Alpha-1 Wrestling Here We Go Again 4/14/2019

Written by: Bob Colling

Alpha-1 Wrestling presents Here We Go Again
Date: 4/14/2019
From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Originally, Davey Richards and Brian Cage were supposed to be on the show. Richards ended up bailing on the show, hence the name of the show. Richards had done this previously. Cage couldn’t make the show due to a storm, I believe. Four people took the offer on a refund opportunity, which was noted at the end of the show.

Opening Contest: Gregory Iron & Rickey Shane Page vs. Anthony Greene & Mark Wheeler: Page goes after Greene and slams Wheeler while Iron takes Greene out with a suicide dive to the floor. Iron pummels Greene on the floor until Page grabs his partner to restore some order. Wheeler is met with a double back elbow and Page slams Iron onto Wheeler for a two count. Page continues to work over Wheeler with a chop. Iron drops Wheeler to the mat with a strike. Greene pulls Iron to the floor, but Iron decks Greene again with a strike. Greene holds Iron’s leg on the apron allowing Wheeler to deliver a boot for a near fall. Wheeler forearms Iron into the corner and Greene tags into the match. Greene dropkicks a seated Iron for a near fall. Page gets annoyed because Greene sang Page’s theme song while Iron continues to be worked over. Iron tries to fight back with strikes and hits a head scissors on Wheeler followed by a Codebreaker. Greene gets dumped to the floor by Iron. Greene pulls Page off the apron to prevent a tag from being made.

Wheeler nearly wins the match with a cover on Iron. Greene continues to work over Iron with a chop in the corner. Iron fights back with strikes, but Greene takes Iron down to the mat. Greene rips at Iron’s beard on the mat. Wheeler stomps on Iron in the corner to maintain the advantage. Greene misses a twisting crossbody off the top and Iron runs the ropes until they collide on stereo crossbody attempts. Page get the hot tag and cleans house. Page splashes Greene in the corner before tossing Greene out of the corner and backdropping Wheeler. Page plants Greene with a Twist of Fate. Page heads to the top hitting a Swanton Bomb for a two count on Greene. Wheeler kicks Page a few times but Page dumps Wheeler to the floor. Greene stops Page with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Greene punches Iron against the ropes but Iron hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Iron pummels Greene with punches on the mat. Wheeler superkicks Iron followed by the Revolver, but Page boots Wheeler. Page nails Wheeler with a jumping spin kick. Page drops Wheeler over his knee with a backbreaker. Page catches Greene coming off the ropes and Page hits Assisted Handicapped Parking on Greene, but that gets only a two count. Page has Wheeler on the top to hit a superplex. Greene counters an STO and nearly steals the match. Iron hits Handicapped Parking and pins Greene. (***. Well, the finish got botched but they were able to kind of recover from that. There was some funny moments, but only vocalized stuff by Page that actually helped the match, I thought. Probably one of the better showings by Page in a non-hardcore atmosphere. I’d say this was a good way to start the event.)

Second Contest: Josh Alexander vs. Danny Adams: Alexander backs Adams into a corner but cleanly backs away. Alexander sends Adams to the floor following a chop. Adams returns to the ring and forearms Alexander followed by a boot scrape to keep control. Alexander backs Adams into the corner, but Adams cheap shots Alexander as the referee was out of position. Adams misses a middle rope crossbody attempt and crashes to the mat. Alexander hits a vertical suplex from the apron into the ring followed by a backbreaker for a near fall. Alexander stops Adams with an elbow strike and a few stomps. Alexander beats on Adams with more chops in the corner. Adams fights back with a few chops, but Alexander doesn’t appear all that affected. Alexander promptly drops Adams with one chop. Adams misses a spear and hits the post and lands on the apron. Alexander hits a running crossbody to send them both to the floor from the apron.

