ICW Final Impact 11/26/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Impact Championship Wrestling presents Final Impact
Date: 11/26/2010
From: Queens, NY

Opening Contest: Joey Janela vs. VSK vs. EJ Risk vs. Justin Toxic: Janela and Risk clear the ring with clotheslines. Janela hits a slingshot crossbody into Toxic on the floor. Risk splashes VSK in the corner followed by a running knee strike for a two count. Toxic drops Risk with a wheelbarrow front slam for a two count. Janela hits a top rope moonsault to take Toxic and VSK. Risk heel kicks Janela, but VSK works over Risk in the corner. VSK slaps Risk in the corner after faking a kick to the groin. Janela and Toxic trade strikes on the floor where Janela slams Toxic and hits a moonsault off the railing. VSK plants Risk with a brainbuster for a near fall. Janela superkicks Toxic on the floor. Risk dumps VSK to the floor. Janela hits a missile dropkick on Toxic in the ring. Janela delivers several knee strikes in the corner. Janela drives Toxic down to the mat face first from the middle rope for a two count. Janela kicks Toxic off the apron onto the railing. Janela hits a somersault dive over he top, but gets himself caught in the ropes. Risk twists Janela’s leg in the ropes before dumping Janela to the floor.

Risk hits a corkscrew dive to take everyone out on the outside. Toxic drops Janela over his knee for a near fall. Risk nails Toxic with a knee strike and goes to the top rope hitting a leg drop for a near fall as VSK broke the cover. VSK works over Risk with a forearm and a backbreaker. Janela kicks VSK and hit a sit out slam. Janela leaps off the top to hit another moonsault on VSK for the win. (*1/2. The crowd wasn’t all that invested in this one and the action wasn’t all that great, really. There wasn’t anyone in the match that was overly impressive.) After the match, Danny Demanto enters the ring and whacks Janela with a chair. Demanto spikes Janela with an over the shoulder sit down piledriver. Demanto calls Janela a piece of garbage and he knocks people like him out. Demanto notes he’s in the main event against Amazing Red. Demanto has an Amazing Red action figure and makes fun of Red for losing to Robbie E on TV. Demanto promises to end Red’s career tonight.

Second Contest: Quiet Storm vs. Sami Callihan: Storm is jacked a drastically different look from the early 2000s. Storm enters the ring and they trade strikes with Storm getting the better of the exchange. Sami misses a splash in the corner and they collide shoulders. Storm doesn’t budge on shoulder block attempts and they chop each other. Storm forearms Sami against the ropes and they continue to trade chops. Storm tosses Sami with an overhead suplex to send Sami to the floor. Sami avoids a chop on the floor and runs away from Storm. Sami delivers a boot on the floor, but Storm continues to deliver strikes. Storm tries to suplex Sami into the ring from the apron, but Sami delivers a few knee strikes and connects with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Sami delivers a few kicks to the chest on Storm and manages a near fall. Sami chokes Storm on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Sami delivers several chops and Storm drops Sami with strikes. They deliver forearms and double clothesline with Sami going down. They both go for flying forearms and they are both knocked down.

They trade right hands and chops in the middle of the ring. Storm backdrops Sami and hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Storm signals for the Storm Cradle Driver. Sami elbows free and hits a stunner. Sami nearly wins the match. Storm almost gets Sami with an inside cradle. Storm spikes Sami with a brainbuster for a near fall. Storm signals for the Storm Cradle Driver again. Sami goes to the ropes and is met with forearm strikes to the back. Sami counters trying for the Stretch Muffler, but Storm fights free. Storm takes Sami over with a dragon suplex for a near fall. Storm signals for the finisher a third time. Sami hits a back suplex and Storm gets up. Sami is able to get Storm with a victory roll to win the match. (**. It was a decent match, but I’m not a fan of a weak finish like that. The way the match was hyped up it felt like it needed a stronger finish. Storm looked a lot better than his stuff nearly ten years earlier. I think Japan has really helped Storm in a positive way.)

