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FIP Hot Summer Nights 7/19/2008

Written by: Bob Colling

Full Impact Pro presents Hot Summer Nights
Date: 7/19/2008
From: Crystal River, FL

FIP World Champion Roderick Strong makes his way down to the ring to cut a promo and says he’s sure that the fans are happy they are getting a dog collar match because more blood will be shed. Strong believes that Erick Stevens will fail to win the title because he made FIP and it wouldn’t exist without him. Strong says this isn’t about anyone in the crowd. Instead, tonight is about them and wrestling one on one. Strong promises that the issues with Stevens will end tonight.

Opening Contest: Chris Jones vs. Chasyn Rance vs. Shawn Osbourne in an elimination match: Rance wants to work with Osbourne to start the match. Osbourne goes after Jones in the corner with right hands. Rance misses a slam and Jones dropkicks both men. Jones dumps Osbourne to the floor and puts a headlock on Rance. Jones ducks a clothesline and takes Osbourne out with a suicide dive. Jones shoulder rams Rance from the apron and goes to the top hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Rance slams Jones, but Jones backdrops Rance. Rance is acting like he hurt his right ankle on the move. Osbourne beats on Jones with stomps on the mat. Osbourne drops Jones with a forearm strike and a short arm clothesline. Osbourne turns Jones inside out with a clothesline for a two count. Osbourne drives Jones down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Jones comes off the ropes to hit a crossbody on Osbourne followed by stomps a standing dropkick. Jones forearms Osbourne in the corner, but Osbourne delivers a boot. Osbourne hits an airplane spin on Jones. Osbourne drops Jonesd with a neckbeaker. Rance enters the ring and pins Osbourne with a rollup and quickly covers Jones to win the match. (*. Jones got a great pop when he came out and they go with Chasyn Rance to get a cheap win over these guys. The finish puts heat on Rance, who seems to have the lowest heat out of everyone in the YRR. I don’t think I would have put Jones in this spot to lose, though.)

The YRR makes their way out and Sal Rinauro says that this is something the fans should get use to. Rinauro says there is one constant in FIP. Rinauro notes that Jason Blade is from Boston, where champions are from. Rinauro is going to disrespect the heritage of Florida when he beats Joey Ryan. Kenny King chimes in and says it’s YRR time tonight. King declares that the Age of the Fall will not get their revenge from last week. King is confident they will defeat the ROH Tag Team Champions in a two out of three falls match. Rinauro mentions Rain, who is friends with Age of the Fall. Rinauro calls out Rain for a confrontation. Rain comes out with the Age of the Fall. Rain accepts the challenge. Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black toss the champs from the ring. They all run backstage ton end the segment. We do have a women’s match, though.

Second Contest: Rain vs. Mercedes Martinez: Martinez takes Rain down to the mat and delivers several forearms on the mat. Martinez continues with chops and knee strikes in the corner. Rain knee strikes Martinez and connects with a bulldog for a near fall. Martinez counters a DDT with an eye rake and decks Rain with a right hand. Martinez locks in an STF in the middle of the ring. Martinez splashes Rain in the corner followed by a brainbuster for a near fall. Martinez hits a running powerslam for a near fall. Rain counters a fisherman buster with a DDT. Rain forearms Martinez and delivers a clothesline. Rain drops Martinez with forearms and a clothesline. Rain elbows Martinez in the corner and delivers an overhand chop in the corner. Rain nearly wins the match following a Codebreaker. Rain plants Martinez with a DDT, but Martinez reaches the ropes. Martinez counters a DDT with a fisherman buster to win the match. (*1/2. It was a competitive match, but nothing all that special.) After the match, Martinez hits another fisherman buster. Leva Bates gets in the ring and is beaten up by Martinez. Martinez plants Leva with a fisherman buster, too. Martinez kicks Milo Beasley out of a wheelchair.