Adams rams Alexander back first into the apron and sends Alexander face first into the ring post. Adams puts Alexander in a tree of woe in the ropes and delivers a running boot. Adams heads to the top rope managing to hit a missile dropkick for a two count. Adams works over Alexander with strikes, but Alexander hits a rolling fireman’s carry. Adams nearly wins with a rollup and hits a tornado DDT followed by a front slam and a knee strike for a two count. Adams continues to work over Alexander in the corner followed by two snap suplexs. Alexander counters a third suplex to send Adams into the corner with a snap suplex. Alexander and Adams trade forearms with Adams getting the advantage. Alexander drops Adams with a chop but misses a splash in the corner. Alexander tosses Adams into the corner with a German suplex for a two count. Adams drops Alexander with a clothesline to the back. Alexander plants Adams with a Rack Bomb for a near fall. Alexander avoids an exploder suplex by chopping Adams away. Adams nearly wins with a rollup. Adams hits a Slice Bread, but Alexander kicks out at two.

Alexander arm drags Adams and locks in an ankle lock. Alexander gets caught on a slingshot and Adams hits a neckbreaker followed by a modified jawbreaker. Adams hits a lifting reverse DDT for a two count. Alexander hits a backbreaker and a spinning tombstone to win the match. (**1/2. I think it’s safe to say that Danny Adams didn’t shine here very well and didn’t win over the crowd at all. I really like Alexander as he has a really good look and he’s a fun wrestler to watch. The story here fell rather flat and caused match the kind of drag to the finish line.)

Third Contest: A1 Outer Limits Champion Justin Sane vs. Allie Kat vs. Bear Bronson vs. Eric Cairnie vs. Jody Threat vs. Matt Knicks vs. Paco vs. Puf vs. Steve Brown in a gauntlet match: Bronson and Paco kickoff the gauntlet match. Bronson pie faces Paco which leads to a forearm by Paco. Paco kicks Bronson several times and comes off the ropes to hit a head scissors and a dropkick. Paco forearms Bronson in the corner a few times but Bronson avoids a tornado DDT. Paco delivers a knee strike followed by a tornado DDT for a two count. Paco kicks Bronson several times, but Bronson counters a sunset flip by sitting down. Bronson tosses Paco with a cobra suplex and a discus clothesline to earn a three count rather quickly. Paco is eliminated.

Jody Threat comes out next for the gauntlet. Bronson backs Threat into the corner and argues with the referee allowing Threat to deliver a kick. Bronson catches Threat on a middle rope crossbody attempt. Threat manages to take Bronson down with a rollup and eliminates Bronson!

Allie Kat makes her way down to the ring as the next entrant. Kat comes off the ropes trying for a shoulder block, which doesn’t budge Threat. They collide chests coming off the ropes. Kat does a cartwheel, but Threat tries for a Death Valley Driver. Kat hits a back senton splash, but Threat delivers a few kicks and hits a senton of her own. Kat avoids Threat in the corner and is met with a drop toe hold over the middle rope. Threat hit a German suplex on Kat for a two count. Threat is apologizing to Kat, who is normally her partner. Threat back scratches Kat, and Kat enjoys that. Threat nearly pins Kat by pulling on her ear. Kat forearms Threat followed by a rip cord headbutt to eliminate Threat. Kat and Threat embrace.

Eric Cairnie runs in and nearly pins Kat with a rollup. Kat hits a running butt splash in the corner followed by a cannonball for a two count. Cairnie dropkicks Kat to stop her momentum. Kat stops Cairnie with a forearm strike, but Cairnie takes Kat down with a rollup and has a handful of tights to eliminate Kat.

Puf is the next entrant, and gets a good reaction from the crowd. Cairnie goes after Puf with right hands, but Puf battles back with several jabs. Puf tosses Cairine with a gut wrench suplex, but Cairnie hits a knee strike and pins Puf with a rollup. Puf is eliminated.

Steve Brown is the next entrant. Cairnie hammers away on Brown with forearms but misses a superkick. Brown misses a splash in the corner and Cairnie delivers a kick in the corner followed by a running knee in the corner. Carinie nearly wins with a cheap rollup with his feet on the ropes, but Brown kicks out. Brown plants Cairnie with a slam and pins Cairnie.

