WWF House Show 3/14/1987

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening Contest: Steve Lombardi vs. Paul Roma: Roma powerslams Lombardi in the opening moments of the contest. Roma takes Lombardi down with a drop toe hold and keeps a headlock on Lombardi. Lombardi shoulder rams Roma against the ropes a few times. Roma fights back with a crossbody off the ropes for a two count and keeps arm control. Lombardi gets to the ropes and cheap shots Roma leading to a backbreaker for a near fall. Lombardi drops Roma face first down to the mat for a two count. Lombardi stomps on Roma’s lower midsection before putting a headlock on for several moments. Roma elbows free and is met with a back elbow by Lombardi. Lombardi rams Roma into the corner face first and eye rakes Roma. Roma shoulder blocks Lombardi. Roma clotheslines Lombardi, but Lombardi atomic drops Roma. Lombardi takes Roma over with a snap suplex for a two count. Lombardi is sent shoulder first into the ring post. Roma hammers away on Lombardi in the corner several times. Roma dropkicks Lombardi. Roma hammers away on Lombardi and delivers another clothesline. Roma powerslams Lombardi for a two count. Roma leaps off the top to hit a sunset flip and pins Lombardi for the win. (*1/2. The match wasn’t nearly as boring as I thought it was going to be. Lombardi provided some impactful offense and Roma did fine enough to start off the show.)

Second Contest: Butch Reed vs. Dick Slater: Reed takes some time to stall by yelling at fans at ringside who are chanting towards him. Slater backs Reed against the ropes, but cleanly breaks away. Slater goes after Slick on the floor, but returns to the ring. Slater hammers away on Reed in the corner, but doesn’t followup as Reed regroups in the corner. Slater has a hammerlock on Reed, but Reed reaches the ropes quickly. Reed knee strikes Slater and delivers a scoop slam. Reed keeps a headlock on Slater for a few moments. Reed works over Slater in the corner with strikes and sends Slater into the corner. Reed elbow strikes Slater on the mat. Reed chokes Slater over the middle rope. Slater fights back with an overhand strike and a snapmare. Slater continues with a forearm drop for a two count. Slater looks for a piledriver, but Reed counters with a backdrop. Reed slams Slater face first down to the mat. Slater sends Reed into the turnbuckle face first. Slater gets an inside cradle for a two count on Reed. Slater drives Reed down with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Slater misses an elbow drop.

Reed spikes Slater with a piledriver causing Slater to roll to the apron. Reed rams Slater into the guard railing chest first. Slater sends Reed shoulder first into the ring post. Slater chops Reed several times and they return to the ring. Slater slams Reed before going to the top rope. Slater leaps off nailing Reed with an elbow strike. Slater goes after Slick on the floor as Slick put Reed’s foot on the bottom rope. Slater rolls into the ring and Reed gets a few strikes in. Slater elbow strikes Reed to avoid a backdrop attempt. Reed trips Slater in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (*. I’d say that was a lackluster match with a lack of exciting action.)

Backstage, Kal Rudman interviews Outback Jack. Jack talks about being new to wrestling having just started to wrestle around Christmas time. Jack talks about his history working with cattle. Jack notes that Hulk Hogan has been working with him since he’s arrived. Jack has croc teeth and a croc head on his back.

Third Contest: Outback Jack vs. Frenchy Martin: Early on, Jack showcases his strength by shoving Martin to the mat a few times. Jack continues with a scoop slam causing Martin to bail to the floor. Martin complains about some tight grabbing on the apron. Martin begs for mercy, but cheap shots Jack as expected. Martin works over Jack with several strikes and chops in the corner. Jack gets a second wind and forearms Martin followed by a forearm strike and a splash. Martin misses a clothesline and Jack decks Martin with one of his own. Jack clotheslines Martin from behind to win the match. (1/4*. That wasn’t very good as both men are quite limited.)

