AAW Windy City Classic II 11/25/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

All American Wrestling presents Windy City Classic II
Date: 11/25/2006
From: Berwyn, IL

It’s announced that Tracy Smothers and Eric Priest are not on the show as they had been promoted. Danny Daniels storms out to the ring to cut off Billy Whacks from continuing to talk. Daniels calls out his opponent and doesn’t care if he’s going to WWE.

Opening Contest: Egotistico Fantastico vs. Danny Daniels: Daniels attacks Ego from behind with a clothesline and a back suplex for a two count. Daniels stops Ego with a forearm smash. Ego elbows Daniels followed by clotheslines and a dropkick to send Daniels to the floor. Daniels takes Ego’s legs out on the apron to get the advantage. Daniels beats on Ego against the railing with a forearm shot. Ego backdrops Daniels into the crowd. Ego continues with strikes to the back in the crowd. Ego runs around the ring with his cape on and takes Daniels out with a crossbody into the crowd. Back in the ring, Ego works over Daniels with punches in the corner. Daniels plants Ego with a sit down powerbomb to counter a hurricanrana attempt. Daniels works over Ego with strikes in the corner and chokes Ego for a moment. Ego misses a crossbody and Daniels hits a double stomp and a senton for a two count. Daniels delivers and elbow drop, but can’t keep Ego on the mat. Daniels stops Ego with an eye poke and a few right hands against the ropes. Ego plants Daniels with a modified Ego Slam (Angle Slam). Ego elbows Daniels in the corner and tries for tornado DDT, but settles for a springboard dropkick for a two count.

Ego forearms Daniels and backdrops Daniels to the apron. Daniels delivers a neckbreaker over the top rope. Daniels heads to the top rope, but Ego hits a hurricanrana to nearly win the match. Ego misses a moonsault and Daniels spikes Ego with a piledriver for a two count. Daniels chops Ego against the ropes, but Ego comes back with the Ego Driver (reverse tombstone) for a two count. Ego crotches Daniels on the top turnbuckle. Daniels shoves Ego off the middle rope, but Ego runs up the ropes to stop Daniels. Daniels regains footing to hit a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope! Daniels blows some snot on and Ego gets an inside cradle on Daniels and wins the match. (***. That was a surprisingly good match, which I say only because I’m not very familiar with Ego. They did quite a bit in regard to high spots, and it caught me off guard. I was not a fan of the finish as that’s a pet peeve of mine. However, it was an entertaining opening match.) After the match, Ego takes off his mask. Danny Daniels gets on microphone and says he knows he’s the better man. Daniels wishes Ego luck, since Ego is going to the WWE. Daniels wants to shake hands and Ego does embrace Daniels. JJ Ink runs down to attack Ego. Chandler McClure hits a neckbreaker on Ego. They leave Ego laying.

Backstage, Derek St. Holmes is interviewed regarding who will be the final person on his team. Jason Dukes enters the scene and asks if he can get gas money since he’s not actually on the show and has to drive home. Holmes pays Dukes to be the final person on his team. Holmes wants his laundry cleaned.

Earlier today, Jayson Reign enters the locker room to try and find his final partner. He grabs Krotch.

Second Contest: Trik Davis vs. Chad Collyer: Davis controls Collyer with a wrist lock, but Collyer quickly counters and Davis goes to the ropes quickly. Collyer tosses Davis across the ring followed by an arm drag. Collyer keeps Davis on the mat working over his arm. Davis knee lifts Collyer in the corner, but Collyer fights back with chops. Collyer comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and a monkey flip. Collyer dropkicks Davis through the ropes to the floor. Collyer grabs Davis, but Davis drops Collyer’s arm over the top rope. Davis delivers a kick, but Collyer dropkicks Davis on the knee. Collyer focuses his attack on the left knee of Davis. Collyer gets kicked into the corner shoulder first. Collyer hits the ring post shoulder first and Davis delivers a few strikes. Davis drives Collyer down with a few strikes to the arm. Collyer fights back with chops, but Davis knocks Collyer down again to maintain control of the contest. Davis wraps Collyer’s arm over the middle rope and Dave Prazak gets a cheap shot in while the referee is distracted. Davis drives Collyer down with an arm breaker.

