NEW Autumn Ambush 2010 11/6/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Northeast Wrestling presents Autumn Ambush 2010
Date: 11/6/2010
From: Washingtonville, NY

Opening Contest: The Hurricane vs. Mike Bennett: Helms arm drags Bennett to start the match and plays to the crowd. Bennett backs Helms into a corner and delivers a right hand before bailing to the floor. Helms hits a heel kick as Bennett comes off the ropes and Bennett bails to the floor again. Helms elbow drops Bennett’s Boston jersey. Helms shoulder blocks Bennet, but Bennett comes back with one of his own. Helms sends Bennett to the floor and hits a slingshot crossbody! Helms comes off the ropes and is met with a low blow by Bennett. Bennett works over Helms with right hands. Bennett drops Helms with a clothesline. They trade strikes on the floor with Bennett ramming Helms face first on the apron. Helms get sent chest first into the corner leading to a near fall. They begin to trade right hands until Helms delivers a few clotheslines. Bennett runs into an uppercut in the corner. Helms drops Bennett with a neckbreaker. Helms tries for a chokeslam, but settles for a neckbreaker. Helms misses a shining wizard and Bennett hits a spinebuster for a two count. Bennett misses a top rope leg drop. Helms connects with a chokeslam to win the match. (*1/2. Bennett got a few moments to shine, but this was mostly just a match for Helms to get a pop from the crowd. The action wasn’t bad since Helms can still provide entertainment in the ring. So, for an opener it served a purpose even if it’s not an opener I greatly enjoyed or anything.)

Second Contest: The NOW (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) vs. Caleb Konley & Matt Saxon: Vik and Konley start off the tag match. Vik shoves Konley down to the mat a few times to showcase his power advantage. Saxon enters and gets tossed to the mat as well. Vik takes Saxon down to the mat and lays Saxon over his knees to allow Collins to hit a top rope elbow drop. Konley is dropped over the top turnbuckle face first followed by a double snap suplex. Konley rolls to the floor where Vik hits a slingshot crossbody. Collins and Vik play to the crowd as their opponents are on the floor struggling to get up. Vik drops Konley with a right hand upon entry to the match. Vik continues to pummel Konley with right hands in the corner. Saxon attempts a cheap shot, but fails. The distraction allows Konley to send Vik over the top to the floor. Saxon drives Vik back first into the apron before rolling Vik back into the ring. Konley taunts Collins and delivers a forearm off the apron. Vik tries to fight back with strikes, but Saxon cuts Vik off with a strike.

Konley snapmares Saxon to the mat and keeps control with a sleeper hold. Vik breaks free with a jawbreaker and nails Konley with a kick to the head. Collins gets tagged in and drops Konley with several clotheslines. Collins hits a Fame-Asser for a two count. Collins takes Saxon over with a vertical suplex two times. Collins scoop slams Saxon before heading to the top rope. Collins hits an elbow drop and Vik hits a twisting senton splash to win the match. (*1/2. Similar to the first match, this was just a segment to get the NOW some heat and showcase what they can do. I kinda dig the NOW, so I didn’t really mind it.)

Third Contest: Cedric Alexander vs. Jake Manning: Alexander shoulder blocks Manning and misses a dropkick after a couple of leapfrogs. Alexander hits a dropkick as Manning comes off the ropes for a two count. Manning dumps Alexander over the top to the floor. Alexander kicks Manning from the apron and hits a moonsault to the floor! Manning spits water into Alexander’s face and tosses Cedric shoulder first into the ring post. Manning delivers a shoulder breaker for a two count. Manning continues to work over Alexander with strikes and a shoulder block. Alexander forearms Manning, but Manning delivers an arm breaker for a two count. Manning keeps Alexander on the mat with a wrist lock. Alexander arm drags Manning followed by a few kicks. Alexander hits a forearm smash and a heel kick. Alexander dropkicks Manning followed by a flatliner and a standing moonsault for a two count. Alexander kicks Manning in the corner and comes off the top, but Manning sidesteps and hits a backbreaker followed by a flatliner for a two count. Alexander knocks Manning off the top and hits a split legged moonsault for the win. (**. A rather short match, but a decent encounter between these two. I feel like they should have been given a few more minutes and make it more of a hard fought contest.) After the match, Abyss makes his way out to confront Alexander. Abyss comes through the crowd and from behind. Alexander forearms Abyss a few times, but Abyss plants Alexander with a Black Hole Slam. Abyss says he’s here on a mission from Immortal. Abyss has been sent to the area by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff to destroy Tommy Dreamer. Abyss announces that the match with Dreamer will be a Monster’s Ball match. Abyss says that Dreamer will be useless and disgusting, just like the fans.

