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NWA Cyberspace Retribution 4/30/2005

Written by: Bob Colling

NWA Cyberspace presents Retribution
Date: 4/30/2005
From: Wayne, NJ

Billy Firehawk is in the ring and the locker room has emptied to the ringside area where Firehawk tells the story on how he found out that Chris Candido had passed away. He puts over Candido for his amazing comeback and how much he loved the business. They proceed to do a ten bell salute for Candido.

Mo Sexton comes out to a cut promo thanking the fans for supporting him on his rise to the top. Sexton is getting a good reaction from the crowd. Sexton feels they have been getting robbed since he’s been in prelims and undercard matches. The fans chant for him to get a title shot. Sexton is out here to take an opportunity. Sexton is issuing an open challenge. The challenge is answered by Julio Dinero. Dinero is in street clothes and says he was going to come out here and sing. Dinero doesn’t have a match tonight and insults Sexton’s career. Dinero accepts the challenge and shakes hands, but Sexton doesn’t let go. Dinero just needs an hour to get ready. Sexton wants to wrestle right now. Dinero will see him at 8:30 since he’s not ready. Sexton taunts Dinero asking if he’s scared. Dinero accepts the challenge for right now.

Opening Contest: Mo Sexton vs. Julio Dinero: Sexton hip tosses Dinero to start the match. Sexton arm drags Dinero to showoff his ability. Sexton scoop slams Dinero, but Dinero does some pushups. Dinero takes Sexton over with a hip toss and arm drag followed by a scoop slam. Sexton kicks Dinero away and delivers an arm drag. They both go for dropkicks and they have a standoff. Dinero forearms Sexton in the corner followed by an uppercut. Dinero drops Sexton with a spinning back elbow in the corner. Dinero runs into a boot in the corner and Sexton leaps off the middle rope to hit a clothesline for a near fall. Dinero plants Sexton with a modified Flatliner to send Sexton rolling to the floor. Dinero leaps off the middle rope to deliver a leg drop over the middle rope for a near fall. Dinero delivers a knee strike on the mat. Dinero puts a headlock on Sexton, but Sexton breaks free and nearly wins with a rollup. Dinero drops Sexton with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Dinero delivers a knee drop to Sexton’s neck and hammers away on Sexton. Dinero works over Sexton with chops against the ropes.

Sexton nails Dinero with a dropkick after being lifted into the air. Sexton ducks a right hand to atomic drop Dinero twice and delivers a couple of clotheslines. Dinero hip tosses Sexton and drags Sexton to the corner. Dinero taunts the crowd and misses a corkscrew elbow drop off the middle rope. Sexton goes to the top and leaps off only to be met with an ace crusher in midair and Dinero manages to win the match. Miss Michelle had grabbed Sexton’s boot to cause a distraction. (**. A basic match and I feel like they went with the wrong victor here. Sexton has a following in the area and this felt like the perfect opportunity to give him a solid win and advance him further long. The loss doesn’t really benefit him and discredits his promo prior to the match.)

NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions The Solution and John Shane make their way down to the ring for the Pain Clinic. Shane says he’s begged for competition in Cyberspace. Billy Firehawk comes out and seems confused by Shane. Shane has hired a tag team for his team to wrestle tonight. He brings out the Killer Steves. Steve Kruz and Steve McKenzie make their way down to their ring to battle the champs.

Second Contest: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions The Solution vs. Killer Steves: Solution want to shake hands, but the Steves aren’t buying it. They shake hands and are met with a clothesline and Samoan Drop. McKenzie gets chopped by the Solution in the corner. Solution splash McKenzie and Kruz is tossed overhead followed by a running senton. Solution toss McKenzie with a powerbomb. Solution hit the Problem Solver on Kruz to easily win the match. (NR. I enjoyed this showcase for the Solution.)

