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UWF-TNA Enigmatic Arrival Night One 3/3/2006

United Wrestling Federation/Total Non-Stop Action presents Enigmatic Arrival Night One
Date: 3/3/2006
From: Norfolk, VA

Opening Contest: Diamonds In The Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) vs. Sonjay Dutt & Spike Dudley: Dutt and Skipper kickoff the match by playing to the crowd with the fans supporting Dutt. Skipper misses a right hand and tries for a kick after a snapmare, but Dutt rolls away. Skipper forearms Dutt in the corner while the referee is out of position. Dutt head scissors Skipper followed by a heel kick and an arm drag. Dudley tags into the match and hits an axe handle off the top rope. Skipper kicks Dudley in the midsection, but Spike comes back with a hip toss and a takedown to the mat to keep arm control. Spike bites Skipper’s hand and delivers a knee drop causing Skipper to roll to the floor. Skipper decks Dutt off the apron and beats on Dudley with right hands. Skipper bails to the floor and Dutt gets revenge with a right hand. Skipper is punched back and forth by Dudley and Dutt. Young tags into the match to try his luck.

Young showcases his strength by shoving Dudley to the mat and Dutt tags into the match. Dutt takes Young down to the mat with a headlock. Skipper sneaks a tag and Dutt dropkicks Young into Skipper. Dudley enters and they dropkick Young to the floor, as well. Dudley and Dutt take out their opponents with stereo slingshot crossbody blocks. Dudley axe handles Young from the top rope. Skipper knee strikes Dudley from the apron allowing Young to deliver a clothesline. Skipper kicks Dudley on the floor to maintain the advantage. Skipper tries for a cover, but Dudley kicks out at two. Skipper hits a double under hook suplex and tags Young back into the match. Dudley is lifted into the air and driven down to the mat gut first. Skipper gets a cheap shot on Dudley while Young distracted the referee. Dudley fights out of a sleeper, but it yanked down to the mat. Young drops Dudley over the top rope gut first and Skipper comes off the top to hit a leg drop!

Skipper keeps control on Dudley with a knee lift in the corner. Skipper has Dudley over the shoulder allowing Young to deliver an axe handle from middle rope for a near fall. Young sits Dudley on the top rope trying for a superplex, but Dudley fights back and bites Young’s forehead. Young falls to the mat and Dudley hits a double stomp! Dutt tags in and cleans house hammering away on Skipper. Dutt arm drags Young and drop toe holds Skipper onto Young’s groin. Dutt nearly wins with a standing shooting star on Skipper! Dutt with an impressive hurricanrana on Young and hits the Hindu Press for a near fall as Skipper broke the cover. Skipper sends Dutt to the floor, but Dudley goes after Skipper. Dudley plants Skipper with the Acid Drop, but Skipper kicks out. Shannon Moore enters the ring and hits both Dudley and Dutt with a chair. (**. The action was okay throughout and I was not expecting this match to get so much time. I’m not sure why they decided to have Shannon Moore get involve to create a cheap finish as that was kind of lame. These kinds of shows allow undercard wrestlers to work longer matches and see what they can really do compared to short TV matches. So, I can dig that.)

Hermie Sadler comes out and tells Shannon Moore that he’ll be in tag team action tonight against Rikishi and Ron Killings. Sadler doubts that Moore can even find a partner.

Second Contest: Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley: Williams yanks Bentley down by his hair for the early advantage, but taunts the referee instead of following up on the advantage. Bentley hip tosses and dropkicks Williams. Williams tries for a cheap shot after an arm drag, but Bentley blocked it. Bentley arm drags Williams to the mat and keeps arm control. Williams knee lifts his way free, but gets dropkicked through the ropes to the floor. Williams drops Bentley over the top rope and heads to the top only to be met with a dropkick in midair. Bentley dropkicks a seated Williams in the corner for a near fall. Williams knee strikes Bentley to avoid a suplex into the ring. Williams leg drops Bentley over the middle rope from the apron after a knee strike. Williams taunts a fan at ringside. Williams almost wins with his feet on the ropes. Williams yanks Bentley down to the mat by his hair. Williams puts Bentley in the tree of woe and stands on Bentley’s groin. Williams drives Bentley down with a backbreaker before heading to the middle rope. Williams connects with a forearm drop for a two count. Williams heads to the top rope, but Bentley slams Williams to the mat.

Bentley clotheslines Williams several times followed by a backdrop. Bentley plants Williams with a flatliner for a two count. Williams kicks Bentley and ducks a clothesline. Bentley hits a belly to belly suplex for another near fall. Bentley hammers away on Williams in the corner. Williams kicks Bentley in the corner managing to hit a side Russian leg sweep. Williams signals for the Canadian Destroyer. Bentley counters the move, but Williams locks in the Sharpshooter! Bentley crawls to the ropes and breaks the hold even with Williams trying to block the ropes. Williams sends Bentley into the corner chest first, but runs into a superkick and both men are knocked down. Bentley tries for a cover, but Williams kicks out at two. Bentley is ready for another superkick. Williams ducks a superkick and spikes Bentley with the Canadian Destroyer for the win. (**1/2. A decent enough match between these two with a less than creative finish. Bentley worked well in there and they did enough to hold interest throughout.)

