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WWE Smackdown 6/13/2002

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
Date: 6/13/2002
From: Greenville, SC

The show starts with twelve security guards and a table setup in the ring. This is going to be a contract signing between WWE Undisputed Champion the Undertaker and Triple H for the King of the Ring pay per view. Both Taker and HHH come down and Taker is the first one to sign the contract. HHH tosses a chair to the floor and signs the contract allowing McMahon to leave the ring with half of the security team. Four guards attack Triple H and Taker jumps onto HHH to get a few shots in, as well. HHH goes under the ring to get a sledgehammer but the heels leave and go up the ramp. HHH promises it’s going to be a long night for the Undertaker and hit a pedigree on one of the security guards.

Triple H remains in the ring when we return from commercial. Billy, Chuck and Rico try to get into the ring for their upcoming match. Triple H says that Billy has found a whole new meaning for suck it. HHH takes Billy out with a sledgehammer shot. HHH wants Undertaker right now and if he doesn’t get him then he will make sure there isn’t Smackdown anymore. HHH beings to destroy the announcers table. HHH attacks the cameraman and takes a $50,000 camera. Vince McMahon comes out and gives HHH a tag team match taking with Hulk Hogan to take on the Undertaker and Kurt Angle. HHH looks into the camera and says he’ll see Undertaker in hell. The camera gets destroyed by a sledgehammer shot.

Earlier today, Hurricane runs into Nidia backstage. She says that Hurricane will meet Jamie Noble soon and Hurricane says bring it on. Nidia licks Hurricane’s face and says that confrontation turns her on.

Opening Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane vs. Test in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Hurricane hammers away on Test but they don’t do much damage. Hurricane knocks Test down with a leaping forearm smash. Test stops Hurricane with a clothesline in the corner and stomps away on the champ. Test misses a clothesline in the corner. Hurricane goes to the top looking for a cross body but Test catches him. Hurricane goes for a choke slam after breaking free but Test counters looking for the pump handle but Hurricane drives Test down with an elbow drop. Test finishes Hurricane off with the Test Drive (roll of the dice). (*1/2. A quick match and Test came off looking like a threat to win the tournament.) After the match, Jamie Noble and Nidia come down to the ring to taunt Hurricane. Noble slaps Hurricane several times and holds Hurricane to allow Nidia to take off Hurricane’s mask and slap him. Tazz asks surprised that the Hurricane is Gregory Helms.

Second Contest: Hardcore Holly vs. Tajiri in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Tajiri shoulder blocks Holly but Holly comes back with an elbow shot of his own. Holly works over Tajiri with chops in the corner. Tajiri super kicks Holly and hammers away on Holly a few times. Tajiri comes off the ropes to hit a dropkick on a kneeling Holly and continues to work over Holly with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Tajiri chops Holly several times in the corner but Holly counters and chops Tajiri a few times as well. Tajiri kicks Holly from the apron but misses a springboard moonsault attempt. Holly clotheslines Tajiri a few times and connects with a dropkick for a two count. Tajiri misses a kick and gets power slammed by Holly for a two count. Holly goes for the Alabama Slam but Tajiri gets out of it and kicks Holly in the head but only gets a near fall. Tajiri gets the tarantula locked in but Holly connects with the Alabama Slam as Tajiri had to break the hold. (**. I liked the finish there as it made complete sense. Holly is another guy who has been kind of enjoyable lately since the brand split.)

Backstage, Chris Jericho is watching footage of himself beating up Edge last week. Val Venis comes over and says he’s going to stick his foot in Jericho’s ass.