Dark City Fight Club cut a promo saying their mission from the beginning has been to rid the Black Market from FIP. They are going to punish the fans for ever liking the Black Market. Shawn Murphy comes out and says he’s ready to go even if his partner isn’t here.

Third Contest: Jon Davis vs. Shawn Murphy: Davis works over Murphy with strikes, but Murphy hits a spear out of the corner followed by more right hands. Davis beats on Murphy on the mat. Murphy gets a few strikes in as well. Davis hits a leg lariat out of the corner to drop Murphy. Murphy slams Davis and comes off the ropes to deliver a forearm drop. Davis drops Murphy with a back suplex. They trade shots from their knees, but Murphy hits a full nelson drop. Murphy keeps a full nelson on Davis, but Chavis gets involved and that’s a DQ.

Fourth Contest: Kory Chavis vs. Joey Machete in a no disqualification match: Machete runs into the ring and goes after Chavis with right hands. Murphy and Davis are on the floor brawling. Machete chokes Chavis with his shirt and rams Chavis face first onto a chair at ringside. Chavis leaps over the railing to clothesline Machete in the crowd. Machete hits a snap suplex on the floor. Machete whacks Chavis over the back with a chair. Machete slams Chavis on the floor. Machete leaps of a chair, but the chair gives weight and it’s an awkward elbow drop. Chavis whacks Machete over the head with a chair and Machete has been busted wide open. Chavis continues to work over Machete with strikes and a sit out powerslam. Machete hits an elevated neckbreaker for the win. (*1/2. A fairly basic and to the point match as the feud between the teams likely to continue. They didn’t drag this out overly long as it didn’t need to be a long match.) After the match, Machete puts a chair around Chavis neck, but Davis pulls his partner out to safety. Shawn Murphy comes out again and brawls with them backstage before returning to the ring. Machete cuts a promo saying that they aren’t going to say he ran with his tail between his legs. He notes that is what happened tonight with the Dark City. They hype up August 23rd and they aren’t going to stop kicking ass. It’s going to be a weapons match, apparently.

Fifth Contest: FIP Tag Team Champions the YRR (Kenny King & Jason Blade) vs. Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black) in a best two out of three falls match: Jacobs and King kickoff the title match with King backing Jacobs into the corner and cleanly breaks away. They do a test of strength until Jacobs stops on King’s foot and mocks him. King tries to stomp on Jacobs hand, but misses. Jacobs with an eye rake and takes King down to the mat with a headlock. Jacobs takes King down to the mat to lock in a half Boston Crab. King manages to reach the ropes and Jacobs rolls away. King knee lifts Jacobs in the midsection and Jacobs takes King down with a head scissors. Blade tags into the match to try his luck against Tyler Black, who tags in as well. Blade takes Black down with a headlock, but Black rolls through and gets arm control. Blade has a top wrist lock on Black for a moment, but Black counters, Blade drives Black into the corner and beats on Black with forearm strikes. Blade shoulder rams Black in the corner a few times. Blade nails Black with a running knee strike in the corner for a near fall.

King tags in and keeps control on Black with right hands to the midsection. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring with Black getting the advantage ramming King into the corner a few times. Jacobs comes off the top rope with an axe handle for a two count. King is taken down to the mat and choked by the challengers. King stops Black with a jawbreaker and Blade returns to the match to beat on Black with strikes on the mast. Blade follows up with a standing dropkick for a near fall. Blade prevents Black from tagging out and King tags into the bout. Blade boots Black and King hits a clothesline for a near fall. King keeps Black on the mat with his knee into Black’s back. Black tries to kick free and is yanked down to the mat. Blade dropkicks a seated Black on the back for a near fall. Black dropkicks Blade and tags in Jacobs. Jacobs pummels Blade on the mat with right hands. Jacobs dropkicks a seated Blade and rams Blade into the corner face first. Jacobs delivers right hands in the corner and bites his forehead. Blade boots a charging Jacobs in the corner and Jacobs gets a rollup on Blade until King rolls the move over and Blade gets a two count. Jacobs gets tripped by Mimi and Blade gets a three count for the first fall. YRR: 1 – AOTF: 0