Fourth Contest: Ralph Mosca & Tony DeVito vs. Brian Anthony & Bull Dredd: Anthony and Dredd attack before the bell to get the early advantage. However, they are sent into each other quickly. DeVito clotheslines Anthony and hits a suplex causing Anthony to bail to the floor. Mosca and Dredd are in the ring with Mosca delivering an eye rake and several punches. DeVito enters and gets tripped by Kurt Adonis from the floor. Dredd runs over DeVito with a body strike. Anthony tags in and works over DeVito with a kick to the midsection before choking DeVito over the middle rope. Anthony hammers away on DeVito and hits a spinebuster for a two count. Anthony nails DeVito with a running boot for a two count. Anthony knee lifts DeVito coming off the ropes. Dredd drops DeVito with a few headbutts. DeVito tries for a sunset flip, but Dredd sits down. Dredd misses a headbutt coming off the ropes. Mosca gets the hot tag and cleans house by hitting a scoop slam on Anthony. Mosca splashes Dredd in the corner, but Anthony delivers a strike from behind. Adonis gets knocked off the apron. Dredd drives Anthony down with House Party and DeVito hits a top rope moonsault to pin Anthony. (*. I’m really not understanding the direction of this undercard as they have all been fairly lopsided and lacked entertainment.)

Roddy Piper makes his way out to do a Piper’s Pit segment. Piper brings up the Jersey Shore and how it’s making people look bad. Piper can’t believe they have a wrestler who is dumb enough to want to come from the Jersey Shore. Piper mentions Robbie E and doesn’t know what the E stands for. Robbie E and Cookie make their way out to join the segment. Robbie says that Piper crossed the line. Robbie says that Cookie doesn’t kiss dinosaurs like Piper. Robbie doubts that Piper’s penis even works anymore. Robbie believes that nobody wants to hear Piper’s Pit and instead want to see them. Robbie thinks they should have their own show, but nobody is supporting that idea. Robbie would have Piper be the janitor for the show. Cookie thinks that Piper should be ashamed of himself for assaulting her last night by kissing her. Cookie is sure that Piper has kids her age and he’s gross. Robbie demands that Piper get on his knees and begins to shove Piper a few times. Piper isn’t liking the shoving. Robbie slaps Piper a few times. Piper gets down on a knee and apologizes. Piper tells Robbie that he can go to hell and messes up his hair. Robbie punches Piper on the apron and pummels Piper in the middle of the ring. Piper put a sleeper hold on Robbie and spanked Cookie over his knee before departing the ring.

Fifth Contest: NEW Heavyweight Champion Matt Taven vs. Eddie Edwards: Taven is backed into a corner and they shove each other leading to Edwards taking Taven to the mat, but Taven gets control with a hammerlock. Taven counters Edwards by getting a head scissors on the mat. Taven arm drags Edwards to keep arm control. Edwards gets wrist control, but Taven pops up a few times. Edwards knee lifts Taven in the midsection followed by a shoulder block. Taven arm drags Edwards a few times going back to an arm bar. Taven misses a spin kick and Edwards rolls through a sunset flip to kick Taven in the chest. Edwards keeps control with a kick to the head. Edwards keeps Taven on the mat with a sleeper hold. Edwards switches to a chin lock. Taven head scissors Edwards followed by a couple of dropkicks. Taven tosses Edwards over the top to the floor. Taven hits a springboard crossbody to the floor. Taven tries to go to the top, but Edwards nails Taven with a running boot. Edwards chops Taven on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Edwards goes for the cover, but Taven kicks out at two. Edwards drops Taven with a chop to the chest. Taven tries to fight back, but Edwards delivers a boot to get a near fall.

