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3PW ‘Till We Meet Again 10/16/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling presents ‘Till We Meet Again
Date: 10/16/2004
From: Philadelphia, PA

Rob Eckos makes his way out to kickoff the program to cut a promo. Eckos fully apologizes for his ridiculous actions on the last show. Eckos is ashamed for falling into Striker’s tricks. Eckos has broken the alliance with Striker and wants nothing to do with Striker. Eckos promises to be serious tonight. Eckos is going to be pure wrestling tonight.

Opening Contest: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Blue Meanie: Rebel shoulder blocks Meanie to start the match for a two count. Rebel tries for a rollup on Meanie, but can’t get a three. Meanie atomic drops Rebel followed by a clothesline. The referee shoves Rebel into an atomic drop and a bulldog. Meanie gets a couple of two counts causing Rebel to roll to the floor. Meanie low blows Rebel as Rebel returned to the ring. Rebel yanks Meanie down to the mat by his hair and continues with right hands. Rebel shoulder rams Meanie in the corner with right hands. Meanie splashes Rebel in the corner a few times. Meanie traps Rebel in the corner and hits a running kick to Rebel’s groin. Meanie eye pokes Rebel and pins Rebel. (DUD. I guess it was comedy, but it wasn’t funny. The action wasn’t very good at all. They did virtually nothing. This is not the ideal way to start any show.) After the match, Rockin’ Rebel asks where Jack Victory is at.

Talia comes out and thanks Tod Gordon for putting Jasmine St. Claire in her place last show. Tod makes his way out to join the segment. Gordon has a present for Talia. Gordon is going to make Talia the special referee for the tag team championship match. St. Claire makes her way out to confront the duo. St. Claire is apologizing Gordon for what’s been happening between them. St. Claire says she wasn’t with Gordon for the money, but because she loves him. St. Claire apologizes. Gordon tricks St. Claire by pulling her skirt down and then trips St. Claire to the mat. St. Claire storms out of the ring and heads backstage. Too Cold Scorpio is brought out and Scorpio says that he’s done wrestling overseas. Scorpio is only wrestling the United States moving forward. Scorpio promises to be the number one contender and next month he’ll be the 3PW Heavyweight Champion. Gordon puts Scorpio over as being the greatest African American wrestler of all-time.

Slyck Wagner Brown and April Hunter make their way out to confront Gordon and Scorpio. Hunter wonders how Gordon has gotten women like Gorgeous George, Jasmine St. Claire and Talia. Hunter suggests that it’s more than just money that attracts the woman. Hunter thinks the power plays a part, as well. Hunter does appreciate the help to win the tag belts last month. Hunter asks if Gordon has ever had beauty and power. Slyck doesn’t seem to like that idea. Brown says that Scorpio may have been the man, but Brown is the real man. Brown challenges Scorpio to a match. Brown punches Scorpio, but Scorpio fights back with a clothesline and a superkick to send Brown over the top to the floor.

Second Contest: CJ O’Doyle vs. Monsta Mack: O’Doyle dropkicks Mack, but is met with a slam. O’Doyle avoids an elbow drop followed by a dropkick and a slingblade. O’Doyle heads to the top and takes Mack out with a top rope crossbody to the floor. O’Doyle chops Mack around ringside to maintain control of the contest. O’Doyle avoids Mack and Mack hits the post face first. Mack lifts O”Doyle into the air and rams O’Doyle into the pillar. Mack rolls O’Doyle into the ring to continue the match. Mack continues to work over O’Doyle with right hands in the corner. O’Doyle fights back in the corner, but Mack delivers several slaps. O’Doyle fires back with forearm strikes. Mack slaps O’Doyle and delivers a kick to the back. Mack works over O’Doyle back by driving his knee into O’Doyle’s back and pulls back his arms. O’Doyle is stopped by Mack with a low blow. O’Doyle head scissors Mack, but Mack hits an overhead belly to belly suplex to send O’Doyle into the corner. Mack has a steel chair, but misses a chair shot. O’Doyle plants Mack with a DDT onto the chair. O’Doyle goes for the cover, but Mack kicks out at two. O’Doyle hammers away on Mack in the corner. O’Doyle boots a charging Mack, but Mack stops O’Doyle with a clothesline. Mack heads to the top rope and misses a frog splash. O’Doyle pulls himself up and heads to the top rope. O’Doyle hits a leg drop but only manages a two count. O’Doyle climbs to the top rope, but Mack stops O’Doyle. Mack tosses O’Doyle off the middle rope with an overhead suplex. Mack grabs a steel chair and lay sit over O’Doyle in the corner. Mack tries to hit a coast to coast dropkick, but doesn’t reach O’Doyle, yet again. O’Doyle nails Mack with a chair shot and wins the match. (*1/2. It wasn’t a complete mess of a match by any means, but they didn’t do anything that made me feel like I had to keep my interest on the match. They kept these guys apart for several shows and you’d think we’d be in store for some classic match, but it was mostly average stuff.)

