2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Night Two 6/6/2009

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Tag Team Title Tournament Night Two
Date: 6/6/2009
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Loca Vida vs. El Generico: Generico cleanly breaks away from Vida in the corner. Vida dances after avoiding a lockup by Generico. That leads to them trading dancing moves. Generico gets mad at Vida getting an ovation for his dance moves. Generico takes Vida down to the mat to keep control of the match with some mat wrestling holds. Generico comes off the ropes and is arm dragged by Vida several times. Vida keeps arm control on Generico, but Generico hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. They trade a few boots to the face with Generico knocking Vida off his feet. Generico delivers a backbreaker for a near fall. Vida stops Generico on the top rope with right hands. Vida tries for and hits a superplex for a near fall. Vida heads to the top rope and misses a splash. Generico delivers a running boot in the corner and nearly wins with a rollup. Generico signals for the brainbuster on the middle rope, but Vida fights out and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to win the match. (**. For the most part, this remained in first gear. I was hoping for a more action-packed and fast pace match. Instead, they focused on some dancing and didn’t really allow the match to get going.)

Second Contest: Alumni Club (Alex Cypher & Tony Torres) vs. Killer Steves (Steve Kruz & Steve McKenzie) in a 2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Match: All four men are in the ring brawling to kickoff the match. Torres goes chest first into the corner while Cypher is sent to the floor. They begin to brawl on the floor. McKenzie brings Torres into the ring and stomps away on Torres followed by right hands. Cypher rams Kruz back first into the guard railing. McKenzie clotheslines Torres before tossing Torres over the top to the floor. Cypher gets hit by his manager, Marshall McNeil, on accident. Kruz gets tripped by McNeil. Kruz decks McNeil off the apron. Kruz gets hit with the cane and McKenzie hits Cypher over the back with a steel chair. The referee has disqualified both teams and thus they are both eliminated. Thus, the second semifinal match for the tag titles is now the finals to crown the first champions. (*. Considering these two teams aren’t overly great, I’m glad they went with the finish of a double DQ and there wasn’t any structure to the match whatsoever.)

Prior to the next match, Colin Delaney cuts a promo bragging about beating Jay Freddie so badly last night in Syracuse that Freddie hasn’t been cleared. Delaney wants a piece of Zaquary Springate III.

Third Contest: Zaquary Springate III vs. Colin Delaney: Springate enters the ring from the side and punches Delaney to the floor. Delaney runs backstage to avoid Springate, but is quickly caught and brought to ringside. They trade blows around ringside. They brawl into the crowd where Delaney whacks Springate with a trash can. Springate returns the trash can shot moments later. Delaney drops Springate over the railing for a near fall. Delaney works over Springate with strikes. Delaney sends Springate shoulder first into the turnbuckle followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Springate boots Delaney and comes off the top to hit a crossbody for a near fall. Delaney regains control by delivering a kick to the head for a near fall. Delaney works over the left arm of Springate and taunts the fans. Delaney grabs a chair, but Jay Freddie comes out and takes the chair away. Springate almost wins with a rollup. Freddie has his arm taped up and hits Delaney with the chair allowing Springate to win with a rollup. (*1/2. The continuation of the feud between Freddie and Delaney was the goal here. I find it interesting that Freddie wasn’t cleared to wrestle, yet he’s wearing his gear. The match wasn’t all that interesting to me, especially when they stopped brawling on the floor.)

Fourth Contest: Portia Perez vs. Daizee Haze: Early on, Haze gets control with a wrist lock on the mat. Perez gets a head scissors on Haze for a moment. Haze yanks Perez down by her hair and backs away in the corner. Haze shoulder blocks Perez followed by a shoulder block. Haze arm drags Perez to keep control on the mat. Haze pummels Perez with right hands on the mat. Haze slips on the ropes and kicks Perez away leading to another arm drag. Perez drops Haze arm first over the middle rope. Perez beats on Haze outside the ring. Perez continues to work over Haze with stomps in the corner. Haze tries for a rollup, but Perez quickly comes back with a clothesline. Perez stops Haze with a side slam for a one count. Haze breaks free with a back suplex. Haze clotheslines Perez followed by an elbow strike. Haze plants Perez with an arm breaker and the heart punch. Haze comes off the ropes to deliver a boot, but Perez kicks out again at two. Perez nearly wins the match with an inside cradle. Haze tries for a sunset flip in the corner, but Perez sits down and holds the ropes to win the match. (*1/2. I’m not really a fan of these two, and I think its more so Haze at this point. Several people got out of their chair when Perez won. She’s clearly over with the 2CW crowd.)

Former 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen makes his way down to the ring. Olsen is using crutches, which he had ditched last night before losing the championship. JD Love is with Olsen and says that Olsen was ripped off and lost the championship. Love doesn’t understand how Olsen lost the championship when he wasn’t even involve din the match anymore. Matt Patterson comes out and he’s pissed about their nonsense and wants to fight them. Patterson took his shirt off, but then leaves the ring. Olsen says he’s not done with Jason Axe, who is the new 2CW Heavyweight Champion.

