WCW Worldwide 9/26/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 9/26/1992
From: Macon, GA

1.) Van Hammer defeated Kenny Kendall
2.) The Barbarian defeated Danny Deese
3.) Shane Douglas defeated Scotty Flamingo
4.) Steiner Brothers defeated NWA/WCW Tag Team Champions Terry Gordy & Steve Williams in a non-title match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Kensuke Sasaki will be coming to WCW very soon. Sasaki has been accomplished in NJPW.

2.) Bill Watts talks about two major announcements. Watts announces that a tournament for the WCW Lightweight Championship will take place after the new year. The top rope rule has been rescinded. Watts says the only way a top rope will lead to a disqualification will be if someone comes off the top to deliver a strike to the head or throat. Watts gives examples of what is legal and what is not. Eaton’s top rope knee drop and Rick Rude’s knee drop are illegal examples.

3.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is up next and he promotes Halloween Havoc taking place next month. Jake Roberts shares a pre-tape promo. Roberts has never heard of a man being able to ask for how to be executed. However, they will spin the wheel to make the deal. Roberts says he’s a master of them all.

4.) Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Steve Austin. Austin says that WCW has produced the greatest champions of all time throughout the years. Austin says it should come to no secret that WCW would produce the champion that will dominate the sport. Austin tells Schiavone that in the next few weeks a new and improved Steve Austin will emerge and he’ll be the WCW World Champion.

5.) Tony Schiavone conducted an interview with Dustin Rhodes and Erik Watts. Rhodes talks about wanting a tag title shot with Barry Windham. Schiavone asks what Dustin’s short-term goals are. Rhodes says his number one goal is to win the WCW United States Championship. Erik Watts is interviewed regarding his training to become a wrestler. Watts has asked for help regarding his training and he’s come along fast. Watts doesn’t know when he’ll step foot into the ring. Rhodes thinks that Watts is ready to compete.

6.) Shane Douglas shared some pre-tape comments before his match. Douglas isn’t going to backdown from anyone because he has a belly to belly suplex. He’s learned the move from Magnum TA.

7.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is next. Cactus Jack and The Barbarian shared a promo. Cactus tells Barbarian to get ready for Halloween Havoc since Barbarian gets a shot at Ron Simmons for the WCW World Championship. Cactus believes that Simmons will be a beaten man at the event. WCW World Champion Ron Simmons shares his thoughts saying that he’s seen Barbarian deliver a boot to many people, but he’ll avoid it. Simmons says his boot is the same size and he’s prepared to lace it up against Barbarian.

8.) Scott and Gordy kickoff the main event tag match. They trade wrist locks until Gordy yanks Scott to the mat by his hair. Scott comes back with a fireman’s carry. Scott ducks an elbow to shoulder block Gordy a few times. Scott tries for a suplex, but Rick and Williams enter leading to the Steiner’s hitting stereo backdrops and play to the crowd. Gordy boots Scott in the midsection and rams Scott into Williams knee in the corner. Scott arm drags Williams to the mat and keeps arm control. Rick tags into the match and jabs Williams a few times and taunts Gordy. Rick and Williams square off with Rick delivering right hands in the corner. Williams tosses Rick across the ring and delivers a running football tackle. Rick stops Willaims with a clothesline to send Williams to the floor to regroup. We go to a commercial break.

Scott yanks on Williams arm, but gets sent through the ropes to the floor. Williams comes off the apron, but Scott hammers away on Williams several times. Williams sends Scott into the ring and delivers a stomps on the mat. Gordy enters and shoulder blocks Scott along with Williams for a two count. Gordy rams Scott into the corner and delivers several strikes in the corner. Gordy hooks Scott and hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Scott tries for a sunset flip, but Williams held on until Rick delivered a strike. Williams elbow drops Scott several times to maintain control of the contest but only manages a two count. Scott continues to be worked over in the corner by the champs. Gordy slams Scott and delivers a lariat. Gordy pummels Scott with right hands on the mat. Williams drops Scott with a strike and locks in a half Boston Crab. Scott reaches for the tag and makes it, but Gordy distracts the referee. Gordy locks in an STF, but has to let go. Williams enters and kicks Scott in the ribs. Gordy returns to the match and sends Scott into the corner, but misses a splash. Rick gets the hot tag and cleans house with right hands. Rick powerslams Gordy leading to a near fall. Williams shoulder blocks Rick in the corner. Scott prevents a backdrop, but gets clotheslined. Rick hits a German suplex on Gordy and gets the three count as Williams hit a German on Scott. (**. The closing sequence felt completely mistimed and just off. The action was decent enough and held my interest. Steiner’s are just so great in there.)

9.) WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is next. Sting says that Jake Roberts isn’t a mentally stable person and they finish their issue at Halloween Havoc. Sting doesn’t care what the match is because they get to settle it once and for all.

10.) Tony Schiavone interviews WCW World Champion Ron Simmons to end the program. Simmons is glad to be home and thinks he made people proud of him. Simmons promises to give everything he has. Simmons says that the top rope rule is an advantage for Barbarian and his diving headbutt. Simmons says he’s been known to use the top rope. He’ll use any rope to get the job done. Simmons plans on being the champion at Havoc and after the pay per view.

Final Thoughts:
Worldwide continues to be a solid hour program, but doesn’t really have anything must-see in the recent episodes covered.

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