IWA-MS No Blood, No Guts, No Glory 7/2/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

IWA-MS presents No Blood, No Guts, No Glory
Date: 7/2/2005
From: Valparaiso, IN

I was pleasantly surprised that they started off with a music video to promote the War Games match. They also have a pre-tape segment by the Fannin Family in a car chatting about the War Games match which Fannin says this match is between him and Ian Rotten. Fannin is most worried about Tank from Team NWA. Fannin thanks all the men involved in the group should they lose tonight.

Outside the arena, Brandon Thomaselli got attacked by the Fannin Family. Ian Rotten announces to the crowd that Brandon suffered a concussion due to the attack. Corporal Robinson will be replacing Thomaselli in the War Games match.

Opening Contest: TJ Dalton vs. Claudio Castagnoli: Dalton shows his speed advantage avoiding Castagnoli early on and delivers a few arm drags. Dalton chops Castagnoli a few times followed by right hands in the corner. Dalton takes Cataganoli down to the mat and almost wins with a rollup. Castagnoli stops Dalton with a shoulder breaker. Castagnoli keeps Dalton on the mat with a hammerlock. Castagnoli drops Dalton with an uppercut. Castagnoli stomps on Dalton followed by an elbow drop. They trade a few strikes until Dalton gets control with a dropkick. Dalton chops Castagnoli and hits a hurricanrana. Dalton heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody for a two count. Castagnoli sends Dalton into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Dalton nearly pins Castagnoli with a sunset flip. Castagnoli lifts Dalton up by his arm and wins the match by submission. (**. Considering the ring they used had extremely loose ropes and they didn’t seem all that interested in using them, I thought they did a good enough job to have an entertaining match to start the show. The finish was not expected at all and I think it caught the crowd off guard as well.)

Second Contest: IWA-MS Women’s Champion Mickie Knuckles vs. Daizee Haze vs. Rain: Knuckles and Haze dance for a bit until Haze takes Knuckles down to the mat to gain control of the match. Haze keeps a head scissors on Knuckles, but Knuckles breaks free and they trade a few pin attempts. Knuckles pus a Muta Lock on Haze, but Rain enters and knee drops Knuckles. Rain had been hanging out on the apron as if she needed to be tagged in. Rain chops Haze in the corner several times, but Haze delivers a few of her own. Rain avoids a charging Haze in the corner and decks Haze to the mat before dropkicking Knuckles off the apron to the floor. Haze gets a two count on a victory roll. Haze nearly pins Rain with a rollup. Rain clotheslines Haze, but Haze drops Rain with a reverse DDT. Rain gets punched by both women. Haze clotheslines Knuckles after Rain ducked it. Haze almost wins with a rollup on Rain. Rain plants Knuckles with the Rain Drop for a two count. Haze decks Rain with the Hart Punch. Haze connects with the yakuza kick on Knuckles. Rain almost pins Haze with a rollup. Rain dumps Haze to the floo. Knuckles dropkicks Rain and hits a running kick for the win, despite Rain having her arm under the bottom rope. (*1/4. It was rather sloppy and to completely ignore the fact that Rain had her arm under the ropes was a bit annoying.)

Third Contest: Danny Daniels vs. Conrad Kennedy III: Kennedy tries for a rollup early on, but Daniels kicks out at two. Daniels gets a backslide for a two count and another rollup causing Kennedy to reach the ropes to slow the action down. Kennedy works over Daniels with strikes in the corner to maintain the advantage. Daniels fights back with chops and a neckbreaker. Daniels forearms Kennedy followed by a yakuza kick for a two count. Kennedy kicks Daniels on a backdrop attempt and sends Kennedy into the other ring. Daniels hits a springboard crossbody into the second ring and gets the crowd behind him. Daniels tosses Kennedy back into the original ring and delivers a knee strike off the top for a two count. Kennedy uppercuts Daniels followed by a backbreaker. Kennedy nails Daniels with an elbow strike and a knee drop. Kennedy hits a slingshot suplex for a two count on Daniels. Kennedy keeps a submission on Daniels, but Daniels chops free only to run into a spinebuster for a two count. Daniels hits a middle rope atomic drop and a Codebreaker. Daniels hammers away on Kennedy with forearms. Daniels hits a modified bulldog for a two count. Kennedy drives Daniels down with a Torture Rack backbreaker for a near fall. Daniels hits a jawbreaker and finishes Kennedy off with a piledriver for the win. (**1/2. I enjoyed the action they went with here and there wasn’t any dull moments. I haven’t seen a lot of Kennedy and I thought he was pretty good in there.)

