PWF Zero Gravity 10/13/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

Premiere Wrestling Federation presents Zero Gravity
Date: 10/13/2002
From: Pottstown, PA

To start the show, there is a ten bell salute for Ted Petty. I should also note, that this release appears to have multiple cameras and not just a ringside camera that RFVideo uses. There is also commentary on this show.

Lou E. Dangerously and PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion Chris Hamrick come out to cut a promo. Dangerously is sick and tired of having shows in front of these fans. Dangerously has two big announcements for tonight. Dangerously says that tailgating in the parking lot has been banned. Naturally, that upsets a few people in the crowd. The second announcement will be revealed by Hamrick. Hamrick says that his scheduled match with Ricky Morton is not going to be happening tonight. The fans are chanting that Morton is in jail. Hamrick suggests everyone gets refunds because he’s not wrestling tonight. Rob Dimension comes out to confront Hamrick and Dangerously. Dimension promised a title match and that’s going to be happening. There’s going to be a battle royal where the winner will challenge Hamrick for the championship. Hamrick suggests they allow to pick who wins the battle royal, and the fans want Rockin’ Rebel. Gino attacks Dimension and Hamirck superkicks him before being tossed to the floor.

Opening Contest: 15-man battle royal: The first fifteen guys flood the ring as per Rob’s statement. Mike Kehner, a former ECW referee, is in there. The announcers notes that there is fourteen men in the match that he can see. The last man to enter the match is Rockin’ Rebel. The Damned brawls with Fire and Ice after being eliminated. The final four is Rebel, SAT and Chi Chi Cruz. Cruz misses a crossbody and knocks SAT to the apron. Rebel is held by SAT. Cruz runs the ropes and he dropkicks the SAT to the floor. Rebel misses a clothesline and goes to the apron. Rebel backdrops Cruz over the top to the floor to win the match. Rebel will get a title match. (NR. The execution here was not done very well. I’m honestly bummed to know that Hamrick was originally going to wrestle Ricky Morton, which would have been fun to see.)

Second Contest: Joey Matthews vs. Amazing Red: Matthews shoulder blocks Red to start the match and taunts the crowd by strutting. Red drop toe holds Matthews followed by a dropkick to send Matthews to the floor. Red fakes a dive to the floor. Matthews crawls away on the floor. Matthews shoulder blocks Red from the apron and then trips over the middle rope on purpose. Red dropkicks Matthews to corner, but gets thrown to the floor. Red connects with a missile dropkick and hammers away on Matthews in the corner. Red spin kicks Matthews to the back of his head and goes to the top rope missing a swanton. Matthews ducks a clothesline and drops Red with a neckbreaker. Matthews tosses Red to the floor. Red kicks a drink into Matthews face and they walk through the crowd. Red punches Matthews at ringside. Matthews hits a leaping clothesline off the top for a near fall. Matthews beats on Red in the corner with stomps before hitting a double under hook suplex for a two count. Red boots Matthews in the corner but is met with a superkick.

Red kicks Matthews but runs into a clothesline from Matthews. Matthews knee drops Red leading to a near fall. Red plants Matthews with a brainbuster. Matthews drops Red with a forearm shot. Allison Danger slaps Matthews and drops him over the top rope. Red hits a 619 to the midsection and the Code Red for a near fall. Red delivered a few kicks in the corner and a middle rope neckbreaker. Matthews blocks a standing shooting star press by getting his knees up. Red kicks Matthews down to the mat and hits the standing shooting star press for a near fall. Matthews counters a hurricanrana with the Virginia Necktie neckbreaker for the win. (***. A fine opener with Red getting some good shine and Matthews doing well to be a heel and not upstage Red with any of his offense. Matthews appears to be getting a push in PWF judging by how the commentary team reacted to the victory.)

Third Contest: The Damned (Draven & Mad Dog) vs. Fire & Ice: All four men are in the ring brawling to start the match. Draven missed a spear and hit the post in the corner. Dog is taken over with a hurricanrana out of the corner. Fire and Ice hit a side Russian leg sweep/middle rope clothesline combo on Dog. Damned hit a double team suplex to drop Blaze gut first to the mat. Blaze hits a top rope crossbody for a two count, but quickly gets beaten up again. Pelligrini tags in and cleans house after Blaze avoided a top rope move attempt. Pelligrini almost wins following a powerslam. Draven is sent to the floor and Dog is slammed by both men leading to a double splash off opposite corners for the win. (DUD. The action was sloppy, but I think Fire and Ice have more potential than The Damned do. The fans weren’t digging this either.)