Edwards chops Taven in the corner, but Taven gets a few shots in. Edwards keeps control of the match by countering a head scissors with a powerbomb. Taven counters a top rope crossbody by hitting a dropkick in midair. Edwards runs into a couple of strikes, but stops Taven with a boot. Taven heel kicks Edwards, but gets dumped to the apron. Taven kicks Edwards and hits a top rope crossbody for a two count. Taven kicks Edwards and Edwards comes back with a chop. Taven gets out of a sunset flip and dropkicks Edwards. Taven runs into a superkick and Edwards nearly wins the match. Edwards kicks Taven on the middle rope and tries for a backpack stunner. Taven breaks free and manages to superkick Edwards. Taven hits a top rope frog splash to win the match. (***. It’s a fine match, but the presentation of Taven here was a bit odd to me. Edwards felt like he controlled 90% of the match and Taven won with two big moves and that was it. I was hopeful for a back and forth match and that didn’t happen here. Again, it’s a fine match and enjoyable, but it could have been so much better.)

Sixth Contest: Mickie James vs. Alexxis: They lockup and go to the mat before standing up and letting go. James forearms Alexxis and gets wrist control before switching to a hammerlock. Alexxis breaks free with an elbow strike. James arm drags Alexxis and goes back to a headlock on the mat. James shoulder blocks Alexxis and hits a dropkick for a one count. Alexxis misses a clothesline and James takes her down to the mat followed by a dropkick. Alexxis takes a breather on the floor to regroup. James baseball slides Alexxis into the guard railing. James comes off the ropes to hit a Thez Press followed by right hands. Alexxis sends James into the corner back first to get momentum. Alexxis yanks James off the middle rope for a two count. Alexxis works over James with a few forearms against the ropes. Alexxis clotheslines James for a two count. Alexxis dropkicks James on the knee and taunts the fans. Alexxis head scissors James to the mat and gets a two count. Alexxis keeps a chin lock on James, but doesn’t get a submission. Alexxis keeps pulling Mickie’s hair before letting go of the hold and argues with the referee. James comes up from behind and almost wins with a rollup. They slowly get to their feet and begin to trade forearm strikes. James continues with forearm strikes against the ropes. James hits a clothesline a few times. James spin kicks Alexxis followed by a pump kick and a neckbreaker. Alexxis eye rakes James and hits a backstabber for a near fall. Alexxis heads to the top rope but misses a double stomp. James nails Alexxis with a kick and wins the match. (*. I mean it’s so evident that Alexxis is nowhere near the level that James is at and shouldn’t be wrestling in these kinds of matches. The overall trend has been to make the bigger names look good and get a pop from the crowd.)

Main Event: Abyss vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Monster’s Ball Match: Abyss shoves Dreamer down to the mat to start the match. Abyss hammers away on Dreamer with right hands. Dreamer fires back with right hands and avoids a splash in the corner. Dreamer knocks Abyss to the floor with right hands. Dreamer jumps off the apron to take Abyss out on the floor. Dreamer tosses a trash can into the ring. Dreamer nails Abyss with a drink to the head and spits the drink into Abyss face. Abyss drops Dreamer over the railing groin first. Abyss has a steel chair as Dreamer rolls into the ring. Abyss sets a chair up in the corner but Dreamer delivers a few trash can shots until Abyss punches the can into Dreamer’s face. Abyss with a trash can lid shot for a two count. Abyss clotheslines Dreamer to the mat. Abyss jabs Dreamer several times with a chair. Abyss lays a chair over Dreamer’s body and taunts the crowd. Abyss runs the ropes and Dreamer low blows Abyss with the chair. Dreamer moved the chair too early and made it look bad. Dreamer jabs Abyss several times followed by a clothesline. Dreamer puts the ring bell on Abyss groin and proceeds to ring the bell. Dreamer puts a trash can in front of Abyss in the corner. Dreamer dropkicks the trash can into Abyss for a two count.

Abyss blocks a trash can shot and delivers an awkward chokeslam that didn’t look good at all. Dreamer sends Abyss into the chair in the corner and nearly wins with a rollup. Dreamer signals for a DDT, but Abyss tosses Dreamer down onto the chair to counter the move. Abyss taunts the fans as the Hurricane’s music hits. Hurricane hits Abyss with a kendo stick and Dreamer hits a DDT to win the match. (1/2*. That may be one of the worst main events I’ve ever watched in my entire life.)

Final Thoughts:
A disappointing show and there’s nothing here worthwhile to check out.

Thanks for reading.

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