SMW TV 10/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/21/1995
From: Harlan, KY

1.) Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy defeated Larry Santo & Ron Davis
2.) Robert Gibson defeated Headbanger Mosh
3.) Flash Flanagan defeated Tommy Rich by count-out
4.) Terry Gordy defeated Chris Michaels
5.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong vs. Terry Gordy didn’t finish during the show

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Dirty White Boy, Tracy Smothers and Robert Gibson are interviewed. Gibson puts over White Boy and Smothers for a great victory. Gibson promises that justice will be done in the double chain match. Smothers points out that Gibson is a former champion but they are talking about right now. Smothers thinks they have a special referee that will keep things fair. White Boy says he’s the master of the chain match and promises to stomp Prichard’s guts out. White Boy promises that hell is coming for the Bodies.

2.) Gibson backdrops Mosh early on followed by a standing dropkick. Gibson yanks Mosh out of the corner followed by an arm drag. Mosh complains that Gibson pulled his hair. Jim Cornette has joined commentary for the match. Mosh tries for a backslide, but Gibson counters. Gibson fist drops Mosh to keep control of the match. Gibson nearly wins with a sunset flip and keeps Mosh on the mat with an arm drag. The Heavenly Bodies have made their way down to ringside to watch the match. Mosh attacks Gibson from behind with a knee lift. Mosh stomps on Gibson when the THUGS come down as well. Mosh dropkicks Gibson in the corner. Mosh drops Gibson with a clothesline for a two count. Mosh splashes Gibson over the middle rope. Mosh puts Gibson on the top rope looking for a suplex. Gibson blocks a superplex and drops Mosh to the mat. Gibson leaps off the top rope to hit a crossbody for a two count. Prichard trips Gibson and Mosh connects with a leg drop. Mosh heads to the top rope while the referee is distracted. Mosh gets shoved off the top rope by the THUGS and Gibson pins Mosh for the win! (*1/2. The action was okay, but mostly forgettable. The finish was to be expected, too.)

3.) Kessler’s Korner with SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies and Jim Cornette this week. Del Ray can’t believe what just happened with Gibson getting a cheap win because of the THUGS. Cornette thinks that Gibson is now going to help the THUGS. Cornette can’t believe they are trying to get Prichard’s boot off and cause serious injury. Cornette talks about a new guy named Sgt. Rock. Cornette says that some heads are going to roll when he gets here. There’s going to be bloodshed and violence when they are attached by chains. Prichard chimes in and says that justice can be bitter sweet sometimes.

4.) Jim Cornette and Tommy Rich are interviewed. Cornette says that Flash Flanagan is going to wish he was never born later tonight. Buddy Landell is going to look horrible after the barbed wire match. Tommy Rich chimes in and says that Buddy is going to cost Flanagan his career. Rich says that Buddy is going to wish he was in hell.

5.) Rich works over Flanagan with a few strikes and tries for a backdrop, but Flanagan lands on his feet. Flanagan kicks Rich and misses a swanton bomb. Rich takes Flanagan over with a snap suplex. Rich spikes Flanagan with a DDT. Buddy Landell comes down to distract Rich. Rich chases after Landell and the referee counts Rich out. (*. The finish was just a little silly and continues to advance the issues between Rich and Landell. I could see Flanagan taking this momentum to get a little push in SMW.)

6.) Bob Armstrong called in and thanks the fans for thinking about him during his recent injury thanks to Terry Gordy hitting a piledriver. Armstrong has news for everyone and there are several matches coming up. Armstrong will be able to wrestle real soon and he’s coming for Jim Cornette.

7.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong and Wolfman are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Armstrong says that Wolfman backed him up and thanks Woflman for watching his back. Armstrong says that Gordy watched his back get red and Armstrong isn’t going to forget the piledriver Gordy gave his father. Brad is going to get revenge this weekend.

8.) Gordy works over Michaels with strikes and rams Michaels face first into the corner. Gordy clotheslines Michaels in the corner a few times. Jim Cornette is on commentary and promoting Sgt. Rock. Michaels hits a crossbody off the ropes for a two count. Gordy drops Michaels throat first over the top rope. Gordy misses a splash in the corner and Michaels takes Gordy to the mat with an arm drag for a moment. Gordy casually slams Michaels to the mat and waits in the corner. Gordy decks Michaels with a clothesline. Gordy easily wins the match. (DUD. This was a bummer. Michaels seemed to be getting some momentum and is just given to Gordy to get destroyed. I don’t like that decision.) After the match, Michaels is whipped with a strap for a few moments. Wolfman comes out and gets whipped too. Cornette hits Michaels with his tennis racket. Brad Armstrong runs out to make the save.

9.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong is with Sandy Scott and wants Terry Gordy right now. Thatcher says there’s only a few minutes left in the show. Armstrong will put the title on the line. Armstrong knows he can beat Gordy. Scott says if Gordy comes out than that’s fine.

10.) Armstrong goes right after Gordy with right hands. Gordy trades right hands in the middle of the ring. Armstrong takes Gordy over with a headlock to the mat. Wolfman is at ringside as is Jim Cornette. Gordy drops Armstrong with a back suplex. Gordy clotheslines Armstrong and gets a two count. Gordy clotheslines Armstrong in the corner a few times. Armstrong ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Gordy several times. Cornette trips Armstrong from the floor and Wolfman chases after Cornette. Gordy hits a delayed vertical suplex. We are out of time!

Final Thoughts:
They need to get the Landell/Rich stuff over with at this point. It just feels like it is dragging on a little too long without a major match happening. Not too bad of a program, but I’m looking forward to seeing footage from the Halloween Scream Tour.

Thanks for reading.

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