Fourth Contest: Simply Luscious vs. Trinity: Luscious kicks Trinity to the mat and the fans are chanting that Luscious is a man. Luscious delivers a spinning back fist in the corner. Trinity hits a back suplex on Luscious for a two count. Luscious plants Trinity with a Death Valley Driver. Luscious misses a splash off the middle rope. Trinity hits a top rope moonsault for the win. (DUD. It’s a short match, but it was rather sloppy and poorly executed.) After the match, Luscious drops Trinity with an STO.

Fifth Contest: PWF United States Champion Jay Brsicoe vs. Chi Chi Cruz: Jay arm drags Cruz out of a lockup position a couple of times to start the contest. Cruz knee lifts Briscoe and gets a hammerlock on the champ for a moment. Briscoe gets a rollup for a two count. Briscoe takes Cruz down with a headlock. Cruz gets a bow and arrow on Briscoe, but lets go quickly. Cruz delivers several shots against the ropes. Briscoe forearms Cruz and decks Cruz with an elbow. Briscoe hits a standing dropkick. Briscoe avoids a clothesline in the corner and delivers a big boot. Cruz avoids a clothesline in the corner and hits a backstabber. Briscoe sends Cruz chest first into the corner followed by a kick and powerbomb. Briscoe finishes Cruz off with the Jay Driller for the win. (1/2*. There wasn’t much here between these two. Briscoe has a great finisher, which shockingly didn’t get a reaction from the crowd.) After the match, Cruz is helped backstage by a doctor and appears to suffered an injury.

Sixth Contest: PWF Xtreme Champion Jack Victory vs. Matt Striker: Striker avoids a strike in the corner and hammers away on Victory followed by a hip toss to send Victory to the floor. Striker decks Victory on the floor. Victory elbow strikes Striker on the floor and rams Striker into the ring steps face first. Victory slams Striker face first onto the concession stand counter. Victory brings Striker to the stage and slams Victory face first onto the stage a few times. Striker gets a two count in the crowd. Victory has been busted open as Striker continues to deliver right hands. Victory low blows Striker in the ring. Striker whacks Victory over the head with a steel chair for a two count. Striker slams Victory onto the chair for a two count. Striker avoids powder from Dangerously. Victory decks Striker with a chain around his fist and wins the match. (*. It’s a smoke and mirrors match since Victory can’t really do much here. The brawling made the match go by quicker than the previous matches, but it was not very good.)

Seventh Contest: PWF Tag Team Champions The SAT vs. Steve Corino & CW Anderson in a best two out of three falls match: Anderson and Jose start off the match. Jose slaps Anderson as the fans wonder where the SAT’s green card is at. Anderson takes Jose down and slaps the back of his head a few times. Anderson chops Jose in the corner and tags in Corino. Corino delivers a boot to the midsection, but Jose takes Corino down and they counter holds. Corino kicks Joel on the knee leading to Jose returning to the match. Anderson tags in and delivers a few forearms to the back. Corino returns to the match and dropkicks a seated Jose for a two count. Jose drops Anderson with a neckbreaker and Joel enters to get a two count on Anderson. Joel takes Anderson down with a vertical suplex for a two count. Joel back elbows Anderson for another two count. SAT hits a wheelbarrow senton splash onto Anderson for a near fall. Anderson decks Jose with a clothesline to the back. Corino and Joel tag in with Corino cleaning house with strikes. Corino heel kicks Jose and tosses Joel with a t-bone suplex. Corino is stopped by Jose with a clothesline. Joel plants Corino with a brainbuster and a top rope moonsault to get a three count. SAT: 1 – Anderson/Corino: 0

SAT work over Corino in the corner with a few strikes. Joel forearms Corino in the corner leading to a two count. Jose chokes Corino in the corner. Anderson tags in and deckd Joel with a left hand and holds Jose for Corino to hit an elevated cutter. Corino forearms Joel in the corner and Anderson hits a suplex for a two count. Anderson plants Jose with a powerbomb and catapults Jose into a superkick from Corino for a three count. SAT:1 – Anderson/Corino: 1

Joel decks Corino with a kick and a German suplex for a two count. Corino delivers a big boot to Joel in the corner. Jose nails Corino with a springboard dropkick for a two count. Anderson tries for a powerbomb, but Jose counters with a DDT for a near fall. Corino hits a brainbuster on Jose for a two count. Joel kicks Anderson while Corino is hit with a powerbomb by Joel out of the corner. SAT hit a double spinebuster on Corino for a two count. Anderson is sent to the floor and the SAT try for a Spanish Fly. Anderson hits the spinebuster on Joel and gets the three while Corino held Jose in the corner. We have new champions. (**1/2. The outcome was obvious since the winner where fought guys from Zero 1. The pace was done well, but it was a complete styles clash and SAT weren’t really able to do much of their stuff. Anderson and Corino came across like a great team and a team that should probably have a bigger audience to see their stuff.)