Fourth Contest: WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. The Islanders (Tama & Haku): Neidhart and Haku kickoff the tag title match. They lockup a few times but nothing happens each time. Haku controls Neidhart with several strikes knocking Neidhart to the floor. They do a test of strength with Haku getting the advantage. The announcers are confused by which Islander is which, by the way. Haku savant kicks Neidhart and Tama gets a shot in from the apron. Neidhart goes to his corner and tags in Hart. Haku savant kicks Hart coming off the ropes. Haku atomic drops Hart to the mat to continue his momentum. Haku slams Hart to the mat by his feet. Tama tags in and yanks on Hart’s legs. Tama splashes onto Hart to keep control of the contest. Tama shoulder blocks Hart and delivers a chop to send Hart to the floor. Tama taunts Neidhart for missing him on lockup attempts and tags in Haku. Haku shoves Neidhart to the corner and Tama gets a strike in from the apron. Tama comes off the top to axe handle Neidhart and keeps arm control on the mat.

Haku returns to the match and keeps an arm bar on Neidhart. Tama tags in and the Islanders deliver a double chop to knock Neidhart down. Tama blocks a knee strike on the apron by Hart and decks Hart. Neidhart attacks from behind and Hart tags in to beat on Tama with strikes and an atomic drop. Hart leg drops Tama and continues with a forearm drop. Hart boots Tama in the midsection and tags in Neidhart. Neidhart hammers away on Tama and chokes Tama in the corner. Haku distracts the referee allowing for more choking. Hart knee strikes Tama from the apron to help Neidhart some more. Neidhart drops Haku throat first over the top rope. Neidhart sends Tama through the ropes to the floor where Danny Davis gets a few stomps in until Haku runs over to stop that. Hart almost wins with a dropkick, but Haku breaks the cover at two. Tama gets a sunset flip on Hart, but Neidhart tagged in and decks Tama for a near fall.

Tama elbows out of a chin lock, but runs into a back elbow and crashes to the floor. Neidhart rams Tama face first into Hart’s boot in the corner. Hart drives Tama down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Neidhart misses a clothesline and they collide in the middle of the ring. Hart dropkicks Neidhart onto Tama, but Tama rolls through for a near fall. Hart rubs Tama’s head over the top rope and bites his forehead. Hart sends Tama into the corner, but runs into a knee strike. Tama tries to tag in Haku and Haku gets the hot tag. Haku clotheslines Hart and Neidhart. Haku sends the champs into each other. Haku slams Hart and decks Davis off the apron. Tama hits a crossbody on Hart, but Davis rolls over the pin attempt and Hart manages to steal the win to retain the titles. (**1/2. A solid tag team bout with a lackluster finish. The Islanders did well in the face role. I’d like to see these two teams compete again with a stronger finish and not relying on interference towards the end. Also, the announcers need to know which Islander is which correctly.)

Backstage, Kal interviews Rick Martel and Tom Zenk. They will be wrestling in singles action against Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake. Martel knows they can’t trust their opponents and they will need to watch each others backs. Zenk is glad to be in Philadelphia for his debut. Zenk is looking forward to wrestling Valentine tonight and will try to avoid being on his back to prevent the figure four.

Fifth Contest: Greg Valentine vs. Tom Zenk: Valentine backs Zenk into a corner and shoves Zenk. Zenk returns the shove with one of his own. Valentine forearm drops Zenk. Zenk sends Valentine into the corner and yanks down on his arm to keep control of the match. Valentine gets to the apron to break the hold. Valentine takes Zenk down with a snapmare, but that control doesn’t last. Valentine settles for strikes in the corner, but Zenk fires back with chops in the corner. Zenk keeps a wrist lock on Valentine to control the match. Valentine misses a forearm and Zenk misses a leaping crossbody attempt. Valentine has Zenk over his shoulder and rams Zenk into the turnbuckle back first. Valentine keeps control of Zenk on the mat managing a two count. Valentine presses his foot into the lower back of Zenk while pulling his arms back. Valentine continues with a few strikes and a sloppy looking tombstone piledrier for a two count. Zenk bridges up on the mat to prevent his shoulders from staying down. Valentine tries for a splash, but Zenk got his knees up. Zenk fires back with right hands out of the corner. Valentine stops Zenk with a boot to the gut and a few strikes. Valentine hooks Zenk for a suplex and drops Zenk over the ropes.