John Shane gets a microphone and says that they will beat up a tag team every single month if that’s what they have to do. They want competition for the tag titles. Julio Dinero comes out and says that he gave someone competition earlier in the night. Shane says that he’s confused on who Dinero is all about. Dinero knows that at least two people has followed his career and he’s been a successful tag team wrestler in his career. Shane asks if EZ Money will be his partner, but Dinero says that Money doesn’t think Shane is worth it. Dinero slaps Shane after saying that Miss Michelle is best at giving low blows. Dinero bails to the floor and says that his tag partner for May 21st will be… CM Punk!

Third Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Champion Josh Daniels vs. Mana: Daniels tries for a couple of go behinds, but Mana uses his hips to break free quickly. They trade a few chops with Mana getting the better of it. They go back to delivering chops and Mana staggers Daniels again. Mana shoulder blocks Daniels, but get tripped. Daniels delivers a few knee strikes. Daniels avoids Mana in the corner and connects with a clothesline. Daniels goes to the top rope hitting a diving headbutt. Mana gets to his feet no selling the move. Daniels staggers to his feet. Mana delivers a chop to Daniels groin. Mana splashes Daniels in the corner followed by a couple of running knee strikes. Mana nails Daniels with a running butt splash in the corner. Mana slams Daniels, but misses a standing senton splash. Daniels kicks Mana on the back of the head to send Mana rolling to the corner. Daniels takes Mana out with a suicide dive. Daniels gets a bunch of chairs from the crowd. Mana sends Daniels into the guard railing ribs first. Mana delivers a low blow to Daniels over the apron. Mana has a double under hook, but Daniels counters with a release German suplex. Daniels tosses Mana with another German suplex. Mana tosses Daniels with a reverse gut wrench suplex.

Mana puts Daniels on the top turnbuckle. Mana hits a Samoan Drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Mana keeps a chin lock on Daniels for a moment and tries for a side slam, but Daniels counters with a German suplex onto the pile of chairs to win the match! (**1/4. That went a lot better than I was expecting it to go. Mana has been presented as a beast in the company and for Daniels to win the match is a huge victory for him. The finish was strong enough for Mana to not lose a lot of steam, which is ideal, too.)

Fourth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Grim Reefer in a ladder match: They start off with a fast pace full of counters and they end up doing a standoff. Dutt runs over Reefer with a clothesline to send Reefer to the floor. Dutt follows to hammer away on Reefer outside the ring. Dutt sends Reefer into the railing chest first. Dutt fakes the crowd out by not sending Reefer into the crowd. Dutt rolls Reefer into the ring and goes to the ladder. Reefer dropkicks the ladder into Dutt’s chest. Reefer clotheslines Dutt on the floor followed by a frog splash off the apron. Reefer sends Dutt over the railing into the crowd. Dutt sends Reefer into the wall head first. Reefer takes Dutt over with a snap suplex on the bleacher. Dutt sends Reefer over the railing back to the ringside area. Dutt lays the ladder over the middle rope. Dutt goes to the top rope and is kicked by Reefer. Reefer stands on the ladder and tries for a superplex, but Dutt counters and drops Reefer onto the ladder face first. Dutt slams Reefer followed by an elbow drop to maintain control of the contest.

Dutt sends Reefer into the corner face first and lays the ladder in the opposite corner. Reefer backdrops Dutt into the corner, but Dutt’s legs hit the ladder as Reefer was too far away. Reefer begins to climb the ladder, but Dutt pulls Reefer down. They pull each other down and Dutt low blows Reefer after trading strikes. Dutt climbs the ladder and Reefer delivers a powerbomb. The ladder has been bent in the corner and is not stable to climb. Reefer tries to climb again and Dutt delivers a kick to the head to stop the challenger. Reefer nails Dutt with a missile dropkick to knock Dutt off the ladder. Reefer sets a chair up and slams Dutt to the mat. Reefer and Dutt are on the ladder until Dutt drops Reefer chest first onto the chair followed by a dropkick. Dutt plants Reefer with a sit down powerbomb. Reefer drops Dutt chest first into the ladder. Reefer begins to climb the ladder and is touching the championship, but Dutt stops him and Reefer leaps off to deliver a clothesline. Reefer slides a ladder into Dutt on the floor. Reefer misses a springboard senton from the floor into the ring. Dutt hits the Phoenix Splash and grabs the ladder. Dutt climbs the ladder and retrieves the belt to win the match. (***. It’s a rather quick match, but they did a few spots that were fun to see. It didn’t pickup any level of intensity and felt kind of flat in that regard.)

