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WCW Main Event 7/24/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 7/24/1994
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Ric Flair by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) They actually show the final few minutes of the Hogan/Flair match from Bash at the Beach. However, they do cut away from Hogan hitting the leg drop, because you have to pay for that, brother.

2.) Steamboat doesn’t get an entrance for the match, which is incredible. Flair takes Steamboat down with a headlock, but we quickly get s standoff. Sherri yells at Steamboat from the apron. Steamboat backs Flair into the corner, but Flair woos at Steamboat. Flair controls Steamboat with a hammerlock, but they quickly go to the mat and trade holds. Flair keeps control of Steamboat with a shoulder block and yanks Steamboat to the mat by his hair, but Steamboat pops up each time. Flair cheap shots Steamboat in the corner and delivers several chops in the corner. Flair continues with right hands while the referee is out of position. Flair knee drops Steamboat and tosses Steamboat over the top to the floor. Sherri kicks Steamboat on the floor while the referee is distracted. Sherri slaps Steamboat on the floor to continue to help Steamboat. Flair rams Steamboat into the railing and Steamboat almost falls into the front row.

Sherri comes over and chokes Steamboat on the floor followed by a back rake. Steamboat goes towards Sherri complaining of the back rake. Flair knee lifts Steamboat from behind and Sherri decks Steamboat with a forearm strike as the referee was busy with Flair. Flair continues to beat on Steamboat with strikes on the apron. Flair stomps on Steamboat and chokes his rival for a few moments. Flair chops Steamboat in the corner several times. Steamboat fights back with chops of his own. Steamboat fires back with strikes and backdrops Flair out of the corner. Flair is begging off in the corner and Steamboat continues to work over Flair in the corner leading to a Flair Flop. Steamboat backdrops Flair over the top to the floor. They trade chops on the floor before returning to the ring. Flair is again begging off as Steamboat drops Flair with more chops. Steamboat backdrops Flair and hits a standing dropkick. Flair begs off in the corner and eye rakes Steamboat to stop his momentum. Steamboat chops Flair, but Flair gets a rollup and has his legs on the ropes, but Steamboat won’t stay down. Steamboat slams Flair leading to a near fall. Flair runs the ropes and Steamboat hits a press slam!

Flair begs off in the corner and Steamboat sends Flair into the corner leading to Flair landing on the apron and getting chopped off to the floor. Flair puts Sherri in front of him on the floor as Steamboat comes out to give chase. Flair keeps Sherri in front of him and forearms Steamboat on the floor. Steamboat manages to send Flair into the ring and tries for a top rope chop, but Flair delivers a strike. Flair runs the ropes and collides with the referee. Steamboat has a rollup, but the referee is wiped out on the floor. Flair tries for a back suplex, but Steamboat gets out and sends Flair into Sherri off the apron! Steamboat had another rollup, but Flair kicks out. Flair goes to the top and is met with a chop by Steamboat. Steamboat tosses Flair off the top and locks in the figure four! Sherri enters and gets taken down by Steamboat. The crowd is going nuts for this! Steamboat atomic drops Sherri over the top to the floor. Steamboat clotheslines Flair and goes to the top rope. Steamboat hits a crossbody and Steve Austin comes out only to be chopped by Steamboat. Steamboat knocks Austin down and Sherri jumps on Steamboat’s back. The referee calls for the bell as Steamboat is beaten down by Sherri, Austin and Flair. Sherri hits a top rope splash onto Steamboat as enhancement guys come down to make the save. (***. A good TV match with the crowd responding very well to the closing minutes to the match. Sure, the finish was a letdown, but that’s really to be expected at this point.)

Final Thoughts:
A good episode of Main Event featuring a strong Flair/Steamboat showdown.

Thanks for reading.

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