Valentine signals for the figure four and locks it in right in the middle of the ring. Zenk isn’t giving in and Is reaching for the ropes. Zenk is able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Valentine boots Zenk to the floor. Zenk is limping around ringside and Valentine grabs Zenk on the apron to deliver a strike to the chest. Valentine boots Zenk to the floor. Zenk grabs Valentine to the floor and they trade a few strikes. Zenk rolls Valentine back into the ring and he’s fired up to knock Valentine to the floor again. Valentine begins to runaway from Zenk and slides back into the ring to kick Zenk. Valentine dumps Zenk through the ropes to the floor. Valentine stops Zenk on the apron, but Zenk counters a suplex attempt with a rollup for a two count. Zenk dropkicks Valentine a few times for another near fall. Zenk rams Valentine down to the mat face first for another two count. Valentine crotches Zenk over the top rope and the referee disqualifies Valentine. (*1/2. Well, that was an awful finish and it felt like that was not supposed to happen. Zenk doesn’t come across as being a guy near the level of Valentine, so I guess it makes sense for him to not get a pin win.)

Sixth Contest: Rick Martel vs. Brutus Beefcake: Early on, Beefcake isn’t interested in locking up and would rather strut for the crowd. Beefcake backs Martel against the ropes and delivers a right hand. Beefcake drops Martel with another strikes and Martel struggles to catch his breath in the corner. Beefcake continues to hit Martel on the throat and it’s frustrating Martel in the early moments of the contest. Beefcake works over Martel with right hands in the corner, but Martel counters with strikes of his own. Martel avoid Beefcake in the corner and drops Beefcake with a few right hands causing Beefcake to bail to the floor. Beefcake doesn’t want anything to do with trading strikes with Martel. Beefcake acts like he’s getting something out of his tights but that doesn’t appear to be true. Beefcake holds onto Martel’s hair to keep control of the contest. Martel fights out of a headlock and backs Beefcake into a corner. Beefcake decks Martel with a cheap shot as the referee was out of position. Martel hip tosses Beefcake, but Beefcake knee lifts Martel a few times in the corner. Beefcake misses a knee strike hitting the turnbuckle.

Martel delivers a knee drop to Beefcake’s groin and yanks on his knee. Martel begins to twist on Beefcake’s foot, but doesn’t get a submission. Beefcake manages to monkey flip Martel to the mat. Martel kicks Beefcake away and goes back to work on the left leg. Beefcake works over Martel in the corner with strikes. Beefcake drops Martel over the top rope throat first. Beefcake chokes Martel against the ropes to keep control of the match. Beefcake tries to keep Martel’s shoulders on the mat, but isn’t successful. Martel gets his knees up to block a splash. Martel atomic drops Beefcake, but Beefcake delivers a kick and knee lift. Beefcake lifts Martel up for a backbreaker and drives Martel down to the mat. Martel is getting fired up and struggles to get to his feet. Martel kicks Beefcake to the mat out of the corner. Beefcake rakes Martel’s eyes over the top rope. Beefcake delivers a shoulder ram in the corner and locks in a bearhug. Martel tries to fight out and succeeds with a right hand. Beefcake heads to the top rope and misses an axe handle as Martel delivers a strike in midair. Martel is fired up and stomps away on Beefcake. Martel rams Beefcake into the corners face first several times. Martel gets an abdominal stretch on Beefcake, but Beefcake hip tosses free and misses a forearm drop. Martel gets a sleeper on Beefcake after getting out of a slam attempt. Beefcake rams Martel into the corner back first and they fall through the ropes to the floor. They brawl onto the apron and Martel backdrops Beefcake into the ring as the referee called for the bell. Martel punches Beefcake to the floor and the match has ended in a double count-out. (*1/2. Failing to have meaningful finishes in back to back matches seemed to kill the crowd after this match. They did similar spots to the match before them and that hurt the contest, as well. Beefcake isn’t very good even in his prime. There just wasn’t much that Martel could have done here.)

