ECW Hardcore TV 5/15/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents
Date: 5/15/1999
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Little Guido defeated El Mosco De La Merced
2.) Tajiri & Taka Michinoku defeated Super Crazy & Spike Dudley
3.) ECW Tag Team Champions Dudley Boys defeated Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Footage of Chris Chetti being put on a stretcher following a match with Chris Candido is shown to start the program. Candido doesn’t look happy about what has happened. Chetti is Taz’s cousin. Joey Styles doesn’t believe this was intentional. Candido attacks Chetti on the stretcher and pulls him off. Candido rolls Chetti into the ring and delivers a piledriver. Candido taunts Taz, but here comes Taz. Taz stands in the ring as Candido bailed to the floor and left the ringside area. Taz says he’s sick and tired of Candido. Taz says that Candido can’t beat him on his best day. Taz checks on Chetti, but proceeds to attack Chetti off the stretcher. Taz locks in the Taz Mission to choke out his cousin! Taz tells Candido he did that to his blood so just imagine what he’ll do to Candido!

2.) Joey Styles is in the ring to welcome everyone to the program. Justin Credible makes his way out to be interviewed with Jason and Jazz by his side. Credible says he would never be dishonest to the fans. Credible has an announcement that will shock the wrestling world. Lance Storm and Dawn Marie make their way down to the ring to join the segment. Storm has papers in his hand and says it was not easy to obtain. He had to find the best lawyer and found one in Calgary. Credible recalls Mike Tyson getting banned from one state and was then banned by all the states. Credible says the document states that Sabu will no longer be able to appear in any arena that promotes professional wrestling. Credible takes credit for the fans never having to see the likes of the Sandman, Shane Douglas or Sabu ever again. Credible finishes off with his catchphrase and poses with Storm.

3.) Guido takes Mosco down to the mat early on focusing on the arm. Guido backs away in the corner and they have a standoff. Guido rolls to the floor and Mosco does a handspring to play to the crowd. Mosco arm drags Guido and has leg control for a moment. They trade a few chops until Guido takes Mosco down to the mat. Mosco is nearly pinned with a rollup. Guido gets an arm bar locked in on Mosco. Guido works over Mosco in the corner with stomps. Mosco head scissors Guido and almost wins with a rollup. Guido rolls to the floor and Mosco delivers a baseball slide dropkick. Guido falls into the crowd and Mosco hits a springboard moonsault onto Guido in the crowd. Sal trips Mosco, but Guido misses an elbow drop. Sal grabs Mosco on the floor and drops Mosco over the railing. Guido hits a middle rope leg drop for a two count. Guido slams Mosco off the top rope for a near fall. Guido slams Mosco and distracts the referee allowing Sal to deliver an elbow drop. Guido almost wins after a splash off the middle rope. Guido chops Mosco several times followed by a side Russian leg sweep. Mosco attempts a springboard, but is met with a clothesline in midair. Guido kicks Mosco in the corner followed by an elbow strike. Mosco springboards off the ropes to powerbomb Guido off the middle rope. Mosco continues with a hurricanrana and dropkicks Sal off the apron. Mosco nearly wins with a northern light suplex. Mosco heads to the top rope and is met with a powerbomb. Guido locks in the Sicilian Crab to win the match by submission. (**1/4. The action was okay and the interference by Sal was the routine spot in Guido matches as of late. It’s a good win for Guido who needs to get some wins over talent that aren’t regulars for the company. Guido is an asset that the company would be wise to utilize better.)

4.) ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso cut a promo with Alfonso saying that Sabu will not be stopped from appearing at the PPV. RVD says that Sabu will be there to watch him beat up Jerry Lynn. Alfonso tells Credible that he’s pissing off the wrong man. RVD finds is interesting that Jerry Lynn chose to come after him now while he’s distraught about his partner. He will show up and retain the title.

5.) Tajiri and Taka take Crazy over with double snap suplex. Guido has shown up and lays Nova onto a table allowing Sal to hit an elbow drop off the apron onto Nova through the table. Taka stomps on Crazy, but Crazy gets away as Nova is helped backstage. Tajiri wants to get his hands on Guido. Taka and Tajiri double team Crazy in the corner. Taka takes crazy down and Tajiri holds Crazy for a dropkick to the face. Spike Dudley makes his way down to the ring to help out Crazy. Spike delivers a double clothesline and sends Taka to the floor. Crazy sends Tajiri to the floor and Crazy backdrops Spike over the top to the floor onto both men. Crazy takes them out with a springboard dive to the floor into the crowd. Tajiri kicks Crazy and goes for a sunset flip, but switches to the tarantula. Tajiri nails Crazy with a kick to the head. Crazy fights back with a clothesline and Spike gets tagged in as Taka enters. Spike knee drops Taka and has a rollup for a two count. Taka sends Spike to the floor. Double baseball slides to send Crazy and Spike into the crowd. Stereo springboard moonsaults into the crowd. Crazy hits a springboard missile dropkick and hammers away on Taka in the corner. Taka connects with a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Taka knee strikes Crazy followed by a springboard dropkick. Taka hits the Driver on Crazy for the clean win. (**1/2. I’m not sure how much was clipped off, but regardless this was a fun encounter between these two teams. I liked Spike’s involvement here as I’d to see him in more matches where he’s not just beating big guys after five-seconds.)

6.) Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo on Lance Storm saying that Storm doesn’t want to wrestle him one on one. Dreamer mentions throwing piss into his face. Dreamer calls Dawn Marie a rat and says he’s gotten with every rat he’s ever wanted. This Sunday, he wants Marie and he’s going to get her. Dreamer is going to kiss her ass goodbye with a piledriver.

7.) Sign Guy cuts a promo on Mahoney and Axl saying they are not going to get a tag title match because they aren’t hardcore or extreme. There’s nothing they can do to get the Dudley’s into the ring either. Mahoney whacks Sign Guy over the head with the steel chair.

8.) The Dudley’s ended up in the ring and brawl with Mahoney and Axl. Mahoney works over Bubba while D-Von works over Axl with right hands. D-Von leg drops a bloodied Axl for a two count. Bubba whacks Mahoney over the back with a steel chair. D-Von whacks Rotten over the back with a chair while Bubba is brawling with Mahoney in the crowd. Mahoney has been busted open as we go to commercial. During the break, Bubba and Mahoney went through a table with a superplex. Bubba was given some barbed wire and wrapped Rotten in the barbed wire before delivering a chair shot. Rotten fights back with strikes. Mahoney blows a fireball, but hits Rotten on accident. D-Von low blows Mahoney and they hit the 3D for the win. (*1/2. The match was just brawling, but the finish was unexpected and shocking in a good way to be using fire like that.)

9.) Joey Styles hypes up Hardcore Heaven taking place this Sunday.

Final Thoughts:
A solid go-home show leading into Hardcore Heaven as they continue to promote Candido/Taz as strong as they can. Candido/Taz continues to be a lackluster feud leading into the PPV, but the undercard has come across strong and effective. I’d be most looking forward to RVD/Lynn, Dreamer/Storm and Credible/Douglas.

Thanks for reading.