Rob Eckos storms the ring and attacks CJ O’Doyle. Eckos grabs a microphone and chokes O’Doyle. Eckos wants the bell to ring and ere we go.

Third Contest: CJ O’Doyle vs. Rob Eckos: Eckos dumps O’Doyle to the floor and beats on O’Doyle with right hands. Eckos chokes O’Doyle against the guard railing. Eckos sends O’Doyle into the guard railing back first. Eckos goes to the top rope, but O’Doyle catches Eckos with a jawbreaker. O’Doyle hammers away on Eckos and a backdrop. O’Doyle plants Eckos with a reverse DDT. O’Doyle signals for the top rope and leaps off missing a leg drop. Eckos nails O’Doyle with a superkick and wins the match. (NR. I was nervous that Eckos was actually going to lose. This should setup an actual match between O’Doyle and Eckos.) After the match, Eckos drops O’Doyle to the mat.

Fourth Contest: AJ Styles vs. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Chris Sabin in a number one contenders match elimination rules: Scorpio ducks under both men to start off as they are trying to get a feel for each other. Styles and Sabin work over Scorpio with strikes in the corner to gain control of the match. They put a hammerlock and headlock on Scorpio at the same time. They take each other down with arm drags. Styles counters a German suplex sends Scorpio to the corner. Scorpio clotheslines both men to gain the advantage. Scorpio chops both men but gets chopped by both men. Scorpio is met with an arm drag coming off the ropes. Sabin dropkicks Scorpio into the ropes and Scorpio gets sent to the floor. Sabin takes Styles over with a standing hurricanrana, but Styles stops Sabin with a standing dropkick for a two count. Scorpio beats on Styles from behind followed by an elbow strike. Scorpio chops Sabin in the corner followed by strikes. Scorpio takes Styles down with a snapmare and keeps a sleeper on for a moment. Styles controls Scorpio with a headlock on the mat for a few moments.

Scorpio drops Styles with a side slam. Sabin gets on the apron and is kicked to the floor. Scorpio stops Styles with a standing dropkick. Scorpio kicks Styles to the floor. Sabin hits a missile dropkick and head scissors Styles on the floor into the guard railing. Sabin big boots Scorpio over the railing into the crowd. Sabin hits a springboard spinning heel kick for a two count on Styles. Scorpio sends Styles into the guard railing. Scorpio and Sabin trade strikes in the ring until Sabin hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Sabin controls Scorpio on the mat and Styles enters to wrench on Sabin’s neck. Scorpio gets a leg lock on Sabin as Styles kept a headlock on. Scorpio stomps on Sabin and along with Styles drop Sabin with elbow strikes. Scorpio dumps Sabin to the floor and they square off. Scorpio and Styles trade holds on the mat. Scorpio nearly pins Styles with a rollup. Sabin decks Scorpio on the apron to drop him to the mat. Styles plants Sabin with a double leg slam and locks in a neck vice. Scorpio enters to hit both men to gain control. Scorpio clotheslines Styles to the mat. Scorpio chops Sabin to the mat. Scorpio beats on Styles with strikes and kicks Styles into the corner. Scorpio shoulder rams Sabin in the corner followed by knee strikes. Scorpio nails Style with another kick in the corner.