Nana Corp make their way down to the ring with Prince Nana bringing out ICW Tag Team Champions Papadon, Xavier and Pinkie Sanchez. Nana takes some time to rip on the fans. Nana says they will not put the tag titles on the line tonight. Christopher Daniels runs into the ring and gets one of the tag titles. Apparently, Daniels and Xavier are now the tag champs. The microphone they are using isn’t the best. Steven D’Angelis introduces the tag title match. Daniels is surprised they are wrestling Papadon and Pinkie Sanchez. Daniels is in his street clothes.

Third Contest: ICW Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels & Xavier vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Papadon: Xavier pokes Sanchez and pins him to win the titles. They did their own finger poker of doom. Daniels doesn’t seem to be all that happy about this.

Fourth Contest: Bandido Jr. vs. Devon Moore: Moore quickly goes after Bandido with right hands and a backdrop. They go to the floor where Moore back rakes Bandido. Moore uses the ring bell on Bandido. Bandido chokes Moore on the floor for a moment. Moore rolls Bandido into the ring and gets stopped on a springboard attempt. Bandido shakes the ropes to send Moore to the mat. Bandido stomps on Moore’s groin to keep control of the contest. Bandido takes Moore over with a snap suplex. Bandido chokes Moore with a shirt and drops Moore with a back elbow strike for a near fall. Bandido runs the ropes and puts a chin lock on Moore. Bandido drops Moore with a dropkick for a near fall. Moore superkicks Bandido coming off the top rope. Moore clotheslines Bandido followed by an elbow strike. Moore boots Bandido in the corner and hits a moonsault for a two count. Bandido forearms Moore and is met with a yakuza kick. Bandido blocks a moonsault with his knees and hits a tiger suplex. Bandido locks in the Cattle Mutilation, but Moore reaches the ropes. Moore nails Bandido with a kick to the head followed by a neckbreaker out of a torture rack for a two count. Moore heads to the top rope and is met with right hand from Bandido. Bandido hits a top rope hurricanrana for a near fall. Bandido hits a Backstabber out of the corner for a near fall. Moore knocks Bandido off the middle rope and hits a shooting star press for the win. (*1/2. Bandido had a few nice spots in there and the finish here by Moore was a good one. For the most part this was a dull match that didn’t really have much entertainment for me.) After the match, Bandido tries to attack but Moore delivers a superkick.

Prior to the next match, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels reveal they’ve made their own tag titles and they are the real champions. Christopher Daniels and Xavier come out for another match despite Prince Nana not wanting them to. Xavier doesn’t want to do this either. Daniels cuts a promo on Azireal and Reefer saying they tried to fight them and lost. Daniels insults the Scoundrels for having fake belts. Daniels believes they are the best tag team and wants to defend the titles against both teams.

Fifth Contest: ICW Tag Team Champions Christopher Daniels & Xavier vs. Grim Reefer & Azireal vs. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (KC Blade & EC Negro): Blade and Daniels are in the ring to start the title match. Daniels shoves Blade saying that he hasn’t done anything. Blade doesn’t budge on a shoulder block and taunts the crowd. Blade shoves Daniels and delivers a few overhand strikes and a back rake. Daniels forearms Blade followed by a few strikes. Blade shoulder blocks Daniels and taunts the crowd. Daniels counters a slam with a jawbreaker and a step up kick to the head. Azireal tags himself in as Blade fell to the floor. Daniels takes Azireal down to the mat and delivers a few jabs. Azireal takes Daniels over with a head scissors takedown. Daniels tags in Xavier and yanks Azireal down by his hair followed by right hands. Azireal nearly pins Xavier with a rollup. Xavier nails Azireal with a dropkick in the corner for a two count. Azireal takes Xavier over with a jumping hurricanrana and delivers an arm drag. Xavier forearms Reefer, but gets kicked in the corner. Reefer runs into a spinebuster.