Fifth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Brodie Lee: Brown takes Lee down to the mat with a headlock to start the match. Lee shoulder blocks Brown to the mat, but runs into a clothesline. Lee doesn’t fall down, but a leaping clothesline knocks Lee off his feet. Brown continues with a standing dropkick. Lee dumps Brown to the apron and tries for a chokeslam on the apron. Lee manages to chokeslam Brown onto the apron and Brown falls to the floor. Lee uppercuts Brown on the floor followed by a few chops against the railing. Lee nearly wins the match back in the ring. Brown hammers away on Lee in the corner with several strikes. Lee decks Brown to the mat with an uppercut. Lee takes Brown over with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Lee beats on Brown with a chop in the corner followed more strikes. Brown pulls himself to the top rope and nails Lee with a missile dropkick. Lee had turned around and wasn’t paying attention.

Brown elbows and clotheslines Lee to the mat. Brown flips off the middle rope and is met with a superkick for a near fall. Brown hip tosses Lee and manages a two count. Brown plants Lee with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Lee hits a sit out spinebuster for a two count on Slyck. Lee nails Brown with a running boot in the corner followed by a swinging side slam for a near fall. Lee forearms Brown in the corner and gets ready for another boot. Brown comes out of the corner to hit a leg lariat and manages to pin Lee! (***. For a ten minute match, I thought they did a really good job of keeping a good pace and making most of their stuff feel important. They work really well together and I enjoyed the action. Slyck gets a huge win and I’d be in favor of these two wrestling again in 2CW.)

Sixth Contest: Jay Freddie vs. Muscle Marcos: Freddie backdrops Marcos early in the match a couple of times. Freddie baseball slides Marcos on the floor and delivers a few chops. Freddie sends Marcos into the guard railing several times. Freddie works over Marcos with strikes in the corner. Freddie misses a spear and his injured shoulder hits the ring post. Marcos focuses his offense on the injured shoulder. Marcos delivers an arm breaker for a near fall. Marcos keeps Freddie on the mat with an arm bar, but Freddie doesn’t give in. They trade chops in the corner until Marcos stops Freddie with an eye rake. Freddie shoves Marcos off the middle rope and misses a diving headbutt. Freddie lands on his shoulder allowing Marcos to hit a short hurricanrana for a near fall. Marcos hits a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Marcos keeps working over Freddie’s shoulder with strikes. Freddie hits a German suplex to stop Marcos. Freddie elbows Marcos several times followed by a DDT! Colin Delaney slides into the ring and breaks up the cover. Zaquary Springate III leaves commentary and brawls with Delaney outside the ring. Marcos hits a Slice Bread on Freddie. Marcos is distracted by the brawling on the floor and Freddie wins the match with a rollup from behind. (*. I didn’t like this match at all. A lot of it due to the lack of sense. Freddie isn’t cleared to wrestle in a match with Delaney, and instead wrestles Marcos? Why wouldn’t Freddie just wrestle Delaney earlier? Heck, there could have been a tag match involving these two instead of two singles matches. I suppose they avoided a tag match because of the tournament.)

Prior to the next match, Isys Ephex makes his way out to put himself in the title match and now it is a three way dance. Matt Patterson comes out and announces the match is now a three way dance.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Jason Axe vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Isys Ephex: Edwards nails Ephex with a big boot and trades forearms with Axe. Axe dives over the top to take Ephex out with a somersault dive! Edwards takes them both out with a suicide dive! Edwards works over Ephex with a chop on the floor a few times. Edwards headutts Ephex followed by a few strikes. Edwards comes off the middle rope to nail Ephex with a Codebreaker. Edwards delivers a few big boots to knock Ephex to the mat for a two count. Ephex plants Edwards with a back suplex. Axe returns to the match and backdrops Ephex to the apron. Ephex hits a springboard tornado DDT and a standing moonsault for a two count. Ephex spikes Axe with a brainbuster for a near fall. Ephex uppercuts Axe followed by a big boot. Ephex takes Axe over with a German suplex for a two count. Ephex decks Edwards off the apron. Edwards kicks Ephex and does the same to Axe for a near fall. Edwards forearms Axe to the mat and gets a two count. Axe catches Edwards in the corner and drops Eddie’s neck over his knee for a near fall.

Axe decks Ephex off the apron. Axe splashes Edwards in the corner for a two count. Axe keeps Edwards on the mat with a sleeper hold. Edwards nails Axe with a kick. Ephex hits a spinning heel kick on Edwards. Axe nails Ephex with a spinning kick, as well. All three men get up at roughly the same time and they begin to trade strikes. Ephex drops Edwards over his knee. Ephex hits a reverse piledriver on Axe for a two count. Ephex sets Axe up for a Burning Hammer, but Axe breaks free. Edwards head scissors Ephex and superkicks Axe. Edwards drops Ephex with a sit out suplex for a near fall. Edwards kicks Ephex on the top turnbuckle and tries for a backpack stunner, but Axe hits a missile dropkick instead. Axe tries for a fisherman suplex on Edwards, but Eddie counters. Edwards misses a kick to a seated Axe. Axe gets a Crossface on Edwards, but Ephex breaks up the submission. Ephex and Axe begin to trade strikes with Axe attempting a backslide but nails Ephex with a kick to the head. JD Love, Muscle Marcos and Jimmy Olsen come out to attack the wrestlers.