Sabin gets worked over by Sabin with knee strikes in the corner. Styles gets monkey flipped by Scorpio and head scissors Sabin. Styles nails Scorpio with a kick and all three men are down. Sabin spikes Styles with a springboard tornado DDT. Sabin keeps on stopping pin attempts for some reason when it’s elimination. Sabin nails Scorpio with a leg lariat. Sabin hits a leg drop from the middle rope to knock Styles off the top rope. Sabin connects with a spinning heel kick on Styles in the corner. Styles nails Sabin with a kick on the apron. Scorpio nearly pins Sabin with a cradle. Scorpio drops Sabin with a leaping kick for a near fall. Styles connects with a gut buster on Scorpio. Styles signals for the Styles Clash, but Sabin blocks it. Styles plants Sabin with a brainbuster. Styles goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash. Scorpio hits a moonsault on Sabin to get a three count and eliminates Sabin.

Scorpio rolls to the floor and Styles hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Styles sends Scorpio gut first into the guard railing and into the crowd. Styles nails Scorpio with a running somersault dive over the railing into the crowd. They begin to trade forearm shots in the crowd. Scorpio smashes Styles face first onto a chair. Styles atomic drops Scorpio onto the chair. Styles tosses Scorpio over the railing to ringside where Styles sends Scorpio into the ring post. Styles kicks Scorpio in the ribs before returning to the ring. Styles has a reverse headlock on Scorpio, but doesn’t get a submission. Scorpio gets his feet under the ropes. Scorpio drags Styles to the floor to hit a snap suplex on the floor. Scorpio continues to beat on Styles with kicks. Scorpio controls Styles on the mat with a cobra clutch. Scorpio rolls over with a body scissors trying to get the submission. Scorpio nails Styles with a handspring kick to knock Styles off the apron. Scorpio leaps over the top to leg drop Styles on the apron. Scorpio big boots Styles in the crowd. Styles connects with a springboard forearm off the apron. Styles works over Scorpio with a few more strikes followed by a superkick. Styles tries for a cover, but Scorpio kicks out at two. Styles takes Scorpio over with a German suplex and drives Scorpio down to the mat face first for a near fall.

Styles signals for the Stlyes Clash, but Scorpio counters with a low blow after falling backwards. Scorpio plants Styles with a powerbomb. Scorpio hits the Tumbleweed on Styles, which was dangerous. Scorpio knee strikes Styles several times. Scorpio scoop slams Styles and leaps off the middle rope to hit a swanton turned leg drop for a near fall. Styles plants Scorpio with a powerbomb. Styles manages to hit the Styles Clash and wins the match as Scorpio didn’t get his hand on the rope quick enough. (***1/2. That was a fun triple threat match. Styles and Sabin looked to be crispier compared to Scorpio, but they all looked really good in there and this was a fun match. I feel like this was one of the better matches that I’ve seen in 3PW. It exceeded my expectations going into it.)

Fifth Contest: Amish Roadkill vs. Rockin’ Rebel: Rebel kicks the middle rope to low blow Roadkill and knee lifts Roadkill to the floor. Rebel sends Roadkill into the post face first. Roadkill plants Rebel with a side slam. Roadkill sends Rebel into the corner and delivers a splash. Blue Meanie runs in and low blows Rebel in the corner as the referee was distracted. Roadkill plants Rebel with the TKO for the win. (DUD. This was just time filler and served zero purpose.) After the match, Meanie comes back to the ring to low blow Rebel again.

Sixth Contest: 3PW Tag Team Champions Slyck Wagner Brown & April Hunter vs. Pitbulls 2004 (Gary Wolfe & Mike Kruel): Talia is the special referee for the match. Brown and Kruel kickoff the title match. Brown takes Kruel down to the mat and has arm control. Kruel takes Brown down with a fireman’s carry and Brown counters with a head scissors on the mat. Kruel gets control with a headlock on the mat, but Brown gets to his feet quickly. Kruel gets free from a hammerlock and they continue to counter each other on the mat. Brown arm drags Kruel and they have a standoff. Hunter tags in and keeps wrist control on Kruel. Kruel tries to keep leg control, but Hunter counters. Kruel and Hunter counter each other on the mat. Hunter nearly wins with a rollup on Kruel. Kruel keeps a head scissors on Hunter. Hunter manages to counter out of the hold easily. Hunter arm drags Kruel and holds her arm in discomfort. Brown gets tagged in to try his luck with Kruel. Brown takes Kruel over with a hurricanrana and a dropkick to send Kruel to the floor. Brown takes Kruel out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Wolfe smashes Brown with a steel chair. Wolfe whacks Brown several times over the back with the chair. Wolfe is also hitting Hunter with the chair. Kruel tries to cover, but Brown reaches the ropes. Kruel slams Brown and tags in Wolfe.