The next match has a stipulation where the winners team will have the advantage going into War Games.

Fourth Contest: Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Tank: Kingston is avoiding Hero early on but seemingly tries to work with Hero to take on Tank, who is bigger than both men. Hero doesn’t seem very interested and shoves Kingston. Tank gets double teamed in the corner as Hero and Kingston have formed an unlikely alliance to start the match. Tank no sells a double elbow shot. Tank gets knocked to the floor and Kingston axe handles Hero to end the alliance. Kingston plants Hero with a back suplex for a two count. Kingston misses a yakuza kick and Hero clubs Kingston with several strikes. Hero sends Kingston to the floor with a standing dropkick. Tank nails Hero with a lariat. Tank continues to beat on Hero with overhand strikes. Kingston tries to work with Tank and is met with a forearm strike. Tank clotheslines Kingston in the corner followed by a cannonball splash! Tank sends Hero over top to the floor and Hero does a back bump. Tank plants Kingston with a backbreaker for a two count. Hero forearms Tank in the corner and hits a side Russian leg sweep with a neck vice. Kingston and Hero begin to trade forearm strikes. Kingston misses a roaring elbow and Hero delivers a powerbomb. Hero climbs to the top rope hitting a double stomp, but Fannin pulled the referee out of position. Kingston tosses Hero with an overhead suplex for a two count. Kingston dropkicks Tank to keep Tank on the mat. Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome on Kingston and goes after Fannin. Tank hits a back senton to pin Kingston! (**. I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. They worked a fine match and I liked that Tank won in the manner that he did. I’d imagine this means that NWA has no chance in actually winning, but it’s good momentum for the group.)

Fifth Contest: IWA-MS Light Heavyweight Champion Josh Abercrombie vs. Marek Brave vs. Tyler Black: Brave is double teamed early on, but that switches to Black being worked over. They all trade arm drags and they have a standoff. They trade rollups with nobody getting a three count. Brave hammers away on Abercrombie outside the ring. Black rolls through the second ring and dives to the outside to take both men out. Black gets a two count on Abercrombie after a snap suplex. Black knee strikes Abercrombie several times. Black forearms Brave off the apron and Black gets decked to the floor. Abercrombie hits a springboard twisting dive onto both men on the floor and they land on several chairs! Abercrombie nails Brave with a knee strike and a seated dropkick for a two count. Abercrombie takes Black out with a suicide dive! Brave goes to the top and hits a moonsault to the floor! Brave forearms Abercrombie into the second ring followed by chops. Brave takes Abercrombie over with a reverse hurricanrana, but Black hits a standing shooting star press to break the pin! Black tries for a lifting reverse DDT, but Brave counters. Black hits the spinning reverse DDT a second time and nearly wins the match, but Abercrombie breaks the pin.

Abercrombie hits a middle rope lung blower for a two count as Brave breaks the pin. Brave hits a sit out face buster on Abercrombie for a two count. Black drives Brave down to the mat with a spinning face buster, and Abercrombie hit a top rope spinning 450 to pin both men and retains the title! (***1/2. Man, I feel a little bizarre to rate this match so highly, but these three guys went out there and did crazy stuff for a very short period of time. The crowd ate this up and the atmosphere was great. This kind of performance would make me think these guys were the future of the indie scene. A really fun three way.)

CM Punk has been signed by the WWE and this would be his final IWA-MS appearance. As you would imagine, Punk is emotional considering he got his start in IWA-MS.

