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Rebooking 2CW: Show #2 2006

The second show of the rebooking of Squared Circle Wrestling! Featuring Spike Dudley and Jerry Lynn!

Squared Circle Wrestling presents The F’n Show
From: Syracuse, NY
Attendance: 240

1.) Jimmy Olsen defeated Loca Vida: Coming off a huge victory on the first show, Jimmy continued his winning ways to kick off the second show in 2CW history. Loca showcased his speed hitting a head scissors and nearly won following a hurricanrana. Jimmy snuck in a low blow and spiked Loca with a piledriver. After the match, Jimmy got on the microphone and ripped on the fans saying he is going to take out all their heroes and they will all be forced to cheer him.

2.) Josh Daniels defeated Frankie Arion: Daniels displayed great strength during the match tossing Arion around with various suplexs hitting a series of German suplexs. Arion showed great heart and hit a somersault dive to the floor that got the crowd behind him. However, Daniels was able to avoid a missile dropkick and got a submission victory with a sharpshooter.

3.) Isys Ephex defeated John Walters: The match was mainly a mat wrestling clinic until Ephex delivered a cheap shot when Walters reached the ropes on a submission. Isys hit a suicide dive and they both hit the guard railing hard. Walters fought back and nearly won following a middle rope power bomb, but couldn’t keep Ephex down. Ephex counted a go-behind to hit the Burning Hammer and pick up an impressive victory.

4.) All Money Is Legal defeated Up In Smoke: A rematch from the first show between two tag teams that impressed fans. Cheech got plenty of heat as he continually cheated and stalled whenever AMIL got the advantage. Up In Smoke hit double springboard splash in the corner but couldn’t get the cover. They followed up with a back breaker/senton splash combo on K-Murda. AMIL had better luck this time around as they were able to pin Cloudy following a senton splash and a big splash combo. After the match, Cheech brutally attacked Murda and Pusha with a steel chair.

5.) Brodie Lee defeated Zaquary Springate III: Lee was not in a good mood on this night and pummeled Springate easily and took home a victory following a big boot and a swinging side slam.

After intermission, it was announced that on 3/18 and 3/19 there will be a 2CW Heavyweight Championship tournament and there will be eight men involved. The champion will be crowned on April 8th.

6.) Spike Dudley defeated Steve Kruz: Kruz took control of the contest early on hitting a back suplex across the railing after they brawled on the floor. Dudley fought back with a somersault off the apron onto the floor. They continued to brawl on the floor for several moments with both men being tossed into the railing. Late in the match, Kruz attempted to hit a top rope knee drop while a chair was on Dudley, but missed it and hit the chair instead. Spike took advantage and hit the Acid Drop for the victory. After the match, Jimmy Olsen ran into the ring and low blowed Dudley with a chair and hit a piledriver.

7.) Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Eddie Edwards: An absolute clinic of match that saw the fans give the men involved a standing ovation. Brown and Eddie traded chops early on and Edwards had the first significant amount of offense after hitting a running yakuza kick. Edwards came off the top and nearly won with a missile dropkick. Edwards dropped Brown with a vertical suplex onto the apron but couldn’t put Slyck away. Brown fought back with a leg lariat and an overhead belly to belly suplex. After a twenty minute battle, Slyck was able to get the pin fall following the Appreciation Bomb. After the match, they shook hands out of respect.

Main Event: Colin Olsen defeated Jerry Lynn: Lynn controlled the early portion of the match after hitting a tilt a whirl back breaker and hit a leg drop across the middle rope. Colin avoided a spear in the corner and Lynn hit the ring post. Colin worked over the right shoulder of Lynn hitting an arm breaker and a single arm DDT. Olsen spat and blew his nose onto Lynn and followed up with a dropkick to a seated Lynn. Colin nearly won after hitting a middle rope neck breaker. Lynn countered a vertical suplex and hit a reverse DDT. Jerry attempted the cradle piledriver, but Colin countered and went for a brain buster, but Lynn delivered a knee strike and again went for the cradle piledriver, but Colin dropped down and “accidentally” hit Lynn in the groin with his head. Colin took advantage and hit the brain buster for the victory.

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