Collyer stops Davis with a flapjack, but Davis delivers a few forearms. Collyer hits a leg lariat and strikes in the corner. Collyer beats on Davis with uppercuts in the corner. Davis comes off the ropes, but Collyer hits a snap powerslam for a two count. Collyer tries for a suplex, but Davis counters. Collyer counters Davis with an inside cradle and backslide for near falls. Collyer blocks a kick and delivers a few chops. Collyer shoulder rams Davis in the corner, but Davis goes to his knees and gets help from Prazak to earn the cheap win. (*1/2. I guess it was a good cool down match compared to what the opener was. This was Collyer’s debut, and it appears that Collyer never returned. It was a rather flat match and too basic to really become much of anything.)

Third Contest: Chandler McClure, Derek St. Holmes, Jason Dukes, Michael Prater & Zero vs. Charlie Manson Jr., Gary Havok, Jayson Reign, Krotch, & Tyme Paige: I believe I’m only really familiar with McClure, Reign and a little bit of Krotch. So, I’m not going to give this an in-depth review. McClure is able to low blow Reign and hits a packaged DDT to win the match after thirteen minutes of action. McClure is getting quite a bit of attention on this show. McClure issues a challenge to someone to wrestle him in a singles match. The challenge is answered by Jerry Lynn! Lynn thinks that McClure just about shit himself coming out. Lynn decides to put his number one contender spot for AAW Heavyweight Championship on the line to wrestle McClure.

Fourth Contest: Jerry Lynn vs. Chandler McClure in a number one contenders match for the AAW Heavyweight Championship: McClure has a headlock on Lynn to start off the match. Lynn breaks free of the headlock and they counter each other a few times. Lynn takes McClure down to the mat and gets arm control. Lynn rolls through an arm drag and knee drops McClure on the arm to maintain the advantage. McClure tries for a slam, but Lynn rolls through again. Lynn arm drags McClure to the mat. Lynn continues to work over McClure’s left arm. McClure backs Lynn into the corner and delivers a cheap shot. McClure misses a clothesline and Lynn hits a middle rope crossbody for a two count. Lynn stops McClure with an arm breaker and dropkicks McClure to the floor. Lynn pulls McClure over the middle rope and casually drops McClure face first to the mat. McClure dumps Lynn over the top to the floor. McClure baseball slides Lynn on the floor. McClure rams Lynn back first into the apron and chokes Lynn.

McClure continues to work over Lynn with stomps in the ring followed by a knee strike. McClure controls Lynn with a chin lock. Lynn takes McClure down with a crucifix pin for a near fall. McClure cuts Lynn off with a neckbreaker to get momentum. McClure dumps Lynn through the ropes to the floor and continues to maintain control of the match. McClure rams Lynn back first into the ring post. McClure chokes Lynn over the middle rope and his manager chokes Lynn over the middle rope while the referee is distracted. McClure delivers a boot strike from the apron. Lynn dropkicks McClure on the knee and sends McClure face first into the corner. Lynn clotheslines McClure a few times followed by a backdrop. Lynn boots McClure in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but settles for a kick. The referee gets knocked down in the corner. Lynn dropkicks McClure into his manager and spikes McClure with the cradle piledriver to win the match. (*1/2. It wasn’t a bad match by any means, but it was just a bland match with not much excitement attached to it. McClure didn’t come across as being anywhere near the level of Lynn and luckily Lynn kept his eventual title shot.)

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo saying he’s been in Hollywood and that he’s got the night off tonight. Jacobs will be relaxing tonight while watching Steel vs. Young.

Backstage, Billy Whacks wishes Keith Walker and Robert Anthony good luck in their future. Whacks has been relaxed on wrestlers hitting officials. Skullcrusher has been pulled off the show as a result of a Burning Hammer. A guy wants to referee (Kevin Harvey?) for AAW, and has paperwork from NWA. Whacks says that the paper means nothing to him.

