FBW Too Sweet 9/25/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Five Borough Wrestling presents Too Sweet
Date: 9/25/2015
From: New York City, NY

Opening Contest: Logan Black vs. Rude Boy Riley: Riley is confronting Black saying that he jumped him and Black is denying it. Riley ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Black with chops and strikes. Riley knee strikes Black to the floor followed by a springboard knee strike. Riley hits a suicide dive to take Black out on the outside. Riley delivers a running dropkick in the corner. Black avoids Riley in the corner and crotches Riley off the top turnbuckle to the apron. Black stomps away on Riley to maintain the advantage. Black uppercuts Riley followed by a knee strike to the back for a two count. Black headbutts Riley to the mat and keeps control with more strikes. Black keeps a sleeper on Riley for a few moments. Riley stops Black with a jawbreaker followed by a strike from the apron. Black delivers a discus forearm strike for a two count. Riley leaps off the middle rope to deliver a knee strike. Riley clotheslines Black followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Riley knee strikes Black and hits a spinning kick for a two count.

Riley misses a knee strike and Black hits one. Riley stops Black with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Black headbutts Riley in the corner. Black hits an elevated reverse DDT off the middle rope for a two count. Black is stopped on the top rope by Riley. Black leaps off the top and is met with a knee strike for a three count. (**. First off, Riley is a horrible human being for his actions in 2017 and I’ll say that every time I encounter his stuff. He was rather popular amongst the fans here and the action wasn’t too bad. The finish was a little flat, but this wasn’t an awful start to the show.)

Second Contest: FBW Tag Team Champions Flawless & Lawless (Blake Morris & Rex Lawless) vs. The Dub Boys (Dave McCall & Nate Carter) vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers): Morris attacks Summers from behind to kickoff the title match and tags in Lawless. Lawless hits a side slam as Morris hit a neckbreaker. Lawless tags out to Morris to continue to beat on Summers with basic strikes. Summers fights back until a spin kick by Morris staggers him. Morris misses a spear and Watts tags in to hit a heel kick on Morris. Watts comes off the ropes to deliver a kick on Morris, but Lawless enters and is met with a dropkick by Watts and a running double knee. McCall hits Watts with a back suplex and Carter got a two count. Barry kicks both McCall and Carter to get advantage. Barry dropkicks McCall and tags in Carr. Carr overhand chops McCall in the corner a few times. Barry holds McCall in the corner to allow Carr to deliver another chop. Carr scoop slams McCall and Barry hits a senton splash. Lawless hits a head scissors on Barry and taunts the crowd. Carr enters the match and takes Lawless over with a head scissors of his own.

Carr is clotheslined by the Dub Boys, but kips up quickly and hits a double clothesline. Barry tags in and climbs to the top to hit a missile dropkick. Barry takes McCall over with a snap suplex and takes Carter out with a suicide dive. Morris stops a dive by Summers and takes his shirt off. Watts hit a tornado DDT in the ring, but they are all brawling on the floor at this point. Watts climbs to the top rope and hits a somersault dive to the floor to take everyone out! Barry hits a top rope moonsault to the floor! Carr hits a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Carr superkicks Watts in the ring and Barry enters to hit a Flatliner after Carr lifted Watts in the corner. Barry hammers away on Carter, but is met with a kick by McCall and the Boys hit an elevated Hart Attack, but with a kick. Lawless and Morris clean house with kicks and hit an elevated DDT/front slam combo for a two count. Barry hits a crossbody to send Morris to the floor. Carr side slams Lawless, but Carter hits a stunner on Carr. Summers nails Carter with a discus clothesline. Watts kicks McCall and Summers hits a powerbomb/backstabber with Watts to pin McCall and win the titles! (***1/4. I’m not sure why they would try to keep the match with rules when you know it’s just going to breakdown and become a spot fest. The match was quite entertaining when it broke down so they should have just gone with that at the beginning. A lot fun with dives and the title change was not expected. Bill Carr and Rex Lawless are underrated big men.)

