house with scoop slams. Roadkill leaps off the middle rope to hit a double clothesline for a near fall. Roadkill side slams Kruel as Meanie came off the ropes to hit a leg drop for a near fall. Kruel is sent into Wolfe in the corner and Roadkill splashes them both. Meanie goes to the top to miss a moonsault. Wolfe shoved Roadkill off the top through a table. They completely mess up a spinebuster/blockbuster combo. However, they still pin Meanie to win the match. (*1/4. The finish was botched pretty badly and killed the match. I really wouldn’t have saddled Kruel with Wolfe. Kruel has a lot of talent and should be moving up in the ranks against other young singles wrestlers instead of teaming with an ECW legend.)

Sixth Contest: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Joey Matthews vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: Early on, Brown shoulder blocks Matthews followed by a sit out hip toss and a dropkick. Brown dropkicks Matthews to the floor where Joey taunts Brown. Brown goes to the floor and they return to the ring where Matthews keeps control for a moment. Brown press slams Matthews followed by a standing moonsault for a two count. Brown continues with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and misses a top rope moonsault. Brown rolls to the floor and regroups with April Hunter. Matthews sends Brown into the guard railing back first. Matthews chops Brown a few times on the floor. Matthews leaps off the top to clothesline Brown for a two count. Matthews clotheslines Brown in the corner and chokes the challenger. Matthews knee drops Brown and locks in a chin lock. Brown blocks a kick in the corner and takes Matthews down with a dragon screw leg whip. Brown gets a Stretch Muffler on Matthews, but can’t get a submission. Matthews drops Brown throat first over the top rope to keep control of the match.

Matthews slides back into the ring and clotheslines Brown for a two count. Matthews connects with a dropkick for a two count. Brown nearly wins with an inside cradle. Joey elbow strikes Brown for a two count. Matthews elbows Brown a few times but Brown fights back with clotheslines. Brown ducks a clothesline and plants Matthews with a DDT for a two count. Brown works over Matthews in the corner with chops. Brown plants Matthews with a swinging slam for a near fall. Brown nails Matthews with a leg lariat for a near fall. Brown hits a sit down powerbomb, but Matthews barely kicks out at two. Matthews stops Brown on the top turnbuckle and delivers a few right hands. Brown punches Matthews off the middle rope. Matthews walks into the referee, who hits the ropes and Brown crotches himself on the top rope. Matthews hits a top rope hurricanrana for a two count. April Hunter stops Matthews from using a steel chair on the floor. Brown baseball slides Hunter on accident. Matthews whacks Brown over the head with the steel chair. Matthews has the cover, but Brown kicks out at two. Brown tries for the Appreciation powerbomb, but Matthews counters and hits the double arm DDT for the win. (**1/4. I’m a fan of Slyck, but this felt like a filler title defense for Matthews. Matthews has been having strong challengers or high profile matches for a few months now. I don’t think I would have had Matthews cheat to overcome Brown. Matthews vs. Ruckus could be a fun match.)

Main Event: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in a no time limit match: They trade a few rollup attempts early into the match. Styles hip tosses Daniels over the top to the floor. Daniels strikes Styles from the apron, but walks into a spinning heel kick. Styles takes Daniels out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Daniels boots Styles against the railing and they continue to trade strikes outside the ring. Styles arm drags Daniels several times back in the ring. Daniels puts a head scissors on Styles, but AJ goes back to the arm drag. Daniels goes to the ropes to break an arm lock by Styles. Styles arm drags Daniels coming off the middle rope. Styles has kept most of the control on the mat. Styles slams Daniels followed by a knee drop for a near fall. It’s announced that ten minutes has gone by thus far.

Styles takes Daniels down with a kip up hurricanrana and keeps arm control on Daniels. Daniels knocks Styles to the floor to avoid a springboard attempt. Daniels drives Styles down on the floor with a backbreaker. Daniels slams Styles to the mat and tries to get feeling back in his arm. Daniels focuses his offense on AJ’s lower back with a knee drop. Daniels tosses Styles to the mat with a gut wrench suplex for a two count. Daniels sends Styles back first into the corner. Daniels backdrops Styles coming out of the corner. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Daniels plants Styles with a side slam for a two count. Styles knocks Daniels down with a kick to the back. Styles boots a charging Daniels in the corner but runs into a spinebuster for a two count. Daniels plants Styles with a back suplex to keep control of the match. Daniels tosses Styles with an exploder suplex. Daniels misses a splash in the corner and Styles connects with a kick. Daniels punches Styles on the middle turnbuckle. Daniels has Styles on his shoulders going to the middle rope, but Styles hits a powerbomb.

AJ hits a springboard reverse DDT for a two count. Styles continues with a vertical suplex turned into a neckbreaker for a two count. Styles kicks Daniels off the apron. Styles takes Daniels out with a somersault dive to the floor. Daniels puts the referee in front of him and decks Styles off the apron and onto the guard railing. Daniels sets two chairs on the floor and works over Styles with strikes on the floor. Daniels rams Styles back first into the guard railing. Daniels slams Styles onto the two chairs on the floor. Daniels keeps the advantage with a suplex in the ring for a two count. Styles gets a few two counts with rollups. Daniels clotheslines Styles and they are both laid out as twenty-five minutes has surpassed.

Daniels locks in a Boston Crab, but Styles refuses to give in. Daniels has a surfboard on Styles but can’t get a submission. Daniels hits a Samoan Drop for a near fall. They are both crotched on the top turnbuckle. Daniels hits a top rope STO and they are both laid out. Styles clotheslines and spin kicks Daniels. Styles drives Daniels down to the mat with a back suplex. Styles spikes Daniels with a brainbuster for a two count. Styles clotheslines Daniels in the corner. Daniels hits a springboard reverse DDT on Styles for a two count. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Driver, but Styles kicks out at two. Daniels slams Styles to the mat and signals for the Best Moonsault Ever. Styles moves out of the way and hits a German suplex. Daniels tries for a swinging neckbreaker, but Styles counters with the Angels Wings for a near fall! Daniels backdrops Styles and hits the Last Rites for a two count. Styles nails Daniels with a discus clothesline. Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Daniels gets to the ropes. Daniels wiggles free and takes Styles down to the mat and holds the ropes to win the match. (***1/4. It’s a good match as they hit their usual spots. When you’ve seen these guys wrestle a lot, their matches tend to blend together. The crowd enjoyed it and it’s easily the best thing on the show.)

Final Thoughts:
3PW produced an average wrestling show this time around. There’s a few moments of entertainment, but it lacks strong in-ring entertainment. Styles/Daniels is good, but there’s so many of their matches that you wouldn’t need to go out and see this. I’ll give this a recommendation to avoid.

Thanks for reading.

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