Fifth Contest: Ace Steel vs. Silas Young in a number one contenders match for the AAW Heritage Championship: Whomever wins this match will get a shot at Jimmy Jacobs in the future. Steel backs Young into the corner and backs away cleanly. Young cleanly backs away from Steel as well and they have a standoff. Steel takes Young down with a snapmare, but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Young gets control of Steel on the mat with a hammerlock. Steel counters Young with a hammerlock. Young switches to a wrist lock until Steel counters with one of his own. Steel comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Steel has Young over his shoulder, but young counters with a rollup for a two count. Young hits a rolling fireman’s carry and tries for a moonsault, but Steel moves. Steel drops Young over the top rope throat first and tries for a springboard DDT, but Young moves. Steel sweeps Young to the mat and they have a standoff as neither man manages to get a clear advantage for an extended period of time.

Steel backdrops Young to the apron, but Young drops Steel over the top rope and hits a slingshot neckbreaker for a two count. Young hits a middle rope crossbody for a two count. Young tries for a slam, but Steel breaks free and chops Young followed by a forearm strike. Steel chops Young to the mat and slowly keeps advantage. Steel beats on Young to keep him on the mat. Steel bites Young on the forehead to maintain control of the match. Steel misses a strike in the corner. Young fights back with several chops and hip tosses Steel. Steel back kicks Steel to the mat for a near fall. Young gets out of a back suplex and misses a dropkick. Steel drops Young with a running clothesline for a near fall. Steel delivers a few elbow drops to keep Young on the mat. Steel stomps on Young to keep control of the contest. Steel rams Young face first into the turnbuckles a few times. Young begins to get a second wind and delivers a few strikes. Young rams Steel into the turnbuckles to get the advantage. Steel knee lifts Young but runs into a dropkick. Young clotheslines Steel and hits a powerslam for a near fall.

Young continues with strikes in the corner and sends Steel across the ring. Steel gets a rollup on Young, but Young rolls through to hit a bridging German for a two count. Young tries for the handstand moonsault, but can’t do it. Steel kicks Young on a second attempt. Steel hammers away on Young to keep him on the top turnbuckle. Steel tries for a superplex and hits it! There’s one minute left in the time limit as Steel gets a two count. Steel tries for a cover after a swinging neckbreaker, but Young kicks out. Steel plants Young with a piledriver for a two count. Young counters a slam with an inside cradle, but the time limit has expired. After the match, Steel confronts the referee about the match. Steel grabs the referee, but the referee manages to escape tot he floor and runs away. (**1/2. A fine match between these two, but I didn’t like the announcement about the time limit coming to an end. That always kills the momentum for the match and you know it’s going to lead to a draw. I found myself interested in what Silas Young, which surprised me since I haven’t exactly ever gone out of my way to watch his stuff. I’d consider this a fine undercard match that ended up serving no purpose.)

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black cuts a promo about his main event match. Black says this is what they’ve been building to. Black promises to end the feud and Marek Brave’s life. Brave enters the scene and attacks Black’s manager. Brave whacks him with a chair several times, off camera. The camera goes down and the manager is in a pool of blood. Clearly, that was staged.

Sixth Contest: Michigan Invasion (Eddie V, N8 Mattson & Truth Martini) vs. Dan Lawrence, Ryan Boz & Zach Gowen in a street fight: All six men are going at it to start the match with Lawrence, Boz and Gowen going on the attack. Martini gets beat on before being sent to the floor. Gowen uses a cane on V outside the ring and uses his fake leg. Lawrence tosses a few chairs into the ring while everyone brawls on the floor for a few moments. Gowen uses a chair on V. Boz spits mist into V’s face. Lawrence pulls Mattson’s shirt over his head and delivers a few strikes while Gowen continues to beat on Martini outside the ring. Boz chokes Mattson with his t-shirt. Gowen whips Martini with a belt. Boz puts Mattson over the railing groin first. Martini chokes Lawrence before hitting a clothesline in the ring. V drops Gowen over the railing chest first. Martini continues to work over Lawrence in the ring leading to a two count. Mattson hits a snap suplex on Gowen outside the ring. Martini stomps on Boz from the apron and hits Boz with a weight belt. Mattson chokes Gowen in the ring to maintain control of the match. Boz gets a stop sign after kicking V. Gowen dropkicks Mattson and tosses a chair at Mattson.