Sixth Contest: Delirious vs. CM Punk: Punk taunts Delirious saying that this whole thing belongs to him and Delirious responds with his usual talk that nobody can understand. Delirious flexes and Punk bails to the floor. The crowd popped huge for that. Punk boots Delirious and yanks Delirious to the mat by his mask for the early advantage. Punk sends Delirious chest first into the corner and shoulder blocks Delirious, but Delirious doesn’t fall down. Delirious avoids a shoulder block and has kept his hand in his mouth thus far. Punk wipes Delirious’s hands off since it was in his mouth. They trade some mat wrestling and they trip the referee. They proceed to roll over on the referee, too. Delirious gets a kid and complains of a hair pull causing Punk to flip out. Punk has now put his own hand in his mouth to seemingly play mind games with Delirious. Delirious avoids a strike and wipes Punk’s hand off. Delirious gets control with a wrist lock until Punk delivers a knee lift in the corner followed by strikes. Delirious arm drags Punk and bites his fingers. Punk keeps a head scissors on Delirious, but Delirious breaks free to put a headlock on Punk. Punk has a head scissors on Delirious until Delirious bites his thighs.

Delirious holds onto Punk’s arm to keep control and begins to wrench on Punk’s arm. Delirious arm drags Punk to maintain control as the match continues to be slower pace. Punk makes his way into the second ring and Delirious has kept control of the arm. Punk reaches the ropes and goes to the floor, where Delirious still has control of the arm. Punk goes to the ring bell and hits it causing Delirious to let go and run to the ring. Punk rams Delirious face first into the top turnbuckle and holds the ropes. Punk takes Delirious over with a snap suplex. Punk atomic drops Delirious followed by a few strikes in the corner. Punk tosses Delirious over the top into the other ring. Punk staggers Delirious with a forearm strike. Punk kicks Delirious and stomps away on him in the corner. Punk springboard dropkicks Delirious off the apron and hits a suicide dive to the floor! Delirious rolls to both rings to the outside of the ring. Punk takes Delirious out with another suicide dive! They begin to trade chops on the floor until Delirious backdrops Punk onto a few chairs on the floor.

Punk is stuck between the rings and is dropkicked by Delirious. Delirious double stomps Punk several times. Delirious puts his hand in his mouth, but Punk blocks it. Delirious puts Punk in the tree of woe and goes to the other ring climbing to the top rope. Delirious realizes that it’s too far and goes back to the ring where Punk kicks the middle rope to low blow him. Punk connects with several short clotheslines in the corner to club Delirious. Delirious clotheslines Punk over the top and Punk got his arm stuck in the ring. Delirious puts his hand in his mouth and Punk can’t move. A female fan gets to Punk and tries to help him out. Delirious delivers the face wash and Punk breaks free. Delirious goes under the ring to avoid Punk. Punk puts Delirious’s mask on the referee and the referee can’t escape the mask. Delirious rolls into the ring and is confused by what he’s seeing. Punk rolls Delirious up from behind for a two count. Punk gets another two count. Delirious is essentially ignoring Punk and is focused on the referee. Punk puts his mask on and Delirious bails to the floor and under the ring. Punk goes under the ring, as well.

Daizee Haze enters the ring from behind and is wearing the mask. Punk knows that it is not Delirious. Haze gets a wrist lock and keeps control for a few moments. Punk decks Haze to break free and gets tripped by Delirious. Haze dropkicks Punk and Delirious hits a leaping clothesline from the top rope. Delirious and Haze lick their hands and wash Punk’s face. Punk flips out before leaving the ring. Punk has gone under the ring. Golden Vampire comes out from under the ring and clotheslines both Delirious and Haze. Vampire his a battering ram into both masked wrestlers. Warrior is lifted onto Punk’s shoulders to play to the crowd. Apparently, this is a tag match now. Punk tags in and cleans house with clotheslines and scoop slams. Vampire yanks down on Delirious’s arm on the apron. As expected, Warrior yanks down on Punk’s arm and is unaware of it. Punk goes back under the ring and wears the Delirious mask and is standing alongside his opponents to freak out the Warrior. They all attack the Golden Vampire! They all pin the Golden Vampire. Punk pins Haze and Delirious nearly pins Punk. Delirious and Punk collide on stereo clothesline attempts.