Negro tags himself in and drops Reefer with right hands. Negro connects with a leaping clothesline. Reefer kicks Negro and is dumped to the floor. Negro is met with a shoulder ram and Reefer delivers a forearm from the apron. Daniels tried to get involved, but is sent into the ring and Reefer hits a missile dropkick on Negro and Daniels. Azireal returns to the match and hammers away on Negro. Daniels clotheslines Azireal despite not being the legal man. Blade enters the match and scoop slams Azireal. Blade delivers a forearm drop and keeps a headlock on Azireal. Blade stops Azireal with a knee lift to the midsection. Daniels tags into the match and delivers a boot to the midsection. Daniels rams Azireal into the corner head first and almost gets a three count before settling for a chin lock. Azireal fights out of the hold and tries for a head scissors, but Daniels drops Azireal gut first down to the mat. Azireal chops Daniels several times, but an eye rake stops his momentum. Daniels forearms Negro off the apron onto the railing. Azireal fires back with right hands on Daniels, but Blade helps Daniels. Azireal clotheslines both men.

Azireal nails Daniels with a kick to the head and tags in Reefer. Reefer cleans house with clotheslines and strikes. Reefer takes Negro down with a Crossface, but Daniels makes the save. Reefer takes Daniels down with a tilt a whirl Crossface, but Xavier makes the save. Negro and Xavier trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Azireal dumps Blade to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Daniels ducks Negro to deliver an STO. Xavier enters the ring and accidentally hits Daniels with the crown of Nana. Negro and Xavier go to the floor. Reefer leaps off the top to hit a frog splash on Daniels for the first elimination! We will have new champions!

Negro keeps Reefer on the floor with a sleeper hold. Scoundrels hit a tornado DDT/Death Valley Driver combo on Reefer for a two count as Azireal broke the cover. Azireal rams the Scoundrels into each other and rolls away to deliver a running kick in the corner on Blade. Azireal misses a double stomp as Blade moved. Azireal is backdropped by Negro, but Azireal flies over Blade and pins Blade with a sunset flip for the win and titles! After the match, Scoundrels are not happy with this and dump Reefer to the floor. DRS Driver plants Azireal. Negro decks Reefer with a championship. DRS stand tall to end the segment. (***. An enjoyable match as I was surprised to see Daniels take a fall. It’s a good win for Reefer and Azireal and I can get behind a feud with DRS considering the aftermath.)

Sixth Contest: Eddie Kingston & Monsta Mack vs. Joel Maximo & Ricky Reyes: Kingston and Maximo kickoff the tag match. Maximo keeps arm control on Kingston and takes Maximo over with a headlock. Kingston gets out of a head scissors on the mat and they have a standoff. Kingston knee lifts Maximo and they trade arm drags. Maximo delivers a kick, but Kingston hits a dropkick for a near fall. Mack enters the match and Maximo is let go cleanly. Mack shoves Maximo into the corner a couple of times. Maximo wants to do a test of strength. They have it locked in with Mack getting the early advantage. Maximo rolls free and is met with a forearm strike. Maximo kicks Mack and Reyes tags in and to deliver several strikes on Mack. Mack isn’t affected by the chops and forearms Reyes several times. Reyes elbows Mack coming off the ropes and continues with right hands. Mack tries for a press slam, but Reyes wiggles free. Mack forearms Reyes and they are sloppy on a rollup attempt. Kingston enters and backs Reyes into the corner to deliver a snapmare for a two count. Kingston has a Rings of Saturn on Reyes, but Maximo made the save.
Mack tags into the match and takes Reyes over with a snapmare followed by a fist drop. Mack keeps a nerve hold on Reyes. Reyes delivers a kick but misses a splash in the corner. Mack takes Reyes over with an overhead suplex for a two count. Kingston enters the match and hammers away on Reyes before knocking Maximo on the apron. Maximo tries to get involved, but Reyes is beaten up in the corner by Mack some more. Reyes tries for a shoulder block and gets knocked down. Kingston pokes Reyes in the eyes to stop his momentum. Kingston forearms Reyes into the corner and chokes Reyes. Reyes stops Kingston with a swinging neckbreaker. Reyes counters a slam and almost wins with a rollup. Maximo enters and cleans house with a clothesline and forearm strike. Maximo delivers a running kick in the corner followed by a DDT onto Kingston. Maximo hits a top rope moonsault for a two count. Mack snuck a tag in as Maximo forearms Kingston. Mack plants Maximo with a spinebuster. Reyes stops Mack on the top rope. Reyes and Maximo try for the Spanish Fly on Mack, but Mack elbows both men. Reyes and Maximo manage to hit a superplex instead. Reyes is slammed by Mack. Kingston tags into the match and hits a double flapjack on Reyes.

