SMW TV 11/11/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/11/1995
From: Cumberland, KY

1.) Robert Gibson defeated Bobby Blaze
2.) Sgt. Rock defeated Ron Davis
3.) Brad Armstrong defeated Headbanger Mosh

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see the conclusion of the Buddy Landell vs. Tommy Rich match that took place last week on television. Landell went for the figure four and locked it in on Rich. However, Jim Cornette ran back out and attacked Landell with the tennis racket. Butch Cassidy came out and decked Cornette. Punisher slides into the ring and attacks Cassidy. Punisher chokeslams Landell twice. Punisher chokeslams Cassidy, as well.

2.) A video highlighting the turmoil between the Rock N’ Roll Express and THUGS from months ago and how Gibson was left by himself. THUGS refusing to be Gibson’s partner and Gibson turning on the THUGS when he was the special referee.

3.) Jim Cornette cuts a promo with Robert Gibson saying that Gibson had no other choice to turn on the THUGS. The THUGS neglected to give the Express a tag title shot and Gibson has gotten the short end of the stick for the past year. Cornette has been the only guy to help Gibson for the past year. Gibson says it felt good to do what he did. Gibson has a good butt whooping coming for the THUGS if they come after him.

4.) Les Thatcher interviews the THUGS. Tracy Smothers says he’s all kind of freaked out by what Gibson has done by aligning with Cornette. Smothers says that Gibson turned his back on all the fans. Smothers isn’t going to sit back and let this happen. They have a mystery partner for a six man tag match and they’ll find out the night of Thanksgiving Thunder. They are on theri way to beat up the militia.

5.) Gibson arm drags Blaze to start the match and taunts the crowd. Gibson goes to the ropes to avoid Blaze. Blaze fights back with an arm drag and hip toss. Gibson bails to the floor to regroup with Cornette. Blaze misses a crossbody and crashes to the mat. Gibson delivers a knee drop to keep control. Blaze nails Gibson with a savant kick. Blaze monkey flips Gibson out of the corner and hammers away on Gibson. Gibson hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win. (*1/2. It was actually not too bad of a match to get Gibson over as a heel. I’m surprised they didn’t promote this as being Gibson defeating a former SMW Heavyweight Champion.)

6.) Kessler’s Korner with Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and Punisher is up next. Kessler promotes the lumberjack match taking place during Thanksgiving Thunder. We hear from Bob Armstrong who says that Thanksgiving Thunder means a lot to him and he’s almost ready to return to action. Armstrong knows what Joe LeDuc can do and he’s been on the receiving end of it. Armstrong will have his baseball bat in hand and ready to swing it.

Buddy Landell shared some comments saying that Thanksgiving Thunder is his game and Bob Armstrong is the lumberjack to deal with. Landell puts over Joe LeDuc as a badass and a force. Landell knows that Rich and Punisher will run when they see LeDuc, but that’s what Armstrong is for.

Back to the arena, Cornette wants Tommy Rich to promise that Rich has everything under control. Rich is going to try his best and calls the rednecks rats. Rich knows that LeDuc is the craziest man in wrestling. Cornette thinks this proves that SMW is out to get them because LeDuc is a madman. Cornette says that Thanksgiving Thunder will not be the end of the militia and he promises that.

7.) Sgt. Rock is actually Miss Texas from USWA fame. She’d go on to be known as Jacqueline in both WCW and WWF. Rock hit a scoop slam, but missed an elbow drop. Davis slammed Rock to the mat a couple of times. Rock low blows Davis and hits a DDT for the win. (NR. I really don’t know if this is going to connect well with the SMW crowd. I can’t imagine the crowds will buy into such a small woman overcoming the bigger guys in SMW.)

8.) Butch Cassidy says he’s been sore for a few days, but he’s going to get his hands on Jim Cornette and get revenge on Thanksgiving Thunder.

9.) Jim Cornette and Sgt. Rock are interviewed. Cornette thinks that Rock is going to cover his back and get rid of any issues he encounters. Her name is Jacqueline Rock. Cornette has her here to make sure nobody comes up from behind. The first person she’ll be taking care of is the Wolfman. Wolfman makes his way out and doesn’t seem all that worried about Sgt. Rock. Wolfman doesn’t think its right to wrestle a woman. Rock attacks Wolfman and Cornette gets several shots in as well. Wolfman gets up and chases Rock and Cornette from the scene.

10.) Brad Armstrong promises to get his revenge on Terry Gordy with lashes and he’ll regain the championship. He’s also going to get revenge on Mosh tonight on television.

11.) Mosh goes to the corner to avoid Armstrong early into the main event. Armstrong backdrops Mosh followed by an arm drag. Mosh goes to the apron but Armstrong keeps a headlock on as Mosh is held over the ropes. Armstrong lets go of the hold and drops Mosh face first to the mat. Armstrong works over Mosh’s left arm with a few strikes. Mosh plants Armstrong with a powerslam and taunts the crowd. Mosh drives Armstrong down to the mat with a side slam for a two count. Mosh misses a splash in the corner and Armstrong wins the match with a side Russian leg sweep. (*. It’s honestly the same setup every match for the finish in Brad’s matches.) After the match, Armstrong fights off Thrasher and Terry Gordy. Gordy had a strap in hand, but was kicked away by Armstrong.

12.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed to close the program. Armstrong says Gordy is always trying to hit him with a strap. Armstrong says that Gordy is leaving the ring looking like a zebra and he’s taking the championship home.

Final Thoughts:
Sgt. Rock was a disappointment. I just don’t see her being a viable character in the company. They are milking these feuds to seemingly close the year and didn’t have any major developments to them on this episode.

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