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SMW TV 10/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Date: 10/7/1995

1.) Chris Michaels defeated Larry Santo
2.) Tommy Rich defeated Robert Gibson
3.) The Headbangers defeated The Wolfman & Ron Davis
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Heavenly Bodies defeated Tracy Smothers & Dirty White Boy

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Michaels gets a surprise win over Larry Santo with an inside cradle after countering a slam attempt.

2.) Here’s a rundown on a Trick or Treat tag match. Terry Gordy teams with Headbanger Thrasher to take on SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong and Wolfman. If Brad loses, Gordy wins the championship. If Thrasher loses, Gordy and Thrasher will shave their heads. If Gordy loses, Brad will give him ten lashes with a leather strap. If Wolfman loses, he must throw $1,000 in cash to the fans.

3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Brad Armstrong and Wolfman are interviewed regarding the match that was just mentioned. Wolfman doesn’t think he has that kind of Monet to toss around. Armstrong is going to give out the same pain that his father suffered last week. Armstrong is going to retain the title.

4.) Landell says there is going to be bloodshed in his matches with Tommy Rich and again says that he’s in his prime. Landell thinks Cornette did him a favor by kicking him out of the militia.

5.) Rich complains of a hair pull in the corner, which Gibson denies. Gibson misses a spear and hits the post shoulder first. Rich works over Gibson with elbow strikes in the corner to keep control. Rich works over Gibson against the ropes for a moment before pummeling Gibson with strikes in the corner. Rich sends Gibson through the ropes to the floor. Punisher sends Gibson into the ring and Rich keeps control with a hammerlock. Rich keeps control on Gibson with several strikes. Rich focuses his offense on Gibson’s left arm for several moments. Gibson nails Rich with a kick to the back of Tommy’s head. Gibson hammers away on Rich in the corner. Rich goes into his trunks and gets a chain. Gibson backdrops Rich to avoid a strike and gets the chain. Cornette tosses Rich a second chain, but Gibson avoids it and atomic drops Rich. Rich comes off the ropes and decks Gibson with the chain to earn the win. (*. Well, the offense was rather boring by Rich. Rich needed the win to justify his feud with Landell. I have a feeling that Gibson isn’t going to get a lot of momentum in a singles role.)

6.) Kessler’s Korner this week is with Buddy Landell. Landell isn’t concerned about the four Faces of Fear matches and says he was actually part of putting the matches together. Buddy proceeds to cut a promo on each of the four stipulations. Landell is promising to win the first blood match because he’s going to make Rich bleed. Buddy says having booze poured down his throat brought back a lot of memories of all the bad things he had done over ten years.

7.) The fans are chanting that the Headbangers are “faggots”, which must be because they wear skirts. Mosh and Thrasher easily win their match. They play loud music right next to the enhancement guys head.

8.) Jim Cornette, Headbangers and Terry Gordy share pre-tape comments. Thrasher says they like Halloween because of the various bad things they do like stealing candy. They have a real treat coming for Brad Armstrong and Wolfman. Cornette says that Terry Gordy will be winning the SMW Heavyweight Championship like he should be already. Remember, Brad’s team just has to lose in order for the title to change hands.

9.) Les Thatcher interviews Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy regarding the tag main event. Robert Gibson chimes in and says he doesn’t want to be a singles wrestler and wants to be a tag wrestler. Gibson asks White Boy and Smothers if they’d want to be his partner. Gibson decides to continue his search for a new partner.

10.) Del Ray and White Boy start the tag team main event. White Boy backdrops Del Ray followed by a clothesline. Del Ray wants a timeout in the corner. Del Ray hammers away on White Boy with right hands a few times. White Boy takes Prichard down to the mat and stomps on Prichard’s injured right foot. Smothers enters and splashes Prichard’s leg before using a spinning toe hold. Smothers continues with a leg drop onto Prichard’s leg. White Boy knee drops Prichard’s boot and twists Tom’s boot. White Boy slams Prichard to the mat by grabbing his boot. Smothers leg drops Prichard’s injured leg again. Smothers gets decked by Del Ray on the apron while the referee was distracted. Del Ray beats on Smothers with a few strikes in the corner. Del Ray back elbows Smothers to the mat for a two count. Smothers nearly pins Del Ray with a sunset flip. Del Ray nails Smothers a superkick for a two count. Smothers comes off the ropes to plant Del Ray with a DDT. White Boy tags in and cleans house with right hands a scoop slam on the champs. The referee is trying to maintain order, but the referee gets knocked to the floor.

White Boy plants Del Ray with teh Bucksnort Blast, but there’s no referee. Smothers comes off the top to hit an uppercut on Prichard. White Boy shoves Punisher and Prichard kicks Smothers with a loaded boot. Cornette rolls the referee into the ring and Del Ray pins Smothers to retain the titles. (*1/4. They certainly didn’t approach this match with the idea of having a great match, but rather to advance the angle between them. I’m just glad there was some kind of finish and a stupid DQ finish.)

11.) Dirty White Boy and Tracy Smothers cut a promo to end the program. White Boy says they had the Bodies beat and wants Sandy Scott to do something about it. Sandy Scott enters the scene as Smothers wants a referee that the Bodies can’t knock around. Scott says the match will happen on Halloween. The referee will be announced at a later date.

Final Thoughts:

On paper, there were a few strong feature matches but they didn’t really deliver strong results. SMW uses their TV to always advance the storyline and every rarely have standout matches on free programming. I’d consider it a decent overall week for TV, though.

Thanks for reading.

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