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SMW TV 10/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/14/1995
From: Harlan, KY

1.) Buddy Landell defeated Larry Santo
2.) Flash Flanagan defeated Tommy Rich
3.) The Punisher defeated Ron Davis
4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong defeated Headbanger Thrasher

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Buddy Landell appears to be really over as a babyface at this point. Often times the TV crowds aren’t overly receptive to wrestlers but they popped big for Buddy. Buddy easily won the match with the figure four leg lock.

2.) Dirty White Boy cut a pre-tape promo talking about people asking why White Boy won’t team with Buddy Landell. White Boy says that a lot fo wrestlers don’t trust Landell. White Boy isn’t going to be “buddy buddy” with Landell. White Boy has been in the same situation before and had to prove himself to everyone and that’s what Buddy is going to have to do.

3.) Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy were interviewed by Led Thatcher. Smothers talks about wanting a special referee for a match with the Heavenly Bodies. Smothers again mentions Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles seeing the loaded boot that Prichard has. Smothers wants to get the loaded boot off of Prichard. They are having a double chain match on October 28th. It’s announced that Robert Gibson will be the special referee. Gibson comes out and says that justice will be served in the double chain match. Smothers says they know how to raise a little hell to send them to heaven.

4.) Buddy Landell is interviewed by Les Thatcher. Buddy says that he doesn’t have enough time to get his hair like he had in the prior appearances because he has a lot going on with Cornette and Tommy Rich. Buddy mocks Tommy Rich saying that Rich knows that Buddy is better than him. Buddy says that Rich isn’t the man that he is. Buddy runs down all the stipulations and says that Tommy Rich is going to be his all night.

5.) Flanagan arm drags Rich early on and Tommy complains of a hair pull. Rich has control with a top wrist lock on the mat. Flanagan counters with a hammerlock, but Rich reaches the ropes quickly. Flanagan hip tosses Rich and plays to the crowd. Flanagan gets a sunset flip on Rich for a two count after ducking a clothesline. Flanagan misses a middle rope elbow drop after slamming Rich to the mat. Rich continues to beat on Flanagan as the crowd chants for Buddy. Rich plants Flanagan with a DDT, but Buddy Landell comes out wearing Rich’s vest and distract Tommy. Flanagan comes up from behind and pins Rich with a rollup! (*. Well, I can appreciate the upset victory. The way they got there wasn’t a shocker by any means. This just adds another layer to the issues between Buddy and Tommy.)

6.) Tommy Rich and Jim Cornette are interviewed by Les Thatcher. Rich denies that Flanagan took him to school tonight. Rich says that Landell doesn’t have friends because of what he just did. Rich calls Landell a washed up drunken has been. Their series of matches start next weekend and Rich isn’t taking it lightly. Cornette promises to get Rich a rematch next week with Flanagan.

7.) Punisher literally jumped the entire ring to hit a leg drop off the top onto Davis. There’s no denying that was an impressive move.

8.) Kessler’s Korner this week is with SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong. Brad wants the Trick or Treat match. Bob Armstrong is going to have an interview over the phone despite being injured. Brad is going to get revenge on Terry Gordy for his father. Brad is going to get ten lashes on Gordy and is going to make Gordy scream. Brad says that him losing the title is a major if. He can trust Wolfman to keep the title and win the match.

9.) Terry Gordy and the Headbangers cut a pre-tape promo. Gordy is coming for the belt. Headbangers are almost normal on Halloween. Thrasher is going to kick Brad Armstrong’s teeth in. Jim Cornette tells Brad Armstrong that he’s not going to get even for what happened to his father. Cornette has a little plan for Brad this week. They listen to some music to end the segment.

10.) Thrasher complains of a hair pull in the corner, despite not having a lot of hair to pull. Thrasher beats on Armstrong with a few strikes, but Armstrong gets a sunset flip for a two count. Armstrong keeps Thrasher on the mat and has arm control with a hammerlock for a few moments. Armstrong continues with a hip toss and dropkick. Thrasher attacks after Mosh provided a distraction in the corner. Thrasher connects with a neckbreaker for a two count. Thrasher clotheslines Armstrong and taunts the crowd. Thrasher chokes Armstrong on the mat to keep the advantage on the champion. Thrasher takes Armstrong down with a powerslam. Armstrong comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline. Armstrong knee lifts Thrasher but Thrasher comes back with a back suplex. Thrasher plants Armstrong with a modified pump handle slam. Thrasher misses a top rope elbow drop attempt. Armstrong hammers away on Thrasher in the corner. Armstrong dropkicks Thrasher for a two count. Mosh gets on the apron but Thrasher gets sent into Mosh. Armstrong his the side Russian leg sweep for the victory. After the match, Mosh enters the ring and attacks Armstrong. Wolfman storms the ring and attacks Mosh to make the save. Terry Gordy enters the ring and goes after Wolfman. Gordy uses a strap to whip Wolfman several times. Gordy does the same to Armstrong. Armstrong gets pulled out of the ring to be saved from further whipping. (**. The action was okay and I’m glad there was a finish. The aftermath continues to advance the main event title scene, but it’s been a little lackluster.)

11.) Jim Cornette and the SMW Tag Team Champions Heavenly Bodies are interviewed. They aren’t happy that Robert Gibson is the special referee. It just proves that nobody can beat the Bodies. They are having a street fight and that’s their best match. Cornette thinks that the THUGS will be finished before October 28th. Prichard insults Tony Anthony saying Anthony and his father walked to school, but they were in the same grade. Prichard only takes his clothes off for the Dirty White Girl and she likes it a lot. That brings out the THUGS to attack the Bodies. White Boy is trying to get the boot off of Prichard.

Final Thoughts:
There were a few good advancements for the top feuds. Bodies/THUGS have been carrying television for several weeks now. TV has been solid over the last few months, which has surprised me.

Thanks for reading.

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