Matt Knicks is the next entrant. Knicks tries to slam Brown, but that’s not going to happen. Knicks talks to the referee and puts his ring jacket back on. Knicks is ready for action with the jacket on. Knicks backs Brown into the corner, but gets shoved away. Knicks strikes Brown several times followed by a left hand and a hip toss. Knicks gets the crowd behind him. Brown stops Knicks with a standing crossbody to eliminate Knicks.

Justin Sane is the final entrant. Sane works over Brown with chops, but is knocked down following a shoulder block. Brown nails Sane with a spinning heel kick. Sane misses a springboard crossbody. Brown jabs Sane in the corner several times. Sane fights back with more strikes and ducks a clothesline. Brown counters a clothesline with a chokeslam nearly managing to win the match. Brown sends Sane into the corner and misses a splash. Sane connects with a kick in the corner and hits the trainwreck clothesline. Sane heads to the top rope hitting a splash for the win. (**1/2. For a gauntlet match, I thought this wasn’t too bad. I liked that there were quick eliminations as it helped the flow of the match. There were a few sloppy moments, and I think Puf should have been in there a little longer, but otherwise this wasn’t a bad addition to the card.)

Fourth Contest: A1 Zero Gravity Champion Brett Michael David vs. Cheech vs. Kody Lane vs. Trey Miguel in an elimination match: All four men are in the ring until Cheech decides to bail to the floor and avoids any action. The other three guys trade arm drags and have a standoff after they all try dropkicks. Cheech sends David to the floor and knees Lane followed by a suplex to Miguel. Cheech hits a Flatliner/DDT combo on Lane and David. Cheech head scissors Miguel, but Miguel lands on his feet for a head scissors, but Cheech also lands on his feet. Miguel double stomps Cheech to send Cheech to the floor. Miguel kicks Cheech allowing David to hit a backbreaker and Lane hits a cutter followed by the Wrong Lane, which is good enough to eliminate Cheech.

Lane gets dropkicked to the floor. David gets sent to the floor by Miguel who takes David out with a somersault dive to the outside. Lane nails Miguel with a big boot and dives over the top to take both men out with a dive to the floor. David boots Lane in the corner, but gets stopped on the middle rope and Lane hit a running knee. Miguel double knee strikes Lane and manages to pin Lane for an elimination.

David and Miguel trade right hands in the middle of the ring with Miguel getting the advantage in the corner. Miguel superkicks David a few times but is met with a yakuza kick. David heads to the top rope missing a 450 splash. Miguel kicks David in the corner from behind and traps David’s head against the top turnbuckle to hit a kick and a 619 in the corner. Miguel climbs to the top rope missing a double stomp. David hits the Worst Case Ontario and pins Miguel in the middle of the ring. (**. Usually these matches go 15+ and the eliminations are fairly quick after ten minutes of everyone in there. I was surprised this was instead a quick match and the eliminations taking place seemingly at the same rate of time. I thought it was fine, but wasn’t a strong segment.) After the match, Alpha 1 Originals come out and attack David. Cheech, Cairni and Sane beat on David until Rickey Shane Page runs out to make the save.

Fifth Contest: A1 Tag Team Champions Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey) vs. Lotus (Gavin Quinn & Juntai Miller): Sabre and Quinn start the tag title match with Sabre getting control with a headlock. Quinn comes off the ropes to shoulder block Sabre, but gets tripped to the mat face first. Quinn works over Sabre with a few strikes in the corner and against the ropes. Sabre arm drags Quinn followed by an uppercut. Sabre comes off the top to arm drag Quinn. Miller gets tagged in as does Monkey. Monkey takes Miller down to the mat and plays with Miller’s hair for a moment. Miller drops Monkey with a strike and is sent into the corner. Miller avoids Monkey, but misses a clothesline. Monkey hits a head scissors and bites Miller’s forehead. Miller gets shoved by Sabre over a kneeling Monkey and Miller gets double teamed. Quinn kicks Miller on accident and Monkey plants Quinn with an assisted cutter. Monkey spears Miller in the corner with help from Sabre. Monkey catapults Sabre into Miller for a near fall.