Punk chops away on Delirious a few times against the ropes. Punk forearm strikes Delirious followed by a neckbreaker. Punk drives Delirious down with a backbreaker. Delirious pulls down Punk’s trunks on a sunset flip attempt for a near fall. Delirious continues to beat on Punk with strikes as his ass is exposed. Punk is sent upside down into the corner and fall flat on his face. There is 15-minutes left in the time limit.

Delirious climbs to the top rope and takes Punk out with a somersault dive! Delirious climbs to the top and leaps off hitting a crossbody, but Punk rolls through for a two count. Delirious slams Punk off the top rope for a two count. Delirious pulls Punk’s tights up and hits a German suplex for a two count. Delirious goes to the top but lands on Punk’s knee gut first. Punk almost wins with an inside cradle and clotheslines Delirious for a two count. Punk nails Delirious with a running knee strike in the corner. Punk drives Delirious down with a brain buster. Punk leaps off the top rope hitting a leg drop. Punk mule kicks Delirious a few times, but Delirious drops Punk with a kick to the head. Delirious staggers Punk with forearm strikes. Punk lifts Delirious up and drops Delirious to the mat gut first followed by a shining wizard. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, but Delirious isn’t going to submit. Delirious almost passes out, but prevents his arm from falling three times. Delirious manages to reach the ropes.

Delirious hits a standing hurricanrana and a shining wizard for a two count. Delirious locks in the Crossface, but Punk doesn’t give in as he reaches the ropes. Delirious leaps off the top to hit Shadows Over Hell for a two count. Delirious heads to the top rope, but Punk stops Delirious with a right hand. Punk stops Delirious on the top looking for the Pepsi Plunge. Punk takes Delirious off the top with a superplex for a two count. Punk misses a clothesline and Delirious delivers several clotheslines in the corner. Delirious clotheslines Punk several times. They both fall down out of exhaustion and even the referee staggers into the ropes. They trade blows from their knees in the middle of the ring. Punk chops Delirious to the mat and Delirious fights back with headbutts. Punk plants Delirious with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Delirious gets an inside cradle and another rollup. Punk sits Delirious on the top turnbuckle. Punk can’t get his footing on the middle rope and tries for a slam, but they both fall backwards and crash to the mat. The referee is counting both men down and the bell sounds as the match ends in a draw. (****. I’ll be completely honest… I was dreading this match because I saw it went an hour long. I typically enjoy both guys in the ring, but for some reason I didn’t believe they’d have a quality match. Well, at least not for an hour. I’m not usually big on comedy matches, but they worked one well enough here. Did the match drag a little bit? Sure. I mean, any time you wrestle for an hour, it’s going to drag. However, they did a very good job of holding my attention and the fans attention by adding acts to the match to help with that. I enjoyed this match and the crowd remained invested throughout.) After the match, Ian Rotten naturally comes out and the fans give Punk a standing ovation and chant his name.

Seventh Contest: Brad Bradley & Trik Davis vs. Ace Rockwell & Shaun Tempers: Rockwell hammers away on Bradley, but Bradley isn’t hurt by that at all. Bradley chops Rockwell and Tempers tags into the match to try his luck. Tempers tries a shoulder block and Bradley doesn’t budge. Bradley hits a leaping shoulder block to knock both men down. Bradley is backdropped over the top to the floor. Bradley fights them off in the ring with clubbing blows in the corner. Davis dropkicks both men with help from Bradley. Bradley assists Davis with a moonsault to the floor. Bradley dives over the top to take everyone out. Tempers beats on Davis with right hands and stomps. Davis is met with a backbreaker and a clothesline for a two count. Rockwell back suplexs Davis for a two count. Davis tries for a sunset flip but Tempers hits a side slam for a two count. Rockwell gets a few strikes in but Bradley enters to clean house. Davis kicks Rockwell to break free. Bradley gets the hot tag with clotheslines and forearm strikes. Bradley drives Rockwell into the corner and hits a powerslam but Tempers breaks the cover. Bradley tosses Rockwell into the corner but Tempers knee lifts Bradley to the floor. Davis messes up a top rope Canadian Destroyer as he landed on his head. Rockwell and Tempers hit a Gory Special/Blockbuster combo for a two count. Bradley press slams Rockwell onto Tempers. Bradley decks Tempers with a clothesline and Davis double stomps Rockwell. They put Rockwell and Tempers in a 69 position. Bradley and Davis mess up a double team move out of the corner. Bradley decks Rockwell with a clothesline to win the match. (*1/4. Well, that just got sloppy and they messed up several spots throughout. Brad Bradley is really growing on me and I like his style.)

