SMW TV 11/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/18/1995
From: Cumberland, KY

1.) Dirty White Boy & Tracy Smothers defeated The Headbangers
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy defeated Ron Davis
3.) Buddy Landell & Bobby Blaze defeated Tommy Rich & The Punisher by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Smothers starts the match with Thrasher. Thrasher arm drags Smothers and taunts the crowd. Smothers takes Thrasher to the mat and taunts Thrasher. Smothers dropkicks Thrasher and Mosh. Smothers yanks Thrasher out of the corner and White Boy gets tagged in. White Boy works over Thrasher with a few strikes. Mosh gets tagged in and controls White Boy with a headlock. White Boy powerslams Mosh followed by a knee drop. Smothers enters and backdrops Mosh alongside White Boy for a two count. Smothers decks Thrasher on the apron and works over Thrasher with strikes. Smothers comes off the top with an axe handle and arm drags Thrasher. Smothers puts a spinning toe hold on Thrasher, but is sent into a boot by Mosh in the corner. Thrasher slams Smothers to the mat and tags in Mosh. Mosh comes off the middle rope to hit a dropkick. Mosh takes Smothers down with a reverse DDT. Mosh misses a top rope leg drop as Smothers tags in White Boy. White Boy cleans house with strikes. All four men are brawling in the ring. Smothers gets an inside cradle on Mosh to win the match. (*1/2. It wasn’t anything special for a match and the finish was never in doubt, really.)

2.) Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers are interviewed regarding their mystery partner for Thanksgiving Thunder. White Boy says that everyone will find out at the show who their partner is. Smothers blames Robert Gibson for turning his back on them and calls Gibson a backstabber. Smothers challenges Gibson to look him in the eye. Smothers is pissed that everyone thinks they can make a name at their expense in SMW.

3.) Butch Cassidy has a small gift for Jim Cornette. Cassify is trying to smooth things over with Cornette. Cassidy hopes that Cornette likes the gift. If Cornette likes the gift then they can avoid the match. Cornette comes out and decides to check out the gift thinking that Cassidy has smarten up. If Cornette doesn’t like the gift than he’ll still kick Cassidy’s butt. Cornette opens the gift and it is a plastic bag. Cornette thinks that Cassidy forgot to put the gift in the bag. Cassidy instead uses the bag to suffocate Cornette until Punisher runs out to make the save.

4.) Sgt. Rock whips Ron Davis with a strap after Gordy won the match. Gordy uses the strap on Wolfman. Brad Armstrong comes in and dropkicks Gordy before using the strap on Gordy a few times as well.

5.) Kessler’s Korner with Buddy Landell is up next. Landell says that Jim Cornette isn’t the only person that can think of plans. Landell thanks LeDuc and Armstrong for their involvement in the match. Landell warns Cornette that anyone that tries to get involved will get their head knocked off.

6.) Robert Gibson is interviewed by Les Thatcher and thinks that Smothers and White Boy are cry babies and the THUGS will stab him in the back. Gibson calls out Tracy Smothers, who rolls into the ring. Smothers thinks the Express was jealous of the THUGS taking some of their fans. Gibson misses a right hand and is met with an atomic drop. Heavenly Bodies enter the ring to help Gibson beat on Smothers in the ring. Dirty Whit Boy finally comes out to make the save after a few moments.

7.) Tommy Rich cuts a pre-tape promo saying that they are coming out fighting in the lumberjack match. Jim Cornette chimes in and says that he has something in mind for Bob Armstrong. Punisher is going to be the guy to replace LeDuc.

8.) Blaze controls Rich early on with an arm drag, but Punisher gets tagged in and Blaze backs off. Punisher comes off the ropes down onto Bobby’s arm and Rich returns to the match. Blaze keeps control on Rich with a wrist lock. Blaze slams Rich and keeps Rich on the mat by working over Tommy’s arm. Punisher returns to the match and clotheslines Blaze. Rich chokes Blaze over the middle rope. Punisher misses an elbow and Flanagan gets tagged in. Flanagan hits a top rope shoulder block on Punisher. Flanagan misses a splash in the corner and flips over the top to the floor. Rich sends Flanagan into the ring post face first. Rich controls Blaze in the ring with some chokes. Punisher comes off the top to axe handle Blaze. Buddy Landell has come out to replace Flanagan. Punisher almost pins Blaze with a leg drop. Rich enters the match and plants Blaze with a DDT for a two count. Blaze tries to tag in Landell, but can’t reach him. Punisher hammers away on Blaze in the corner. Blaze hits a crossbody for a two count on Punisher. Buddy can’t get tagged in. Buddy gets the hot tag and cleans house on Rich and Punisher. Buddy puts the figure four on Rich, but Cornette enters and hits Landell with the tennis racket. Butch Cassidy enters the ring to deck Cornette. Sgt. Rock enters and beats on Cassidy. The Wolfman brawls with Sgt. Rock and by brawls and I mean just holds her. (*1/2. I didn’t mind the match, but Flanagan being taken out of the match was a bummer. I’d rather have Blaze be the guy taken out and put the focus on Flanagan. Landell coming out to be the hero was not a surprise at all. It continues the feud that has been going on for months at this point.)

9.) Buddy Landell, Butch Cassidy and Wolfman are interviewed. Landell is ready for the militia and considers Butch and Wolfman to be his militia. Buddy just provides last minute promotion for the Thanksgiving Thunder events.

Final Thoughts:
I’m kinda hoping for Gibson/Smothers singles feud. There wasn’t a lot going on here and seems like they were just filling time before Thanksgiving Thunder weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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