All four men are on the floor brawling with Black and King working over each other and Jacobs choking Blade over the railing. Jacobs hits a senton on Blade off of Black’s shoulders in the ring for a two count. Jacobs punches Blade on the apron and misses a shoulder ram allowing King to deliver a kick. Blade holds Jacobs on the mat allowing King to keep control. King hits a springboard leg drop for a two count. Blade connects with a slingshot senton from the apron. Blade forearms Black off the apron and brings Jacobs to the corner to double team him with stomps. Jacobs gets an inside cradle on King for a two count to counter a suplex. Blade elbow drops Jacobs a few times to maintain the advantage. Jacobs nails Blade with a kick to the head. Blade knocks Black off the apron again and brings Jacobs to the corner. King drives Jacobs back first into the apron. Mimi slaps Jacobs on the floor a few times. YRR hit a double back suplex on Jacobs for a near fall. Jacobs elbows Blade in the corner and dumps King to the floor. Jacobs tries to tag out, but King pulls Black off the apron! Blade keeps Jacobs on the mat and stomp Jacobs with King’s help. King scoop slams Jacobs and taunts the crowd.

Jacobs lands on his feet to block a back suplex and tags in Black. Black hits a crossbody onto both men and drops Blade with a neckbreaker. King accidentally elbow drops Blade. Black misses a springboard moonsault. Jacobs spears King after King avoided Black in the corner. Blade is driven down with a double team chokeslam and Black covers Blade to win the second fall: YRR: 1 – AOTF: 1

Rinauro shoves Black off the top rope to the floor as Chasyn Rance distracted the referee. Blade splashes Jacobs in the corner and King hits a backbreaker on Jacobs. Blade nearly pins Jacobs after a moonsault. King has Jacobs over his shoulder, but Black tags in and clotheslines Blade. Black hits a lifting reverse DDT on King. Mimi gets in the ring and distracts Black. Black spanks Mimi in the ring and boots Rance off the apron. Black catches Rinauro on his shoulders and hits an F5. King connects with a springboard blockbuster on Black to earn the three count and final fall to retain the titles. (***1/2. That is probably the best tag match the YRR has been in thus far that I’ve seen. Jacobs and Black gave them a lot and I credit Jacobs with setting up a lot of the spots where they prevented a tag out to Black. They did a really good job building up heat and the action was solid throughout, too. Sure the finish has distraction involved, but getting a pin over Black does wonders for the group in my opinion.)

Tyler Black gets a microphone and he’s pissed. Black says that it’s always a numbers game with the YRR. Black remembers beating Kenny King in a singles match in FIP. Black wants to refresh King’s memory. Black challenges King to a singles match for August 23rd. Black wants King all alone without any YRR members. King says that Black talks a lot of crap. King says that he almost broke Black’s neck just moments ago. King remembers beating Black today. King accepts the challenge for next month. King promises to be king of the jungle.

Joey Ryan cuts a promo before his match coming up next. Ryan notes that he’s a world superstar and he’s a little nervous making his FIP debut. Ryan says he’s wanted to wrestle in FIP for a long time and his opponent tonight is Sal Rinauro. Ryan is pissed that Sal Rinauro disrespected him. Ryan says he’s a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and lists men he has beaten. Ryan knows that he can beat Rinauro. Ryan didn’t train with Dory Funk Jr. to allow Rinauro to disrespect Florida. Ryan is bringing sleazy back in FIP. Sal Rinauro comes out and he’s not thrilled that the fans cheer for Ryan. Rinauro is sure that some women find Ryan to be an attractive man. Rinauro says he’s the best looking man on the FIP roster. Rinauro says his face is his monkey maker. Rinauro wants no punches to the face for the match.