Martini hits Lawrence with the ring bell a few times. Gowen kicks a chair into Mattson’s face in the corner for a near fall. Gowen dumps Mattson to the floor and is met by Martini with a heel kick. Boz chokes V with a cord outside the ring. Gowen dumps Martini to the floor and hits a crossbody to the floor. V has grabbed a ladder while Mattson beats on Boz. V avoids being sent into the ladder, but Lawrence dropkicks V into the ladder back first. Martini tries to send Boz into the ladder, but Boz avoids it. Boz tries to hit a powerbomb onto the ladder, but Martini avoids it. Boz tries again for the powerbomb, but Martini counters with a head scissors into the ladder for a two count as Lawrence broke the cover. Gowen drives Mattson groin first into the ring post a few times. V stops Gowen outside the ring and delivers a chop. Lawrence stops Martini with a jawbreaker. Martini gets a ladder shot to the groin. V ties Gowen to the gjuard railing while V shoulder blocks Lawrence. V has two chairs in the ring while Gowen has broken free.

Lawrence gets out of a chokeslam and clotheslines V, but V ends up hitting a chokeslam onto the two steel chairs. V has the cover, but Boz breaks the cover. Boz works over Mattson in the corner with right hands. Boz gets stopped by V in the corner and V lifts Boz up to allow Mattson to hit a clothesline off the middle rope. Gowen rolls in and breaks the cover attempt. Martini and Mattson continue to work over Gowen to keep control of the contest. V has grabbed a table from under the ring. Martini accidentally sends Mattson to the floor. Gowen hits a stunner on Martini. V hits a sit out chokebomb. V sets a table up and goes to the top rope. V leaps off the top rope and misses a senton going through the table. Lawrence has the ladder and lays it over V. Gowen hits a top rope moonsault onto V, who had the ladder over his body. Gowen covers V and wins the match. (**1/2. That was mostly the predictable street fight you’d expect on the indies. The crowd enjoyed it and they delivered a fun match that flew by. It was just a lot of brawling and part of the structure was a little underwhelming. Constantly making sure that two guys were in the ring instead of the wild atmosphere was a little annoying. Regardless, it was a fine street fight.)

Joey Eastman comes out and says he’s going to take Bryce Benjamin to the top. Eastman has a lot of friends in this business. Eastman says there is a lot of men who aren’t in AAW that want to be in the top. Eastman is taking over the helm in the new era of AAW.

We get a video package explaining the buildup for the main event. Tyler Black won the AAW Heavyweight Championship and promptly turned on Marek Brave on March 25th, 2006. They were also the tag team champions at the time. Black decked Brave with the AAW Heavyweight Championship because he doesn’t need Brave anymore. Black cut Brave’s mouth open with barbed wire and says that Brave won’t make it out alive. Brave promises to be the AAW Heavyweight Champion when it’s all said and done.

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black vs. Marek Brave in a no ropes barbed wire match: They are both wearing shirts and they start off trading right hands with Brave taking Black to the mat. Black mounts Brave to pummel his former friend with right hands. Black keeps a headlock on Brave for a moment. Brave breaks free and tries to send Black into the barbed wire, but Black blocks it. Black tries the same to Brave, but fails. Brave delivers a few strikes followed by a scoop slam and clothesline. Brave dropkicks Black to the floor. Brave leaps over the barbed wire to take Black out with a dive to the floor. Brave sends Black into the guard railing a few times. Brave sends Black back first into the railing. Brave hooks Black to hit a suplex on the floor. Brave rams Black face first into the ring steps. Brave continues to beat on Black and taunt him. Black begs off in the middle of the ring. Brave doesn’t care and hammers away on Black until a low blow stops him. Black continues to work over Brave, but is met with a drop toe hold to send Black chest first into the barbed wire!