Third Contest: Lance Storm & Chris Jericho vs. Val Venis & Billy Kidman: Venis and Jericho start the tag match but Jericho tags out to Storm before they do anything. Val decks Jericho off the apron and Storm attacks Venis from behind. Jericho tags in and takes advantage with chops. Venis shoulder blocks Jericho followed by a scoop slam and a knee drop. Venis hammers away on Jericho but a knee lift stops him. Jericho continues to work over Val in the corner but runs into a big boot and Venis hit a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Jericho kicks Val and tags in Storm. Kidman punches Storm and Val nearly wins with a rollup. Kidman gets tagged in and hit a top rope cross body for a two count. Kidman monkey flips Storm and continues to work over Storm. Storm knocks Venis off the apron and puts Kidman on his shoulders allowing Jericho to drop Kidman throat first across the top rope. Jericho hits a standing senton splash for a two count. Jericho drops Kidman across the top rope throat first again before tagging in Storm. Storm dropkicks Kidman managing a two count. Jericho tags back in and works over Kidman some more in the corner with chops. Kidman fights back with a few chops of his own.

Jericho hits a running bulldog coming off the ropes and goes for a springboard moonsault but Kidman got his knees up! Storm and Venis get the tags with Venis cleaning house with strikes. Venis backdrops Storm and power slams Jericho. Venis hit a sit out spinning power bomb on Storm for a two count. Kidman is lifted by Venis into Jericho to hit a dropkick. Storm nearly pins Venis with a kick. Venis plants Storm with a spine buster after Jericho got knocked off the apron. Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press but Jericho pulls the referee out. Jericho hits a sleeper hold slam on Kidman and Storm nearly gets a three count on Kidman! Kidman has a rollup on Storm and manages to get a three count after getting a shoulder up as both their shoulders were down. (***. A solid tag match and a big victory for Kidman, I’d say. I wasn’t expecting them to win, at all. Also, this was a Thrillseekers reunion of sorts as Jericho and Storm teamed early in their careers.) After the match, we see footage of Storm getting his shoulder up as well.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is interviewed regarding Kurt Angle. Hogan says they are both bald, but while Hogan lost his due to mother nature, Angle lose his hair because of Edge! Hogan wants a piece of Angle at the King of the Ring. Hogan promises to rip Angle’s wig off tonight!

During the commercial, Lance Storm confronted Brian Hebner saying that screwing over Canadians must run in his family. Storm says that Hebner is a typical American who sees whatever he wants to see instead of what is actually there.

Backstage, Linda Miles tells us that she has found a partner to team up with to take on Jackie, who turned on her. It is none other than Trish Stratus.

Backstage, Kurt Angle meets with Vince McMahon and says he is concerned about Hogan ripping the roots of his hair out of his head tonight. Angle asks if McMahon believes he has real hair. Undertaker enters the room and is concerned about Triple H’s mindset, too. Vince McMahon assures them that they have it easy tonight.

Rev. D-Von and Deacon Batista come out with D-Von claiming that masturbation is a sin and everyone that does it will burn in hell. Faarooq comes out and admits to be a masturbator and is going to get real simple on D-Von’s ass.

Fourth Contest: Rev. D-Von vs. Faarooq: Faarooq decks D-Von with the microphone and hits the Dominator to win the match. After the match, Faarooq kicks the steel briefcase into Deacon Batista’s face and walks out of the ring.

Backstage, WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is helping Linda Miles stretch.

Fifth Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus & Linda Miles vs. Ivory & Jackie Gayda: Miles tries to go after Gayda but is held back. Ivory attacks Trish from behind and knee lifts Stratus before hitting a side slam for a two count. Ivory goes for a suplex but Trish comes back with right hands. Jackie knee lifts Stratus from the apron to allow Ivory to hit a dropkick. Trish is sent into Gayda’s knee brace. Gayda tosses Trish across the ring by her hair. Trish decks Gayda with a kick and a backdrop. Miles gets tagged in and decks Gayda followed by a scoop slam a few times. Miles gets a two count with a dropkick but Ivory made the save. Miles gets worked over as Trish distracts the referee. Miles is driven down with a double flapjack but Ivory misses a big splash. Trish gets tagged in and hammers away on Ivory. Ivory big boots Trish in the corner but is stopped on the middle rope. Trish takes Ivory off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Trish hits the springboard bulldog for the win. (*. I’m not sure how Trish was allowed to compete on Smackdown since she is a RAW talent. Anyway, it wasn’t awful and the newbies were in the ring for only a short period of time.)

