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WCW Main Event 7/17/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
Date: 7/17/1994
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack defeated Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Jack and Pierce kickoff the tag match, which is the only feature segment or match on the show. Jack keeps arm control for a moment, but Pierce decks Jack with several right hands and tags in Slazenger. Slazenger fights out of a wrist lock and Jack falls to the floor. Pierce returns to the match and trades wrist control with Jack. Jack and Sullivan deck Pierce to the floor and the fans don’t seem all that excited for this. Jack and Sullivan go to the floor and beat on Slazenger and Pierce for a moment. Sullivan legally enter the match and tosses Slazenger out of the corner. Sullivan hits a sloppy looking head scissors followed by several headbutts. Jack enters and hits a standing elbow drop. Jack keeps a chin lock on Pierce for a moment, but doesn’t get a submission. Pierce enters to kick Jack to break the hold behind the referees back and Sullivan enters to stomp on Slazenger’s hand several times. Jack enter to deliver a few strikes to the ribs and jumps onto Slazenger over the middle rope. Jack leg drops Slazenger over the bottom rope from the apron. Jack comes off the ropes and clotheslines Slazenger over the top to the floor. Pierce comes off the apron to clothesline Jack on the floor! Sullivan sends Pierce into the ring post! Sullivan chokes Pierce on the floor while Slazenger beats on Jack in the corner. Slazenger misses a splash in the corner and Jack hits a double arm DDT to pin Slazenger for the win! (*1/2. The final minute or so of the match was enjoyable since they went into brawl mode and finally got out of the slow pace that just doesn’t work for the teams involved. I like Slazenger and Pierce and wish they’d get a better push.)

Final Thoughts:
The feature match wasn’t very good and the show just continues to hype up the Bash, which was an hour away. So, while it’s not offensive or overly bad, it was just a mostly boring show this week.

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