Third Contest: JT Dunn vs. Kevin Matthews: They show respect for each other by shaking hands. Matthews backs Dunn into the corner but cleanly breaks away. They lockup and Matthews yanks Dunn to the mat face first. Dunn delivers a few kicks and strikes, but Matthews knocks Dunn through the ropes to the floor. Matthews follows to the floor and decks Dunn with a right hand. Matthews backs Dunn against the railing to deliver a chop but is met with a drop toe hold by Dunn sending Matthews face first into the railing. Dunn climbs to the top rope and leaps off hitting a crossbody for a two count. Dunn tries for a slingshot DDT, but Matthews counters with an atomic drop. Matthews sends Dunn into the corner with a snap suplex for a two count. Matthews covers Dunn leading to a near fall. Matthews works over Dunn with more stomps on the mat to maintain the advantage. Matthews sends Dunn hard back first into the corner leading to a near fall. Matthews keeps Dunn on the mat with a sleeper hold.

Dunn struggles to his feet and breaks free with strikes. Dunn ducks a clothesline but is met with a knee strike to the midsection. Dunn tries to fight back with chops and a boot in the corner. Dunn hits a rolling cutter for a near fall. Dunn tries to send Matthews into the ropes, but Matthews blocks and turns Dunn inside out with a sit out slam for a near fall. Dunn takes Matthews over with a hurricanrana, a kick to the gut and a running knee for a two count. Dunn nails Matthews with a discus forearm and a kick to the midsection. Matthews blocks a superkick to hit a powerbomb turned into a backbreaker for the win. (***. I thought the size difference would impact this negatively, but they worked well together and I’m glad they didn’t go with a slow pace and followed the tag match rather well. They used the time to the best of their ability and gave the fans a quality bout.)

Fourth Contest: Papadon vs. Drew Gulak: Papadon avoids Gulak early on and soon trades wrist control with Gulak. Gulak gets a hammerlock on Papadon for a moment. Papadon gets to the ropes to get out of a headlock and has a standoff with Gulak. Gulak takes Papadon down with a leg sweep and locks in a leg lock until Papadon quickly grabs the ropes. Gulak takes Papadon down to the mat with a headlock. Papadon gets control on the mat but can’t keep Gulak down on the mat. Gulak bridges up with Papadon on it and monkey flips Papadon over trading near falls. Gulak tries for a rollup, but Papadon holds onto the ropes for a moment. Gulak nearly wins with a quick rollup off the ropes. Gulak yanks Papadon down by his arm and locks in an ankle lock until Papadon reaches the ropes and bails to the floor. Gulak chops Papadon against the railing. Papadon eye rakes Gulak on the floor followed by more strikes. Papadon sends Gulak into the guard railing and taunts the fans.

Papadon continues to beat on Gulak outside the ring with chops before rolling Gulak into the ring. Papadon kicks Gulak’s arm and drops Gulak with an uppercut. Gulak fights back with right hands and chops Papadon in the corner. Papadon nails Gulak with a kick on the chin. Papadon takes Gulak over with a snap suplex. Gulak backdrops Papadon on the apron but misses a shoulder ram. Papadon whiplashes Gulak against the top rope and hits a standing senton splash. Papadon hits a seated clothesline for a near fall. Papadon hits a back suplex for a near fall. Papadon uppercuts Gulak in the corner and rubs his forearm into Gulak’s eyes. Gulak gets dropkicked off the middle rope and Papadon delivers a running uppercut. Papadon holds Gulak over the middle rope and tries for a DDT, but Gulak wiggles free and they counter each other. Gulak takes Papadon over with a German suplex. Gulak chops Papadon several times in the corner and plays to the crowd. Gulak clotheslines Papadon in the corner and delivers another clothesline. Papadon dumps Gulak to the apron where Gulak hits a shoulder ram and goes to the top rope hitting a clothesline for a two count.

Gulak hooks Papadon for a snap suplex, but Papadon drops down to a knee. Papadon counters a suplex and forearms Gulak. Gulak dropkicks Papadon and hits a neck vice back suplex for a near fall. Gulak runs into an elbow and Papadon hits a middle rope uppercut for a two count. Papadon tries to cover Gulak and can’t get a three. Papadon kicks Gulak a few times to maintain control of the contest. Papadon superkicks Gulak for a near fall. Papadon hooks Gulak for a suplex, but Gulak knees free and runs into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Papadon goes to the top rope and gets stopped by Gulak and hits a superplex for a two count. They stagger to their feet and begin to trade strikes. Gulak takes Papadon down and locks in an ankle lock. Papadon teases tapping out but instead rolls through and Gulak almost hits the referee. Papadon low blows Gulak and wins the match with a rollup. (***1/4. It started off slow and I was figuring it would drag along since mat wrestling isn’t ideal situation for me. Luckily, the match turned into a hard hitting, competitive match and I ended up really enjoying the action. Well done by both men.)