After the match, Steve Corino grabs a microphone. Corino notes that he decides who wrestles who in the company and puts over SAT as the future of tag team wrestling. They will be defending the tag titles in Japan with PWF pride. Corino thanks the fans for spending their money every month. Corino tells the boys in the back that if they don’t want to be here they aren’t needed. Corino hates being a babyface but it’s a pleasure to do so in PWF. Corino doesn’t like people trashing the company backstage.

Eighth Contest: PWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Quiet Storm vs. Chris Divine: Storm takes Divine down to the mat and keeps arm control in the early moments. They have a standoff when Divine gets to his feet. They trade arm drags and pin attempts leading to another standoff. Divine blocks a cheap shot on a handshake and dropkicks Storm to the floor. Divine hits a suicide dive to the outside. Divine gets a two count after a back suplex. Divine delivers a dragon screw leg whip to keep Storm on the mat. Storm tosses Divine overhead coming off the ropes for a two count. Storm with a forearm and a side suplex. Storm puts a modified stretch muffler on Divine, but doesn’t get a submission. Storm drives Divine down with a brainbuster for a two count. Storm hits a vertical suplex for another near fall. Storm slams Divine and goes to the top rope. Storm misses a frog splash. Divine hits a missile dropkick and a German suplex for a two count. Storm appears to be favoring his left eye and isn’t selling Divine’s offense. Storm tries for a version of the Gory Special, but Divine counters. Storm hits the move on a second attempt.

Divine plants Storm with a brainbuster for another two count. Divine slams Storm and goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash for a near fall. Storm hits a back suplex for another near fall. Storm powerbombs Divine and locks in the Crossface. Storm puts Divine on the top rope and hits a German suplex managing to keep himself on the ropes. Storm misses a top rope moonsault. Divine drops Storm on his face with a full nelson slam for a two count. Divine lcoks in the Texas Cloverleaf, Storm reaches the ropes. Storm delivers a back fist and a running forearm. Storm plants Divine with the Storm Cradle Driver to win the match. (*1/2. Nobody cared about this and wanted it to end. These guys are not entertaining in singles roles and would be better off remaining a tag team.)

Main Event: PWF Universal Heavyweight Champion Chris Hamrick vs. Robin’ Rebel: Hamrick starts off with a knee lift to the midsection and right hands in the corner. Rebel elbows Hamrick in the corner and delivers right hands. Hamrick misses a splash in the corner and flies over post to the floor. Rebel leaps off the apron to clothesline Hamrick on the floor. Rebel tosses Hamrick into some chairs and a fan gives Hamrick a right hand. Rebel chases Dangerously on the floor. Hamrick clotheslines Rebel followed by a superkick. Rebel nearly wins with an inside cradle. Hamrick nails Rebel with a dropkick. Hamrick chops Rebel in the corner, but Rebel gets a rollup out of the corner for a near fall. Hamrick stops Rebel with a clothesline. Hamrick boots Rebel off the apron to the floor. Dangerously chokes Hamrick with his belt. Hamrick gets out of a sunset flip to clothesline Rebel again. Hamrick hits a top rope elbow drop for a two count. Rebel collides with Hamrick and falls onto his groin. Rebel hits a back suplex to drop Hamrick to the mat. Rebel back elbows Hamrick to the mat followed by a backdrop. Hamrick atomic drops Rebel. Hamrick slams Rebel and goes to the top hitting a leg drop for a two count. Hamrick misses a second leg drop and Rebel connects with a dropkick and leg drop. Rebel has the cover and wins the match. (1/2*. Hamrick did a couple of bumps, but this was a bad main event. I don’t think the crowd really wanted Rebel to win this and it’s a bad way to close the show.) After the match, the locker room empties to celebrate with Rebel trying to make this a big deal. I don’t think this is connecting with the crowd at all. Rebel hypes the show in November, which is against Japan, and gets a brief USA chant.

Final Thoughts:
There were two solid matches on the show, but neither of them were exceptional or noteworthy. I’d consider this to be the worst PWF show I’ve reviewed to this point. I’m rather bummed about Morton not being on the show to fight Hamrick and putting Rebel in that spot was likely the worst possible thing to do from a match quality standpoint.

Thanks for reading.

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