Third Contest: Rikishi & Ron Killings vs. Bill Bain & Shannon Moore: Killings and Moore start the match with Moore going to the ropes early on to prevent Killings offense. Moore kicks Killings in the midsection and delivers a few strikes for the early advantage. Moore misses a clothesline and Killings hits a leaping forearm followed by arm drags. Moore bails to the floor to regroup. Moore elbow strikes Killings to get the advantage. Killings avoids a slam and has Moore over his shoulder to deliver a powerslam for a two count. Rikishi tags in and Moore tags out to Bain. Rikishi shoves Bain to the mat to showcase his strength advantage. Bain eye rakes Rikishi several times, but Rikishi shoulder blocks Bain. Rikishi works over Bain in the corner with chops. Rikishi clotheslines Bain in the corner and Bain drops down. Bain bails to the floor to avoid a stink face. Bain tries to lockup with Rikishi and is slapped for doing so. Rikishi slams Bain followed by a leg drop. Killings tags back into the match and Moore is tagged in, as well. Killings shoulder blocks Moore and delivers several arm drags. Killings hammers away on Moore in the corner. Killings misses a splash in the corner and Bain delivers a weak clothesline from the apron.

Killings is double teamed for a moment as Bain tags back into the contest. Bain keeps a sleeper on Killings for a few moments. Moore tags into the match to strike Killings on the mat. Moore has a cover on Killings managing only a two count. Killings ducks a clothesline and heel kicks Moore causing both men to be knocked down. Rikishi gets the tag and cleans house with right hands and rams Bain into Moore. Rikishi clotheslines both men and back splashes Bain in the corner. Bain sits down in the corner leading to the stink face. Killings nails Bain with a forearm strike and Rikishi hits a sit down splash for the win. (1/2*. Bain was essentially used to put over Killings and Rikishi. I was bored by this.) After the match, Moore has a chair and looks to hit Bain. However, Hermie Sadler comes out and is met with a low blow by Bain. Sadler is beaten up by Bain and Moore. Jeff Hardy makes his way out to confront Moore. Hardy makes the save decking Moore and sending Bain to the floor. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and tries for the Swanton, but Moore rolls to the floor to escape. Sadler announces that Hardy has signed with the UWF and Hardy wants to dance to Killings and Rikishi. They do some dancing to end the segment.

Fourth Contest: NWA World Tag Team Champions America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals: Stevens and Storm kickoff the tag title match. Storm knee lifts Stevens and hammers away on him in the corner. Stevens misses a charge in the corner, but decks Storm with a few right hands. Stevens misses a strike and atomic drops Storm. Stevens clotheslines Storm, but an eye rake stops his momentum. Stevens puts Storm in the tree of woe, but Harris comes in and he’s worked over by the challengers. Harris is sent into Storm and then dragged groin first into Storm’s face. Storm lands onto Harris into a 69 position. Douglas attacks Storm on the floor while Stevens beats on Harris around ringside. Douglas beats on Harris with right hands in the corner. Storm pulls the ropes down to cause Douglas to crash over the top to the floor. Douglas decks Storm on the floor and gets a sunset flip on Harris for a two count. Harris stops Douglas with an eye rake and keeps a headlock on Douglas. Harris shoulder blocked Douglas, but gets sent to the floor by Douglas. Harris tries for a sunset flip from the apron but misses and hits the canvas. Douglas ducks a clothesline and sendsStorm into Harris leading another homosexual joke where Harris lands into a doggy style position on Storm.

Storm shoves the referee and is shoved to the mat by Brian Hebner. Storm locks up with Hebner and shoulder blocks Hebner to the mat. Hebner helps Stevens hit a double clothesline and hip toss on AMW. Douglas headbutts Harris on the groin outside the ring. Stevens gets a two count on Storm and works over Storm in the corner. Storm low blows Stevens coming out of the corner followed by a forearm strike. AMW double team Stevens while Douglas is distracting the referee. Harris stomps on Stevens midsection and Storm leaps over Harris’ back to splash down onto Stevens for a near fall. Harris takes Stevens out with a snap suplex on the floor. Storm knee lifts Stevens coming off the ropes and taunts the camera. Douglas continues to distract the referee as Harris tags in and beats on Stevens with a strike in the corner. Harris takes Stevens over with a snapmare and keeps control with a sleeper. Stevens prevents his arm from dropping three times. Stevens drops Harris with a back suplex.