Maximo hammers away on Kingston, but Kingston hit a head and arm overhead release suplex. Reyes forearms Kingston and locks in a dragon sleeper. Kingston breaks free and gets kicked by Reyes. Mack knocks Maximo off the top to the floor. Reyes tries to suplex Kingston and ducks a back fist. Mack clotheslines Reyes and Kingsotn hits the sliding to pin Reyes. (**. I think it’s difficult to have this match after the tag title match. This seemed like a misplaced match on the card. There was some decent action, but this probably went a little too long. Mack took a nice superplex and Reyes was fun to watch throughout.) After the match, Kingston wants to shake Julius Smokes hand and they all show respect for each other as they will apparently be a faction now.

Seventh Contest: Rich Swann vs. Pinkie Sanchez: They taunt each other early on with various dance moves. The crowd is more supportive of Swann. Swann slaps Sanchez in the corner and Sanchez bails to the floor after a rollup attempt. Swann slides to the floor and chases after Swann. Sanchez is rolled back into the ring and begs off. Swann slaps Sanchez hand away. Sanchez begs off again and tries for a cheap shot, but Swann blocks it. Sanchez is really extending this begging off deal. He kisses Swann’s boot. Swann blocks a low blow and delivers a kick to the head. Sanchez gets control with a few strikes in the corner. Swann chops Sanchez in the corner a few times before dumping Sanchez to the floor. Swann hits a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Sanchez kicks Swann as he tried to return to the ring and crotches Swann over the top rope. Sanchez dropkicks Swann while crotched over the top rope. Sanchez kicks Swann after a snapmare and delivers a few kicks. Swann ducks a clothesline, but Sanchez delivers a sliding dropkick to Swann’s knee. Sanchez smacks Swann with a towel and taunts the crowd. Swann nearly wins with a rollup and is stopped with a forearm strike.

Sanchez controls Swann with a leg lock on the mat. Swann slaps Sanchez while on his back. Sanchez delivers an elbow drop to the knee of Swann. Sanchez keeps a leg lock on Swann, but Swann kicks free. Swann gets a victory roll on Sanchez for a two count. Swann dropkicks Sanchez into the corner. Swann avoids Sanchez in the corner and delivers a superkick. Swann hits a Ki Krusher for a near fall. Swann nails Sanchez with a Pele kick, but Sanchez blocks a standing 450 splash by getting his knees up. Sanchez locks in a standing choke and takes Sanchez down with a DDT for the win. (*1/2. I was not entertained by this for the most part. Swann clearly shows that he has potential to breakout. However, Sanchez was rather boring and didn’t hold my interest when he was in control of the match. So, naturally Sanchez goes over.)

Prior to the next match, Dan Maff cuts a promo. Papadon has the Nana Corp with him and it’s only Maff out there. Maff has some friends with him. Maff brings out Julius Smokes, Joel Maximo and Ricky Reyes.