Brave rubs Black’s forehead into the barbed wire. Brave presses Black’s forehead into the barbed wire again and Black has been busted wide open. Brave gouges at Black’s forehead to open the wound a little more. Brave continues to hammer away on Black and bites his forehead. Black elbows Brave, but Brave connects with a back suplex to drive Black to the mat. Black fights back with strikes, but Brave stops Black with an elbow to the groin area. Brave grabs a barbed wire board from the backstage area. Black walks through the crowd to get away from Brave. Brave knocks Black down in the crowd, but the lighting isn’t great to see what’s going on. Brave tosses Black back to ringside area. Brave sends Black face first into the ring post. Brave continues to work over Black with strikes. Black kicks Brave into the barbed wire and Brave goes through the wire crashing to the floor in a dangerous spot. Black beats on Brave with right hands on the floor. Black continues to maintain control in the ring. Black clotheslines Brave and taunts the crowd. Black rubs Brave’s head into the barbed wire. Black is making sure he’s doing this in front of the young children in the front row. The barbed wire is getting in Brave’s mouth, too.

Black has cutters and jabs Brave in the face with them a few times. Black cuts a few pieces of barbed wire. Black wraps the barbed wire around Brave’s mouth. Black rips off Brave’s shirt, as well. Black whips Brave over the back with barbed wire. Black goes for the cover, but Brave kicks out at two. Black chokes Brave with barbed wire, which Brave is clearly blocking with his hands. Black elbow drops Brave on the back before rolling to the floor. Black gets a security guy to lay the barbed wire board over the railing and apron. Brave avoids a chair shot by punching Black several times. Black chokes Brave on the mat to regain control of the match. Black cuts the barbed wire down on the same side that the board is setup on. Black has Brave over the shoulder, but Brave breaks free and tosses Black overhead with a suplex into the barbed wire. Brave goes for the cover managing a two count. Brave has the cutters and jabs Black in the face with them for some payback. Brave digs the cutters into Black’s eye on the mat. Brave cuts the barbed wire lose and rubs the barbed wire over Black’s back. Brave whips Black with the wire, too. Brave chokes Black with the barbed wire.

Brave has a steel chair and waits for Black to get up. Brave whacks Black over the head with the chair for a two count. Brave grabs a chair from outside the ring. Brave sets a chair up in the ring and attempts a suplex, but Black counters. Black hits a suplex onto the chair, but Brave kicks out at two. Black hooks Brave, but Brave counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Brave gets out of a suplex to superkick Black for a two count. Brave tries for a spear, but Black moves out of way. Black hits Gods Last Gift, but Brave kicks out at two. Black tries to hit a suplex onto the barbed wire board, but Brave blocks it. Brave counters a hurricanrana and manages to hit a powerbomb through the barbed wire board putting both men through the board. Brave manages to roll Black into the ring and gets a three count to pin Black and wins the AAW Heavyweight Championship. (***1/2. I’d say that was a good no rope barbed wire match as they made some good callbacks to issues throughout the feud. The finish was strong and the best time to end the match. This was a main reason I got the event because I wanted to see how Tyler Black performed in such a match and thought he did well and played up the heel persona vert well. I’d be interested in seeing these guys wrestle each other again. However, this has to be the feud ending match, for now.)

Backstage, new AAW Heavyweight Champion Marek Brave talks to the camera. Brave says this has been a long time coming since Black turned on him in March. Brave was coming for revenge and he was obsessed with it. Brave says the obsession has ruined his life having lost his girlfriend, apartment and his job. Brave couldn’t stop about making Black bleed. Brave says a giant weight has been lifted off his shoulders when he made Tyler Black bleed. Brave got what he was waiting for since March. Brave says he doesn’t know if things are over between them. Brave can get his life back on track now.

Backstage, Tyler Black talks to the camera. Black doesn’t seem all that thrilled about losing the title. Black isn’t happy with a reception he got from the crowd. Black says that the belt will be back around his waist over Brave’s dead body.

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this a good overall show by AAW. They had a strong opener and a few solid undercard matches. Plus, the main event delivered a quality entertaining match that concluded a heated rivalry that was taking place. I enjoyed watching this show.
Thanks for reading.

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