Sonjay Dutt cuts a promo saying that he’s the greatest cruiserweight in the world. Dutt says that he saw Elix Skipper eying the prize. Dutt calls Skipper a dirty rat and a cockroach. Naturally, that brings out Skipper to confront Dutt. Dutt will take a handshake, but Skipper instead runs into the ring and decks Dutt to the floor.

Bill Apter brings out Strangler Nick and Abyss for an interview. Apter wants to ask Abyss about some stuff, but Nick says he’ll do the talking for him. Nick says that Abyss can beat any man in any ring all over the country. Apparently, Abyss is supposed to wrestle tonight but a contract has not been signed. They say that nobody in the locker room has the guts to wrestle Abyss. AMW’s music hits and Chris Harris makes his way out to confront Abyss. Harris says he wasn’t booked tonight but came here to watch the show. Then, he heard what they were talking about regarding a challenge. Harris thought that Cyberspace should have some AMW. Harris thinks that he can beat Abyss tonight. Apter asks if Harris would accept the challenge if it were made tonight. Harris tells Abyss that if he wants a match tonight then he’s got it. They want the match right now. Apter wants the crowd to chant “now” and they don’t. It’s happening right now.

Fifth Contest: Abyss vs. Chris Harris: Abyss works over Harris with right hands in the corner. Abyss chokes Harris over the middle rope and delivers more right hands in the corner followed by stomps. Abyss clubs Harris over the back with a forearm strike. Harris hammers away on Abyss to fight back. Harris kicks Abyss and ducks a clothesline to hit a Thez Press. Harris goes after Nick on the floor. Abyss delivers a kick on the floor and Harris rams Abyss face first onto the ring steps. They brawl into the crowd with Harris pummeling Abyss with left hands. Harris chokes Abyss with a shirt. Abyss hits Harris over the back with a trash can. Abyss continues with right hands and sends Harris face first into a chair. Abyss tries to use a chair, but Harris blocks and nails Abyss with the chair. Abyss jabs Harris in the midsection with a crutch and chokes Harris against the wall with the crutch. Abyss sends Harris into chairs in the crowd. Harris blocks a crutch shot and Harris whacks Abyss over the back with the crutch a few times. Harris stomps Abyss on the groin. They make their way back to the ring.

Abyss delivers a boot to the midsection and a strike to the back. Abyss chokes Harris in the corner for a few moments. Abyss splashes Harris in the corner for a two count. Abyss chokes Harris on the mat. Harris decks Abyss with left hands. Abyss boots Harris coming off the ropes. Harris ducks a clothesline to hit a leaping clothesline. Harris comes off the top to hit a double axe handle for a two count. Harris tries for a spear, but Abyss stops Harris. Harris gets out of a chokeslam to hit a bad looking spear for a two count. Harris tries for an axe handle off the top and Abyss chokeslams Harris for a two count. Harris sends Abyss into a chair that Nick was holding on the apron and almost wins with a rollup. Harris avoids a splash in the corner and hits the Catatonic but the time limit expires after ten minutes. Billy Firehawk comes down and says that the match is over. He makes a promise saying that they’ll get a rematch without a time limit. (*. The action was rather boring and bland for me. The brawling was basic and just used to fill time. Harris hitting the Catatonic was impressive, though. It probably didn’t help the segment that this was kind of similar to the opening match and segment.)