Sixth Contest: FIP Florida Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro vs. Joey Ryan: Rinauro has a headlock on Ryan before hitting a shoulder block. Ryan arm drags Rinauro, but Sal comes back with one of his own. They both attempt dropkicks and miss and both try kip ups, but they fail. So, we have a comedy match here it looks like. Sal teases a punch to the face, but that’s not legal. Ryan arm drags Sal a few times and keeps Sal on the mat focusing on his arm. Ryan drives Sal down with a hammerlock slam. Ryan keeps Sal on the mat after another arm drag. Sal decks Ryan in the face and delivers a boot scrape. Sal bites Ryan’s forehead, as well. Ryan delivers a few punches but is stopped by a dropkick by Rinauro. Ryan gets out of a chin lock managing a two count after a sunset flip. Rinauro stops Ryan with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Rinauro chokes Ryan over the middle rope. Ryan work over Sal with right hands in the corner. Sal eye pokes Ryan again and argues with the referee. Sal forearms Ryan but misses another attempt. Ryan clotheslines and dropkicks Rinauro. Ryan drops Sal over his knee and delivers a boot to the face. Ryan takes Sal down with a Thez Press followed by right hands.

Ryan runs into a boot in the corner, but hits a snap powerslam for a near fall. Sal stops Ryan with a jawbreaker, but Ryan connects with a spear and a powerbomb for a near fall. Rinauro decks Ryan from behind with a forearm. Ryan tosses Rinauro with a suplex and a superkick for a near fall. Sal avoids Ryan in the corner, but Ryan nearly wins with a rollup. Sal rubs Ryan’s eyes over the top rope and hits a springboard kick for the win. (**. Well, it’s a good win for Rinauro and he did so without any help from the YRR. Sal used some heel tactics and that is helpful for his character. It didn’t feel overly long and was a fine undercard match for what it was.)

Seventh Contest: ROH World Champion Nigel McGuiness vs. Go Shiozaki: Shiozaki starts off by chopping McGuiness to the floor after telling him that he loves the USA. McGuiness shoulder blocks Shiozaki down to the mat. McGuiness doesn’t follow up on the offense, though. McGuiness avoids a chop by getting in the ropes. McGuiness has a full nelson on Shiozaki and goes for a chop, but instead bails when Go was going to deliver one of his own. Shiozaki takes McGuiness down to the mat with a front face lock, but McGuiness counters. McGuiness ducks under a clothesline and declares himself smarter than Go. Shiozaki controls Nigel with a test of strength. Nigel gets the advantage and chokes Go with his arms. Nigel leans backwards and has Go over his knees. Shiozaki breaks free from the hold. Nigel takes Go down to the mat to keep wrist control. Nigel bails to the floor and Go delivers a few strikes. Go chops Nigel against the railing. Nigel sends Shiozaki to the outside and delivers a few strikes. Nigel slams Go face first onto the apron. Nigel drops Go with a throat thrust. McGuiness delivers a few chops on the floor. Nigel rams Go cehst first onto the guard railing. McGuiness chokes Shiozaki on the railing.

Nigel knee lifts Go and rolls him back into the ring. Nigel delivers a boot to the face and they begin to trade strikes. Nigel drops Go with a forearm to the face. Nigel elbows Go in the corner and delivers a mule kick in the corner. Nigel goes for a cover, but only manages a near fall. Nigel slaps Shiozaki a few times and drops Shiozaki with a clothesline. Go blocks a mule kick with a superkick and delivers a chop followed strikes. Shiozaki shoulder blocks Nigel for a near fall. Shiozaki tries for a German, but Nigel counters only to be met with a superkick and a sit out vertical suplex for a near fall. Nigel avoids Go in the corner and nearly wins following a strike to the chest. Nigel hits the Tower of London, but Shiozaki powers out at two. McGuiness puts Shiozaki on the top rope, but Go forearms Nigel to the mat and hits a shoulder block from the top. Go superkicks Nigel, but McGuiness decks Go with a lariat. Go with a superkick and a lariat for a two count. Shiozaki heads to the top missing a moonsault. Nigel misses a clothesline and Go manages to get a rollup on Nigel and gets the three count. (**1/2. That’s a surprising outcome here. The action was a little lackluster and picked up towards the end of the match. The finish was a little weak as I think a more impactful finish would have sat better with me.)