Wolfe keeps Brown on the mat with an arm bar and gets extra leverage from Kruel on the apron. Wolfe and Kruel drive Brown down with a vertical suplex and Kruel goes for a cover, but Brown kicks out at two. Kruel controls Brown with a sleeper hold on the mat. Kruel knee lifts Brown coming off the ropes for a two count. Kruel keeps a front face lock on Brown on the canvas. Brown gets to the corner to tag in Hunter, but Talia was distracted by Wolfe. Kruel and Wolfe work over Brown with stomps. Wolfe elbows Brown to the mat and shoves Hunter on the apron. Brown dropkicks the challengers and everyone is knocked down. Hunter gets the tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Hunter kicks Wolfe and knee lifts Kruel. Hunter head scissors Kruel and continues with forearms in the corner. Hunter tosses Kruel with a few German suplexs. Wolfe breaks the cover, but Brown enters to deck Wolfe in the corner. The champs hammer away on the challengers in the corner. Brown hits a moonsault and a dragon screw leg whip on Kruel. Brown has the Stretch Muffler on Kruel. Jasmine St. Claire attacks Talia, and Brown lets go. Kruel rolls Brown up from behind and Tod Gordon counts the fall to give the Pitbulls the win and titles. (*1/2. It was your typical tag match with the usual spots, and I thought it was going fairly well. The finish was a bit lame and didn’t accomplish anything positively. I’m not sure how Gordon would count the fall for the match and help out Jasmine St. Claire’s team to win the titles. This was a confusing segment and the angle makes no sense to me.)

Seventh Contest: Matt Striker vs. Damian Adams: This month, Striker is cosplaying as Sabu. Striker decks Adams and plays to the crowd doing Sabu’s taunts. Adams takes Striker down with a clothesline and a dropkick. Striker hits a springboard back elbow. Striker counters a backdrop by delivering a neckbreaker. Striker grabs a steel chair and brings that into the match. Striker sets the chair up in the ring and puts a headlock on Adams after sitting down. Adams drop toe holds Striker onto the chair. Striker drop toe holds Adams onto the chair and acts like he’s Raven. Striker tries for the springboard moonsault, but gets afraid about jumping to the ropes. Striker ends up falling on the ropes groin first. Adams keeps a chin lock on Striker, but Striker elbows out of the hold. Striker starts to get fired up and jabs Adams a few times. Adams knee strikes Striker sending him to the floor. Rob Eckos comes out and he’s acting like he’s Bill Alfonso with a whistle. Eckos embraces Striker. Striker backdrops Adams in the ring and the whistle is quite annoying. Striker returns to the ring dressed like he’s Hakushi. Striker walks the ropes and delivers a chop to Adams arm. Striker delivers a airplane spin to drop Adams to the mat. Striker waits in the corner and hits the spear! Striker follows up with the Jackhammer but Adams kicks out at two. Striker goes after the referee and tries to bite open the turnbuckle, but can’t do it. Adams rams Striker into the corner back first. Striker drops Adams with strikes. Adams hits a double leg slam out of the corner but Eckos pulls the referee out. Eckos blows the whistle in Adams ear around ringside. Striker attempts a fireball, but fails at doing it. Striker boots Adams and gets a spike that he hits Adams with. Striker sets a table up in the ring. Adams is put on the table and Striker misses an Arabian face buster allowing Adams to pin Striker for the win. (*. Well, Striker is really entertaining with his role here, but nobody cared for the actual match and they didn’t care that Adams won. I don’t understand what they’re doing with Eckos since he turned heel earlier and now he’s back doing the comedy stuff. I don’t get it. I’m not sure if they get it either.)