Fifth Contest: Alexander James vs. Damien Darling: Darling teases throwing James’ pillow to the floor and gets a few rollups on James to start the match. James stops Darling with a boot to the gut, but Darling hits a hurricanrana to send James to the floor. Darling follows to the floor and James beats on Darling upon returning to the ring. James nails Darling with a forearm shot to the chest leading to a near fall. James keeps Darling on the mat with a body scissors and rolls over for a two count. James beats on Darling with a few strikes. James shoulder rams Darling in the corner followed by an uppercut. James keeps Darling on the mat with a sleeper hold. James keeps a chin lock on Darling but doesn’t get a submission. Darling gets James on his shoulders and hits an electric chair slam. Darling gets the crowd behind him and decks James with a clothesline and forearm strike. Darling catches James on a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam leading to a near fall. James hits a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Darling plants James with a cutter and wins the match. (*1/4. They were not setup to succeed as it seemed like this was a cool down match for the rest of the show. The crowd was not overly into it and the action wasn’t all that entertaining at all.)

Sixth Contest: Talon vs. Anthony Gangone: Gangone is talking to Talon about something and turns around but Talon spins him around. Gangone slaps Talon and Talon delivers several right hands on the mat followed by a forearm in the corner. Talon continues with right hands in the corner, but Gangone yanks Talon off the middle rope and face first over the top turnbuckle Talon lands. Gangone is telling Talon that he’s trying to help him and doesn’t want to fight him. Talon forearms Gangone followed by a few uppercuts. Talon knee lifts Gangone followed by a dropkick to the back for a near fall. Talon kicks Gangone in the midsection, but Gangone bails to the floor. Gangone doesn’t return and instead takes a count-out loss. (DUD. I’m guessing this is advancing issues between these two.)

Seventh Contest: FBW Heavyweight Champion Brian Myers vs. David Starr: DJ Hyde is in full gear and in the corner of Starr for the match. Starr quickly bails to the floor to talk with Hyde. Myers takes Starr down to the mat early on, but Starr reaches the ropes to break the hold. Starr pats Myers on the head and gets slapped. Starr gets control on Myers working on the arm. Starr knee lifts Myers followed by a forearm strike. Starr shoulder blocks Myers and taunts the fans. Myers dropkicks Starr through the middle rope to the floor. Myers goes to the floor to stalk towards Starr, but Starr returns to the ring and delivers a cheap shot from the ring. Starr slams Myers hand on the apron and wraps Myers arm around the railing to maintain the advantage. Starr taunts the fans and is met with a swinging scoop slam by Myers. Myers beats on Starr in the corner to keep control of the contest. Starr leaps over Myers in the corner and fakes an ankle injury that nobody believes. Hyde gets on the apron and Starr beats on Myers from behind.

Myers fights back with right hands, but a drop toe hold by Starr stops Myers. Starr taunts Myers while also delivering right hands leading to a one count on a cover. Starr kicks Myers over the back and taunts the crowd to clap for Myers. Starr keeps Myers on the mat with a headlock. Myers comes off the ropes and is met with an atomic drop. Starr runs the ropes and hits Myers in the face with his groin. Myers fights back with right hands, but Starr stops Myers with a strike. Myers sends Starr into the corner with a snap suplex. Starr struggles to his feet and Myers delivers a few strikes. Myers comes off the ropes to hit a forearm strike and dropkick. Myers forearms Starr in the corner and tries for a slam, but Starr elbows free. Myers hits a Flatliner for a two count. Myers signals for a spear in the corner, but Hyde distracts Myers. Starr almost wins with an inside cradle. Myers comes off the ropes to hit a big boot for a near fall. Myers goes to the top rope, but is stopped by Starr. Starr hooks Myers for a superplex, but Myers blocks it and shoves Starr to the mat. Myers misses a knee strike and Starr delivers a knee of his own. Starr drops Myers over his knee and connects with a superkick for a near fall.

Hyde is taunting Myers, but is clearly calling for spots. Starr waits in the corner and Myers hits a suplex. Myers decks Hyde off the apron only for Starr to try for a rollup, but Myers rolls through and hits a spear. However, Hyde enters the ring and breaks the cover. Kevin Matthews appears through the crowd and helps Myers. The bell sounds as Matthews hit the powerbomb/backbreaker on Starr, which the fans liked to see. (*1/2. Jeesh, two matches with poor finishes is a little frustrating. I was really annoyed with Hyde clearly speaking to Myers about the finish and it then plays out seconds later. The action wasn’t all that great. Basically, Hyde made this match worse in many ways.) After the match, Myers gets on the microphone and suggests they have a tag match at the next show.