Stevens drops Harris with a kick to the head and goes to the wrong corner, but tags in Douglas. Douglas and Storm are legal now with Douglas cleaning house. Douglas backdrops AMW followed by a knee lift strike. Douglas heads to the top rope playing to the crowd. Storm crotches Douglas on the top rope. Storm tries for a superplex on Douglas, but Stevens comes over as does Harris for a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Harris tries for a cover, but Douglas kicks out at two. Stevens heel kicks Harris to prevent the Hart Attack. Stevens clotheslines Storm and Douglas almost pins Storm! Stevens kicks powder into Harris eyes. Harris accidentally hits Catatonic on Storm! Stevens drops Harris over his knee face first and Douglas hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Stevens is distracting the referee. Storm decks Douglas with a title belt from behind and Harris covers Douglas to win the match. (**1/4. There was a quite a bit of comedy during the match. The referee segment is one that I’ve never liked and I feel it hurt the match. I was looking forward to this and was hoping for a serious hard fought match and I feel that didn’t quite happen. They are capable of some great matches and weren’t setup to achieve that this time around.)

Fifth Contest: Mark Jindrak & Jackie Gayda vs. Rodney Mack & Jazz: Gayda and Jazz start the contest. Jazz taunts the crowd and tags out to Mack. Gayda slaps Mack and tags in Jindrak. Mack beats on Jindrak for the early advantage. Mack elbow strikes Jindrak to the mat for a near fall. Mack controls Jindrak with right hands, but Jindrak fights back with a couple of dropkicks and a left hand for a near fall. Jindrak sends Mack into the corner but is met with an elbow strike. Jindrak leaps off the ropes to clothesline Mack. Mack bails to the floor after tagging in Jazz. Gayda knee lifts Jazz followed by a fireman’s carry and taunts her. Gayda arm drags Jazz followed by chops. Mack distracts Gayda allowing Jazz to deliver a forearm and stomps on Gayda. Jazz takes Gayda over with a snap suplex for a two count. Jazz bridges over with a chin lock, but Gayda doesn’t give in. Jazz slams Gayda followed by a leg drop for a two count. They trade a couple of rollup attempts. Gayda clotheslines Jazz and she’s fired up. Jazz sends Gayda into the corner and misses a splash. Gayda hits a crossbody off the middle rope, but Mack gets involved and brawls with Jindrak to the floor. Gayda hits a neckbreaker on Jazz for the win. (1/2*. These guys were put in a bad spot to entertain the crowd right before the main event. None of them had a connection with the crowd and thus they worked in front of a lifeless crowd for the most part.)

Main Event: The James Gang (BG & Kip) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown: Jarrett and BG start the main event. Jarrett arm drags BG and does his strut to taunt the fans. Jarrett arm drags BG again to the mat and does another strut. BG forearms Jarrett to get some momentum and avoids Jarrett in the corner to deliver another strike. BG continues with a few jabs and a forearm strike. BG comes off the ropes to deliver a knee drop for a two count. Kip is tagged into the match and kicks Jarrett in the midsection. Brown tags into the match to try his luck against Kip. Kip and Brown lockup going against the ropes until Brown delivers a shoulder ram in the corner. Brown hammers away on Kip in the corner to keep control of the contest. Kip elbows Brown in the corner followed by a dropkick. Brown catches Kip with a fallaway slam. Brown is fired up and taunts the crowd. Brown continues to hammer away on Kip against the ropes. Brown shoulder blocks Kip to the mat. Kip hip tosses Brown for a two count.

BG tags back into the match and kicks Monty. BG decks Jarrett off the apron and is met with a right hand from Brown. Brown covers BG for a two count and decks BG through the ropes to the floor. Jarrett rams BG face first into the guard railing. Jarrett rolls BG into the ring and Monty gets a two count. Monty keeps a sleeper on BG, but doesn’t get submission. BG elbows free and is met with a knee lift to the midsection. Monty tries for a cover managing a two count. Brown drops BG to the mat and tags in Jarrett. BG is choked over the middle rope by Jarrett until Earl Hebner pulls Jarrett off and they shove each other. Brown punches BG on the floor. Jarrett misses a splash and lands on the middle rope. Brown keeps control by punching BG on the mat and taunts Kip. Jarrett tags back into the match and stomps away on BG. Jarrett locks in the sleeper hold on BG. Jarrett gets out of a sleeper counter by hitting a back suplex.

Brown decks Kip off the apron and BG drops them with a double clothesline. Kip is waiting for a hot tag on the apron. BG slowly goes to the corner and tags in Kip. Kip cleans house with right hands ramming Jarrett into the corner and splashes Brown in the corner. Kip splashes Jarrett in the other corner. Kip tries for the Fame-Asser, but Brown hits the Pounce! BG boots Brown and tries for a pump handle slam. Jarrett tries to use a guitar, but is stopped by the referee. BG drops Jarrett with a pump handle slam and Kip hits the Fame-Asser on Brown to earn the double pin and win! (*1/4. Monty Brown has a NWA World title match in nine days on PPV and he’s doing a clean job to the James Gang. I understand it’s not a big time show and doesn’t impact TNA directly, but if you’re trying to sell Brown as a contender to the title he’s go to be showcased better here.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a quick show with a runtime shorter than 1:40. There was some decent action, but these guys clearly worked a house show style and a lot of the matches had house show style finishes. If you’re obsessed with TNA it’s fine for some background noise but noting to focus on.

Thanks for reading.

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