Backstage, Vince McMahon is with Stacy Keibler and says that there is a side she has never seen of him. She is to address him as Mr. McMahon. There is a knock at the door and it’s Dawn Marie, but McMahon doesn’t allow Stacy to open the door. Vince tries to kiss Stacy, but it’s evident that the kiss isn’t welcomed.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan runs into the Undertaker and is attacked by Kurt Angle from behind. Taker gets a few shots in as well and seemingly knock Hogan out of the main event. Angle accepts the challenge for King of the Ring, too.

Main Event: WWE Undisputed Champion The Undertaker & Kurt Angle vs. Triple H in a handicap match: HHH attacks Angle during his entrance and trades strikes with Taker in the ring. Taker stops HHH with right hands but HHH comes back with a knee and clothesline. HHH clotheslines Taker in the corner and decks Angle. HHH stomps on Angle in the corner. Taker is back up and big boots HHH. Taker and Angle double team HHH stomping away on him. Angle legally starts the match hitting a snap suplex on HHH. Angle works over HHH with right hands in the corner and stomps to drop HHH to the canvas. HHH nails Angle with a high knee lift and taunts Taker. Taker clotheslines HHH from the apron and delivers an elbow strike while the referee was distracted. Angle maintains control of the match and Taker hits a leg drop on the apron while the referee was distracted again. The fans are chanting for Hogan, but there is no sign of him coming out. HHH charges out of the corner to clothesline Angle and knocks Taker off the apron. Angle takes HHH over with a series of German suplexs for a two count. Taker works over HHH with a big boot to the midsection and delivers elbow shots in the corner to drop HHH. Taker is talking smack with every blow until HHH comes out of the corner and chokes Taker. HHH decks Angle off the apron but is met with a right hand from Taker.

Taker dumps HHH to the floor and Angle pummels HHH with right hands. Taker rams HHH head first into the corner and delivers a shot to his kidney area. Taker connects with a head butt and tags in Angle to maintain control of the match. Angle is met with a kick to the chest and HHH runs into a sleeper hold. HHH struggles to his feet hitting a back suplex to break the hold. Taker gets the tag and runs into an elbow strike. They begin to trade strikes with Taker getting the better of the exchange. They collide with double clotheslines and crash to the canvas. Angle gets tagged in but misses a spear hitting the ring post. HHH drops Angle with a neck breaker and a spine buster for Taker. HHH tosses Angle over the top to the floor. HHH sends Angle shoulder first into the ring steps. HHH sends Taker into the guard railing and continues to hammer away on Taker. HHH whacks Taker over the back with a steel chair! HHH rolls Taker into the ring and goes under the ring to grab a sledgehammer. HHH nails Taker in the midsection with the sledgehammer causing the disqualification. Taker sends HHH to the floor after a knee lift. HHH continues to hit Taker with the sledgehammer to his midsection and over the railing. Angle comes over and rams HHH into the ring post. Angle goes for the Angle Slam and hits it. Angle is thrilled to have won the match and taunts the fans. (**. A forgettable match, but HHH getting himself disqualified is fine to play up his anger. Plus, he was in an unfavorable match to begin with.)

Kurt Angle walks up the ramp with his back to the entrance way and Hulk Hogan appears from behind to attack Angle! Hogan sends Angle back into the ring and HHH decks him with a right hand. Angle gets punched by both Hogan and HHH. Hogan drops Angle with a right hand and rips his shirt off. HHH goes for a Pedigree but Angle backdropped out of it. HHH pulls down Angle’s tights and Hogan rips off his wig. HHH takes advantage with a Pedigree and Hogan comes off the ropes to hit a leg drop. Hogan and HHH pose for the fans to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
There was a solid undercard tag match on the show, but that’s mostly all. I’m not all that interested in the HHH/Taker feud, to be quite honest. Angle vs. Hogan has been entertaining and their match should be interesting to see mainly for the clash of styles.

Thanks for reading.


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