SMW TV 11/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/25/1995
From: Cumberland, KY

1.)The Wolfman defeated Ron Davis
2.) Flash Flanagan defeated Headbanger Thrasher
3.) Robert Gibson, SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies defeated Dirty White Boy, Tracy Smothers & Brad Armstrong

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Wolfman shocks the world and is able to get an inside cradle on Davis to win his first match, ever. After the match, THUGS, Flash Flanagan and Brad Armstrong celebrate the victory.

2.) Buddy Landell and Butch Cassidy are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Cassidy isn’t scared of Jim Cornette and has more things for Cornette this weekend. Landell has his own militia and Cornette isn’t part of it. Landell knows that Cornette never liked him because Landell couldn’t be bossed around like Rich and Punisher. They show the LeDuc video again.

3.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Armstrong says Gordy got a small taste of things to come for Thanksgiving Thunder. Armstrong is going to win the belt back and make Gordy look like a zebra. Armstrong is going to be the champion again.

4.) Kessler’s Korner is with Cornette’s militia. Sgt. Rock says that everyone in the group has passed inspection. Sgt. Rock is going to make Woflman salute her. Terry Gordy promised that Brad Armstrong won’t whoop him again like he did last week. Robert Gibson isn’t worried about the mystery partner and is instead going to twist the knife in Smothers back a little deeper. Tommy Rich wonders if Bob Armstrong can even pickup a baseball bat anymore. Rich says they can get crazy just like everyone else, but more so. Cornette promises his militia will come out on top.

5.) Thrasher shoves Flanagan to the mat early on for the early advantage. Thrasher controls a test of strength until Flanagan comes out of the corner with an arm drag. Flanagan backdrops and dropkicks Thrasher to the floor. Flanagan hits a springboard moonsault to the floor! Thrasher kicks Flanagan into the corner chest first and keeps control with stomps. Thrasher powerslams Flanagan for a two count. Thrasher hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Thrasher hits a top rope hurricanrana on Flanagan. Thrasher puts Flanagan on the top turnbuckle a second time. Flanagan knocks Thrasher to the mat and hits a big splash off the top for the win. (**. Flanagan’s offense is incredibly refreshing and high risk compared to anyone else on the roster. Flash could be a breakout star that SMW needs.)

6.) Armstrong arm drags Prichard to start the six man tag main event. Armstrong keeps Prichard on the mat with a head scissors. Armstrong continues control with an arm drag. Smothers tags in managing a two count on Prichard following a double chop. White Boy tags in and figthts out of the heels corner. Del Ray tags into the match to try his luck with White Boy. Gibson tags in and keeps arm control. White Boy ducks an elbow and punches Gibson, but Gibson quickly tags out. Armstrong comes off the middle rope to axe handle Prichard. Gibson tags in to try his luck with Armstrong. Smothers gets tagged in and chases after Gibson, but Gibson bails to the floor. Gibson tags in and gets dropkicked by Smothers. Gibson tags in Del Ray quickly. Del Ray is double dropkicked by Armstrong and Smothers. White Boy tags in and keeps Del Ray on the mat with arm control. Prichard hits Armstrong from the apron and Del Ray stops Armstrong with a jawbreaker. Sgt. Rock gets a few strikes on Armstrong outside the ring.

Del Ray slams Armstrong and Prichard hits an assisted leg drop for a two count. Prichard plants Armstrong with a gut wrench sit down powerbomb for a two count. Del Ray tags into the match and hits an assisted standing moonsault for a two count on Armstrong. Gibson punches Armstrong to allow Del Ray to keep control of the match. Del Ray scoop slams Armstrong for a two count. Armstrong clotheslines Prichard and Smothers gets the hot tag. Smothers cleans house with strikes. Terry Gordy has come out to attack Armstrong outside the ring. Smothers was sent into the ring post and is nearly pinned by Prichard. Smothers is worked over by the Bodies as Armstrong has fought backstage with Gordy. Del Ray plants Smothers with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Smothers tosses Del Ray out of the corner.

White Boy powerslams Pricahrd while Smothers pummels Gibson in the corner. White Boy hits Del Ray with the Bucksnort Blaster. Prichard hits White Boy with his loaded boot to win the match. After the match, Armstrong has returned to the ring and makes the save but it’s far too late. (**1/4. I enjoyed the match and the story they went with. Gibson avoiding the faces at all cost was the right direction to go in. I don’t mind the heels going over as it should lead to the good guys winning at the big events.)

7.) THUGS and Brad Armstrong are interviewed to end the program. Armstrong again says he’s going to win the gold. Dirty White Boy is going to hit Prichard with his bloody leg. They have a mystery partner who hates everything about Jim Cornette. Tracy Smothers promises this to be a November To Remember. The THUGS will kick Heavenly Bodies ass.

8.) Next week, highlights from Thanksgiving Thunder.

9.) Sadly, this is the final SMW TV show to ever be produced. Due to poor houses for the Thanksgiving Thunder shows and the increase in competition with WCW, WWF and ECW, SMW was forced to closed its doors.

Final Thoughts:
Honestly, this may be the strongest go-home show for a big event that SMW ever put together. It’s too bad that SMW couldn’t survive as it was easily the most consistent wrestling show for the duration that it aired. I enjoyed SMW and hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews.

Thanks for reading.

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