Eighth Contest: Dan Maff vs. Papadon: Well, everyone brawls in the ring and around ringside. Papadon forearms Maff several times but gets dumped to the floor by Maff. Maff takes Papadon out with a suicide dive! Papadon forearms Maff on the floor but gets sent into the guard railing. Maff chops Papadon on the floor, but Papadon comes back with strikes and chops. Maff sends Papadon into the guard railing again. Maff chops Papadon some more followed by a chest rake. Papadon forearms Maff after a boot to the midsection. Papadon sends Maff into the railing back first and delivers a running back elbow strike. Papadon taunts two women in the front row. Maff knocks Papadon down on the apron with a strike. Maff backdrops Papadon and Maff puts over the woman in the front row. Maff chops Papadon, but Papadon fights back with strikes. They are trading blows until Papadon connects with a clothesline for a two count. Papadon scoop slams Maff and goes to the top rope. Papadon misses a diving headbutt. Maff hammers away on Papadon with right hands. Maff splashes Papadon in the corner and hits a running cannonball splash for a two count. Papadon elbows Maff in the corner and leaps off the middle rope to uppercut Maff. Smokes attacks Nana on the floor. Maff has the crown and decks Papadon with it. Maff has the cover and pins Papadon. (*1/4. I was not expecting a short match between these two and they really didn’t do a whole lot at the end of the day. I enjoy Maff’s work, but he wasn’t really allowed to do much here.)

After the match, Maff chokes Nana in the corner and tosses Nana across the ring. Maff decks Nana several times in the corner. Papadon attacks Maff from behind until Eddie Kingston and Monsta Mack make the save. Smokes continues to pummel Nana in the corner. Maff has Nana on the top rope and goes for the Burning Hammer. However, Eddie Kingston low blows Maff and attacks Maff with Nana Corp. It looks like Kingston and Mack have turned heel! Reyes and Maximo brawl with a few guys on the floor while Maff continues to be beaten up in the corner. Christopher Daniels is in the ring and waits for Maff. Daniels turns face officially and decks Nana Corp with the crown! Maff pulls Pinkie Sanchez into the ring and press slams Sanchez to the floor onto Nana Corp! Maff says it’s time for a war.

Ninth Contest: Jon Moxley vs. Homicide: Homicide knee lifts Moxley in the corner followed by right hands in the corner. Moxley comes out of the corner with a clothesline and an elbow strike. Moxley delivers a few forearm strikes and right hands. Moxley drops Homicide with a forearm strike and a boot to the midsection. Homicide dumps Moxley to the apron. Homicide misses a baseball slide to the floor and Moxley drops Homicide with a right hand. Moxley rakes the back of Homicide. Moxley bites Homicide’s face. Homicide dumps Moxley into the crowd and delivers a chair shot. Homicide back rakes Moxley over the railing and they brawl through the crowd. Homicide tries to suplex Moxley onto a merchandise table, but Moxley blocks it. Moxley takes Homicide down and locks in a figure four in the crowd. Homicide slams a table onto Moxley to break the hold. Homicide hits a snap suplex onto the table. Homicide heads to the top rope, but Moxley stops Homicide with a right hand. Moxley hits a superplex into the ring. Moxley yanks Homicide down by his arm and works over Homicide’s left arm. Moxley clotheslines Homicide and chokes Homicide on the mat. Moxley chokes Homicide over the apron.

Moxley delivers a few elbow strikes over the apron to keep control of the contest. Moxley continues to choke Homicide over the middle rope. Homicide takes Moxley over with rolling snap suplexs. Moxley drops Homicide face first onto the mat. Homicide drives Moxley down with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Homicide hits a leaping tornado DDT from the middle rope for a near fall. Moxley shoves Homicide away in the corner and Homicide drop toe holds Moxley locking in an STF. Moxley plants Homicide with a DDT for a two count. Moxley puts an STF on Homicide, but doesn’t get a submission as Homicide reaches the ropes to break the hold. Homicide counters a clothesline with a cutter, but Moxley hits a cutter as well for a two count. Moxley puts a crossface chicken wing on Homicide, but Homicide reaches the ropes quickly. Moxley slams Homicide and goes to the top rope. Homicide crotches Moxley on the top and hits a cutter followed by a lariat fo the win. (**. The finish was a little bit out of nowhere and rather flat for the crowd. They did mostly brawling and repetitive spots when they got into the ring. I’m curious to see how this match would have been five or so years earlier during peak Homicide.)