Jimmy Olsen has a plastic bag over Jason Axe’s head! Edwards and Ephex beat on Marcos, who didn’t know that his guys had left. Edwards hits a middle rope Codebreaker and Ephex hit a brainbuster. Axe gets up and plants Marcos with a fisherman buster to get some level of revenge. Axe screams out if Olsen and Love want a piece of him. (***. I thought the match was going fairly well, but a clean finish would have been ideal for the first title defense for Axe. The interference is clearly setting up a match between Olsen and Axe in a singles capacity, which is a fine move. I would have done a clean finish for Axe and then the attack afterward.)

Main Event: Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) vs. Delirious & Jigsaw in the finals to crown the first-ever 2CW Tag Team Champions: Delirious starts the match and scares Cloudy to the floor. Delirious takes Cloudy down to the mat early on. Jigsaw double stomps Cloudy’s arm. Jigsaw controls Cloudy with a wrist lock before tagging in Delirious. Cloudy gets a head scissors on Delirious for a moment. Cloudy gets met with a senton/leg drop combo. Jigsaw stops Cheech with a Gory Special and Delirious rubs his spit into Cheech’s face. Cheech and Jigsaw trade a few rollup attempts with both men getting two counts. Jigsaw head scissors Cheech to the floor but runs into an elbow strike by Cheech. Cloudy tags in and stomps on Jigsaw for a near fall. Cheech forearms Jigsaw in the corner leading to a near fall. Cloudy returns to the match and drop toe holds Cheech followed by a senton splash for a two count. Cloudy yanks Jigsaw down to the mat by his mask to keep the advantage in their favor. Cheech tries for a suplex, but Delirious tags in and atomic drops Cheech. Delirious comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neckbreaker on Cheech.

Cheech puts the referee in his way in the corner and throat thrusts Delirious. Delirious continues to be worked over in the corner. Cheech controls Delirious with a chin lock in the middle of the ring. Cheech drives Delirious to the mat with a back suplex before tagging in Cloudy to keep control of the match. Up In Smoke hit a double side Russian leg sweep on Delirious. Cheech goes back to a chin lock on Delirious. Delirious clotheslines Cheech, but can’t tag in Jigsaw as Cloudy puts a Boston Crab on Delirious. Cheech enters to scoop slam Delirious and tags in Cloudy. Cloudy gets slammed off the top, but Cheech trips Delirious and knocks Jigsaw off the apron. Cheech locks in a Boston Crab on Delirious. Cloudy hits a rolling neck snap and Cheech hits a dropkick for a near fall. Cheech drives Delirious face first down to the mat. Delirious is worked over in the corner as is double teamed while Jigsaw tries to help but is held back by the referee. Delirious heel kicks Cheech and tries to tag in Jigsaw. Jigsaw does get tagged in and hits a top rope crossbody. Jigsaw knocks Cloudy off the apron and backdrops Cheech to the floor. Jigsaw takes Cheech and Cloudy out with a somersault dive. Jigsaw double stomps Cheech and nearly wins the match.

Cheech is met with a kick from Jigsaw and a double DDT leading to a near fall for Delirious. Cloudy rams Jigsaw into the guard railing. Delirious chops Cheech, but Cloudy grabs Delirious. Up In Smoke hit a twisting powerslam combo followed by a top rope Tower of London, but Delirious kicks out at two. Jigsaw superkicks Cheech but Cloudy plants Jigsaw with a tornado DDT. Cloudy hits a tornado DDT on Delirious! Delirious and Cloudy trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Cloudy shoulder rams Delirious several times in the corner. Delirious headbutts Cloudy to the mat and hits a frog splash to the back for a near fall. Delirious has a Crossface on Cloudy and Cheech is held back by Jigsaw! Cheech breaks free and breaks up the submission! Cloudy boots Delirious in the corner but is met with a strike to the gut. Jigsaw dropkicks Cloudy into the corner followed by a knee strike by Delirious. Jigsaw nearly wins with Burning Hammer, but Cheech breaks the cover up. Cheech baseball slides Delirious on the floor and Jigsaw is met with a 619/dropkick combo. Cloudy comes off the top to dropkick Jigsaw in a powerbomb position and Jigsaw lands over Cheech’s knee! Cheech has the cover and pins Jigsaw to become the first 2CW Tag Team Champions! (***1/2. An enjoyable main event between two underrated tag teams on independent scene at this point. Up In Smoke winning the titles make the most sense considering they are regulars. It should be fun to see them defend against high profile teams brought into the company.)

Final Thoughts:
Similar to night one, I think there is enough here to give this a recommendation. Lee/Slyck, Edwards/Ephex/Axe and the main event were all entertaining and there wasn’t anything on the show that I would deem as being awful. This was a good double-shot weekend for 2CW.

Thanks for reading.

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