Main Event: 3PW Heavyweight Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Joey Matthews: They lockup but neither man get a clear advantage. Matthews takes Daniels down to the mat with a lockup. Daniels takes Matthews to the mat and they trade some holds early on. Daniels keeps a headlock on Matthews for a few moments. Matthews counters a head scissors with a headlock and is able to eventually keep control on the mat. Matthews shoulder blocks Daniels and gets a two count. Matthews gets a backslide and taunts Daniels after a kick out. Matthews keeps a hammerlock on Daniels, but Daniels rolls through to put a headlock on Matthews followed by a hip toss. Daniels tries for Angels Wings, but Matthews wiggles free and bails to the floor. AJ Stylers has come down to ringside to watch the main event. Matthews shoulder blocks Daniels before taking Daniels down to the mat a few times. Matthews keeps a hammerlock on Daniels to maintain control. Daniels trips Matthews to the mat and keeps a headlock on Joey. Matthews shoulder blocks Daniels, but Daniels hip tosses and arm drags Matthews. Daniels sends Matthews to the floor following a dropkick. Matthews has a confrontation with Styles, but Daniels sends Matthews into the ring and delivers a few arm drags. Daniels keeps arm control on Matthews.

Daniels shoulder blocks Matthews and continues with an arm drag. Daniels keeps Matthews on the mat with arm control. Matthews kicks Daniels and sends the champ right in front of Styles. Daniels gets distracted by Styles and Matthews decks Daniels on the floor. Daniels jabs Matthews a few times on the floor. Daniels sends Matthews into the guard railing back first. Daniels rolls Matthews back into the ring and continues to deliver strikes. Daniels clotheslines Matthews in the corner. Daniels continues with a headbutt in the corner and elbows Matthews in the corner. Matthews clotheslines Daniels off the top turnbuckle to the floor. Matthews jabs a chair into Daniels ribs on the floor. Matthews hits a side Russian leg sweep into the guard railing. Matthews sends Daniels into the railing and Daniels goes over the railing into the crowd. Matthews drives Daniels face first into a chair in the crowd along with some fish hooking going on. Matthews clotheslines the champ over the railing back to the ringside area. Matthews continues to beat on Daniels with strikes around ringside.

Matthews clotheslines Daniels for a two count. Matthews drops Daniels over his knee chest first and continues to taunt Daniels followed by a dropkick for a two count. Daniels counters a suplex attempt and punches Matthews several times. Matthews ducks a clothesline to hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Matthews tries to keep Daniels down but still can’t get a three count. Matthews puts a neck vice on Daniels. Daniels tries to fight his way free and rams Matthews into the turnbuckle face first. Daniels fights back with right hands in the corner. Matthews tries for a double arm DDT, but Daniels counters to deliver a kick to the head. Daniels fights back with several strikes and a clothesline. Daniels forearms Matthews and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count. Daniels hits a Blue Thunder Driver for a near fall. Daniels signals for the BME, but Matthews moves out of the way. Matthews hits the Virginia Necktie, but Daniels kicks out at two. Matthews tries for a superkick, but Daniels counters. Matthews tries for a DDT, but Daniels backdrops Matthews and manages to hit the Angels Wings for a near fall. Matthews trips Daniels and nearly wins with his feet on the ropes. Matthews tries another cheap rollup for a two count. Matthews dumps Daniels to the floor right in front of Styles. Matthews kicks the middle rope and plants Daniels with a double arm DDT for a two count.

Daniels kicks Matthews away to avoid a Sharpshooter. Daniels counters a figure four for a near fall. Matthews comes off the ropes, but Daniels stops Matthews with an STO. Daniels and Matthews trade forearm strikes. Daniels slams Matthews to the mat and manages to hit the BME three times and that’s good enough for the win. (**1/4. It was a slow match, but it eventually picked up to being a decent title defense. Matthews is a good character heel, but doesn’t holdup as well in the ring with the guys like Daniels or Styles. I don’t think we’ll see Matthews in the main event picture again.)

AJ Styles enters the ring and confronts Daniels in the corner to setup their match taking place next month for the 3PW Heavyweight Championship.

Final Thoughts:
There are so many booking flaws on this show that it’s no surprise that people stopped coming to 3PW. Eckos wants to be taken seriously and turns heels, but then an hour later he’s doing the goofy guy gimmick with Striker. That doesn’t add up to me. Aside from the triple threat match, there wasn’t anything that delivered quality entertainment. Thus, this show is a skippable one.

Thanks for reading.

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