SMW TV 11/4/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 11/4/1995
From: Harlan, KY

1.) Flash Flanagan defeated Mike Samples
2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy defeated Ron Davis
3.) The Punisher defeated Chris Michaels
4.) Buddy Landell defeated Tommy Rich by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This is Mike Samples debut in SMW and gets an introduction while Flash Flanagan didn’t get an entrance. Samples misses an elbow drop after a slam. Samples takes Flanagan down to the mat. Flash hip tosses Samples over the top to the floor. Flanagan hits a springboard crossbody to the floor. Samples head scissors Flanagan into the ring from the apron. Flanagan gets backdropped to the apron and Flash head scissors Samples over the top to the floor. Flanagan hits a somersault dive to the floor, but Samples was out of position so it looked poor. Flash hits a missile dropkick for the win. (*1/2. I think Flash has a style that is a much needed addition to SMW TV. Samples didn’t look bad, but he was out of position on a few big spots.)

2.) Kessler’s Korner is next. Kessler gives us a rundown on the issues between Landell and Rich. We see footage of a barbed wire match between Buddy and Rich. Buddy avoided tennis racket shots and decked Rich with it. That leads to Buddy pinning Rich. Punisher enters the ring and tries to attack Buddy. Rich decks Landell with the tennis racket. Cornette whacks the referee with the tennis racket a few times. Mark Curtis, the referee, was busted open as well. Rich and Punisher hit a spike piledriver on Buddy.

We hear from Buddy Landell at a car dealership. Landell says a man turned him down and then asked again to get a maybe answer. Landell is with Wayne to convince the partner to change his mind. They have a 1992 Mustang to offer up. Landell askes Joe LeDuc to be his partner and LeDuc agreed to team with Buddy at Thanksgiving Thunder. Bob Armstrong signed off on it. Armstrong is adding a lumberjack stipulation with Armstrong being the only lumberjack with his baseball bat. Landell says they are going to take out the militia at Thanksgiving Thunder.

3.) There’s a video promoting Joe LeDuc and his crazy behavior is shown. They show footage of LeDuc cutting his arm with an axe.

4.) Jim Cornette, Tommy Rich and Punisher are interviewed. Rich says he’s seen LeDuc and calls him a lunatic. Cornette doesn’t know how Landell even found LeDuc. Cornette has the Punisher to combat LeDuc. Cornette is going to fight back and make sure the militia doesn’t lose.

5.) Footage from Johnson City, Cornette is confused about how Terry Gordy could lose the title and get ten lashes while Armstrong wouldn’t get anything. If Armstrong loses then Cornette thinks that Armstrong gets ten lashes. Sandy Scott agreed to that change in stipulation.

6.) We see footage of the Trick or Treat tag match where Armstrong is fighting Thrasher and Gordy. The referee got knocked down after a side Russian leg sweep by Armstrong on Gordy. Mosh comes off the top with a chain shot and Mosh covers Armstrong to win the match. Gordy whips Armstrong a few times. Wolfman shows the referee Mosh and the referee stops the lashes. Gordy shoves the referee down and continues to whip Armstrong several times. Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers make the save.

7.) Brad Armstrong is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Armstrong calls Terry Gordy a thorn in his side who takes a shortcut all the time. Armstrong is going to get his belt back. Armstrong is going to challenge Gordy to a “bad street death match” and it’s basically a strap match. That match will be happening at Thanksgiving Thunder. They will not be tied together but rather an extension of their dominate hand.

8.) Sgt. Rock will be making his debut next week. That was mentioned during Terry Gordy’s squash win.

9.) Jim Cornette and The Punisher are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Cornette says that Sgt. Rock is going to take care of Butch Cassidy. Sgt. Rock is also going to get rid of the Wolfman. Jim Cornette has a match at Thanksgiving Thunder against Butch Cassidy. Cornette isn’t afraid of Cassidy and is going to whoop his butt.

10.) Chris Michaels tries to knock Punisher off his feet, and does so with a dropkick. Though, In think Punisher tried to stay on his feet and fell down. Punisher stops Michaels with a backpack stunner. Punisher chokeslams Michaels followed by a powerslam. Punisher goes to the top and flies across the ring to hit a leg drop for the win. (NR. I don’t know why they stopped Michaels momentum.)

11.) Footage of the double chain match between THUGS and the Heavenly Bodies for the SMW Tag Team Championships is shown. Both teams had earned a pin fall. The next fall would lead to victory for the match. Smothers clotheslined Del Ray with the chain and Del Ray pulled Smothers into Robert Gibson, the special referee. Smothers plants Del Ray with a DDT onto the chain. Gibson ended up hitting Smothers with a tennis racket and counts the three for Del Ray to allow the Bodies to retain the titles. Gibson decks White Boy with the tennis racket as well. Gibson beats on Smothers and White Boy with the tennis racket several times. Gibson shakes hands with Cornette and the Bodies.

12.) Butch Cassidy is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Cassidy thinks Cornette is a fool for messing with him. Cassidy is going to stomp Cornette’s head through the floor. Cassidy considers himself the meanest midget wrestler going. Cornette and Tommy Rich come out to corner Cassidy. Cornette calls Cassidy a meaningless shrimp. Rich holds Cassidy and Cornette dumps cocktail sauce onto Cassidy. Cassidy leaves the scene covered in sauce.

13.) Wolfman was going to wrestle Rich, but Landell comes out and replaces him. Landell is attacked by Rich from behind. Landell decks Rich with a few right hands for the advantage. Cornette hits Landell with his tennis racket while the referee was distracted. Butch Cassidy comes out to chase Cornette around ringside. Rich is choking Landell with wrist tape as the show comes to an end.

Final Thoughts:
Robert Gibson heel turn aligning himself with Cornette and the Bodies is an interesting turn of events. I think LeDuc is kind of a disappointing reveal for a mystery partner for the Thanksgiving Thunder. Interested to see who this Sgt. Rock character is going to be next week.

Thanks for reading.

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