Roddy Piper comes out to host the Piper’s Pit segment. Piper mentions that he has a guest tonight and that is Danny Davis. Piper is asking for what questions he should ask Davis and calls him out to the ring. Piper tells Davis that hw’s been a jerk and Davis says he doesn’t need to stick around for this. Piper taunts Davis that he can put his diaper on and leave or get back in the ring and talk. Davis makes it clear that he’s not a referee and notes his gear, which is similar to referee gear, was designed by Jimmy Hart. Piper doesn’t think he’s seen a worse referee than Davis. Davis claims to have been the best referee when he was one. Piper tells Davis that he’s a cheat and a ugly guy. Piper is treating Davis like he’s a dog. Piper brings another referee into the ring. The referee, Joey Marella, says that Davis really sucks. Davis brings out Adrian Adonis to join the segment. Piper backdrops Adonis over the top to the floor and Adonis is held back. Piper ends up decking Davis as well.

Seventh Contest: Dino Bravo vs. SD Jones: Bravo attacks before the bell and knocks Jones to the mat a few times. Bravo scoop slams Jones and continues with stomps. Bravo jabs Jones several times. Jones sends Bravo into the corner and connects with a hip toss followed by a couple of slams. Jones headbutts Bravo into the corner. Jones continues with strikes in the corner. Bravo stops Jones in the corner with an atomic drop and delivers a few knee drops to the lower back. Bravo beats on Jones with more strikes and an overhand strike. Bravo locks in a Boston Crab, but Jones kicks free. Bravo slams Jones and misses an elbow drop. Jones jabs Bravo and delivers a backdrop. Jones misses a splash in the corner allowing for a side slam by Bravo for the win. (DUD. The crowd was dead for this and it’s no surprise since the match was not good at all.)

Main Event: WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper vs. Paul Orndorff & Kamala: All four men are going at it with Hogan going after Kamala. Kamala and Orndorff are sent into each other. Hogan sends Kamala over the top to the floor. Piper and Orndorff legally start the main event. Piper has a wrist lock on Orndorff as the fans chant for Piper. Hogan tags in and comes off the middle rope with an axe handle. Piper comes off the middle rope to strike Orndorff. Kamala holds Hogan against the ropes allowing Orndorff to get a few strikes in. Piper bites Kamala to help Hogan. Hogan clotheslines Orndroff in the corner and sends the heels into each other. Hogan atomic drops Orndorff into the corner. Piper tags back into the match and allows a tag to Kamala. Piper eye rakes Kamala and delivers several right hands in the corner. Piper dropkicks Kamala, but Kamala doesn’t drop to the mat. Piper tags in Hogan and they deliver a double boot. Hogan scoop slams Kamala and delivers an elbow drop.

Hogan decks Kimchee off the apron with a right hand before tagging in Piper. Piper punches Kamala and Orndorff gets a few shots in from the apron to help Kamala. Orndorff chokes Piper with a tag rope. Kamala works over Piper by choking him. Kamala drops Piper with an overhand strike. Kamala chokes Piper on the mat and Orndorff delivers a few forearm drops. Orndorff keeps a sleeper on Piper. The referee doesn’t see Hogan get tagged in and Piper continues to be worked over in the corner. Kamala keeps Piper on the mat to prevent a tag to Hogan. Orndorff punches Hogan on the mat as Kamala splashed Piper. Orndorff tags into the match and hammers away on Piper. Orndorff keeps a nerve hold on Piper, but doesn’t get a submission. Hogan gets a tag, but the referee didn’t see it again. Hogan gets the tag and no sells Orndorff’s right hands. Hogan cleans house on the heels with strikes and rams Orndorff into the corner face first several times. Kamala decks Hogan from behind, but Piper comes in to help. Kamala headbutts Hogan and holds Piper for Orndorff to deliver right hands. Kamala accidentally hits Orndorff and that allows Hogan to pin Orndorff for the win. (**. The crowd was hot for this, which was nice compared to the match prior. While the action was basic and didn’t steer away from a formula, it was still an enjoyable main event that just had a flat finish.)

Final Thoughts:
With WrestleMania III just a few weeks away, the WWF provided a lackluster house show for the Philadelphia crowd. Hart Foundation/Islanders was the best match on the show, but that was a mostly average match. They had enough stars on the show to make it interesting, but the action just didn’t deliver. I can’t recommend this show.

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