Eighth Contest: IWA-MS Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Jacobs vs. Matt Sydal: Jacobs is wearing a suit tonight and grabs a microphone. Jacobs seems like he has an excuse to not wrestle Sydal tonight. Jacobs offers Sydal $100 to not wrestle and get with some women. Sydal kicks Jacobs and takes the money. Sydal arm drags Jacobs a few times. Sydal controls Jacobs with a wrist lock. Jacobs shoulder rams Sydal in the corner. Sydal misses a dropkick as Jacobs holds onto the ropes. Sydal baseball slides Jacobs on the floor. Sydal brings Jacobs into the ring and Jacobs is begging off. Sydal attempts a standing moonsault but Jacobs moves. Jacobs gets a head scissors on Sydal to gain control of the match. Sydal nearly wins with a German suplex. Sydal climbs to the top rope and Jacobs puts the referee in the way. Jacobs clotheslines Sydal from behind to gain the advantage. Jacobs chokes Sydal over the middle rope. Jacobs forearms Sydal followed by a snap suplex. Jacobs works over Sydal with strikes and chokes Sydal in the corner. Jacobs forearms Sydal in the corner. Jacobs pulls his pants down and Sydal nearly wins with a victory roll. Sydal backdrops Jacobs followed by a scoop slam and a standing moonsault for a two count. Sydal takes Jacobs out with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Sydal chops Jacobs, but Sydal gets sent into the ring post face first. Sydal dropkicks Jacobs in midair for a two count. Sydal crotches Jacobs on the top turnbuckle. Sydal knocks Jacobs into the other ring and hits a moonsault reverse DDT/leg drop combo for a two count. Jacobs crotches Sydal on the top rope. Jacobs hits a springboard hurricanrana from one ring into the other for a near fall. Sydal nearly pins Jacobs with a rollup. Jacobs decks Sydal with a shoe and hits the Contra Code for the win. (***. A solid title match with Sydal and Jacobs both hitting some really good high spots to pop the crowd. Sydal is a lot of fun to watch and Jacobs is growing into his heel persona at a rapid rate.)

Main Event: Double Ring War Games
Team IWA Mid-South (Axl Rotten, Bull Pain, Chris Hero, Corporal Robinson & Ian Rotten)
Team NWA (Chandler McClure, Eric Priest, Sal Thomaselli, Tank, & Vito Thomaselli)
The Fannin Family (BJ Whitmer, Eddie Kingston, JC Bailey, Mark Wolf & Steve Stone)

Hero, Sal and Whitmer start off the match. Hero chops Whitmer several times and chops Sal against the ropes. Hero works over Whitmer until Sal comes up from behind. Sal beats on Hero with overhand strikes. Hero beats on both men with more right hands. Hero slams Whitmer and snap suplexs Sal onto Whitmer. Whitmer and Hero try to send each other into the cage, but neither is successful. Hero drops Whitmer with several chops. Whitmer sends Hero back first into the cage. Sal and Whitmer send Hero back first into the corner. Sal and Whitmer lift Hero into the air and drop Hero to the mat back first. Hero fights back in the corner to drop both men. Hero forearms Whitmer and slams BJ to the mat. Whitmer blocks a senton by getting his knees up. Whitmer drives Hero down with a backbreaker.

