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Rebooking 2CW: Show #3 2006

A tournament to crown the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion begins at Road To The Title!

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Road To The Title
From: Syracuse, NY
Attendance: 325

The show begins with every wrestler appearing on a big screen providing a brief comment about the 2CW Heavyweight Championship and how winning the championship would help their careers moving forward. Tonight it begins, and concludes on April 8th. Who will be the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion?

Opening Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Isys Ephex in the first round of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship
Tournament: Ephex attacked Brown prior to the bell and kept advantage with a neck breaker and a middle rope knee drop in the early stages, but couldn’t put Brown away. Ephex attempted a Death Valley Driver, but Slyck broke free and hit a leg lariat. After roughly ten minutes of action, Brown hit a sit down power bomb to advance in the tournament.

On the big screen, Jimmy Olsen was interviewed saying that tonight he isn’t winning the championship for any other reason than the money that comes with it. He’d private transportation and wouldn’t have to dress with the other 2CW bums in the locker room. Olsen says it starts with Edwards and the 2CW fans will have to get ready to adore him as champion.

Second Contest: Jimmy Olsen defeated Eddie Edwards in the first round of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
Olsen stalled on the floor and that allowed Edwards to start with a suicide dive to the outside. Eddie beat on Olsen with a series of chops and a tilt a whirl back breaker back in the ring. Jimmy absorbs the punishment and stops Eddie with a jaw breaker and a snap suplex to get the momentum in his favor. Olsen drives Edwards down with a gut buster and comes off the top hitting a diving head butt for a near fall. Eddie fights back managing to hit a running yakuza kick and a top rope missile dropkick. However, Colin Olsen appears at ringside to distract the referee and Edwards. Jimmy low blows Edwards from behind and spikes Edwards with a piledriver. The referee turns around and counts the fall for Jimmy after twelve minutes of action.

Colin and Jimmy continue to beat down Edwards until Spike Dudley runs into the ring with a steel chair and whacks Jimmy over the back. Edwards recovers and hits a somersault dive to take Jimmy out on the floor and they brawl to the backstage area. This leads to the next match…

Third Contest: Spike Dudley defeated Colin Olsen in the first round of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
Dudley brawls with Colin around ringside where Colin soon sends Dudley flipping into the guard railing and rammed Spike groin first into the ring post. They got into the ring where Olsen worked over Spike’s lower back but Spike refused to give in. Late in the match, Colin missed a spear in the corner and stumbled out holding his shoulder allowing Spike to hit the Acid Drop for the win after seven minutes of action.

On the big screen, Jerry Lynn is interviewed and says he’s been the top dog back in ECW and he isn’t dead yet. Lynn is confident he can hang with the young guys on the independents and he’ll prove to himself and all the doubters that he still has what takes to steal the show and be the champion.

Fourth Contest: Brodie Lee defeated Jerry Lynn in the first round of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship Tournament
: Lynn tries to use mat wrestling Lee, but Brodie is simply just too big and tosses Lynn away. Brodie countered a tilt a whirl head scissors attempt by driving Lynn down with a side slam for a near fall in the opening moments of the match. Lynn battled back managing to hit a springboard dropkick causing Lee to fall across the middle rope, where Lynn hit a slingshot leg drop for a near fall of his own. Jerry attempted the cradle piledriver, but Lee backdropped Lynn and came off the ropes to hit a running big boot to get the victory and advance after eight minutes of action.

Prior to the next match, Jason Axe comes out and is livid that he isn’t in the 2CW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Axe is a homegrown talent but gets shafted out of the tournament some old guy like Jerry Lynn. Axe points out that Lynn lost and took his spot because of what he did in the past. Well, the future is right now and he wants his opponent right this second.

Fifth Contest: Frankie Arion defeated Jason Axe:
Early on, Axe lets his frustrations out by dropping Arion across his knee out of a Death Valley Driver setup, but couldn’t put Arion away. Late in the match, Axe was on the middle rope but is met with a springboard kick by Arion. Frankie quickly runs the ropes and hit a hurricanrana to pickup a surprising victory after seven minutes of action.

Sixth Contest: John Walters defeated Josh Daniels:
They show mutual respect by shaking hands and proceed to have a clinic on the mat exchanging holds. Daniels gets the first momentum taking Walters over with a series of German suplexs but can’t get a pin fall. Walters hangs onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick and works over Daniels hitting a vertical suplex. Late in the match, Daniels attempted the sharpshooter, but Walters was able to counter with a sharpshooter of his own and leaned back enough to cause Daniels to tap out after fourteen minutes of action.

Seventh Contest: Brodie Lee defeated Slyck Wagner Brown in semifinals of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
They showed respect for each other prior to the match and proceeded to beat the crap out of each other for eleven minutes. Lee surprised many in attendance by hitting a running head scissors and a suicide dive to take Brown out on the floor at one point. Brown fought back hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex off the middle rope. Brown nearly won the match following a leg lariat off the middle rope. Late in the match, Lee countered a power bomb attempt and when Brown spun around he was met with a running yakuza kick, which was good enough for Brodie to get the three count.

Main Event: Jimmy Olsen defeated Spike Dudley in the semifinals of the 2CW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
Olsen attacked Spike during his entrance and they brawled into the crowd where Olsen smashed Dudley with a chair a few times. Jimmy attempted a piledriver on the bleachers, but Spike fought back with a backdrop onto the floor. Spike leaps off the bleachers to take Olsen with a cross body! They enter the ring where Jimmy controls Dudley until Spike hit a middle rope bulldog for a near fall. Late in the match, Spike goes for the Acid Drop, but Jimmy shoves Spike off and proceeds to kick Dudley in the midsection and plants Spike with a jumping piledriver for the win after nine minutes of action. After the match, Jimmy taunts Spike until Brodie comes down and runs Jimmy off, who had Colin by his side on the floor. Jimmy signaled that he would be the 2CW Heavyweight Champion next month!

Scheduled for 3/19:

Main Event: No Disqualifications, Texas Tornado
Brodie Lee, Eddie Edwards & Spike Dudley vs. Jimmy Olsen, Colin Olsen & mystery partner

John Walters vs. Jerry Lynn

Scheduled to appear:
Slyck Wagner Brown
Brian Fury

Scheduled for 4/8 – Living On The Edge

To crown the first ever 2CW Heavyweight Champion – No Holds Barred
Brodie Lee vs. Jimmy Olsen

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