SMW Sunday Bloody Sunday II 2/26/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presents Sunday Bloody Sunday II
Date: 2/26/1995
From: Knoxville, TN

Opening Contest: Brian Logan vs. Bobby Blaze: They have a standoff after neither man can get control on the mat. Logan hip tosses Blaze causing Blaze to backup into a corner to regroup. Blaze hip tosses and arm drags Logan to keep arm control. Logan gets control with a wrist lock, but Blaze takes Logan down with a head scissors and keeps arm control again. Logan has a top wrist lock on Blaze, but Blaze takes Logan down to the mat until Logan reaches the bottom rope. Blaze arm drags Logan and keeps arm control on the match following a double stomp to the arm and another arm drag. Blaze arm drags Logan again. Logan shoulder blocks Blaze, but Blaze hits a savant kick for a two count. Logan scoop slams Blaze and hits an elbow drop for a two count. Logan chokes Blaze in the corner and yells at the referee. Logan delivers a running spin kick in the corner for a two count. Logan knee lifts Blaze coming off the ropes and leaps off the top to hit a twisting splash for a two count. Logan scoop slams Blaze and goes to the top once again. Logan misses a big splash and Blaze goes on the attack. Blaze splashes Logan in the corner for a two count. Blaze backdrops Logan followed by a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Logan eye rakes Blaze, and Blaze is sent face first into the middle turnbuckle. Blaze boots Logan in the corner and hits a fisherman suplex for the win. (*1/2. The early portion of the match was rather boring as it was constantly the same moves in the same pattern. The closing sequence showcasing Logan flying around was fun. I wouldn’t consider this a strong opening match.)

Second Contest: The Gangstas (Mustafa & New Jack) vs. Scott Armstrong & Tracy Smothers: Jack and Smothers start off the tag match getting in each others faces. Smothers decks Jack to the mat with a right hand. Mustafa and Armstrong enter and that leads to all four men brawling in the ring. Mustafa and Jack get the advantage, but Smothers and Armstrong hit dropkicks to send the Gangstas to the floor. Smothers is worked over by the Gangstas in the corner until Armstrong hit a top rope crossbody. They also hit a double shoulder block and celebrate in the ring. D’Lo trips Smothers from the floor and Jack delivers an elbow drop before ramming Smothers into Mustafa’s boot in the corner. Gangstas deliver a few double falling headbutts. Mustafa delivers a forearm drop for a two count. Mustafa holds Smothers on the floor to allow Jack to leap off the apron and clothesline Smothers. Armstrong chases Jack while Mustafa kept a sleeper on Smothers. Mustafa clotheslines Smothers after a knee strike by Jack from the apron. Mustafa drives Smothers down with a backbreaker. Mustafa misses a top rope Vader Bomb. Armstrong gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. Armstrong savant kicks Jack while Smothers is with Mustafa in the corner. D’Lo trips Armstrong on a suplex attempt and that allows Jack to get the cheap win. (*1/2. Some decent action throughout.)

Third Contest: SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs. Al Snow & Unabomb: Snow and Unabomb go on the attack early on before the bell. Morton hits a top rope crossbody to send the challengers to the floor. Snow remains on the floor and taunts the crowd for several moments to stall. Snow works over Morton with strikes in the corner. Morton sends Snow into the corner and Snow crawls to the outside to escape. Morton slingshots Snow into the ring and keeps control with a hip toss. Snow tries to slide out, but hits his groin on the ring post before getting to the floor. Unabomb tags into the match and taunts the crowd. Unabomb shoulder blocks Morton to the mat and poses for the crowd. Unabomb continues with another shoulder block. Morton stomps on Unabomb’s foot and the champs try to pin the big man and fail. Snow enters and is met with a double backdrop and the challengers bail to the floor again.

Gibson tries for a full nelson on Unabomb, but lets go when Unabomb is clearly going to break free. Snow tries to get a shot in and accidentally hits his own partner. Snow begs off in the corner and smoothes things over with Unabomb. Snow holds Gibson on the apron, but Unabomb nearly hits his partner and Gibson trips Unabomb. Snow misses a splash and lands on top of Unabomb. Snow and Unabomb are made to look like fools and Unabomb wants to deck Snow in the corner and the fans are in favor for it, but Snow talks him out of it. Unabomb forces Snow to tag into the match with Morton waiting for him. Unabomb decks Morton from behind to help Snow get the cheap advantage. Morton is sent to the floor and Unabomb tosses Morton into the guard railing. Morton hammers away on Unabomb, but one right hand stops him. Snow delivers a few strikes to the lower back and stomps away on Morton in the corner. Morton nearly pins Snow with a sunset flip. Morton nearly wins with an inside cradle. Snow regains control with a headlock on the mat for a moment.

