Rebooking 2CW: Show #1 2006

Squared Circle Wrestling was a local promotion here in Syracuse, NY that ran in Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Oswego, Watertown, Elmira, Roma, Utica, Ithaca, Auburn, and Amsterdam. They had shows from April 2006 to December 2015. You’ll see on the site that I’ve reviewed several of their shows. Well, to go along with my Rebooking of WWF series, I’ve decided to publish my rebooking of 2CW. I figured it could be fun to do this and see what could develop. With this project, I’ll be keeping it fairly believable. If a wrestler is available to be used, they are fair game. You will not see contracted WWE guys randomly appearing. If someone I’m using got signed in real life, that would apply to what I’m doing. So, it could get interested if I’m not paying attention. Some guys will be brought in sooner than they originally came into the company. Instead of beginning in April 2006, I’ll begin in January. Hope you enjoy the series.

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Adrenaline
Date: 1/21/2006
From: Syracuse, New York
Attendance: 237

Ring announcer Bob Foley kicked off the show getting the fans amped up for the show until Jimmy and Colin Olsen made their way down to the ring. Jimmy says that he knows that everyone came here tonight to see Spike Dudley win and all that but they are going to be disappointed. Jimmy proclaims that he can backup everything that he spouts off and states that tonight he will make a name for himself at the expense of Dudley!

1.) Eddie Edwards defeated Dizzie: A decent little opener to kick off 2CW’s first show. Edwards controlled Dizzie early on with a series of kicks in the corner but that didn’t last all that long. Dizzie avoided a double knee strike and hit Edwards with a Death Valley Driver. Dizzie ended up missing a top rope knee drop and Edwards hit Dizzie with a spinning sit down power bomb! Edwards manages to earn the win following a cross legged fisherman buster (Die Hard) after eight minutes of action.

2.) Up In Smoke defeated All Money Is Legal: This was a perfect example of a fast paced tag team bout. AMIL had the early advantage double teaming Cheech with a slingshot leg drop/body splash combo for a near fall. Cheech stopped K-Murda with a big tilt a whirl back breaker before Cloudy came off the top with a missile dropkick. Cloudy’s offense was capped off with a somersault neck breaker after leaping off the middle rope on K-Pusha. Late in the bout, Cheech shoved Pusha off the top rope and hit Murda with a hurricanrana. Cloudy came off the top with a frog splash to get the win after eleven minutes of action.

Jason Axe made his way out for an interview where he believed that he should have been in the main event tonight instead of Jimmy Olsen or even Spike Dudley. Axe claims to be a superstar and that 2CW needs to realize that. Axe also notes that he is going to show Brodie Lee that he is not a joke.

3.) Brodie Lee defeated Jason Axe: Well, he will need to show Lee some other time. Axe missed a running clothesline and was met with a huge swinging side slam. Lee quickly followed up with a running big boot to win the bout in under two minutes.

4.) Colin Olsen defeated Frankie Arion: Olsen showed no respect for Arion as he slapped Arion casually in the corner. Arion fought back with a series of arm drags and a head scissors take down. Arion attempted a springboard off the top rope but Olsen crotched Arion on the top rope midsection first. Olsen ended up planting Arion with a DDT to get the three count after six minutes of action.

Intermission: During the intermission, a video was aired to hype up the debut of a wrestler next month in Syracuse. That debut? JERRY LYNN!

5.) Josh Daniels defeated Isys Ephex: Daniels chopped Ephex throughout the contest causing Ephex’s chest to turn incredibly red. Ephex stopped Daniels with a jaw breaker and a shining wizard. Ephex nearly won with a series of back suplexs but Daniels was able to comeback with a full nelson suplex. Late in the bout, Daniels got out of the Burning Hammer with a nice DDT and leapt off the top rope with a diving head butt to win the bout after nine minutes of action.

6.) Slyck Wagner Brown defeated John Walters: These two put on a techinal masterpiece trading several submission holds until Walters decided to low blow Brown and nearly won with a double under hook power bomb. Walters attempted a superplex but was shoved away by Brown who then leapt off the middle rope to hit Walters with a leg lariat for a near win. Brown attempted a vertical suplex but Walters was able to wiggle around enough to cause both men to crash to the floor. Walters returned to the ring to take Brown out with a suicide dive! The action continued for another ten minutes until Brown was able to hit the Appreciation Bomb and locked in the Texas Cloverleaf to win the bout after twenty three minutes of action.

Main Event:) Jimmy Olsen defeated Spike Dudley: Although the match was not booked as a no disqualification match, Dudley made that a stipulation by force. Dudley refused to have Olsen enter the ring and instead tossed him into guard railings, ring posts and chairs held by fans. Olsen stopped Dudley by spitting beer into his face and scoop slammed Dudley on the concrete floor. Olsen jumped off the railing to deliver a elbow drop but didn’t go for a cover. Olsen tossed a few chairs into the ring and finally brought the fight into the ring. Olsen set up a chair in the corner but was rammed head first into the chair by Dudley. Dudley put several chairs on top of one another near the center of the ring before going for the Acid Drop, but Olsen countered the Acid Drop and tossed Spike onto the chairs. Olsen staggered to his feet and spiked Dudley with a pile driver onto the chairs! Olsen covered a bloody Dudley to win the bout after twelve minutes of action.
After the bout, Jimmy celebrated his win while taunting a bloody Dudley. Olsen left the arena while the fans chanted for a pissed off and disappointed Dudley to close the show.

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