Quinn pulls Miller to the floor and they superkick the champs upon returning to the ring. Lotus hit a stereo suicide dives to the outside on the champs. Miller can’t keep Sabre down on the cover attempt. Sabre is driven down with a double bulldog for a near fall. Quinn controls Sabre with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Miller enters to help drive Sabre down to the mat for a near fall. Miller continues to work over Quinn to prevent a tag from taking place. Miller decks Monkey off the apron and Lotus hit a side walk slam/middle rope knee strike for a two count on Sabre. Sabre stops Quinn with a jawbreaker and sends Miller to the floor. Sabre tries to tag in Monkey, but Miller yanks Monkey off the apron. Quinn elbow strikes Sabre in the corner. Sabre plants Lotus with a double DDT. Monkey hits a somersault dive to take both Lotus members out. Monkey continues to clean house with running forearms in opposite corners. Monkey sends Quinn into Miller with a catapult. Monkey dives over the top to hit a dive on Sabre. Monkey hits a springboard hurricanrana on Miller for a two count. Monkey plants Miller with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall!

Sabre gets the tag and dropkicks Miller into the corner. Quinn avoids Monkey, who splashes Sabre on accident. Quinn hits a double Death Valley Driver on the champs! Quinn covers Sabre but can’t get a three count! Monkey misses a top rope chop and Lotus hit an assisted ace cutter. Sabre breaks up the cover to save the titles. Monkey is put on the top turnbuckle, but Monkey tries to hit a double powerbomb, but fails. Monkey sends Miller into Quinn and drops Miller with a spin kick. Sabre hits a superplex on Quinn but Quinn blocks a moonsault by Monkey after getting his knees up for a two count. Lotus have Monkey on the top turnbuckle, but Sabre shoves Miller off to the mat. Quinn kicks Sabre off the apron to the floor. Monkey catapults Sabre into Quinn to hit a spear leading to a three count. (***. They got plenty of time and the closing minutes were solid enough to leave a positive memory. There was a close near fall by Quinn that made me think the titles were going to switch. The crowd was vocal during the match and that made for a good showing, too. It was a fairly formula match, but they worked very well.) After the match, Savage Society come out and attack Monkey. They had been banned from being at the show. They pose with the tag titles, which the fans aren’t supportive of at all.

Sixth Contest: A1 Alpha Male Champion Kobe Durst vs. Chris Dickinson: Durst avoids Dickinson in the corner and they trade shots in the corner. Dickinson hip tosses Durst out of the corner and sends the champ hard back first into the corner. Dickinson slams Durst followed by an elbow drop for a one count. Dickinson sends Durst to the apron, but Durst nearly wins with a sunset flip from the apron. Durst drops Dickinson with a forearm and Dickinson goes to the floor. Durst hits a suicide dive to the floor! Dickinson drops Durst face first over the apron. Dickinson rolls Durst into the ring and avoids a baseball slide. Dickinson kicks Durst on the apron followed by a dangerous powerbomb on the apron! Dickinson clotheslines Durst on the apron to maintain control and gets a two count. Dickinson kicks Durst followed by a few chops to keep the champ on the mat. Durst nearly wins with a surprise rollup. Dickinson regains control with more kicks to the back. Dickinson locks in a high angle Boston Crab on Durst. Durst counters and stomps on Dickinson a few times to get momentum in his favor.

Durst hooks Dickinson with a suplex, but Dickinson brings Durst to the apron. Durst counters a piledriver on the apron and kicks Dickinson on the apron. Durst gets kicked by Dickinson and Dickinson connects with a vertical suplex into the ring for a two count. Dickinson works over Durst with strikes in the corner. Durst forearms Dickinson in the corner a few times. Durst ducks a clothesline and hits a leg lariat for a two count. Durst hits a Backstabber for a two count. Durst heads to the middle rope and tries for a Codebreaker, but Dickinson counters and plants Durst with a powerbomb for a near fall. They begin to trade forearm strikes until Durst hits a Codebreaker. Durst hits a middle rope Codebreaker and nearly wins with a rollup. They trade a few rollup attempts but Dickinson spikes Durst with a piledriver for a near fall. Dickinson hits a vertical suplex for a near fall. Dickinson taunts the crowd for talking smack to him as he’s clotheslining Durst in the corner. Dickinson puts Durst on the top turnbuckle, but Durst fights back with right hands. Durst knocks Dickinson to the mat and hits a Codebreaker. Durst plants Dickinson with a piledriver to win the match. (**1/2. A decent match, but it seemed to lack crowd interest, which seems to be a regular trend for the matches on this show. It held my interest, but it was an average wrestling match.)