Tank is the next man into the ring. Tank and Sal sends Hero over the ropes into the second ring. They want to work with BJ, but they double team Whitmer instead.

Ian Rotten is next to enter the ring and goes after Tank with right hands. Rotten decks Whitmer. Rotten clotheslines Sal while Tank beats on Whitmer. Tank slams Ian’s broken hand into the cage.

Eddie Kingston has entered the match as Hero had a sleeper on Tank followed by a low blow. Whitmer and Kingston are hanging out in the other ring while Rotten works over Sal and Hero beats on Tank. Hero and Rotten go after Whitmer and Kingston. Hero goes right after Kingston driving Eddie into the cage back first and Rotten headbutts Whitmer.

Vito Thomaselli is next to enter the match. Hero sends Vito into the cage. Kingston sends Vito face first into the cage. Sal and Vito chop Kingston. Hero sends Whitmer into the cage.

Corporal Robinson enters the match and goes right after Tank with right hands. Robinson works over Sal with right hands in the corner. Hero sends Whitmer face first into the cage. Whitmer has been busted wide open as has Tank.

Steve Stone enters the match and beats on Hero and Sal. Tank sends Whitmer into the cage. Ian sends Vito into the cage. Hero beats on Whitmer with right hands until Stone saves him.

Eric Priest enters the match and goes after Kingston with right hands. Tank and Robinson are brawling in the corner with Tank ramming Robinson into the cage. Whitmer sends Ian into the cage face first.

Bull Pain enters the match and kicks Vito. Priest sends Stone face first into the cage. Pain bites Whitmer’s forehead. Priest hip tosses Stone into the cage.

JC Bailey is the next man to enter the match and works over Pain with stomps and right hands. Hero sends Sal into the cage again. Vito beats on Pain. Robinson clotheslines Bailey.

Chandler McClure enters the match and hits Stone with the Touchdown. Ian beats on Sal with a knee strike. Hero forearms Kingston several times on the mat.

Axl Rotten enters the match and goes after Kingston. Priest sends Stone into the cage face first. Whitmer sends Axl into the cage face first. Tank powerbombs Bailey into the cage and powerbombs Bailey to the mat.

Mark Wolf is the final man to enter the match. Sal and Stone are trading blows on the mat. Hero beats on Wolf. Ian splashes Bailey off the middle rope. Stone whips Priest with a belt. Ian sends Kingston into the cage face first. Ian and Hero work over Tank’s right knee. Vito saves Tank, but is sent into the cage. Hero and Ian have a double spinning toe hold, but Tank doesn’t give in. Hero and Ian have an STF on Tank, but Bailey saves his partner with a dropkick. Tank has apparently submitted and now it’s between the Fannin Family and IWA.

Bailey misses a spear on Ian and hits the cage shoulder first. Robinson and Whitmer trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Tank is getting yelled at on the floor by his teammates. Axl takes Bailey over with a back suplex. Stone sends Hero face first into the cage several timed. Kingston headbutts Ian in the corner several times. Bailey whacks Kingston with a chair shot and sits on the top of the cage. Ian puts a Crossface on Whitmer in the middle of the ring. Pain ehacks Whitmer with a chair shot. Hero with a flurry of strikes to Kingston. Pain headbutts Stone. Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome on Kingston. Hero has the Hangman’s Clutch on Wolf in the other ring. Kingston is forced to submit! Team IWA wins the match. After the match, Jim Fannin tosses a chair at Bailey, but doesn’t hit. Pain whacks Stone over the head with a steel chair. (***. This was just a violent match with basically no usage of weapons. They mostly just used the cage. Some kind of turn is usually expected in these kinds of matches and Bailey showing loyalty to IWA made the most sense. I enjoyed the match and I was glad they didn’t over do it with ridiculous weapons and went with a more old school approach.)

Final Thoughts:
One of the stronger IWA-MS shows that I have watched thus far. I’ll give this a recommendation to watch.

Thanks for reading.

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