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WCW Saturday Night 5/31/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 5/31/1997
From: N/A

1.) Meng defeated Joe Gomez
2.) Hugh Morrus defeated Johnny Swinger
3.) Psychosis defeated Jim Powers
4.) Steiner Brothers defeated La Parka & Ciclope
5.) Wrath defeated Joey Maggs
6.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Alex Wright

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Meng won his match rather easily and afterwards Renegade came out to attack his former partner, Joe Gomez. Meng didn’t need or want his help and put Renegade out, too.

2.) Lee Marshall interviewed Sonny Ono. Ono says that Ultimo Dragon is going to get a lesson in respect. Ono briefly talks about Great Muta misting him in the face. Ono also got Madusa to put her career on the line for a women’s championship match. Ono is one smart man, just ask him.

3.) Parka nails Rick with a kick to the head, but Rick delivers a clothesline out of the corner. Rick continues with a backdrop for a two count. Parka boots Rick followed by a spinning heel kick. Rick decks Ciclope on the apron and Parka gets decked by a clothesline. Scott and Ciclope enter the match with Ciclope delivering a jawbreaker and a missile dropkick. Scott stops the offense with a double underhook powerbomb for the win. (1/2*. Well, that was an abrupt finish but I didn’t even expect it to last the amount of time that it did anyway.)

4.) Randy Savage cuts a pre-tape promo saying that Diamond Dallas Page can’t take back what he’s done and that everyone needs to be prepared for Great American Bash.

5.) Wright takes Jarrett down to the mat a few times, but Jarrett kicks Wright away and hits a DDT. Jarrett nails Wright with a standing dropkick. Jarrett chokes Wright over the middle rope and splashes onto Wright. Jarrett hits a gut wrench suplex and stomps Wright. Jarrett takes Wright over with a snap suplex. Wright gets a sunset flip for a two count. Jarrett stops Wright with a quick clothesline. Jarrett clotheslines Wright in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a fist drop. Wright avoids a kick and dropkicks Jarrett before going to the floor. Wright axe handles Jarrett chest first over the apron. Wright pummels Jarrett in the corner with stomps. Jarrett takes Wright down with a chop block and locks in the figure four to win the match by submission. After the match, Wright has a temper tantrum. (*1/4. Well, that felt like they rushed the entire match. Wright is a far better heel and plays the role really well. I’m just baffled as to why he’d control all of the match and then lose by submission in the middle of the ring. He just kind of looked like a goof.)

6.) Lee Marshall interviews Jeff Jarrett, who says he’s on a winning streak when he’s on his own. Jarrett notices it’s different when he’s teaming with Steve McMichael. Jarrett promises to win the WCW United States Championship in an upcoming match. Debra takes credit for all of Mongo’s contracts and tells Jarrett to focus on the gold.

Final Thoughts:
A weaker episode compared to last weeks show, but these shows are always an easy viewing experience.

Thanks for reading.

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