Strangler Nick says that nobody can beat Abyss when Jade comes out with a kendo stick. Jade is the personal bodyguard for Mana. Jade whacks Abyss with the kendo stick. Abyss avoids a second swing and has the kendo stick. Mana comes out with another kendo stick and Mana beats on Abyss with the kendo stick. Abyss ducks a strike and whacks Mana over the head with the kendo stick a few times. Mana bails to the floor. Billy Firehawk is here again and trying to keep some order as security enters the ring. Firehawk says that on June 25th there will be a Last Man Standing match between these two.

Michael Shane cuts a promo on how Matt Striker couldn’t make the show and was double booked. Striker had a booking with NYWC. Shane is not leaving the ring until he gets an opponent. Shane calls out Elix Skipper for a two out of three falls match.

Sixth Contest: Michael Shane vs. Elix Skipper in a best two out of three falls number one contenders match: Skipper takes Shane down to the mat and they trade a few holds. Skipper keeps arm control on the mat for the early advantage. Skipper backs Shane against the ropes and they break apart cleanly. Skipper backdrops Shane and they have a standoff. Shane arm drags Skipper leading to another standoff. Skipper kicks Shane to the mat and Shane rolls to the floor stretching out his knee. Skipper knee lifts Shane in the corner, but Shane comes back with an arm drag. Skipper reaches the ropes to break an arm bar. They continue a mat focused offense with Shane keeping a chin lock on Skipper. Shane forearms Skipper into the corner and delivers a few right hands. Skipper sends Shane into the corner and is met with a boot. Shane hits a crossbody for a two count. Shane is decked by Skipper with a heel kick. They begin to trade right hands until Shane counters a back suplex and hits a flying forearm for a two count. Shane drives Skipper down with a back suplex for a two count. Shane kicks Skipper, but Skipper comes back with the Play of the Day to win the first fall. Skipper: 1 – Shane: 0

Skipper stomps on Shane to keep control of the contest. Shane fights out of a neck vice and slams Skipper, but Skipper keeps the neck vice locked in. Skipper knee lifts Shane and continues with forearms. Shane takes Skipper over with a belly to belly suplex. Shane chokes Skipper over the apron causing Skipper to fall to the mat. Shane delivers a few more right hands on the outside. Skipper blocks a suicide dive attempt by hitting Shane with a forearm. Skipper hits a slingshot splash into the ring for a near fall. Skipper knee lifts Shane and delivers a kick to the back after a snapmare. Skipper climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick sending Shane across the ring. Sonjay Dutt comes in from behind and nails Skipper with the Cruiser-X Championship. Shane delivers a superkick and pins Skipper for the second fall. Skipper: 1- Shane: 1

Billy Firehawk is at ringside yet again. Firehawk says that Sonjay Dutt hit Skipper with the championship and wants Skipper to get a chance to recover for the third fall to be fought fairly. The third fall will take place later on in the show, apparently. That is incredibly bizarre.

Seventh Contest: Cindy Rogers & Jazz vs. NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion April Hunter & Tracy Brooks: Rogers and Jazz attack Hunter on the aisle until Brooks runs out and evens the odds. All four women are brawling around ringside. Hunter sends Jazz into the post. They all enter the ring at the same point. Jazz and Rogers bail to the floor to regroup. Brooks sends Rogers into the corner and hits a monkey flip. Brooks shoulder blocks Rogers followed by an elbow strike for a two count. Hunter tags in and they double team Rogers with kicks. Hunter arm drags Rogers with several forearms and an uppercut. Brooks and Hunter take Rogers down to the mat and lock in a double Boston Crab until Jazz breaks that up. Brooks rolls Rogers around the ring in a body scissors. Jazz knee lifts Brooks from the apron and Rogers hits a swinging side slam. Jazz returns to the match to deliver an elbow strike to Brooks and chokes Tracy while the referee is distracted by Hunter. John Shane has made his way down to the ring. Rogers slams Brooks to the mat followed by a leg drop for a two count. Jazz takes Brooks over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Jazz gets Muta lock on Brooks, but doesn’t get a submission.