Snow drives Morton down with a spinning backbreaker for a two count. Morton head scissors Snow to the floor where Unabomb checks on his parnter. Unabomb enters and Gibson gets the legal tag to hammer away on both men. Gibson sends Unabomb into Snow and all four men are in the ring. Morton low blows Unabomb in the corner, which the referee didn’t see. Snow gets met with a double dropkick, but Unabomb stops the referee from making the count. Unabomb gets a double dropkick and the referee calls for the bell. Snow plants Morton with a sit down powerbomb. Morton and Gibson retain the titles by disqualification. Gibson enters the ring with a steel chair to save Morton from a beating. (**. I wasn’t digging the constant comedy that was presented with Snow and Unabomb. This felt like a feud where Snow and Unabomb need to be seen as serious threats. Unabomb shouldn’t be doing silly stuff, he should be destroying the champs and get mega heat for it. So, I thought they went with the wrong approach in that regard. Aside from that, it was mostly a standard match. Hopefully leading to a bigger match down the line.)

Fourth Contest: Chris Candido vs. Boo Bradley in a loser leaves town dog collar match: Candido tries to leave the ring, but is just pulled back by Bradley. Bradley shoves Candido to the floor and pulls him back in with the chain. Bradley knocks Candido to the mat with a shoulder block. Candido eye rakes Bradley a few times, but Bradley low blows Candido with the chain after a leapfrog. Bradley yanks Candido out of the corner and down to the mat. Bradley continues with a back elbow strike. Candido staggers Bradley with a kick to the head, but Bradley drops Candido with a right hand. Bradley wraps the chain around his fist and punches Candido. Bradley plants Candido with a powerslam. Bradley misses a spinning heel kick and goes over the top to the floor. Candido clotheslines Bradley on the floor. Candido works over Bradley with strikes before returning to the ring. Candido scoop slams Bradley and gets stopped on the middle rope. Bradley hits a superplex and both men are laid out. Bradley misses a leg drop. Candido scoop slams Bradley, but Bradley fires back with right hands.

Candido plants Bradley with a powerbomb and falls to the floor. Bradley pulls Candido back into the ring and continues with strikes and chokes Candido with the dog collar. They both are on the floor until Candido returns to the ring and stomps on Bradley. Candido plants Bradley with a DDT onto the chain. Candido continues to work over Bradley with strikes. Candido nails Bradley with a fist drop with the chain around his fist. Candido eye rakes Bradley, but Bradley jabs Candido to the mat for a two count. Bradley wraps the chain around the top turnbuckle and rams Candido into it. Candido clotheslines Bradley followed by an elbow drop. Candido hits a middle rope forearm drop and a leg drop. Candido chokes Bradley with the chain followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Bradley takes Candido over with a snap suplex. Candido misses a splash in the corner and hits the middle turnbuckle. Bradley superkicks Candido for a two count. Candido yanks Bradley off the middle rope to the floor. Candido hits a leg drop a few times for a near fall. Candido chokes Bradley with a chain. Candido tosses Bradley with a German suplex.

Candido chokes Bradley with the chain to keep Bradley on the mat. Candido scoop slams Bradley and sits Bradley onto the top turnbuckle. Candido hits a hurricanrana. Bradley beats on Candido with right hands. Bradley pummels Candido with right hands in the corner and Candido staggers out. Bradley press slams Candido to the mat. Bradley elbows Candido to the mat for a two count. Bradley slams Candido and hits a forearm drop. Tammy Fytch comes out as Bradely misses a splash in the corner. Tammy tosses spray to Candido, but Bradley gets it and sprays Tammy. Candido slams Bradley, but Candido gets yanked off the top and pinned by Bradley. (*1/2. This wraps up Candido’s career in SMW in a rather disappointing match. These kinds of matches are difficult since you’re limited with what you can do.)

Buddy Landel attacks Dirty White Boy on the floor prior to the scheduled match with Jerry Lawler. White Boy gets helped backstage and Buddy says it’s going to be him and Lawler tonight now. Bob Armstrong fines Landel $2,500. Armstrong tells Landel that Bobby Blaze is going to wrestle Lawler and that Landel will wrestle the winner. Landel wants Blaze to win to get a shot at the title. Lawler isn’t a fan of this because he doesn’t know who Blaze is. Lawler discredits Blaze as being a curtain jerker.