Main Event: FIP World Champion Roderick Strong vs. Erick Stevens in a dog collar match: Strong bails to the floor, but he’s connected to Stevens so he’s not going far. Strong stays on the floor pulling the chain, but Stevens gets Strong back into the ring. Strong continues to try and pull Stevens to the floor. Stevens pulls Strong into the bottom rope and Stevens goes to the floor where he sends Strong into the railing a few times. Stevens chops Strong around ringside. Strong elbows Stevens at ringside and they continue to trade strikes. Strong chokes Stevens with the dog collar. Strong beats on Stevens with chops around ringside. Strong chokes Stevens over the railing with the dog collar. They trade several strikes at ringside. Strong hammers away on Stevens. Strong slides a chair into the ring and slaps Stevens. Strong chokes Stevens with the chain and pulls back. Strong puts Stevens head on the chair. Strong has another chair and drops the chair and instead uses the chain. Stevens has been busted wide open. Strong beats on Stevens with right hands and hooks Stevens nose. Strong drops Stevens over the top rope and hangs Stevens. Strong chops Stevens and brings Stevens back into the ring with a suplex from the apron. Strong hammers away on Stevens on the floor.

Strong presses Stevens head against the ring post. Strong presses the chain around Stevens forehead. They trade strikes until Stevens sends Strong face first into the ring post. Strong has been busted wide open as well. Stevens pulls Strong into the ring and delivers a few elbow strikes. Strong boots Stevens in the corner. Stevens hits the TKO on Strong for a two count. Strong low blows Stevens with the chain and hits a half nelson backbreaker for a near fall. They trade right hands with both men staggering. Strong forearms Stevens, but Stevens hits a German suplex and a clothesline. Stevens hits the Doctor Bomb for a two count. Stevens pulls Strong to the middle rope and tries for a middle rope Doctor Bomb. Strong elbows Stevens, but Stevens clotheslines Strong off the top rope for a near fall. Strong kicks Stevens and connects with a big boot. Strong hits a gut buster and the Gibson Driver for a near fall. Strong nails Stevens with another big boot for a near fall. Strong delivers another boot for a two count. Stevens blocks a big boot to deliver a clothesline and another lariat. Stevens hits two Doctor Bombs and manages to pin Strong to regain the championship. (***1/4. The action was good throughout and they worked with the dog collar stipulation fairly well. Stevens overcoming Strong is the right decision as Stevens is over with the FIP crowd. These guys have some fun hard hitting matches in both FIP and ROH.)

Sean Davis attacks Erick Stevens, but Go Shiozaki enters and goes after Stevens. Davis hits Stevens with the chain. Phil Davis says that Larry Sweeney has sold Go Shiozaki to the Heartbreak Enterprises. Phil Davis says that Go has earned a title shot since he defeated Nigel McGuiness. So, on August 23rd, Go Shiozaki will challenge Erick Stevens for the FIP World Championship. Roderick Strong returns to the ring and is superkicked and sent to the floor. Go has a Japanese flag and it is draped over a fallen Stevens. The heels leave and Roderick Strong hands the championship to Stevens showing respect to his longtime rival.

Final Thoughts:
I’m going to consider this a good show as the matches that had me interested on paper provided entertainment and I don’t feel like I wasted any time watching this show. August 23rd is the next show and looks to be headlined by Stevens/Go and Tyler/King. I’ll give this a mild thumbs up.
Thanks for reading.

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