Rogers returns to the match and stomps on Brooks followed by a rolling neck snap for a two count. Rogers stops Brooks with a backbreaker. Rogers sends Brooks into the corner and delivers a clothesline. Jazz connects with elbow strikes and taunts the crowd. Brooks spears Rogers and tags in Hunter. Jazz gets tagged in as well. Hunter cleans house with forearms and clotheslines. Rogers stops a pin attempt on Jazz. Hunter forearms Rogers and delivers a few chops. Brooks clotheslines Rogers, but is decked by Jazz. Hunter heads to the top rope hitting a missile dropkick on Jazz for a near fall. Jazz counters a double suplex attempt and jabs Hunter several times. Jazz kicks Brooks and hits a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Rogers drops Hunter with a back suplex. Jazz puts an STF on Hunter and forces Hunter to submit. (*. That felt like it went a little too long and it was noticeable that Hunter and Jazz are on another level in terms of ability compared to their partners. I’m figuring we’ll see Hunter vs. Jazz for the women’s championship and that’s got me interested.)

Billy Firehawk comes out as it was going to be the third fall between Skipper and Shane. Firehawk announces that Elix Skipper has suffered a concussion and is going to the hospital. As a result, Shane won the match by forfeit. Michael Shane is the number one contender. Firehawk promises that Shane will wrestle Skipper in the future. Shane says he’d give Skipper a rematch if he wanted one. Shane says he’s gunning for Jarrett or SWB.

Prince Nana comes out and cuts a promo calling the fans hillbillies. Nana says he deserves respect and they should be showing him that. Nana has a plan and he’s going to execute that plan tonight.

Eighth Contest: Prince Nana vs. Mason Raige: Raige backs Nana into a corner but cleanly breaks away. Nana slaps Raige in the corner and Raige returns the slap followed by stomps and a hip toss. Raige drops Nana with a scoop slam. Raige sends Nana to the floor following a dropkick. Nana heads towards the backstage area, but Raige follows and decks Nana on the aisle. Nana sends Raige face first into the ring steps. Nana works over Raige with strikes and chops in the corner. Nana splashes Raige in the corner followed by a snapmare. Nana delivers a running back splash. Raige is pulled to the ring post and is crotched by the two ladies. They also beat on Raige’s manager with a kendo stick. Raige plants Nana with a powerslam to win the match. (1/2*. Well, that was just filler and not a very good match at all.)

Ninth Contest: Rodney Mack vs. Chris Hamrick: Mack goes after Hamrick with right hands in the corner followed by stomps. Mack turns Hamrick inside out with a shoulder block. Hamrick stomps on Mack’s foot and shoulder blocks Mack to the floor. Mack continues to beat on Hamrick around ringside. Mack sends Hamrick over the railing onto several chairs. Hamrick goes to the top rope and takes Mack out with a crossbody. Mack drops Hamrick throat first over the top rope from the apron, but misses a kick. Hamrick works over the knee and locks in a modified surfboard. Hamrick misses a splash in the corner and Mack tosses Hamrick with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Mack continues to beat on Hamrick and Jazz gets a slap in while the referee was distracted. Mack drops Hamrick with a vertical suplex. Mack continues with a scoop slam and misses a big splash. Hamrick clotheslines Mack a few times. Hamrick hits a standing dropkick and goes to the top rope hitting a leg drop for a near fall. Mack plants Hamrick with a powerslam for a two count. Hamrick drops Mack with a superkick for a near fall. Jazz crotches Hamrick on the top rope and Mack delivers a kick to the head for the win. (*1/4. I can buy into Mack as a top heel for the company as he comes across well as a badass. However, he needs a stronger finisher than the kick to the head. Hamrick bumped around for Mack rather well, too.)