Main Event: Danny Demanto vs. Amazing Red in a tables, ladders and chairs match: Demanto shoves Red and they begin to trade forearm strikes in the middle of the ring. Red slaps Demanto, who returns the slap. Red with a kick to the gut after a few slaps and is met with a shoulder block by Demanto. Demanto uses his body to drop Red. They go to the floor to grab chairs. Demanto avoids a chair shot and rolls to the floor. Demanto has a ladder but misses a strike on Red. Red kicks Demanto from the apron and hits a springboard somersault dive to the floor. Red has a table setup on the floor. Red lays Demanto on the table, but Demanto gets off the table and walks away. Demanto elbows Red on the floor and sends Red into the guard railing ribs first. Demanto has a chair and wedges it in the corner. Demanto forearms Red in the corner and Red avoids a splash. Red sends Demanto face first into the chair in the corner. Red head scissors Demanto onto the middle rope and tries for the 718, but Demanto catches Red. Red counters into a tornado DDT. Red hits the 718 and goes to the top rope trying for a crossbody, but Demanto catches Red to hit a swinging slam.

Demanto chokes Red with a chair. Demanto gets a ladder and slams Red onto the ladder. Demanto signals for a moonsault off the top, but Red crotches Demanto and puts him in a tree of woe. Red traps Demanto’s head in the ladder and delivers a kick to the groin. Red dropkicks Demanto’s head in the ladder. Red goes for the cover, but Demanto kicks out at two. Red goes to the top but Demanto’s valet shoves Red off the top and Red falls onto the table on the floor, but it doesn’t break. Demanto lays Red onto the table while is over the railing and apron. Demanto flies over the top rope and misses Red crashing through the table. Demanto rolls under the ring. Red rolls Demanto into the ring and tries for a cover managing a two count. Demanto elbows Red in the corner. Demanto counters a hurricanrana and drops Red face first over the top rope. Demanto tosses Red overhead for a two count. Demanto comes off the top to hit a frog splash for a near fall. Red’s cousin comes out and takes her neck brace off. She hits a head scissors off the top. Her name is Thea (Zelina Vega), apparently. Red hits the Code Red on Demanto for a two count. Red plants Demanto with a sit down powerbomb and a standing shooting star press for another near fall.

Red lays a ladder over the railing and apron. Red brings Demanto to the apron and they trade strikes. Demanto dumps Red into the ring, but Red delivers a kick. Red goes to the top managing to hit a sunset flip powerbomb onto the ladder. Demanto gets into the ring before a count-out, which makes no sense in the match. The announcers make note of the referee messing up. Demanto nails Red with a lariat. Demanto signals for a powerbomb and drops Red face first onto the ladder for a two count. Demanto has Red over the shoulder and hits a piledriver for a near fall. Demanto sits Red on a chair and sits on the top turnbuckle allowing Red to deliver a strike and tosses Demanto off the ropes onto the chair. Red goes under the ring looking for a table. Red lays Demanto onto the table, but Danny’s woman gets in the ring to stop Red. Thea also gets in the ring leading to Thea dropping her. Red comes off the top to frog splash Demanto through the table to win the match. (***3/4. An enjoyable match was Demanto took a few crazy bumps that no sane man should probably take in front of 350 fans. It delivered as a main event as I really enjoyed it. The TLC stipulation is usually hard to mess up and they did well with it here to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s really a two match show with an enjoyable tag title match and the main event being the only matches that were better than average and provided entertainment. A few of the matches were disappointing and some finishes were really flat that hurt the matches. I can’t give the show a recommendation as a whole, but the main event was fun to see Danny Demanto taking absolutely insane bumps.

Thanks for reading.

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