SMW TV 10/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/28/1995
From: Harlan, KY

1.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Chris Michaels & Wolfman
2.) Brad Armstrong defeated Larry Santo
3.) Dirty White Boy defeated SMW Tag Team Champion Tom Prichard

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette are interviewed regarding the double chain match. Cornette doesn’t care about the food stamp fans yelling at him. Cornette hypes up the final night of the Halloween Scream Tour. Cornette wants to show the THUGS who the best team truly is. Cornette mentions Sgt. Rock once again as he’s coming to the company in a few weeks. Cornette knew that Gibson was going to be the special referee for several weeks now. Prichard says that poetic justice has a way of doing things. Prichard promises that they are the tag champions and they will remain the champions. Tom also says that his boot will not be taken off.

2.) We see footage of the Brad Armstrong/Terry Gordy that had aired last week until the show went off the air. Armstrong rams Gordy head into the corner several times. Armstrong knee lifts Gordy to the mat followed by a dropkick. Armstrong backdrops Gordy leading to a near fall. Gordy misses a splash in the corner. Armstrong hits a side Russian leg sweep and pins Gordy to retain the title! After the match, Brad decks Cornette with a right hand.

3.) Footage from the Trick or Treat match during the Halloween Scream Tour is shown. Brad Armstrong teamed with Wolfman against Terry Gordy and Headbanger Thrasher. Armstrong nearly pinned Gordy after a dropkick. All four men brawled in the ring as Armstrong hit a side Russian leg sweep on Gordy. The referee was distracted and Mosh hit a top rope elbow drop allowing Gordy to pin Armstrong to win the title.

4.) Footage of a chain match between Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell during the Four Faces of Fear series on the Halloween Scream Tour is shown. Both men are busted wide open. Cornette tried to his the referee with the tennis racket. The referee ducked the strike and decked Cornette. This distraction allowed Punisher to hit Landell with a slapjack after Buddy had hit the fourth corner. Rich hits the fourth corner after Landell elbows Rich and the referee sees it. Rich wins the chain match. Landell beats on Rich after the match. Punisher comes back out and attacks Landell with a clothesline from behind. Landell is beaten down by Cornette with tennis racket shots and is choked over the middle rope.

5.) Kessler’s Korner is up next with Buddy Landell. The fans have a gift for Buddy. Landell says he has missed out on a lot because of Cornette. Buddy goes to open the present, but the militia come over and Landell leaves the scene. Cornette calls this stupid and says that Buddy blew his career for a gift from the fans. Cornette is taking the gift and Buddy’s career. A midget wrestler comes out of the box and attacks Cornette with right hands! Cornette falls over a table not knowing what has happened.

6,) Buddy Landell is back with his new buddy Butch Cassidy. Landell loves screwing with Cornette. Landell has talked to his buddy to be his partner and this time his friend said maybe instead of no. Buddy knows that he’s going to bleed from his toes to his nose. Buddy has a surprise for Tommy Rich in Johnson City.

7.) Les Thatcher interviews Robert Gibson, Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers. Gibson promises to not get thrown around. Smothers says that Cornette just got his butt kicked by a midget. Smothers is determined to get the tag titles back. White Boy is going to tear throats out. White Boy suggests anybody with a weak stomach to not show up to the events. White Boy says that Prichard’s old lady is a street walker. Prichard wants White Boy to get in the ring and they will solve their problem right now.

8.) White Boy hammers away on Prichard followed by a backdrop. The fans are loving this. White Boy powerslams Prichard and keeps control in the corner. Prichard stops White Boy with a DDT. Prichard gets a two count after an elbow drop off the ropes. White Boy stops Prichard with a jawbreaker, but Prichard delivers a clothesline for a two count. Prichard takes White Boy over with a snap suplex for a near fall. White Boy fights back with a suplex on Prichard. White Boy elbows Prichard followed by a big boot. White Boy has a cover, but collides with the referee, who knocks Cornette off the apron. White Boy avoids the loaded boot and pins Prichard after a back suplex. Robert Gibson entered to count the fall for White Boy. (1/2*. Clearly just a way to promote Gibson as the special referee and shows that Gibson is going to help the THUGS.)

9.) Jim Cornette says today is not his day because he’s been disrespected and knocked out by a midget. None of this will happened when Sgt. Rock arrives. Cornette has something in mind knowing that Gibson is the special referee. History will be made tonight when the Bodies defeat three guys in the chain match. Cornette runs away from Butch Cassidy going into the ring. Butch hammers away on Cornette followed by a strike to the midsection. Punisher comes in and tries for a chokeslam, but Buddy Landell runs in and saves Butch. Landell knocks Punisher to the floor.

Final Thoughts:
Interesting to see Terry Gordy win the championship. I’m not sure I would have taken the belt off of Brad Armstrong. Perhaps this leads to Buddy being the face champion since he’s certainly the most over act. A decent program this week that incorporated some big event footage.

Thanks for reading.

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