Bill Apter enters the ring to interview Rodney Mack and asks if the boot is loaded. Mack refuses to speak to white trash like Apter. Mack says that professional wrestling has always been a white man sport. Mack says it that is continues today with Hogan, Flair and Austin. The fans chant that Mack got fired. Mack claims he got fired for beating too many white people asses. Apter wants to talk about Slyck Wagner Brown and April Hunter. Apter says that Slyck and April are the first couple of Cyberspace. Mack says that Slyck is a wannabe uncle Tom. Apter is suggesting a mixed tag team match and wonders if they would agree to that kind of match. Jazz says they will think about it.

Billy Firehawk demands that the guitar not be at ringside and doesn’t want it involved in the main event. Jarrett gets the microphone and says he’s always had the guitar all over the world. Jarrett has only ever used the guitar in certain situations. Jarrett promises to not use the guitar outside of self defense. Firehawk will either take the guitar backstage or he’ll hand the NWA World Championship over to SWB. Firehawk grabs the guitar to make sure it’s not at ringside.

Main Event: NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown vs. NWA-TNA World Champion Jeff Jarrett: Jarrett went to get the guitar at the announcers table, but Brown attacks with right hands in the crowd. Brown sends Jarrett into the wall. Brown hits Jarrett with a trash can in the crowd as Firehawk says it will be a fair match and no weapons will be used during the match. Brown sends Jarrett chest first into the guard railing. Brown hits a sit out scoop slam as Rodney Mack and Jazz have come out. Brown takes Jarrett down with a drop toe hold onto a steel chair. Brown wedges a chair into the corner and sends Jarrett back first into the chair. Brown head scissors Jarrett head first into the chair and nearly wins the match. Jarrett misses an elbow strike in the corner, but knocks Brown off the apron to the floor. Jarrett sends Brown chest first into the railing and drops Brown over the railing chest first. Jarrett jabs Brown in the ribs a few times with a chair several times. Hunter grabs the chair but Jarrett sends Hunter into the railing and sends Brown into the ring post. Jarrett does the strut in the ring.

Jarrett rams Brown chest first into the guard railing. Jarrett chokes Brown over the middle rope. Apparently, Hunter is brawling with Mack on the floor but they are only using the hard camera. I’m assuming the floor cameras died. Jarrett has grabbed the championship since Brown is distracted. Brown ducks a championship shot and ends up nailing Jarrett with it! Brown has the cover and nearly wins the match. Brown tries for the Appreciation Bomb, but Jarrett low blows Brown and hits the Stroke for a two count. Jarrett goes to the commentary table and grabs his guitar. Billy Firehawk gets in the ring, as well. Jarrett breaks the guitar over Firehawk’s head! Jarrett jabs Brown with the guitar in the throat and hits the Stroke to win the match. (*1/2. This is the ultimate smoke and mirrors match in wrestling. They did nothing but brawl in the crowd and then do the bullshit cheating finish for Jarrett to win both titles. This was essentially a night off for Jarrett as he didn’t do much of anything in the match.) After the match, Rodney Mack beats on Brown with Jarrett while April Hunter and Jazz brawl. Michael Shane runs into the ring with a steel chair to make the save.

For some reason they have the actual first two matches at the end of the DVD, which is a 2 DVD set. I’m assuming they were presented as dark matches. They saw All Money Is Legal defeating Thrillogy and in the other match Mike Tobin was victorious over Sebastian.

Final Thoughts:
It’s an average show at best overall, but some of the booking decisions are truly frustrating and annoying. Mo Sexton not winning despite the fan response made me feel like the show was destined for doom, and that kind of ended happening. The ladder match was okay, but I expected a bit more from it. The higher profile talents on the show didn’t deliver quality stuff and I’m thinking that had a lot to do with the company they were working for. Cyberspace has gotten a lot of jokes about them, but Firehawk for sure had passion for the business. I can’t recommend this one, though.

Thanks for reading.


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