Fifth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler vs. Bobby Blaze: Lawler shoves Blaze to the mat to start off followed by a backdrop. Lawler decks Blaze to send him to the corner. Lawler continues his offense with a standing dropkick and taunts the crowd. Blaze nails Lawler with a savant kick. Blaze backdrops Lawler and avoids a right hand in the corner. Lawler misses a right hand against the ropes. Lawler goes into his tights to get a chain as the referee is distracted. Ten minutes have gone by and not a whole lot has happened. Lawler jabs Blaze with a chain around his fist. Lawler delivers another chain shot behind the referees back. Lawler dumps Blaze through the ropes to the floor. Lawler nearly gets decked by an old woman at ringside and it’s rather humorous. Lawler sends Blaze into the ring post face first. Lawler backdrops Blaze followed by a fist drop. Lawler works over Blaze with right hands in the corner. Blaze hammers away on Lawler, but Lawler heads to the top rope and is met with a strike in midair. Blaze nearly wins with an inside cradle. Blaze sends Lawler into Landel, who was on the apron, and Blaze pins Lawler to win the match and title! (*1/2. Well, they did just about as little as they could. I truly doubt Lawler even broke a sweat. Blaze as the champ is probably the wrong move and it’s not going to make him at all. Blaze won the match due to interference to begin with. The most entertaining part was the old woman trying to swing at Lawler.) After the match, Lawler plants Blaze with a DDT.

Sixth Contest: SMW Heavyweight Champion Bobby Blaze vs. Buddy Landel: Landel enters the ring and looks to have an easy match with the new champion. Landel beats on Blaze with strikes. Landel leg drops Blaze followed by more strikes. Landel works over Blaze with strikes in the corner. Lancel chokes Blaze on the mat followed by a boot scrape. Blaze hammers away on Landel and Buddy decks Blaze with a clothesline. Buddy hits a DDT on Blaze for a two count. Landel catapults Blaze throat first under the bottom rope. Lancel beats on Blaze with right hands. Buddy sits Blaze on the top rope and hits a superplex. Dirty White Boy tries to get in the ring to get his hands on Landel. Landel sends Blaze through a table on the floor. Landel works over Blaze with strikes in the corner. Blaze is able to get a rollup on Landel as White Boy took brass knuckles away and Blaze won the match. (*. The main focus was on White Boy and Landel. Which, is probably how it should be. I’m really not sure why Cornette put the strap on an enhancement wrestler.)

Main Event: D’Lo Brown & The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa) vs. Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy Del Ray & Tom Prichard): Bob Armstrong is the special referee for the match. Del Ray starts the match nailing Jack with a savant kick. Del Ray works over Jack with right hands in the corner. Prichard and Del Ray beat on Jack in the corner and Prichard nails Jack with a kick. Prichard drives Jack down with a gut wrench gut buster. Del Ray tags in and works over Jack in the corner with right hands. D’Lo tags into the match and Del Ray hits a spinning elbow strike. Del Ray and Prichard hit a suplex on Brown. Cornette gets an elbow drop on Brown and plays to the crowd on the floor. Del Ray decks Brown with a right hand. Mustafa tags in and works over Prichard but runs into a big boot. Prichard dropkicks Mustafa for a two count. Del Ray tags in and Jack is met with a flapjack. Cornette tags in and works over Jack with right hands on the mat and chokes him. Cornette misses a shot with a chain and Jack gets control with right hands on Cornette.

Jack clotheslines Cornette and tags in Mustafa. Cornette is triple teamed in the corner. Jack continues to beat on Cornette with right hands. Prichard gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Gangstas. Prichard beats on Jack and Mustafa with right hands. Brown grabs Prichard’s legs on the floor and Prichard gets knocked to the floor. Mustafa rolls Prichard into the ring and Jack chokes Prichard. Jack leaps off the apron to clothesline Del Ray. Mustafa decks Cornette on the floor. Jack has a guard railing and presses it against Prichard on the apron. Jack lays out Prichard in the middle of the ring. Jack misses a top rope splash as Prichard rolled out of the way. Del Ray gets the hot tag and cleans house. Del Ray dropkicks Mustafa and Brown. Del Ray puts a sleeper on Jack. Cornette tosses powder into Jack’s face. Bob Armstrong decks Jack and Del Ray pins Jack to win the match. After the match, The Gangstas attack the Bodies and Cornette. (*1/2. A lackluster main event since they went with a traditional tag rules. Plus, it’s a little bizarre to see the Bodies as a face team and actually being over.)

Final Thoughts:
As per usual with SMW big events, this is a largely disappointing show. SMW is really good at promoting these shows and then they fail to deliver the goods.

Thanks for reading.

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