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WCW Worldwide 9/5/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 9/5/1992
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Van Hammer defeated Ruben Thomas
2.) Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton defeated Joey Maggs & Italian Stallion
3.) Marcus Alexander Bagwell defeated Scotty Flamingo
4.) The Barbarian defeated TC Carter
5.) Cactus Jack defeated Dustin Rhodes by count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Last week, WCW World Champion Ron Simmons was interviewed and he said that the championship is for the fans. WCW United States Champion Rick Rude made his way down to the ring with Madusa to confront Simmons. Rude isn’t happy because he didn’t get a title shot despite being the number one contender. Rude says that Simmons has what he wants and he’ll take it. Rude promises that Simmons will be shortest reigning champion in their sport. Simmons says that luck didn’t win the belt and considers himself a bad man. Rude has left the ring with Madusa and doesn’t return.

2.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is up next. Bischoff notes the recent injuries that Ricky Steamboat has overcame in recent months. There’s a video package promoting Steamboat.

3.) Jesse Ventura conducted an interview with Nikita Koloff. Koloff knows that Ventura likes Rick Rude and it doesn’t bother him. Koloff warns Rude to not put him on the back burner. Koloff knows that one sickle and he’s the WCW United States Champion. Koloff threatens Jake Roberts that if he messes with him that he’ll get bitten.

4.) There’s a pre-tape with Michael Hayes, who is now with Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton. Hayes knows Terry Gordy and Steve Williams very well. Hayes laughs that they are worried about the Steiner Brothers, but they will be the ones defending against the Steiner’s.

5.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is up next. Bischoff notes that Jake Roberts and Cactus Jack would be a strong tag team. Roberts recently cut a promo on Worldwide saying he wants the whole world and not just a piece of the world. Roberts knows he’ll be the man because he has the ability to be the man. Roberts will drown the seeds that WCW plants, or burn it down. We see footage of Cactus Jack attacking Koloff while Roberts used a chair on Koloff’s left arm. Sting got to his feet and made the save hitting Cactus with the chair a few times.

6.) Barry Windham cut a pre-tape promo on the Barbarian, who pinned him last week in a six man match. Windham says that Barbarian got one up on him and he can trade cheap shots if that’s what it takes.

7.) Rhodes goes after Cactus before the bell. Cactus sneaks a low blow and knocks Rhodes to the floor with an elbow strike. Cactus keeps Rhodes on the floor where Rhodes delivers a few strikes and rams Cactus into the apron. They return to the ring where Rhodes delivers a few strikes and a clothesline in the corner. Rhodes runs into a knee strike and Cactus drops Rhodes with a boot to the midsection. Rhodes tries for a rollup, but Cactus holds onto the ropes. Rhodes clotheslines Cactus over the top to the floor. Dustin works over Cactus with strikes in the corner. Cactus knee lifts Rhodes upon returning to the ring. Cactus bites Rhodes forehead sending him to the corner and delivers a headbutt. Cactus continues with strikes, but Rhodes fights back with strikes of his own. Cactus pulls at Dustin’s mouth. Cactus splashes Dustin in the corner followed by a falling headbutt. Cactus goes for a cover managing a two count. Rhodes fights back with strikes. Cactus stops Rhodes with a boot to the midsection and a strike to the ribs. Cactus splashes onto Rhodes over the middle rope. Cactus delivers a standing elbow drop for a two count. Rhodes kicks Cactus and continues with right hands. Cactus collides with Rhodes in the corner and they fall to the floor. Cactus drives Rhodes chest first into the apron. Cactus leaps off the apron to elbow drop Rhodes on the floor and wins the match by count-out. (*1/2. Sure, the finish is kind of flat because it’s not a true victory, but I think it works for the Cactus Jack victory. Knowing that Cactus kept a guy down for ten seconds on the floor can be seen as a more vicious wrestler. Plus, the losses aren’t hurting the guys that are putting over Cactus.)

8.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is next and the focus is on WCW Television Champion Steve Austin who gets a video package to promote him.

9.) Jake Roberts beats on Dustin Rhodes on the aisle way as he was coming down for an interview. Roberts and Cactus double team Rhodes until Sting and Nikita Koloff rundown to make the save.

Final Thoughts:
Michael Hayes being added to the Dangerous Alliance doesn’t really work for me at all, but I’m still hopeful for Anderson and Eaton to maintain their momentum. I thought it was an average overall episode and enjoyed the segments this week.

Thanks for reading.

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