It’s noticeable that the main event is the reason everyone in attendance has arrived for the show.

Main Event: Ethan Page vs. MJF in a dog collar match: MJF backdrops Page over the top to the floor, but Page yanks the chain and sends MJF to the floor. Page sends MJF face first into the ring post and chest first onto the apron. Page drops MJF with a boot on the floor. MJF gains control with a right hand and whips Page with the chain. Page chokes MJF with the chain. Page press slams MJF into the chairs. Page hammers away on MJF in the crowd with several chain shots. Page has a staple gun and an 8×10. Page staples the picture to MJF’s chest, which falls off quickly. Page does the staple gun to the back of MJF’s. Page connects with a yakuza kick to maintain control of the match. Page chokes MJF over the top rope. Page forearms MJF and MJF goes behind the curtain. Page tries to pull MJF back, but MJF took the collar off and decks Page from behind. MJF chokes Page with the dog collar chain. Page drives MJF shoulder first into the post and MJF pulls Page face first into the post. MJF rams Page into the post face first.

MJF bites Page’s forehead and delivers right hands in the crowd. They return to the ring where MJF whips Page with the chain. Page has been busted wide open at this point. MJF kicks Page to the floor and chokes Page with the chain. MJF pummels Page with right hands on the mat. Page uses a chair on MJF to the midsection. MJF chokes Page on the floor with the chair while talking smack to him. MJF wraps the chain around Page’s neck, but Page stands up with MJF on his back to drive MJF back first into the corner. Page works over MJF with strikes and a quick DDT. MJF elbows Page in the corner followed by a double stomp and drops Page over his knee with a Package shoulder breaker for a two count. MJF puts a chair over Page’s face and goes to the middle rope, but Page yanks MJF off the middle rope to hit a cutter. Page tosses the chair at MJF to send MJF to the floor. Page forearms MJF and MJF’s busted open as well.

Page drops MJF with a big boot and sets a chair up in the corner. Page sends MJF face first into a steel chair in the corner for a near fall. Page grabs a door from under the ring and sets it up in the corner. Page goes for a powerbomb, but MJF punches his way out of it. Page has MJF on his shoulders, but MJF eye rakes Page and hits a piledriver onto two chairs! MJF comes off the top rope but misses a swanton. Page superkicks MJF and tries for a powerbomb, but MJF breaks free and eye rakes Page. Page low blows MJF with the chain and hits a powerbomb through the door! Page has the cover, but MJF kicks out at two. MJF hits a Code Red out of the corner for a near fall. MJF spikes Page with a quick piledriver for another two count. They trade right hands from their knees and standup trading right hands. Page forearms MJF to the floor and they continue the fight outside the ring. MJF low blows Page and grabs another door from under the ring.

MJF boots Page on the floor and uses the chain on Page’s back. MJF lays Page onto the door and comes off the apron to hit an elbow drop to put Page through the door! MJF tries for a cover on Page, but only manages a two count. MJF punches Page with a right hand. MJF grabs a third door from under the ring. MJF sets a board up over two chairs near the corner. MJF tries for a superplex, but Page fights free. MJF tries to yank Page off the top turnbuckle, but Page takes the chain off and hits a somersault dive to put MJF through the board and wins the match! (****. I feel like a dog collar match is difficult to make an entertaining, memorable match. These two delivered a fun match and was by far the best match on the show. The crowd was invested in the action and I was focused throughout the entire contest. I suggest checking this match out.)

Final Thoughts:
This is my first Alpha-1 wrestling show and I must say it was an overall really enjoyable show. The undercard had some quality wrestling attached to it. The main event made this show an overall good show for me. With quality undercard wrestling and a great main event, this show delivered. Had the main event been disappointing, I don’t think it would have been a recommendable show. I’ll give this a recommendation to watch.

Thanks for reading.

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