TJ Marconi and Stockade cut a promo prior to the main event doing a survey like they are the New World Order. The crowd is chanting for Verna. Verna is teaming Kevin Nash, who is not in wrestling gear and is wearing a Miami Marlins jersey. Nash thinks that they are jealous and obsessed with the Diesel/Kevin Nash character. Nash proceeds to insult their look, too. Nash suggest they actually bring someone out to wrestle that can still do it. Reminder, Nash was advertised to compete and is on the DVD as being in the tag match with Verna. Nash brings out X-Pac to compete in the tag match instead. Pac comes out to DX music.

Main Event: Mike Verna & X-Pac vs. Stockade & TJ Marconi: Verna and Stockade start off the main event. Verna goes behind Stockade causing Stockade to go to the ropes to break the hold. Stockade shoulder blocks Verna, but Verna doesn’t budge. Verna ducks a clothesline to hit a leaping shoulder block. Verna elbows Stockade in the corner and hits a scoop slam for a two count. Marconi enters the match and wants a piece of Pac. Pac tags in and backs Marconi into the corner after a wild kick strike. Marconi wants to do a test of strength and Pac instead goes for a taunt. Marconi beats on Pac with overhand strikes and taunts Pac. Marconi knee strikes Pac to the mat. Marconi forearms Pac into the corner and misses a splash in the corner. Pac goes for the bronco buster, but Marconi goes to the floor. Pac takes Marconi out with a slingshot crossbody to the outside. Pac plays to the crowd and returns to the ring where Stockade clotheslines Pac from the apron to help out Marconi. Marconi returns to the ring and gets a near fall.

Stockade legally tags in and Pac is met with a double shoulder block for a near fall. Stockade chokes Pac over the middle rope and tags in Marconi, who misses a splash over the middle rope. Verna tags in and hammers away on Stockade. Verna splashes Stockade in the corner followed by a snap powerslam for a near fall. Stockade rolls to the floor to regroup. Verna is stopped by Marconi with a knee strike. Verna decks Marconi but is clotheslined by Stockade. Marconi returns to the match and stomps on Verna to keep control of the contest. Marconi scoop slams Verna and delivers a few elbow strikes like he’s Nash in the corner. Marconi takes Verna over with a snap suplex for a near fall. Verna goes to the top rope and walks the ropes to deliver a blow to Verna’s shoulder. Marconi hits a side slam after Stockade boots Verna leading to a near fall for Stockade. Marconi tags in and chops Verna against the ropes. Verna clotheslines both men and tags in Pac.

Pac ducks a clothesline to clothesline Stockade and spin kicks Marconi. Pac nails Stockade with a spinning heel kick, too. Pac proceeds to hit the bronco buster on Marconi in the corner. Stockade splashes the referee in the corner on accident. Pac hits the X-Factor on Stockade, but there’s no referee. Marconi nails Pac with a forearm strike. Verna enters and chops Marconi several times. Marconi boots Verna and plants Verna with a powerbomb. Stockade slides a chair into the ring, but Nash enters the ring and smashes Marconi in the face with it. Pac splashes Marconi and wins the match. (*1/2. Okay, well the finish was done really poorly and for some reason they edited the camera angles a few times in the closing sequences, which came off weird to me. Verna is enjoyable and did well in the role here. Pac is still a viable worker at this point. I’m thinking having Pac work with Marconi and Stockade didn’t help the match or his style. Marconi and Stockade are very limited and tend to not have good matches that aren’t hardcore.)

Stockade and TJ Marconi attack Mike Verna until Rude Boy Riley and Talon come out to make the save. The mistimed the lights going out so it was weird. When the lights come on, it’s obviously Anthony Gangone under a mask. Gangone says it’s a time for change and that time is now. This is the birth of the Crusade For Change. Verna says they are going to beat that group and that the company will hire Big O when he does that. I’m pretty sure I heard that right.

Final Thoughts:
The show started off strong and I thought I was going to be watching a hidden gem of a show. Well, seemingly after intermission the show quickly fell off a cliff. I’m going to still consider this a solid overall show, but it was just a disappointment that they couldn’t maintain it for the second half. Some of the finishes in the second half didn’t sit well with me. Regardless, the first half is solid and I prefer to remember the show for that.

Thanks for reading.